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Blitzed debuts in Bella Andre's Kindle World

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Today is the big day. I am so excited to be a part of the fabulous Bella Andre's Kindle World, Game For Love. If you know me at all, you know I am a football nut so this is a double hit for me-my favorite author and my favorite sport.                          

Here is a taste for you.

Brady Calhoun is a star football player for the Tampa Bay Rough Riders. He may be a ladies man but he’s always stayed out of trouble…until trouble finds him and he becomes everyone’s scandal sheet target. Amy Lavalle is a star writer for Today doing articles on high profile people. She was a hot commodity in the business…until the magazine got a new owner and he wanted her to toss out her scruples. For both of them, the best thing is to head out of town to someplace no one will find them. What a coincidence they end up in side by side cottages at a seaside Florida town. Neither is looking for a hookup but they didn’t count on the mind-blowing electricity crackling between them. And they only know each other’s first names! When a sprained ankle has them setting up housekeeping together, the flame burns even hotter. Until Brody’s agent arrives for a visit, spots Amy as a reporter, and is convinced she hunted Brady down for a story. Will Brady and Amy find a way to get past this and hold onto each other?


He had no one to blame for his situation. He had to face that fact. He’d enjoyed the high life, enjoyed women, and had few if any problems. If Marlo had exhibited any signs of her insanity, his ego had blinded him to it. He was left with his life in turmoil and no choice except to hide out like some criminal.
Last night, in the dark, he had not been able to take note of his surroundings. Now he got a better view of the cottages on the short street as he passed them. Colorful, with blooming bushes of all kinds surrounding them. At the end of the street was a park, dotted with benches and tables and more tropical shrubs. And, beyond it, the beach, and the waters of San Carlos Bay.
Brady jogged around the park twice before heading for the beach. By the time he finished, he’d clocked five miles and was ready for his coffee. When he hit the sidewalk of Pelican Lane, he slowed down, taking in more of the environment.
Which was how he spotted the woman carrying a trash bag down the stairs of one of the cottages. And stopped to take a look at her. And about swallowed his tongue. Cutoff shorts and a very baggy T-shirt should have hidden most of her assets. Not a glamorous outfit at all. But the very nature of them made her look all the sexier. Her golden hair was pulled up in a ponytail and, when she bent over, her shirt hiked up so he could see an ass his hands itched to cup.
Stop it!
He could almost hear Steve’s voice in his ear. And the man would be right. He was already in so much hot water because of Psycho Marlo he didn’t need to buy more of it. He’d made up his mind he was off women for the duration. It was the smart thing to do.
But oh, man. He hoped he wasn’t drooling as he took in her gorgeous thighs and the graceful movements of her arms. The lush curve of her hips and the smooth, lightly tanned skin. If she’d bend over a tiny bit more, her T-shirt would fall forward and he could—
He could get himself in a bigger batch of trouble here. But holy shit! His cock sure wasn’t paying much attention to the orders he was issuing. It was almost poking its way out of his shorts. He bent over, eyes on the ground and hands on thighs as he pretended to be dragging in air. He hoped his damn body would get the message to stand down. But then he realized she was standing right in front of him and he was staring at slender ankles and two graceful feet whose toenails were painted a bright pink. With sexy sparkles on them.
“Are you okay?”
He looked up at the sound of a musical voice that played havoc with his senses. And found himself staring at eyes as blue as the water of the bay and a straight nose sprinkled with a light dusting of freckles. God. Freckles. One of his weaknesses. Not to mention a mouth with full lips he wanted to lick and nibble. Holy shit, he was in a fuckload of trouble.
He managed to straighten himself up, hoping his cock had calmed down a little. “Uh, yeah. Guess I’m a little winded.”
She frowned. “Why don’t you come sit down on my stairs for a minute? I’ll get you a glass of water. You look like you could use it.”
Yeah. Water. Stupid fucker that he was, he’d run out of the house, forgetting to take a bottle of water with him. If he had half a brain, he’d say no thank you and go on to his own place. Apparently, he didn’t even because he heard himself say, “Thanks. That would be great.”
She took his arm like he was some kind of enfeebled idiot, guiding him to the flight of stairs leading up to the door of her cottage. At the contact he froze for a moment, electricity crackling in the air around them. She felt it, too. He knew it by the slight widening of her eyes and the way she yanked her hand back. He wanted to tell her to touch him again, maybe all over, but he kept hearing Steve’s voice in his head.
“Stay away from women.”


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Stuff You Didn't Know!!!

Can't resist showing off this sexy cover. Guilty Secrets is doing very well, with four of the best reviews I've ever received already posted on Amazon. Since I love this book myself I'm delighted.

But today I'll give you some crazy stuff to think about. I posted this on another blog and it got a good response, so I'll give these another outing.

Stuff you didn't know...

1. What do bulletproof vests, fire escapes, windshield wipers and laser printers have in common?  A. All were invented by women.

2. The state with the highest percentage of people who walk to work:  Alaska.

3. The percentage of Africa that is wilderness? 28%

4.The percentage of North America that is wilderness?  38%

5. The cost of raising a medium sized dog to the age of eleven?  $16,400

6. The average number of people airborne over the U.S. in any given hour?  61,000.

7. Intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair.

8. The first novel written on a typewriter?  Tom Sawyer

9. The San Francisco Cable cars are the only mobile National Monuments.

10. Each king in a deck of playing cards represents a great king from history:
Spades....King David
Clubs.....Alexander the Great
Diamonds.....Julius Caesar

I love collecting unusual facts. Of all these, I think the explanations for the kings in each deck intrigued me the most. I never thought of them as meaning anything!

I'd love to know your favorite.....Please comment and tell me..... or leave a comment on my website, www.jeanhartstewart.com

Love you all...Jean

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Writing Outside of My Spectrum

I’ve wanted to write this blog for a while, and I finally decided why not? You see, other than my Facebook personality, along with the muses, I’m really a shy person. I hide behind the computer screen and most of the time my social media profiles don’t feature a personal picture. It’s not because I don’t think I’m beautiful. *smiles and twists black locks of hair around my fingers* it’s because my writing shows so many different sides of myself. I mean, why would I want to write about a woman in her forties with an evil day job? Ugh. Sometimes those would make for great stories, but in my mind they’re kinda BORING. No, I don’t want to go so far as saying I’m boring. Once I get to talking and, maybe with some help from the liquor variety, I’ll tell you my life story. Or maybe not. *laughs* But really, I’d rather tell you about my writing and the personas I take on when I sit down at the computer. Yep, besides the 3 muses, (No I haven’t started writing under Veronica yet so there are 3 main names) I have a variety of people I decided to be for every book.

For Michael Mandrake, and many of my characters, I take on the persona of a gay man. I learn things from reading other books, articles, and things on the internet. Yes, porn. SURPRISE I’m sad to say, I have no close gay male friends, but when it comes to sex, I rely on what I read as my guide. While I did the edits for Mocha Kisses, I was fortunate enough to have what I assume was a gay male editor. One thing I’ve hardly been questioned on is my sex scenes, but this time, he asked me about some of the things I wrote. I’m glad he did, because there were things I assumed to be true because of what I read or seen in porn. It’s good to have those things when you’re a cis-gendered, mostly het female and don’t have the resources readily available, but having someone to advise you during the editing process is very helpful.

As I’m rambling, I should get back to my post. I, as a cis het, female, want to write outside of what I know. I know customer service, worked in it fifteen years plus. I was a banker, I’m a mother of two kids, I’m married to a wonderful man, and I’m a black female who loves rock music. Even with all the things I claim to know, I will not go so far as to say I’m an expert. I still ask others for opinions or thoughts on things I include in my stories because I want to make an accurate portrayal. Despite all of this, I still might screw up on something because people will say, oh that’s not real or that doesn’t really happen, but that’s a topic for another day. Bottom line, I love writing outside of what I know to challenge myself and learn new things. I like to explore different worlds, cultures, etc, and I get hyped about putting that new knowledge into a book.

This kind of ties in with the two latest kerfuffles in the gay romance genre about writing GLBTQIA  and/or people of color. You can ask questions, do research, just like you could about a doctor, police officer, EMT, etc. There is a lot of important information about these professions and people of different races, religions, gender identities, sexualities, and ages are no different. However, I do add this. Write them as individuals first because no matter the differences they are still people.

To get back to my writing outside spectrum post, I’m saying don’t let any of this stop you from writing the story you want to write. In all seriousness, Michael Mandrake scares the shit out of me with his complicated plots. Serial killers, CSI’s, homicide detectives, double agents, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. I’m intimidated at the lengths in which I have to research these things, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

In my opinion, writing people shouldn’t be that much different. Do your due diligence and become that person you’re writing about. Do it with empathy and passion, and not because you feel you have to in order to sell books. Do it because you have a genuine interest in the person you’re including in your story because while you’re writing, you should put yourself in that character’s shoes and become that individual.

So why do I write outside again? To gain knowledge and become a different person. Besides, how many exciting stories are there about women in their forties unless they’re falling in love with a hot musician? 

*looks at the idea on my long list of WIPs* 

* * * *

The list is always getting longer, but for now, let me promo my next book, The Odd Couple!

Unlike the popular bank, Chase Whittaker has no money. However, living on the northwest side of Chicago in a rundown building with no car, and no savings hasn’t made him totally undesirable. His good looks and charm make up for everything he seems to lack. Still, it’s not enough to stop his landlord from threatening to sell the building where he owns the store his grandfather opened.
Micah Strickland is the child of famous football player Thomas Strickland and a ghostwriter. Though he’s never hurting for money, He can’t seem to find a man who wants the same things he does. Insecurities about being accepted as a gay and black man also prohibit him from being happy. He does everything to prove he fits in and even after all that, Micah hasn’t found anyone who’s interested in a committed relationship.
When Micah visits Chase’s shop, the sparks fly almost immediately. Chase makes Micah feel special and seems to understand Micah’s battle with wanting to be accepted. But the possible relocation of the bookstore is a dark cloud over their budding romance.
As one issue lends itself to another, Micah finds himself battling what he’s feeling for Chase and loyalties to his father. The question now becomes, will he be able to honor his father without losing the man he’s come to love?
Exclusive Excerpt

Later on that evening, Micah went to Chase’s apartment with groceries and his favorite beer in hand. He intended to fix a romantic dinner, then enjoy some loving time as they both wanted.
Micah had thought about telling Chase about his purchase afterwards, but he figured to wait until the ink had dried on the contract before he shared the good news.
“All right.” Micah finished chopping vegetables for their salad and placed saran wrap over the bowl. “Chase, can you check the chicken to see if it’s done?”
“It smells delicious so I’d say it’s finished.” Chase opened the oven and peeked in. “Geez, you’re a really good cook. If you’d asked me to fix this, everything would’ve been burned or half done.”
“Oh, you’re not that bad, are you?” Micah walked over with mitts in his hand. “I need to teach you some pointers about cooking basics or—”
“I don’t think you could trust me to boil water,” he laughed and stepped to the side.
“Really, Chase?”
“Yeah, really. Cooking just isn’t my thing.”
“Well, it’s mine so I suppose since one of us can cook, we won’t eat takeout or restaurant food every night,” he joked.
“Right, so when we start living together, we can eat in instead of wasting money on expensive meals.”
Hearing that, Micah was glad he’d already put the oven-fried chicken down. “True, and when will that be?”
Chase pulled Micah in and suffocated his lips with a kiss. “Whenever you’re ready, lover. Not that I’m trying to rush you, but, we’ve been seeing each other for a while now, and I’m more than ready to move forward.”
“Oh, I am too.” Micah wrapped his arms around Chase’s waist. “I suppose I was waiting for you to say the word, and… sort of move things along.”
“Well, I didn’t want you to get the wrong idea, either.”
“Why would you think that?”
“Because, you’re loaded and I live in a dump. I didn’t want you to think I was using you as a way to get out of this building.”
“Oh Chase, come on. Give me more credit than that. I want to share whatever I have with you. Money, my house, my car, all of it. Mi casa es su casa.”
“I know, but, well, shit. I come from nothing and you …”
Aggravated, Micah backed away from his lover and pushed his chest, making space between them. “Just because you don’t have a lot of money, doesn’t mean anything to me, all right? If I wanted to date someone like that, I wouldn’t be here with you.”
“Yes, that’s true, and I’m really grateful you gave me a shot.”
“And I’m glad we’re together.” Micah nibbled on his own bottom lip, wondering if he should go on and break the news to him now since they were talking about finances and sharing, but he also was well aware of the chance of his man getting upset over what he’d done.
“I am too. Come here. Last thing I want to do is piss you off. Let me make you feel better before dinner,” Chase winked, taking him by the hand.
Micah accepted and hugged his lover tightly to his own body. He lightly kissed Chase’s cheek and laid his head on his chest. “I hope we won’t have to talk about this again. Like I said, it doesn’t matter what you don’t have monetarily. I have enough for both of us.”

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Dirty Excerpts, News & Giveaways from Elle Boon

Hiya, y’all. Elle here!

I’m sliding in after an awesome time at the North Iowa Book Bash put on by the fabulous ladies of the BF Bookies. Let me tell you these ladies are super awesome and I can’t express to you how awesome they are. Big shout out to you ladies for having me at your event “whispers” Clearly they had no clue who they were inviting <3

Here are a few pics of the amazing authors I was surrounded by: My awesome riding buddy, and the lady I slept with…alright in the same room, but close enough *weg* Lori King…the gorgeous Sidda Lee Rain…and the sexy Jenna Jacob just to name a few <3 
Jenna Jacob

Lori King

Sidda Lee Rain (She's saying take the pic beotch <3)

Me thinking it's too F**King early *weg*

Oh, and the readers…Holy shite they were amazing! Big Huge thank you to all that came out to Clear Lake, Iowa. I truly love y’all soo effing hard <3

Now, for some book news from me. I released a Navy SEAL book titled Delta Salvation, which is a crossover series from my Iron Wolves, and is obviously about Navy SEALS LOL. You will get to see the guys from my Iron Wolves, but I think I did a great job of keeping the paranormal out of this, making it a contemporary romance. Check out this Excerpt and teaser below. Oh, and of course it’s still hot and full of suspense and humor, with badass alpha males and their equally badass heroines.

Delta Salvation

Delta Salvation Adult Excerpt

Kai twisted his head to the side, then turned back toward her. “You up for a little adventure?”
“Hello, I’m standing here with no clothes on after a rousing game of strip poker. Pretty sure I just adventured all over this here house.”
“Not yet you haven’t but we will.”
His words sounded like a promise, but Alexa wasn’t going to let herself believe their interlude was anything more than a one off. Maybe more if they could sneak it in. She’d never wanted to sneak around as a teenager, mainly because she didn’t want the foster people to think she was open for that type of thing. Now, she wanted Kai to know she was open for that and much more.
He lifted her up by the waist, making her gasp. She forgot he was so strong. When he placed her on the cold granite, her breath came out in a whoosh, which he immediately swallowed.
Expertly, Kai kissed like he did everything, with so much skill she had no choice but to follow where he led. Her tongue traced his, licking along the roof of his mouth, tasting the rich coffee they’d had while playing cards.
Alexa felt his hands pushing her knees apart and realized she’d squeezed them together. Her hands shook as she reached for his belt, the fastening coming undone quickly, and then she had the button and zip open. “Not commando then, huh?”
“That’s only in books, sweets.”
She inserted her thumbs into the sides of both his coverings, happy when he was finally exposed for her to see. “Damn, that is not only in books.” Alexa looked up at Kai.
“I’m hoping that is a compliment?” He bent, sealing her mouth with his.
Whatever she’d planned to say was lost as his hands moved over her breasts, tweaking both at the same time. Alexa locked her ankles around his thighs drawing him in closer and felt the heat of his body against the center of her. Aware he could feel how wet she already was.
His mouth pulled back, trailing down her neck and nipped her shoulder, making her shiver in delight.
“Put your hands on the counter, luv.” Kai gripped her wrist placing them where he wanted them.
Looking between them she saw the head of his cock standing proud, and wished they were in a bed where she could explore him too. Instead she did as instructed.
Kai’s lips and tongue trailed along her collar to her right breast, latching on while he pinched the left one. She writhed against him, needing more.
“Patience,” he murmured.
God, she hadn’t known she’d spoken out loud.
He didn’t let up on his assault with kisses, and licks, moving down her body until he was between her thighs. Alexa wanted to watch, but the first swipe of his tongue had her lifting against him. She dropped down onto her elbows, the cold counter vaguely registered in her brain.
She wasn’t sure how he was able to manipulate her entire body, but no part of her was left untouched.


Kai stared up at Alexa, gauging her reaction to his touch. She was so tight he had to work slowly to get two fingers inside her. He latched onto the bundle of nerves at the top, making her entire frame spasm. Tiny little flutters had his dick envious of his hand.
“Oh, god, I’m so close,” Alexa moaned.
“Give it to me. Let me see how beautifully you come.” Kai added a third digit alongside the other two, her slight flintch was overrode as he sucked her clit into his mouth, and pumped in and out until he pushed her over the edge. The tiny flutters became a vice like grip. He waited for her to come down, then placed a kiss on her tummy.
Looking at her lying on the counter where’d they’d eaten breakfast, and now he’d just had the best dessert ever, Kai fit his dick against her opening, then remembered protection. He grabbed a square packet out of his wallet, then within seconds he was sheathed and at the apex between her thighs.
“You sure about this?” He needed to ask one more time. If she said no, he’d go to the bathroom and go blind from rubbing one out, but he’d do it.
“Yes. Oh, if you change your mind I will personally beat your ass.”
With her hair fanned out, a rosy flush covering her body, Kai was sure she was the only person in the world who could truly harm him. Somehow, the tiny woman beneath him had taken a part of his heart. He pushed aside his thoughts and pressed forward, working inside until he was wedged as tightly as he could get.
Alexa lifted her legs, wrapping them around his hips. “Soldier, I think you need to move.”
“I’m a SEAL, ma’am.” Kai leaned forward, his arms hooking under her shoulders and began to move. He wanted to make it last, wanted to make love for hours, but his body had other plans. With each forward thrust he ground against her clit, rolling his hips, then pulled back and repeated.
The sound of the panting breaths filled the air, her short nails raked his back.
Kai held her, staring down at the wonder in her eyes as he made love to Alexa for the first time. He felt his impending orgasm, and needed her to come with him. He moved his right hand between them, and flicked over the swollen bud, and had her crying out, her heals dug into him.
“Come for me, Alexa” Her heals dug into his ass.
“Right there. Keep doing that, Kai,” she panted.
He was a good listener, and followed the signs of her body, rubbing in just the right pressure and the right speed until she came with a yell. His own body reacted to the constricting muscles, making him jerk forward, and cover her mouth to silence the scream he wanted to yell.
Kai’s hips continued to gyrate long after he was spent. He pulled Alexa into a sitting position and held her against him. “That was perfect.”
She laughed. “It was the best ever,” she agreed.

Now Available
Delta Salvation, Phantom Force 1


FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION…For Navy SEAL Kai, he takes that vow seriously. Keeping Alexa safe is his number one priority, even if it means his heart is laid bare.

A NAVY SEAL ‘Failure is never an option’ and Kai lives by that SEAL code. He and his team have rescued Alexa not once, but twice, and now he is faced with the biggest challenge of his life. Alexa has come to mean more than she should, but his life is too dangerous for hearts and roses, and she has had too much heartache to settle for anything less.

A DAMSEL IN DISTRESS… Alexa is tired of all of the curveballs life has thrown at her. The final straw comes when she is confronted with a six foot plus man, who could either be her salvation or her downfall. It is up to her to convince her stubborn SEAL that they are worth taking a chance on.

MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE… When Alexa’s past is revealed and she and Kai find out she is not who she thought she was, some of the world’s most wanted come out to play. Can the team keep her alive long enough for her to prove to Kai that what they have is worth fighting for?

As usual, Elle gave us a fun, intriguing, wonderful story to read. There is always a little mystery and a whole lot of love and loving going on. She makes her characters sexy and makes sure that we are always entertained by them and those around them…GUILTY PLEASURES REVIEW
I ADORE this first book in Elle Boon's newest crossover series. Delta Salvation is full of non-stop action, sexy SEALS, one irresistible leader, and a very lucky heroine. This story is fast-paced with amazing characters and a plot that never seems to get boring... MARIE’S TEMPTING READS

Coming May 24th
Kellen’s Tempting Mate
Iron Wolves, 3
A NOT SO NAÏVE SHE-WOLF: Laikyn O’Neil has loved Kellen for years. Thinking to prove her love, she sets out to learn how to be a good submissive, only to find herself needing a savior.

THE RELUCTANT ALPHA: When Kellen Styles finds Laikyn in the last place he expected, he rides to her rescue, but then can’t stop his dominant needs from taking over. Sure that he has moved too soon, he backs off to give Laikyn time to come to terms with the fact that they are mates. Instead she leaves, thinking he didn’t want her.

AN UNDENIABLE BOND: Kellen is determined to claim his tempting mate and earn her forgiveness, and nothing and no one will stand in his way. When their world is suddenly rocked off its axis by vampires, fey and more, their pack will have to unite with these strangers in order to defeat the beings that threaten those they love.

Kellen’s Tempting Mate
Adult Excerpt

“Lake, you know that once I make you mine there will be no going back. We can talk about boundaries, but there are going to be limits that I will push. Are you ready for all that being mine means?” He asked while he carried her to his room, soon to be their room if she agreed.
Her head tilted. “Kellen, I was yours then. Yours to do with as you chose. Of course, in your dumb male brain, you chose to run.”
She yelped when he slapped her ass. “First rule, you don’t call your alpha names except God, master, sir, or my given name. You call me disparaging ones, and you will be punished.”
Heat lit her eyes. “I’ll be sure to remember that.”
“Make sure you do, unless you like your ass to be on fire.” He ran his hand over the spot he just hit.
Bypassing his California King bed, he walked into the large bathroom. Setting Laikyn on her feet, she rubbed against his front, every delicious curve igniting him. “Strip those clothes off unless you want me to do it for you. I’m not sure they’ll still be wearable after I’m done though.” Kellen dragged his T-shirt over his own head, unsnapping his jeans as he kicked off one boot then the other.
“Goddess, you are gorgeous.” Laikyn’s eyes widened.
Kellen bent and removed his socks, standing he was naked while she was still fully clothed. “You haven’t taken a stitch of clothing off yet, woman.” He crossed his arms over his chest.
She quickly shimmied out of her clothes, making his mouth water. He still remembered her taste. Like the finest whiskey he’d ever drank.
“You’re growling,” she said, her arms hanging loosely at her sides.
He moved closer, opening the door behind and adjusting the water temperature. “You make me and my wolf crazy.”
“I like that. My wolf is all preening in my head.”
Kellen pictured Laikyn on all fours presenting her delectable ass to him. “Let’s get you cleaned then we’ll see about getting you preening.” Her sweet arousal perfumed the air.
When she didn’t move, he picked her up by the waist, loving how his hands didn’t look too big for her. Mother Nature created this one being just for him.
“Dang it. I forgot to unpack my bath gel and stuff,” Laikyn muttered.
“That’s okay. You’re just gonna smell like me anyway.” He placed her under the warm spray, then began lathering up his hands with his body wash. If he had his way, she’d always smell like him, from her head to her toes.
“I can see what you are thinking, Mr. Styles.” She leaned into his touch, her breasts filling his palms.
“Good,” he grunted. Bullshit. It was perfect. He brushed his body against hers, igniting all the nerve endings on him. He measured her breasts in his palms, weighing them as he cupped them, rubbing his thumbs back and forth across the nipples. The slight hitch in her breathing let him know she liked what he was doing.
He turned her around, facing the cold tile wall of the shower, his front pressed against her back. Using his thigh he split her legs apart. She shuddered against the bunched muscles of his leg.
“Oh, God, more.” Laikyn reached back for his dick, but he grabbed her wrists and placed them on the wall.
“Not yet.” Lathering up his hands with shampoo, he washed her hair then ran his fingers down her back, rubbing her shoulders and along her sides till he reached the rounded curve of her ass. “Damn, I love your ass.” He ran his finger between the crack, when she tensed up, he gave a firm tap to one cheek. “This is mine. Right, Mon Chaton?”
“Yes!” She glanced over her shoulder, drops of water falling over them.
Kellen grabbed the shower head. “Close your eyes, baby.” He waited till she turned back to face the wall, knowing she’d listened to him. He rinsed her hair, then replaced the shower head before lathering up his hands with more shower gel. Kneeling, he washed Laikyn’s legs from her feet up, pausing at the apex of her thighs. She pushed her ass back at him, needing him to touch her there, but he ignored her silent command.
“My turn,” he said, lifting Laikyn away from the wall and taking her place under the spray.
“Hey, what about me,” she pouted up at him.
He raised one brow. “I cleaned you. Quite thoroughly I might add.” He held the body wash out to Laikyn. His cock bobbing in front of them, the heavy length too hard to stay upright.
“Um, is that thing bigger than before?” She asked.
“He’ll fit,” he promised. In all honesty he was a little worried himself. His dick appeared larger than ever before.
“Fine, but if you split me in two, I’m the only doctor around here.” She wagged a soapy finger at him.
Kellen laughed, then groaned as her hands began stroking his chest. Torture. Sweet torture was what she was doing to him.
Laikyn knelt in front of him, doing the same as he did to her, washing every inch of him except the part begging for her lips. Finally, she grasped him, the thick stalk of his cock barely fit in her grip.
His eyes nearly slid to the back of his head as her hand slid up his cock, her slick palm moving easily with the soap. With her on the floor, kneeling at his feet, Kellen was sure he’d never seen a more beautiful sight. The large mushroomed shaped head of his dick was purple and was almost painful to the touch with its need for release. Kellen wanted their first time, the time he claimed her to be on their bed. Not in the shower. He pulled her hand off him, making her squeak as he lifted her. “Not here.”
He stepped from the shower, shutting the water off before drawing her with him. Using a large fluffy towel, Kellen made quick work of getting the water off them both, then lifted her into his arms and swept her into the bedroom. His large bed was a work of art. The big black wooden frame was solid, with the post thicker than his legs.
“Tonight, I make you mine.” Kellen kissed Laikyn, their lips meeting, molding like their bodies.
She threaded her hands in his hair, holding him to her. “And I make you mine.”


He let out a sound, a cross between a growl and a groan. Laikyn was done with the teasing, the tormenting. She wanted to get on with the claiming.
Kellen sat her on the waist high bed. She might have protested at the loss of contact, but being able to watch the flex and play of his naked ass while he lit a few candles gave her a moment to catch her breath. He picked up a remote, and immediately the stone fireplace roared to life, creating an ambiance all in itself. The green eyed monster reared its ugly head.
Kellen spun back to face her, an alarmed look on his too handsome face. He closed the distance between them, coming back to her side and pressed her onto her back. The soft bedding cushioning her back. “What were you thinking?” He leaned down, resuming his exploration of her body with kisses.
“She turned her head to face the dancing flames.
“Look at me, Mon Chaton.”
“I just wondered how many other woman you’ve set up the scene for like this.” She waved her hand in the air.
A sharp nip of his teeth on the top of her breast had her gasping.
“I’ve not brought other women here, Lake. This was…is my home. The place I meant for me, my mate and our children someday. I didn’t want it smelling like another woman.”
Had she thought he’d lie, or somehow had a parade of women in and out of this room, she’d still have wanted him. Now, knowing she was the first, the banked need in her rose, flaring to life with more intensity than she’d thought possible. “I love you, Kellen.”
Others may expect the man to say they loved the woman first, but she was not like other women. Uncertainty was in the glowing blue eyes of the man she loved.
The teasing man was gone, replaced by the alpha ready to claim his mate. Laikyn was more than ready herself. She gripped him by the back of his head, pulling him down for a deep searing kiss, biting his lower lip. The small taste of him set her wolf at ease.
“Ah, my Chaton has claws I see.” He chuckled against her lips, his own teeth gripped her tongue and nipped, not enough to draw blood.
Kellen wedged his legs between hers, then shook his head. “Not like this.”
His words didn’t make sense, until she found herself lifted, and placed in the middle, the comforter tossed to the bottom.
The head of his cock brushed the entrance to her pussy. She wondered if he was just going to plunge inside, but the tip brushed the lips of her sex, then retreated. His lips claimed hers, fierce and hungry. Words escaped her as he threaded their hands together above their heads.
Oh my gawd. She’d never felt so cherished as she did having Kellen cover every inch of her skin with his.
She dug her nails into the backs of his hands, then he was releasing her. “Keep your hands there, or I’ll be forced to restrain you.” Wicked intent was stamped on him.
Her back arched at his slow exploration of her body. First he began by kissing the column of her throat, followed by a small bite that drew a little blood. Not enough for a marking. Then he was moving down her body with small nips and licks, torturing her with his teeth and tongue. Laikyn wasn’t sure who was making the mewling sounds, until Kellen growled from between her thighs.
“Fuck me, you are so damn wet.” He swiped his tongue through her slit. “So damn good. I could make a meal of you.” Another swipe of his tongue and then he buried his face where she needed him, eating her like he’d promised. Not missing one sensitive inch. With one hand he held her open, while the other he used to enter her with one broad finger, followed by another.
Laikyn was sure she was stretched to the max when a third finger was added next to the first two.
His head lifted. “That’s it, baby. Ride my fingers.”
Her hips rotated against his face, grinding herself against him for all she was worth, and she gave no fucks. It was fucking awesome. He mastered her body.
Her mouth opened to tell him she was close. That she needed more, but Kellen knew her body. “Come for me, Mon Chaton,” he growled against her clit, then he sucked the hardened nub into his mouth, pumping the digits inside her in the same rhythm he sucked.
On a soundless scream, she came, arching her back. Her arms above her head wanted to come down and push him away, or hold him to her, she wasn’t sure. The pleasure…intensity almost too much rolling through her.
“You come so beautifully. Next time you will scream my name,” Kellen assured her.

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