Monday, January 23, 2017

Druids In The Mist — Cornelia Amiri

I recently republished Druids In the Mist. Of all the books I’ve written my personal favorite is Druids In the Mist, because it includes the Druid Center at Anglesey and Boudica, they and the historical events that occurred with them had a deep effect on me.

You see, I loved writing from age six on but I didn’t have the confidence. The Celtic Warrior Queen Boudicca made me start writing professionally. I love history and in reading a book about the dark ages I came across Boudicca. I was so impressed by her, I started jotting down notes, but they were fiction, about how I envisioned it to have happened. Before I knew it, I had written a novel. I thought, gosh I can really do this. So after accidentally writing that novel, I wrote one on purpose, and that is how my professional writing career began.

Druids In the Mist is set in 1 A.D. in Britannia, and the druidess Sulwen has just witnessed the massacre of her people at the hands of the Romans. She feels the goddess Andraste wants her to seek out Queen Boudica and join her in battle against the Romans. Thus begins my book Druids In the Mist.

Sulwen embarks on this journey alone at first, picking up a few warriors from surrounding tribes along the way. Once she reaches Queen Boudica, she is reunited with her lover, the Arch Druid Rhys.

Here is the blurb:
As Queen Boudica leads her two druids against Rome… love leads them to their destiny.

Conquering Romans plunge the British tribes into chaos. The future of the mist covered isle and its brave people rest in the hands of two druids, whose views are as different as fire and ice. 

Arch Druid Rhys is a master of the sacred mysteries but a novice in the ways of the heart. Sulwen, a survivor of the Roman massacre on the Druid Learning Center, discovers Rhys, the shape shifter, has evoked a basic, feral desire in her. But soon, the goddess may exact the unfathomable price of taking him from her. Though their love is as potent as their magic, is it strong enough to survive the turmoil of the Romans, the Rebel Queen Boudica, and the gods?

Also, Druids in the Mist has a sequel—The Warrior and the Druidess.

Here is the blurb:

Though Tanwen's gorgeous, she makes Brude’s blood boil and he can't stop thinking of her, Brude won't wed a druidess. Yet the fate of Caledonia rests in their hands of the warrior and the druidess. Will they put their differences aside to fulfill their destiny?

And as I set my book Druids In the Mist  against the back drop of the destruction of the Druid Learning Center on Anglesey (Ynys Mon) by Governor Suetonius and the Boudica revolt in 61 AD, I wanted to tell the rest of the story. This inspired me to write The Warrior and the Druidess against the backdrop of Governor Agricola, who lead the second destruction of the Druid Learning Center and then brought his troops into Scotland to fight the Caledonii in a huge battle on Mons Graupius in 84 AD. Though the Pictish tribes lost that battle they were never actually conquered by Rome. Later, Emperor Harridan put up his famous wall to keep Roman Britannia safe from them and in the fifth century the Picts climbed over the wall and launched raids on Britannia, which shows that though it took many years, they conquered the Romans. This is an incredible era in Scottish history that I wanted to share.

Here is the link to Druids In the Mist
and here is the link to The Warrior and the Druides
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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Crank up the Ice Ice Baby with @SSaraDaniel

Last week I was hunkered down in the my writing cave in the middle of an ice storm. If you live in the United States, chances are winter weather has put a dent in your plans (but hopefully not your car!) at least once recently. In honor(?) of this dubious distinction, I decided it was time to pull out my "snowed in" romance, which not only features snow and ice but a baby, as well. I'll wait while you cue up Vanilla Ice on your iPod... All set? Okay, here's a look at what you DON'T want to happen when you're driving on slippery roads, courtesy of Dr. Caleb Paden in Tempting Mr. Forever:

As soon as he picked up his son, Caleb would stop at the nearest hotel for the night. He hadn’t seen a snowplow or a salt truck, let alone another car. Heck, he could hardly see the road through the blowing snow.

His pilot had made the right call by refusing to fly into the storm, landing near Chicago and leaving Caleb to navigate the unfamiliar rental car west in deteriorating road conditions.

The car fishtailed, and he fought the steering wheel to keep it on the road. Or at least where he thought the road was.

“Arriving at destination, on right,” the female GPS voice chirped.

Although he couldn’t discern a driveway, he pressed the brake. The car skidded and slid sideways. To his right, nothing disturbed the layers upon layers of snow, except for the vague outlines of what might have been trees.

“Make a U-turn at the next opportunity,” the GPS suggested.

Yeah sure. He squinted through the fat flakes battering his vehicle. Behind him to the right, something—possibly the top of a mailbox—protruded from the snow. Considering his sideways position on the slippery road, he didn’t like the odds of keeping the car straight while driving in reverse. He’d have to finish turning around. He twisted the wheel and pressed the gas. The tires spun. Then the car shot forward.

Too fast. Heart racing, he slammed the brakes. The car skidded toward the ditch. Oh no. Stop! By some miracle it did, inches from the drop-off. Despite wanting to turn the ignition off and not drive another inch until the weather cleared, he had to keep going for the child’s sake.

Filling his lungs with deep, confident breaths, he shifted into reverse. The tires spun again. He lifted his foot and then pushed the gas pedal. The car shot backward. He shoved on the brake, but the car continued to glide in reverse, mocking any control he tried to exercise.

He turned the wheel in a desperate attempt not to roll trunk-first into the ditch. The car spun in a circle and then slid in slow motion, nose first, down the steep embankment.

“Arriving at destination, on left,” the GPS chirped.

Amazon https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01I9UYHAQ/?tag=sardanromaut-20
Barnes & Noble http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/tempting-mr-forever-sara-daniel/1124088678   
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Friday, January 20, 2017

A Valentine for Two and a Giveaway!

Good morning everyone! As we ease into the new year, we leave behind the holidays, for the most part, and look forward to what a new year will bring.

Today, I would like to share with you a box set I am pretty proud of. A Valentine for Two is a sexy romp with menage couples. Each one is unique and each story has a different coupling dynamic.

My story; A Valentine's Deal, is mmf and mfm. When I started writing the story, I bounced back and forth on how to tell this story. The building where the club is housed has been the subject of much death. I could have turned this into a ghost hunt, but in the end, I believe it would have taken away from the core couple story. However, I might return to do the ghost hunt with a couple of mundane humans. I'll keep you posted. ;)

And, before you go, I have a special treat for you. A giveaway! Below, you will find a rafflecopter! We are giving away a $310 Amazon Gift Card! 


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A Valentine's Deal: An interview will only take an hour, but what Sullivan and Carter offer Sierra can last a lifetime.

She crept closer, drawn in by the raspy tone of his voice.
“I didn’t think the club would work. I thought we’d be shut down and forced out within the first six months of business.” He pointed to the richly finished, walnut sideboard. “Drink?”
His admission surprised her, as did the quick change in conversation. “Cherry soda.”
“A girl after my own heart.” He opened a fridge she hadn’t seen, and pulled out a can of regular soda, then grabbed the cherry syrup from between the bottles of alcohol. “I’m sorry I don’t have fresh cherries to add to your drink. I hope you don’t mind.”
Heck, she’d been prepared for pre-made soda, she didn’t mind this one bit. After he stirred her drink, he lifted the stirring stick to his mouth and licked the dripping and excess syrup from it. Her heart skipped a beat. Again, the aching throb of her clit intensified. Who the hell was this man?
“It’s okay. I would have settled for a can.”
He laughed as he brought her the tumbler. “Anything for you, Jerry?”
Her partner glanced at her, then to Carter. “Water?”
“Sure thing.” He grabbed the bottle from the fridge. “Ice?”
“Nah. I’m good.”
He handed the bottle to her assistant, then took a seat behind the desk. “Where are my manners.” He scoffed and motioned to the wing-backed chairs in front of him. “Please, sit.”
“Was your worry due to the criminal activity or something else?” She sat, easing back into the welcoming comfort.
“Yes, all of it. This building is said to be haunted. Some people come here to” —he made air quotes— “investigate. Others to try and find the burned-out areas of the basement.” He folded his hands. “We’re not here to be a sideshow or to ogled like freaks.”
She frowned. “Does it interfere with your business?”
“The lookie-loos?” He swirled the amber liquid in his glass.
“I feared they would. However, people have been…courteous.” He glanced up as the door open. “Ah, you made it. Sullivan, these are our guests.”
The man stopped short and turned his golden gaze on her. Boom. Pregnant. The thought simultaneously surprised her and made her chuckle, which led to embarrassment. She cleared her throat.
“It’s good to meet you. I’m Sierra Hanover, and this is my assistant Jerry Rodrick.” She motioned to her friend. Jesus, what the hell had she gotten herself into?
He grunted and joined Carter. “Let’s get this over with.” The firm set of his jaw, coupled with the way he crossed his arms over his impressive chest, set her on fire. Together they were an impressive duo. Whatever soaked her panties when it came to Carter, deepened the harsh pulse of energy. Her womb clenched with it, and she placed her hand against her belly—a vain attempt to cover what she felt.
“Miss Hanover,” Carter prompted. “Are you, okay?”
Fuck no, she wasn’t okay. Her hormone, decided to do a freaking jig, while her pussy demanded both men shove their cocks inside of her so they could make twin deposits of their seed.
“Yes. Sorry. I love your office. How about we do the podcast from the couch.” She pointed over her shoulder. “I think it’ll give an air of relaxation and fun.”
“Perfect.” Carter replied.
When she glanced up through her lashes at Sullivan, he growled. Fucking sexy. Mmm, what I wouldn’t give to—damn it. Get it together.

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