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New Release | Investigators with Benefits (Want to win a copy?)

I am THRILLED to have the final book of my Cleat Chasers series published in January 2020. This series has been so fun to write and it ends with a total standalone that was the most challenging and rewarding to write.  No Easy Catch has:

  • Investigators-with-benefits
  • Undercover kissing
  • Opposites attract (like SUPER opposites)
  • Shady texts and disappearing money

The blurb: 
A jock and a party girl teaming up—makes total sense, right? Actually, maybe…

Ambar Hernandez is a senior communications major who has no idea what she wants to do in life. She spends most of her time working on her blog after gaining a lot of readers with a story she wrote junior year and…never followed up on. The last thing she expects is an angry jock accusing her of involvement in a scam that could shake the college to its foundations.

Jeff Maddow should be focused on his senior season of baseball and not the suspicious activity happening on the team. It’s his time to shine and get drafted, but after seeing incriminating evidence, he can’t not investigate. And his first lead is the campus blogger…who’s related to a name in the document he saw.

Ambar’s been coasting, writing about campus fashion and hook-ups rather than politics and economics, but when Jeff shows up at her place spouting wild accusations, she agrees to help him just to prove the stubborn athlete wrong.

Long nights, impassioned arguments, close quarters…both Jeff and Ambar find opposites more than attract when things heat up.
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All She Wants for Christmas is...Him - Baby, It's HOT Inside - Erotic Holiday Romance - RomCom - Bad Boy Plays Santa - Tina Donahue Books #TinaDonahueBooks #HolidayRomance #EroticRomance #ContemporaryRomance #RomCom

Baby, It's Hot Inside - an erotic holiday romance - romcom

Bad Boy plays Santa - yeah, it's HOT, but oh-so romantic!


All she wants for Christmas is…him.

For Laurel, Christmas so sucks. She’s out of a job, money, and luck until her neighbor Scott plays Santa. This tall, dark, and sexy hunk delivers sweet decadence and holiday magic that makes being bad oh-so good.


God, god, god. Laurel indulged in Scott’s clean, wondrous flavor, his intense heat, and male need.

He groaned savagely.

The unrestrained sound and his impassioned embrace said more than words could. He wanted her as no other man had.

With one hand firmly on her ass, he pulled her into him.

Trapped in the best possible way, she surrendered to his desire and her own.

They kissed as lovers would after a lengthy separation, his stubble scraping her cheeks and chin. Few things could have better defined or intensified his masculinity.

She couldn’t touch him enough and stroked his firm pecs, broad back, silky hair, and the precious package between his legs.

A fierce sound spilled from him. He pushed her tongue aside to fill her mouth and fondled her boob.

Her nipple came alive within his lusty caress, the tip and halo painfully tight.

Getting close enough proved beyond necessary and seemingly impossible to achieve. They were practically welded together and it wasn’t enough. She clawed his top, wanting the damn thing off.

On a rough moan, he cupped her ass and lifted her into his arms, her weight inconsequential against his brute strength. Lost in intolerable need, she pressed her thighs to his narrow hips, her pussy snug to his cock.

He tottered backward and dropped onto the sofa, her straddling him.

Clothes flew. Her tank top and bra tangled with his Henley.

He cupped her naked breasts, his grin stretching from ear to ear.

Warmth swirled in her stomach and pussy, his pleased reaction doing wonders for her battered heart. Especially given his physical gifts: smooth olive skin, taut pecs, and beautifully defined abs. Even Photoshopped male models didn’t look this good. “Where’s your phone? I have to take your picture.”

“Later. Yours first though.” He tongued her nipple into his mouth.

Riotous pleasure shot through her. Never had she experienced such intense heat. Her head fell back.

He suckled hard, soft, and somewhere in between. His tongue flicked her tip relentlessly.

Nerve endings fired. She trembled.

He held her tightly, preventing escape.

As if she were crazy enough to be anywhere but up close and personal.

Finished with one boob, he sucked air and leaned toward the other.

“No, no, no.” She gripped his head. “Stop!”

Alarm flooded his handsome features, dread beneath it. “Why?”

“I want—I have—I can’t wait any longer. Sorry.” She scrambled off his lap, knelt between his legs, and tugged his fly.

“Whoa.” He gripped her wrists. “Let me help before you draw blood.”


“Believe me, I’m trying.” He yanked his button free and rammed down his zipper. Together, they shoved his jeans and stretchy boxer briefs to his thighs.

His cock sprang out, wavered, and landed on his belly, the thick shaft so hard it pointed north.

“Wow.” She cupped his lightly furred balls, their weight and warmth pure wonder. “You’re gorgeous.”

He sagged against the sofa but also pressed his family jewels into her palm. “Yeah?”

“I have to take a picture.”

“Not fucking now.” Breathing hard, he cupped her hand over his dick and balls. “Don’t you dare stop.”

“No sir. I’ll be good.” She took his rod into her mouth, tonsil deep.

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The Most Difficult Part of Caregiving

My sincere hope is that the caregiver role is never forced on anyone. But hope is not reality. At some point, many people will be faced with the trials and difficulties of caregiving. In my case, it is the steady decline of my beloved spouse as she slips down the rabbit hole of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). At this writing, we have been dealing with AD for seven to eight years.
            I first became aware there were issues when my wife could no longer manage our finances. That was followed quickly by the realization she could no longer edit photographs on her computer—in fact, that she could not operate her computer effectively. Other evidence gathered slowly. Her driving became erratic…even dangerous. She could not turn off lights when she left a room, answer the phone, or hang up clothes correctly. Her once meticulous nature became more ordinary. At first I did not realize I was a caregiver. I thought she was just not paying attention. But slippage continued. Once a wonderful cook, she could no longer follow recipes. Soon, out of self-defense, I took over the driving. Then the finances. Then the cooking. Then the laundry. Then the cleaning. Etc. Somewhere in that time frame she was diagnosed with Lewy Body Disease…and a psychologist gave the only advice he could, “Get your affairs in order.”
            There were many tears from both of us in the beginning. It’s not easy to know your future is limited and your potential is dashed. My heart ached for my wife, but there was little I could do. I have tried everything I am aware of. I entered her into the Biogen aducanumab study for two years before the study was canceled. Then I got her into a “helmet study,” where an array of hundreds of infrared transmitters inside a “helmet” worked to open the blood-brain barrier so pollutants like beta amyloid plaque could more easily pass out of the brain. The aducanumab EMERGE study seemed to help but the medication was no longer available when the study was terminated. Out of desperation, I even lied (a little) to obtain a chemical being tested in Europe for removing heavy metals from the brain. At the same time, I had all her amalgam fillings replaced, a significant source of mercury. Without the aducanumab infusions, we observed mixed results. The helmet seemed to help initially, but soon the benefit leveled off…and then stopped. The chemical from Europe might be helping, but the only evidence I can point to is a reduction in the tremor in her hands. At this time, we are told the Biogen EMERGE study will be re-started in March. I hope my wife will still be mentally fit enough to re-qualify for that study.
            Because my wife cannot do much, one might think that taking over all activities of our life together is the hardest part of being a caretaker. It is not. Caretaking for someone you love is not a chore, just as it isn’t with a newborn. The only problem is, as it is with a child, there is little personal time. No, in my opinion, the hardest part of caretaking is dealing with the helplessness of our situation. Unlike many people who contract dementia, my wife is still acutely aware of her past self…and every additional slip triggers her to remember the way she once was. She mourns anew. There are many tears, but I can do nothing. Comforting does not work. I try to distract her by putting on a movie, but that does not always work. Worse, the tears, more often than not, come just as she lies down to sleep—when her mind has time to reflect. That is devastating because we both need the rest and no one can sleep when tears flow. Our family doctor has no advice except to let her mourn.
            I have read articles that indicate I should keep my wife busy with activities like coloring, puzzles, and similar things. That approach only work at the beginning. When the disease progresses, the patient cannot work puzzles, play games, color, paint, or even identify one card from another. In our case, my wife continues to be social even though she has lost many other skills. She loves interacting with people, so we eat out/visit with friends and family often. I also provide an unending supply of movies through streaming TV, purchased CDs, and going to the theater. Taking part in local activities, like the historical film on the establishment of the Czech Republic shown at our local vintage theater, UMHB Christmas program, antique store browsing, women’s social club activities, and Baylor basketball games are examples. They all are great distractions. Even shopping for food can be fun if approached correctly.
            Fortunately, I do not believe my wife has LBD despite early diagnosis. Although PET scans revealed dopamine transport activity is unequal in the two sides of her brain, she has not developed Parkinson’s symptoms over the past three years. Unfortunately, what I believe does not change the information in her medical record; therefore, the early LBD diagnosis only served to eliminate her for consideration from the GAIN study, a promising new approach to treating AD. If anyone reading this is a caretaker for someone with mild to moderate AD, I encourage them to look up the GAIN study and try to get their loved one into it.
            So, what does one do? I try to follow developments in the AD “world.” Friends and family continually watch for possible trials and potential useful supplements, and they notify me if they see something that might help. The “Alzheimer’s and Dementia Weekly” online magazine is free and useful. The government website, https://clinicaltrials.gov, also provides data on current clinical trials and the status of ongoing research. I also provide my wife with anything that could help her. For example, Nicotinamide Riboside has good effect in mice, so I make sure she takes it twice a day. Her list of supplements is long. She also takes the only medications shown to have slowed the advance of AD—Razidine (one of three similar drugs), and Namenda. I am doing whatever I can to help her hang on until the EMERGE study re-starts in March. In the interim, we will join “Tuesday Solace,” a local support group for those with the early stages of AD.
            While this blog is primarily for authors and readers of novels, I also know some of you either are or will be impacted by AD at some point. Relative to writing and reviewing, I can only state you will need to set aside those activities. Your focus must, of necessity, be on your ward. AD changes everything except for one thing—your love for the person needing your care. Anything you must “give up” in your life pales in comparison to what the individual being cared for is being forced to give up in theirs.
            I hope this blog might in some small way be of help.

James L. Hatch, Author

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Thankful for Dogs with @meganslayer #Gay #gayromance #mustlovedogs #thankful #dogs

 One of the things I'm the most thankful for this time of year has to be my pets. Without them, I'd probably be nuts. Not really nuts, but you know what I mean. The hectic nature of the holidays would be tougher if I didn't have them. 

I wrote the Must Love Dogs series because I wanted to celebrate those dogs that I've know and had in my life that I love. I love all dogs, so it's not hard to celebrate them. :-) 

Here are my pups. 

Tell me about your critters!! 
While you're here, check out The Real Me, coming December 31st!

The Real Me by Megan Slayer 

Must Love Dogs, Book 3
Contemporary Gay Romance
M/M, Anal Sex
From Pride Publishing

Taylor Fyre never thought he’d find love at the dog park, but when he spots Nicky Campbell and his dog, Nagy, he begins to think the impossible is possible.
Taylor Fyre isn’t wild about dogs. He’s got serious reservations about the animals and the last thing he wants to do is cover a story about the dog park. When he arrives at the park, he realizes facing his fears won’t be easy, but if Nicky Campbell is part of the healing process, he’s ready to start. The handsome, tattooed mechanic makes him want to bare his soul. But Nicky’s got a dog and things could get sticky.
Nicky Campbell would rather keep to himself than talk to new people. He’s tired of being labeled dangerous because of his tattoos. His dog, Nagy, a pit bull mix, faces the same discrimination. When Nicky runs into Taylor at the dog park, he expects a fight. But the more they talk, the more he’s drawn to the polished reporter. If he and Taylor can overcome their differences and be themselves, they might find they have plenty in common and can have the forever they both deserve.
Reader advisory: This book contains expressions of homophobia, references to male prostitution and reference to past abuse at the hands of an uncle.

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The next installment of Maggie Walsh's newest Best Selling series The Tundra Wolves

                                                       "FREEING OBERON"

Oberon is a vampire living in the frozen Tundra with a pack of wolves that have treated him better than anyone ever before in his life, including his own family, but the move has been causing chaos, not only with his feedings and his sleep, but with his desires. Living with a pack of wolves who embrace their dominant and submissive sides is hard on a man who, deep down, craves submission, but is always forced to be the one on top.

While Oberon tries to deal with a dark past filled with torture, pain, and rejection, he has a hard time ignoring his dark desires when the sexy beta, Legion, is near. Legion does things to him that make Oberon feel ashamed, but the man pushes every button for him, causing Oberon to have to fight his cravings even harder.

Legion knows there is another out there for him and his boys, Taavi and Sauli, and he promises to do everything in his power to find him. When he meets the large, sexy vampire, something about Oberon calls to Legion on a base level, and his dominant side takes over.

After a very hot and heated encounter with the vampire, Legion now knows that Oberon is a true submissive, but he doesn’t know why the man fights it so much. He makes a promise to find out and draw out Oberon’s dark needs. Legion doesn’t know for sure if Oberon is the true mate they have been looking for, but he has a feeling deep down in his soul that his, Sauli, and Taavi‘s search is over. Now all they have to do is convince the scarred vampire that they belong together.


“That took a while. Is everything okay?” Fane asked as he lined up his shot, then thrust his stick and started a new game.

“Yeah, just talking to Tug for a few. So who won the last one?” Oberon asked, as he sat on the open stool and put his glass on the side rail.

Fane straightened as he looked to Marlo with a smile. “My fabulous mate.”

“What? And I missed that? Shit. You gotta do that again, Marlo. I need to see someone beat his ass,” Oberon complained.

Marlo batted his eyelashes as he smiled. “Beating asses is my mate’s job. Especially if that ass is mine. He does it so gooood,” Marlo said, with a moan as he drew out the last word.

“Oh lord,” Oberon huffed, as he rolled his eyes and reached for his drink. “Like I don’t hear you two enough at home, I gotta hear about your sexcapades here too?”

“Better hearing about them than actually hearing them,” Fane replied, as he smiled and leaned over the table again to line up his shot.

“Very true, but when you’re horny as hell, neither is a good thing,” Oberon mumbled.

“Oh come on, Oberon, don’t tell me you haven’t had at least twenty or more of these wolves since you moved up here,” Julius said, with a smirk as he stepped out of the back hallway and joined them.

Oberon shot his ex-leader a glare. “Don’t I wish! I’m the new guy around here and an outsider to boot. Fane lucked out by finding his mate five fucking minutes after we got here.”

Fane laughed. “It wasn’t five minutes. More like an hour, hour and a half, but you’re right, I did get very lucky,” Fane said, as he slid in behind Marlo, then wrapped his arms around Marlo’s waist and kissed the side of his neck.

“Shit, they’re gonna fuck right here on the table. You better shoot fast, Julius,” Oberon bitched.

Julius laughed hard as he leaned over the table and lined up his shot.

“Is this just for New Orleanians or can anyone crash this game?” Jude asked, as he and Dell walked over.

After Julius’s shot, where he sank two balls, he looked up at the newcomers. “Come and join us. We’re all just kicking Oberon’s ass, so the more the merrier.”

Oberon gave him a dull look as he stuck up his middle finger. “Ha ha. Asshole,” he grumbled.

Julius chuckled. “Good thing you’re not part of my nest anymore, fledgling, or I may have to beat your ass another way.”

Lord would they all stop talking about beating asses? A vision of himself bent over the table as Julius spanked him flashed through Oberon’s mind and he cursed. Fuck. He needed to either strip his clothes and run out into the damn cold snow or splash some cool water on his face. Seeing as he really didn’t want to literally freeze his balls off, Oberon stood and excused himself, then headed down the back hall toward the men’s room.

After using the bathroom, Oberon washed his hands. As he leaned over the sink to splash water on his face, someone came into the bathroom and went to the urinal. He didn’t pay them any attention as he cupped more water in his hands and cooled off his face again. His cock was finally going down, so it was probably safe to go back to his friends now.

He straightened and reached for the paper towels. Someone handed him a few and Oberon took it, thanking them, then ran the paper over his face. Once he was done and opened his eyes, his gaze fell on a very sexy Legion standing right in front of him and looking at him like he was a banquet.

“Thanks,” Oberon mumbled as he gave Legion a strained smile, then threw the used towel in the trash and took a step toward the door. Legion thrust out his hand, slapping it against the wall, blocking Oberon. He stopped in his tracks and gave the man a droll look.


Legion smirked. “What’s your hurry? Got a date?”

“No but I’m not in the mood for this right now. Why don’t you go home to the two men you already have instead of pressing up on me?”

“I haven’t even begun to press up on you, boy,” Legion said in a deep, husky, sexy voice that sent a shiver up Oberon’s spine. Well, the voice and the word. Boy. Fuck that sounded so hot coming from the sexy man’s lips, and having it directed at him set off all of Oberon’s desires.

Before Oberon could react, Legion took a step closer, his chest pressed against Oberon’s and moved him back until his back hit the wall. He wanted to protest, but his damn body betrayed him. His cock went from limp to rock hard the second his back hit the wall and his breathing picked up. He was getting hot and wanted so badly to drop to his knees before this man.

Legion gave him a knowing smirk, then leaned in slowly, giving him enough time to push him away, but Oberon couldn’t. His body was frozen in place, wondering what Legion would do to him and if it would feel good. Legion licked a line up the side of his neck, then moved around to the front.

“You’re just a big, fierce vampire, aren’t you, boy? A big, fierce vampire bottom, I think. Yeah, you like it don’t you?” Legion said, growling against Oberon’s throat as he licked and sucked his Adam’s apple.

Oberon placed his hands on Legion’s chest and pushed, but even he knew it was a lame attempt. Not that he really wanted to stop what Legion was doing, but he was big and fierce. Hell he was a predator. A vampire for fuck’s sake. He fucked, he didn’t get fucked. He couldn’t allow this man to get under his skin. Oberon couldn’t be a submissive. As much as he wanted to feel Legion’s large cock spread him open, Oberon had to fight the dark desires from coming forward.

He grabbed Legion’s shoulders and pushed him away, but Legion quickly grabbed both his hands and stretched them above his head, holding him there.

“You want to fight, huh? I see it now, in your eyes, you think you’re a top, but your body screams power bottom. I bet I can get you so fucking hard you’ll beg for my cock, boy. You’ll cry and drop to your knees, praying for me to take your sweet hole,” Legion said, then licked a line up his cheek from jaw to temple.

Oberon trembled, then cursed his body’s betrayal. “N-no. You don’t know what you’re talking about,” he protested, still trying to break free from Legion’s hold on him, surprised at the wolf’s strength.

“Your lips say no, but your sexy body screams for my attention. You’re so fucking hard right now, I can smell you. I can smell your cum and your arousal. I can see the need in your eyes, boy. You feel this?” Legion asked, and rubbed his big, hard cock against Oberon’s thigh. “Yeah, you feel that. That’s all you, boy. You do that to me. You make me so hard I wanna ram my cock into your sweet hole and claim your ass as mine. From now on, this ass belongs to me and nobody else, boy,” Legion said, growling against his lips.

When Oberon opened his mouth to protest, Legion thrust his tongue in deep, fucking his mouth with it. Oberon’s heart began to pound in his chest and his cock throbbed. Gods, he wanted the sexy wolf, but he knew he couldn’t have him. Legion was dangerous. Oberon knew this man had the ability to take what he wanted from him, to wreck him. Legion’s dominance would rule him to the point he would crave more, but once the man got what he wanted, forced Oberon to give in to his will, then he would dump Oberon, leaving him feeling ashamed, and go back to his two men. He had to fight his body’s need and Legion. He didn’t bottom, damn it. Keep telling yourself that lie, his brain tormented him, causing Oberon to want to sob, but he held it in by clenching his teeth.

Legion clasped both his wrists in one hand and kept Oberon’s hands trapped against the wall over his head. He knew he was strong enough to break free, if he was in his right mind, but right now he was getting lost in his need. The cravings to do as this man commanded was riding him hard and Oberon couldn’t think straight.

Legion slid his other hand down Oberon’s chest and cupped his cock through his jeans. A small moan slipped from his lips and Oberon clenched his jaw tighter. Gods please help me, he thought. If Legion kept talking dirty to him, Oberon knew he would fold. He loved to be taken, forced, and dominated, but the filthy talk only made him crave more.

“Hmm, that excites you doesn’t it, boy? You want to belong to me and have me fuck you so hard. You want me to claim this ass. Maybe fuck you in front of the whole pack and let everyone know that you belong to me now. Yeah, I think I may do that. Let anyone know if they even look at what is now mine, I’ll beat the life out of them.”

“N-no,” Oberon denied weakly, panting.

Legion squeezed his cock and Oberon saw stars. “Oh yeah, boy. You're all mine. I can see it in your eyes and feel it in the way your body responds to me. You’re mine already, boy. From now on you only take pleasure from my hand when I say you can have it. You’re gonna be my sexy bottom and I’m gonna fuck you, whenever and wherever the mood strikes me. Like right here, right now. How about it, boy? You want me to rip these pants off you, throw you over the sink and fuck you until you can’t walk? Fuck you until you can’t see straight. I’m going to make you scream and beg so loud and hard that everyone will hear you, and know that you belong to me now. Let them hear how much you crave my cock like a slut. You’ll beg me like a little slut, won’t you, boy? I’ll spank your ass as I fuck you, make you beg and plead. Maybe I’ll put a collar on you and parade you around on a leash.”

Oberon bucked against Legion as his cock began to leak heavily. He was sure Legion could feel the wet spot now, hear the rush of his blood flowing through his veins, and he knew the man could smell his need. Gods, help me, but he wanted what Legion was offering. He wanted the man to take him right now. To force him to his knees and fuck his throat.

WARNING: This book may cause triggers for some readers. Heavy BDSM scenes. 

Want to find out more about Maggie and what books she has to offer, just visit her website at:

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Christmas isn't Perfect #Christmas #ChristmasRomance #PerfectlyImperfect

I love a Christmas romance. I think that is probably clear from the six I have published. And I have no doubt there will be more to come. I can't wait when it becomes Christmas time and I can start watching all my fun cheesy Christmas romances (I'm looking at you hallmark). Though I love stories that turn a little naughty too.

I love Christmas romances for all kinds of reasons. I love the feeling of giving that arise during this time of year, and how that can open our hearts to new people and experiences. The love for everyone that we all feel this season. The coming together of friends and family. But one of the other parts I like about Christmas romances, that I think no one mentions enough, is that they show that Christmas doesn't have to perfect.

Sometimes during the holiday season we convince ourselves that we have to be perfect. We needed to have the perfect tree. We need to find the perfect presents. We need to have the perfect dinner, family, event, etc... But no one has the perfect family, holiday, or relationship. Perfection is impossible, especially during this busy holiday season. And Christmas romances embrace that, because if everything was perfect, there wouldn't a reason for the story to begin with.

And most of them don't show everything being perfect afterwards either. Or at least my stories don't. Their family doesn't become perfect overnight. Their Christmas tree is still lopsided and they haven't become billionaires. They still have many of the same problems they had before. But they have someone to wade through all that imperfection with.

And in the end, isn't that what we all want. Not someone who we have to be perfect for, but someone who will be there with you, though all the imperfection, all year long. No matter what time of year the story is set, isn't that what every romance is really about. Finding someone you can be perfectly imperfect with.

And I hope you all find the same, whether your lights only partially light up or you turkey is burnt. I hope you health, happiness, and love for all the imperfect times ahead. Happy Holidays to all!