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Meet Naked Cowboy Mac McDaniel

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There’s a new Naked Cowboy in town. The latest in my Naked Cowboy series.

Which burns hotter…their desire, or his need for revenge?

Naked Heat, Naked Cowboys, Book 7
The hunt for the drunk driver who killed his twin sister leads Andrew “Mac” McDaniel to Saddle Wells, Texas. From the moment he buys the rundown Hannigan Ranch, he gets more help than he wanted or thought he needed from “the crew” of Saddle Wells. Including from the sexy realtor who sold him the place.
When Nida Beloit hands over the keys to Mac’s new ranch, electricity sizzles between her and the investment advisor who sold everything to focus on his independent investigation. Yet even as they indulge in nights of erotic sex, Mac’s obsession drags at what’s growing between them.
Nida wonders if she can bear to stand by and watch him destroy himself—especially when the end of his investigation sends him careening toward a potentially disastrous act of revenge.

Warning: Contains one hot property of a cowboy, and a lady who knows a fixer upper when she sees one. Question is, is her heart tough enough to take on the job?

“You’ve certainly got lots of sweat equity into this,” she commented.
“That’s the damn truth. And lot’s more to come.”
There was more silence. “I know you didn’t come here just to hide out in a rundown house,” she said at last. “When you’ve dealt with troubles, you can sense them in others.”
“Nida, listen. I—”
“I don’t want an explanation. Just know that if you need someone to listen, I’m here. And I don’t tattle.”
“I wouldn’t think you did.”
He turned toward her at the same moment she moved to look at him, and it seemed the most natural thing in the world to put his hands on her shoulders and take a good long look into those mysterious eyes. It seemed even more natural for him to cup her chin and tilt her face upwards. He was a bare whisper from her mouth when he stopped.
“I’m going to kiss you. Take a step back if you don’t want that.”
When she didn’t move, he lowered his head and pressed his lips to hers. Damn, she tasted incredible, hot and sweet at the same time. When she opened her mouth, he thrust his tongue inside and every nerve in his body fired. His cock, already throbbing with need, swelled even more, and his balls ached like a son of a bitch. Heat surged through his body as their tongues tangled and he drank her in. He could stay like this forever.
Breaking the kiss was one of the hardest things he’d ever done and took every ounce of his self-discipline. What he really wanted to do was carry her in the house, strip off all her clothes and run his tongue over every inch of her body.
“Nida, I have to tell you—”
She touched her slim fingers to his mouth. “You don’t have to tell me a thing. That is, until you feel you want to.” She took a step back. “Good night, Mac. It was great seeing you again.”
She gave him a smile that was half-shy, got in her SUV and drove down the driveway.
Mac stood there staring after her for a very long time.

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Do you like Oscar Wilde????

I love Oscar Wilde.   Often misunderstood, and certainly persecuted because of his homosexuality, he remained gay, witty and startling in his conversation. George Bernard Shaw wrote that he was the greatest conversationalist of his time, perhaps of all time. To those of you unacquainted with his writings and his life, do read about him. There was never anyone like him, and might never be again. A brilliant man.

Here are a few quotes:

1.  Men become old, but they never become good.

2.  I sometimes think that God, in creating man, somewhat overestimated his ability.

3.  Women are never disarmed by compliments. Men always are.

4.  Give me the luxuries, and anyone can have the necessities.

5.  To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance.

6.  Men always want to be a woman's first love. Women have a more subtle instinct. What they want is to be a man's last.

7.  Knaves know how to look honest so that honest men are forced to look like knaves to be different.

8.  One should never give a woman anything she can't wear in the evening. 

9.  He hasn't a single redeeming vice.

10.  After a good dinner one can forgive anyone, even one's own relations.

I found these and literally hundreds more in a book called 'The Wit and Humor of Oscar Wilde" edited by Alvin Redman. Do you have a favorite quote?  If you comment and tell me yours I'll tell you mine!

I'm writing a new book, a shorty with a wonderful Regency hero. My books can be found at all the usual places, Amazon, Kindle, Ellora's Cave, MuseItUp, and of course my own website. www/jeanhartstewart.com 

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Under the Gun Re-Release Tour - BLMorticia M/M Promo

Greetings. For the next three weekends, I'll be appearing at different blogs promoting Under the Gun, from Book Trope. I'll also be doing a giveaway. Here is the blurb and a short excerpt


Pre DADT Repeal...

Jaded by his lover leaving him for a woman, Camdyn Hardy is looking for love and partnership. When he goes to the local shooting range, he only wants to let off a little steam, but meeting Malik Day, a discharged army serviceman is a welcome surprise.

Malik’s issues go farther than just a lack of love. Discharged for defending a fellow gay soldier got him kicked out of the Army and back at home with his bible thumping parents. When Malik meets Camdyn, the sparks are there, but both of them are too afraid to make their desires known to each other.

After several conversations and dates, Camdyn and Malik are hot for one another and ready to take the next step. When they do, they discover they have a lot more in common than just a need for a committed relationship.


Some days are better than others and most could be a helluva lot better, but when you get into a fight with your significant other, of the moment, what else can be done? I wished we could’ve gotten past it, but there wasn’t any way to avoid it.

My boyfriend and I were working on a case together when we almost slipped up because of our… ‘encounter’… on the job. At my insistence, too, and this made it even worse. Our client wasn’t amused when he literally caught us with our pants down; he almost fired us on the spot. Still, we managed to finish. The job, that is. My man tried to tell me to wait until we were safe and out of sight, but my horniness wouldn’t allow me to. I shouldn’t have listened to my dick, but some days he thinks he’s the brains of this outfit.

After that, Tay started having second thoughts about our relationship. He thought we’d lost focus by working together, and we should split up. I tried pleading with him. I told him it wasn’t a good reason. “No, no, no, no, no,” I insisted, vigorously shaking my head. But the more I protested, the more he vehemently disagreed about going on with this work/play scenario. Disagreed about us.

No matter how much I begged… no matter how much or how loudly I promised I’d be more of a good boy, he’d have none of it. He decided to move on, and he did, leaving every tie to Camdyn & Associates behind.

I knew he still loved me, but I’d heard from mutual friends Tay was on the fence again, spending a lot of time with some female. Sheesh. I’d been preparing myself for my down-low lover to take a hike, so when he walked out that door today, it really wasn’t much of a surprise. That taught me a lesson—don’t deal with anyone who’s unsure about his sexuality ever again. I needed someone totally real and gay, like me. One hundred percent queer.

As I drove away from my office, the anger built inside of me. Ready to burn rubber, I gripped the steering wheel tightly and made the sharp turn at the corner, intending to enter the freeway. The grooves from the leather pierced my skin and my knuckles turned white from the pressure. Even though my place was only fifteen minutes away, I felt the need to do damage, more like kick the shit out of Tay. Unfortunately, the gas pedal was my only fucking option.
Sales Link - Only .99 cents! Amazon


BLMorticia is currently a published writer who entertains her readers with hot and smexy sex, humor, and lots of swear words. She attempts to incorporate metal music or the military in most of her works. Nothin’ sexier than metalheads or military servicemen and women! For more info, please visit, Erotica With Snark

The Literary Triad - http://www.thelitriad.com/#!

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Little Known Facts and What's Coming Up

Outside of the fact that I write dirty,dirty romance novels, most of you don't know a whole lot about me. I thought I'd rectify that by sharing my OTHER great love (aside from family, friends, books and reading) with you today. Cooking. Today I'll share my Homemade Ravioli with Smoked Gouda sauce.

But first, my status update ;)

Over the next month I've got two books coming out. I'm part of a fantastic anthology with Jennifer Denys, Tina Donahue and Bella Settarra called Men for Hire. This anthology features four sexy stories about what happens when women use a contract service to hire a few good men for some odd jobs. Turns out that these steamy hunks really have a hands-on approach!

And.. coming soon to Evernight Publishing...

Trouble Walked In. It's the first in my brand new shifter series, The Forsaken Few. The entire series will focus around a makeshift pack of otherwise disowned or abandoned shifters in the town of Lorelei, Florida. In this first installment:

The moment Moira Devereaux walks into his bar, Shapeshifter Ronan Kelly knows she's going to be trouble. No matter how tempting she is, he won't risk the safety of his makeshift pack. He has every intention of sending her on her way until he hears her compelling story.

When Moira's father, the mayor of Lorelei, tries to force her to wed a man she doesn't know, she runs to one place he won't follow. The local shifter bar. Nothing could have prepared her for the immediate attraction she feels for the owner, Ronan.

In a moment of weakness, Ronan offers her a job and a place to stay despite his misgivings. No one is more shocked than he is when he discovers that she's his mate. Will he be able to convince her that he's worth taking a risk on or will he be forced to let her go?  

AND FINALLY, I'm working on the second book in the Transfigured Ones series. Magnus Corbett and Caroline Lundquist are thrown together to come up with a line of gin drinks and a matching tasting menu for Lilly's new restaurant, Usquebaugh. When Magnus, the head chef inadvertently insults the bar manager Caroline, sparks fly. Forced to work together, their animosity quickly turns to raw lust. This should be to the publisher within the next week or two. :)

Because Magnus is a chef, it actually got my thinking about cooking.. which is where this recipe comes in. Give it a try. It's so damn good.

Ricotta and Mushroom Stuffed Ravioli in a Smoked Gouda Sauce
1 small container bella mushrooms, stems trimmed
1/2 cup ricotta
2 sprigs fresh oregano
3 cloves garlic
1/2 tsp red pepper flakes
Liberal amounts of salt/pepper
2 cups semolina flour (AP works too)
2 eggs
1 tbsp olive oil
1/2 tbsp salt
Warm water
Sauce:1 cup milk
6 oz grated smoked gouda, shredded
1 tbsp flour
1 tbsp butter
Salt/Pepper to taste
1 small roma tomato, diced
To prepare dough:
I typically do this in a giant bowl because I don’t want to chisel egg crust off my counter, but, totally up to you.
Pour flour into a large bowl, make a well in the center. Dump in 2 eggs, slightly beaten, salt, and the olive oil. Use a fork to combine it all. It should most likely be rather crumbly at this point. Add small portions of water until the dough comes together. It should be somewhat sticky, but not super wet… like, you know.. dough. :-D  Let rest for 1/2 hour under a damp towel.
To prepare filling:
Chop mushrooms and garlic into food processor sized pieces. Process on low speed until things look minced but not like cat food. Chop the oregano by hand, add in the ricotta, salt, red pepper flakes. You may need to drain this a bit, as the mushrooms will likely give off some water which is ravioli-making’s arch nemesis.

To prepare ravioli:
Roll out flour into thin sheets. 1/8 inch at most. Hopefully at this point you’ve got some means to make the ravioli. I have one of those old fashion metal dye sets. I just slap the dough on it, put the filling in, brush a little water on the edges so they seal, Slap the cover on, and roll it out. It makes 12 at a time. I got it at a restaurant supply store, but I’m sure kitchen supply stores like Williams Sonoma will be happy to rip you off for one. :-D
Boil until it floats, strain it into a colander.
To prepare sauce:
Put butter into a small sauce pan, melt it. Add flour. Whisk furiously until it's a smooth paste. Add milk and seasoning. Once the milk thickens, add cheese and stir until melted. Pour lovingly over plated pasta. Add a chopped tomato over the top for color along with some fresh herbs like thyme.
It seems involved but really only takes about an hour.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Happy Endings Aren't Exactly What They Seem

July is finally coming to an end, and so is my time back in school. Weird to think that a year ago I was looking forward a year thinking, “My God, it’s so long! It’s going to take forever.” Hardly.

Last year marked the first year I really got everything I wanted. I got back to school, and after eight years of actively looking to get published, I finally did it at Siren with the Club Aries series. That book series just kinda fell out of my head, the first five anyway, and I truly put a lot of myself into the characters. One especially - Mallory Benson. She is the lead in Once in a Lifetime (Book 4), though she does make an appearance in All The Difference (Book 1).

She worked for Bristol Carter, a lawyer that sank his law firm into the ground, and was getting the hell out of dodge when Jamie did. She went to school for Massage Therapy, just like I’m doing. I was going through edits for that book at this time last year and I remember talking to my anatomy instructor and making tweaks and edits to make certain I was doing my new chosen profession justice.

It’s really an underestimated profession, most people think: “How hard can it be to give someone a back rub?”.

Hmm, don't think this is what they had in mind... 

I’ve even had someone online say “Oh I see you’re going to school to be a massage therapist, you know what I’m going to ask!”

 Uh, wink...

A year ago, I probably would have laughed both comments off, and responded good naturedly because I understood only what most people know about Massage Therapists. Now? Not so much. Comments like those make me want to tear my hair out. No one understands what LMTs (Licensed Massage Therapist) go through in order to get that license, though I hope once you’re through reading this, you can understand what I’ve been toiling away so hard at.

LMTs have to have extensive knowledge of the human body, that includes knowing medical terms, joint names, name/location/nerve innervations of muscles, an in depth knowledge of each system of the body, planes of movement, assessment skills, knowledge of how to massage someone properly, and even business sense!

We are trained hardcore to know the ins and outs of the human body, what makes it tick, and why when you have a headache, that something in the back of the leg can actually be affecting it. There’s a scene in Once in a Lifetime where Mallory is giving a massage to her intended love interest, Vincent. She’s doing it at home, in her bedroom, on her bed. Is that ethical? Sure, he’s not paying her for the massage, so forget body mechanics, she’s working on a friend at that point in the book. Yes, she has very sexual thoughts about him, but forces herself to stay focused on what she’s doing by listing all 206 bones in the body in alphabetical order. It’s possible to do it. Could I do it? Hell no, but I had the sense of Mallory studying for her state certification by going over everything, and giving it an order. She might be a little OCD.

Okay, not THAT bad... 

Wait, wait wait… I’m sure you’re ready to click away and be like all right, she’s just babbling on. No, stick with me here, there’s a point to this!

Have you ever used the word Masseuse?

What images does that conjure up in your head?

Wanna know what it puts into my head?

Go you YouPorn, RedTube, hell pick your poison and type in massage. That’s what the terms Masseuse and Masseur are linked to. Those terms are linked to those that give my new profession a bad name. that give “Happy Endings” for an extra fifty bucks.

Just... no. 

There’s been quite a few articles lately that I’ve looked at and been so offended that I couldn’t read all the way through it! One was titled 10 things your masseuse doesn’t want you to know. And then went on to be like these were licensed people commenting. It sickened me. These women that commented couldn’t have had their license at all.

But hold on, they’re actually cheap though, right? I can’t afford $55 for a massage!

Guess what? If you want to leave feeling like there’s been a difference made, $55 is a deal for an hour long massage. We normally get paid a dollar a minute for our work, and if you’ve ever seen or been to a professional you can see and feel how much work we actually do. We’re sweating by the end of your massage.

Uhh yup that's about it. 

It’s also probably one of the most versatile professions I’ve ever heard of. There is so much you can do with it, from physical therapy, rehab centers, calming work on ADHD kids, prenatal massage, infants, oncology massage, geriatric, ANIMAL massage! 

Somethin' like that. 

Yes, animal massage is a thing! I know, shocked the hell out of me too! You name it, we can probably do it with massage. Many partner with a chiropractor.

I myself, I’m opening a business right here in tourist-attraction-hell, Ohio with two of my classmates. Besides being published, I don’t think I’ve wanted anything more - professionally speaking that is.

If you’ve never had a massage before, find an LMT near you and treat yourself. You’ll thank yourself for it. It used to be thought of as a luxury, but let me tell you, it really should be considered one of the primary ways to take action on preventative care!

I’m just gonna drop this here: http://www.massagetherapy.com/learnmore/benefits.php  Just take a peek at the long list of benefits! LMTs can even help fibromyalgia patients with their symptoms. It’s an incredible field I’ve gotten myself into, and to me a happy ending is one where my patient walks out of my room pain free, or with lessened pain, better range of motion, or just feels GOOD!

One year! One year is all it’s taken me to be ready and confident in my ability to help people. that’s incredibly empowering.

So, Jordan, what’s that got to do with your books? This is the first we’ve seen from you and you’re going to lecture us?

Hold yer horses, I’m getting to the point!

Mallory ran into some trouble at the end of her book, and in No More games, (Book 5) you see her helping out Jason Lawrence with his bar. Mallory will still have a bigger part to play later on in the series. And those that read me will be pleased to know that I’m working on finishing revisions on my paranormal series so I can resubmit, and with only two weeks left in school… TWO WEEKS!!!  

Sorry, spazzed for a minute there… anyway, with only two more weeks of school left, I’ll be able to dedicate more time to my writing, help to set up a author/reader get together in Columbus, Ohio for March 2016, open my business, AND plan my wedding! Yeah I’ll have a lot going on still, but you know what? It’s totally worth it. I’m completely enjoying my life right now, and I’m so happy and so incredibly honored to be included on this blog. Looking forward to next month on the 31st when I’ll come back with some insights on my books, some ‘behind the scenes’ knowledge on the Aries series.

Now that y’all have gotten a little taste of me, got any questions? I’m actually at a conference in Columbus right now, but once I get home tonight, I’ll check in and answer anything I can!

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Everything Under the Sun--boxed sets for romance lovers everywhere!

What is Under the Sun? It's a division of Inkwell Royalty Solutions, a partnership formed by my son Jerald to help authors make accounting and analyzing their royalties if not pleasant, at least simple and relatively painless. When I thought of taking reverted ebooks and putting them out as sets, I talked with Jerald about what business model we might adopt to keep everything transparent, aboveboard and readily comprehensible, while performing not only royalty accounting services but administration for groups of authors. Too many authors feel shell-shocked at conditions they've experienced with too many failed and failing publishers. I'm one of those authors, I'm afraid--with tons of titles reverted, too many to republish independently all in one big, expensive operation!

So, Under the Sun Division came to be: a business model whereby assisted self-publishing is offered under one umbrella. (No, the covers aren't from UTS--that one's top secret for now!)

We're putting out boxed sets, bargain-priced, 12 per month beginning in September with FALLING IN LOVE, a contemporary romance selection--eight novels and novellas by bestselling and award-winning authors, some frankly erotic and others more mainstream. Watch for the cover-reveal, coming next month, with contests and prizes galore!

It seems the distinctions between erotic and sexy mainstream romance has blurred so much that it's hard to tell the difference, particularly in contemporary genre stories!

http://www.amazon.com/Texas-Fire-Oil-Barons-Book-ebook/dp/B010MPNSMYFirst, this selection is made up of two novels (always mainstream) and six novellas (five of which are former erotic romances whose language has been toned down while the story content has been ratcheted up). Stories range from serious to playful, happily-ever-after endings to happy-for-now conclusions, but all of them focus on love of a man (or men, in the case of one novella) for one woman.

Upcoming sets (twelve are scheduled so far, for monthly releases up until late 2016) are divided among the frankly erotic (BDSM/menage stories) and mixed-heat sets (contemporary, paranormal, and historical) that will showcase some of the best and bestselling authors in the business. Keep an eye out for them--and also for the authors' individual releases which they will be publishing on their own as well as showcasing in the boxed sets. We hope you'll give them a try--each set is well worth your hard-earned money.

Love and hugs to all, readers as well as authors who may feel flummoxed by recent goings-on--
Ann Jacobs
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Breaking Free is coming out tomorrow from Beyond the Page.

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Laird of her Heart: Book One in the Dundragon Time Travel Trilogy by Sabrina York

A scorching new release from Sabrina York!

Laird of her Heart: Book One in the Dundragon Trilogy by Sabrina York

When Maggie Spencer is mysteriously transported to the Scotland of her ancestors, she is stunned to come face to face with him. Dominic Dundragon, the man she’s been half in love with her whole life. A man who’s been dead for 700 years.

They both have enemies aplenty. Will she have a chance to win his love, or will this adventure end in disaster?

Read an excerpt
Maggie yelped as, without warning, the burly warrior named Declan whipped her up into his arms and tossed her over his shoulder. To her horror, she lost the hold on her locket.
“Wait,” she cried. She wriggled to get free, but his grip was too hard. When she pummeled his back with her fists as he strode from the circle of stones, he chuckled. The beast. But to be fair, he was so large, it would have felt like a kitten batting him. “Put me down.”
“I willna,” he said. “The Mackintosh will decide how you die.”
All right. That shut her up. For a minute. “Die? Why do I need to die?” What the hell had she done to him?
The man following, an enormous blond with a scar tracking his cheek bent down to peer at her. “The Mackintosh’s doona tolerate spies.”
“I’m not a spy.” Seriously. She wriggled more and Declan smacked her ass.
Smacked her ass.
She’d kill him when she got free. Just kill him.
“Yer wearing the Cameron colors,” the blond said. “And the Mackintosh’s doona—”
“Right. I know. The Mackintosh’s doona tolerate spies.” Her head was starting to spin from being upside down and jounced around with each step. Her temper was on a short leash. “But honestly, if I were a spy, would I wear the Cameron colors? It seems a little counterproductive in my opinion. I mean, if I’m spying and all. I might as wear a sign that says, oh, I dunno, honk if you love spies.”
His brow rumpled but he didn’t respond. At least, not to her. “She speaks strangely,” he complained to Declan.
Her captor snorted a laugh. “She dresses strangely too.”
“Aye. She does at that. I’ve heard the Cameron lasses are a wild lot, but I had no idea—”
“I’m. Not. A. Cameron.” She reached out and smacked the blond, but only because he came close enough. He reared back and gaped at her—as though he’d never been smacked before—and then he quickly moved out of range.
It hardly mattered, because, apparently, they had reached their destination, a camp on the edge of the woods. The sounds of nickering horses and clanks of pots gave her her first clue—she was facing the other way, after all.
Her second clue was that Declan dropped her on the ground. She landed with an oof. She glared at him. He didn’t seem to mind in the slightest. “Go get my brother, Ewan,” he barked, and the blond trotted off to one of the larger tents.
When she stood and brushed off her jeans, Declan bristled and she shot him a sardonic glare. Did he think she was stupid enough to run away? For one thing, these enormous men had her surrounded. For another, she never ran. Not if she could help it.
Instead, she made a quick survey of her surroundings. The camp was little more than a huddle of tents with the forest on one side and a sweeping plain on the other. A small herd of horses were hobbled to one side and a deer roasted over a pit fire. An entire deer. Before she could silence the thought—she often had that problem—she said, “You killed Bambi.”
Declan’s brow rumpled. “I dinna kill anyone.” And then he asked, “Who is Bambi?”
“Never mind.” She crossed her arms and turned away pretending to ignore them. But she wasn’t. She was aware they were all staring at her like she was a curiosity in a zoo, but she was taking in tiny details as well. Like the fact that their clothes were all handmade and simple. Their hair appeared to have been cut with a chainsaw and their beards were scraggly and long. Their weapons were what made her mind really start to spin though.
One held a crossbow that dated from the thirteenth century. Another had a Mackintosh dirk that resembled one she’d seen in a museum once. Declan had a simple calfskin sporran tied to his belt.
Odd. Could she have wandered into some renaissance faire? But no. It had been evening when she stepped into the woods and now it was daytime. Early afternoon. And the acres of woods around the house belonged to the family. It couldn’t be—
“So.” She flinched as a deep, melodious voice wafted to her on a hint of humor. Shivers danced through her, along with a prickling sense of premonition. “You’ve captured a Cameron spy?”
She turned slowly and froze as her gaze landed on him. On that so-familiar face. Broad, handsome, savage. Much more captivating than the sketch had been. Much more captivating by far.
She must be hallucinating. She had to be.
He was the hero of her dreams come to life.
Dominic Dundragon, Laird of the Mackintosh clan.
Large, looming and in the flesh.
Her head went woozy. Her vision blurred. And then, for the first time in her life, she fainted.


Her Royal Hotness, Sabrina York, is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of hot, humorous stories for smart and sexy readers. Her titles range from sweet & sexy to scorching romance. Visit her webpage at www.sabrinayork.com to check out her books, excerpts and contests.

Get exclusive reads, enter subscriber only contests and be the first to know about coming books!


If you love hot highlanders, be sure to read Sabrina York’s Untamed Highlanders from St. Martin’s Press!

Lana and the Laird—Coming in 2016

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