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Don't Unravel the Past ~ #NewRelease #Medical #RomanticComedy


New Release!! ***throws confetti***

Don’t Unravel the Past is the third book of the Dr. Brogan Matchmaking Doctor series. All the books in the series are stand-alone stories, but Brogan Corkie’s own romance arcs throughout the series, so it is preferable to read them in order. I love writing stories when the hero or heroine has a secret and revealing the secret adds a twist in the tale. In Don’t Unravel the Past, the heroine, Dr. Brenna Locket, has a secret about… you guessed it…her past. She has to share it with the hero, Dr. Jay Landon, before they can move forward in their relationship. This secret was inspired by one of the resident doctors I worked with during my internship. I think she had the same secret!


A bit about Don’t Unravel the Past ~

Dr. Brogan Corkie is happily semi-retired from medicine and now has time for other hobbies. Her passion for food is second only to her skill at matchmaking!


Years ago, Dr. Jay Landon kissed a sexy stranger with violet eyes. He was instantly enamoured – until he saw the engagement ring on her finger and the angry-looking dude by her side. She walked away with a piece of his heart.


Dr. Brenna Locket is in Mapleton for a conference and plans to stay for a six-month sabbatical to write a book. Her colourful past has prepared her well for a job she loves as an obstetrician-gynecologist with a special focus on sexual health. If her vivacious personality, natural empathy, and expert knowledge didn’t set her apart, her violet eyes and curly black hair certainly would.


Brogan doesn’t know their history, but the spark between Jay and Brenna is undeniable. She’s intrigued…and a matchmaking scheme is hatched. Now, if only Brenna could leave her past behind. Because unravelling the past might just derail the future.


Enjoy an excerpt ~
            The doorbell rang and Brenna tugged on her T-shirt and ran a hand through her hair to subdue some of the wayward curls before opening the door. She stilled and her smile froze in place. Her recollection was swift – steel blue eyes glinting behind a goalie mask, a stolen moment, a fleeting kiss. He hadn’t changed much in seven years, although his eyes seemed bluer and his shoulders broader. He certainly hadn’t lost that cocky smile.

Jay stiffened and then his smile slowly widened. “Well, if it isn’t Doctor Sniper/Cheater.”

“It was a good goal, Doctor Sore Loser. I couldn’t help it if I was more talented than you.” Brenna leaned against the door frame. “It’s been a while.”

“Indeed it has.” But he’d recognize those violet eyes and curly hair anywhere. If truth be told, he was a complete sucker for them. They’d haunted his dreams since the moment he’d met her, even if she had just scored the winning goal. She’d robbed his hockey team of a spot in the final and stolen his heart in one fell swoop. “You know, I don’t think we ever formally introduced ourselves. I’m Jay Landon.”

They’d met at MedGames, an annual weekend of friendly competition between medical schools. Teams went head to head in a variety of sports ranging from table tennis and foosball to volleyball, basketball, broom hockey, and ice hockey.

After their hockey game, the teams had stayed to watch a televised gold medal game between the Canadian and the American men’s hockey teams. When Canada scored the winning goal, the room had erupted in cheers. There’d been hugging, high-fives, and a few celebratory kisses. He wasn’t sure how it had happened, but his lips had locked with hers. In one stunning moment, he’d fallen hook, line, and sinker. And then had noticed the engagement ring on her finger.

He glanced at her hand. It was bare, no rings at all.


Don’t Unravel the Past is only 99c Click HERE 


Award-winning author Linda O’Connor started writing romantic comedies when she needed a creative outlet other than subtly rearranging the displays at a local home d├ęcor store. Her books have enjoyed bestseller status. When not writing, she’s a physician at an Urgent Care Clinic. She shares her medical knowledge in fast-paced, well-written, sexy romances – with an unexpected twist. Her favourite prescription to write? Laugh every day. Love every minute.


Website https://www.lindaoconnor.net

Twitter https://twitter.com/LindaOConnor98

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/LindaOConnorAuthor

Amazon Author Page https://www.amazon.com/Linda-OConnor/e/B00S7CNLEA

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Mega Giveaway! 30 Participating Bestselling Authors - GCs and eBooks to Celebrate Tantalize Me #TinaDonahueBooks #Giveaway #GCs #eBooks #BestsellingAuthors

To celebrate the recent release of Tantalize Me
book 3 Wanna Be Bad (erotic contemporary menage), 
I'm hosting a great giveaway!

Enter HERE

30 Bestselling Authors are giving away GCs
and eBooks to help me celebrate Tantalize Me.

Series Blurb:

At Encounters, a lush and hedonistic Caribbean resort, it's nothing except fun and pleasure during the 'anything goes' weeks, where nudity rules, threesomes and more rock, and kink in every flavor sates the most carnal appetite. 

Tantalize Me Blurb:

When it comes to lust and love, sometimes you have to break the rules… 

Not believing in forever after with any guy, Olivia indulges her carnal needs at the hedonistic resort where she works while pursuing her dream to design jewelry. 

Brothers Ethan and Gabe have had women chasing them forever, their good looks and their family’s billions a major draw. Just what they don’t need or want, predatory females. Stuck at the resort on a project neither care to do, they meet Olivia who’s everything a woman should be: bright, fun, and totally unimpressed by their wealth. Hooking up with her during the ‘anything goes’ week—when nudity rules and every sexual activity is celebrated—proves easy. Resisting anything deeper is impossible for them and her despite how hard they try. 

Because sometimes you just gotta break the rules. 

Especially during an erotic journey where insatiable desire and an unbreakable bond leads to a future none could have imagined.


The day promised sun, sand, and naked guys. Warmth poured through Olivia Bisset, tightening her nipples and dampening her pussy. 

Damn, she loved living at and working for Encounters—a lush and hedonistic Caribbean resort, especially during the ‘anything goes’ weeks. Then, the plush grounds turned truly magical where nudity ruled, threesomes and more rocked, while kink in every flavor sated the most carnal appetite. 

Her insides fluttered. 

In the past months, she’d gorged to her heart’s content on Cravings Island, the sister property to this one where wanton delights occurred 24/7. Good times for a twenty-six year old who sought physical pleasure from guys, not hopeless forever after fantasies that led to emotional pain. She’d seen enough of that during her impoverished background in the States and sought something better. A life where she, not any man or men, called the shots. 

Which she’d do, as soon as she finished her wait shift at Indulgence, a premiere restaurant. Beyond these walls was male eye candy that deserved serious ogling. Until then… 

Her fellow servers formed an impenetrable barrier at the artfully concealed kitchen door, the young women eyeing the dining area, its sumptuous foliage a veritable Garden of Eden. 

Olivia joined them. “Let me guess. A guest forgot the rules don’t allow nudity in here, and he’s hung like a blue whale?” 

Kristen, a co-worker, grinned lewdly. “I’ll bet they both are.” 

Hmm. “Both?” 

“Yeah.” She inclined her head to the left. 

Olivia’s curiosity battled against her reluctance to look. If the dudes were hung and hot, but into each other, she didn’t want to yearn fruitlessly for their sun-kissed muscles this early in her day. “Are they holding hands?” 

Those nearest to her made faces. 

She took their reactions as a resounding no and craned her neck to catch the dynamic duo. 

Her pulse ticked up. 

The guy on the right wore his black hair longish and combed back, his beard and mustache neatly trimmed. His white linen shirt and pants draped his powerful frame, enhancing his masculinity. Early thirties or so, he had classic good looks, like a Greek god. 

Her knees got watery. 

Next to him stood another man, also early thirties, and as tall. She would have bet her life, six-three or more. His broad shoulders went from here to tomorrow, his bod muscled and lean. Tousled light brown hair crowned his All American features that could have graced countless print ads for sporting equipment. Like his companion, he wore a white linen shirt, but pants in pale blue. Different from yesterday. 

It’s them. 

Her throat constricted. 

On her trek back to her apartment after her last work shift, she’d come upon them striding from the opposite direction. Her step had paused briefly and so had theirs. For a second, time stopped … at least for her. In the island’s dreamlike atmosphere, where sun rained down on them and a gentle breeze ruffled their hair and clothes, they’d seemed to have emerged from a welcomed erotic fantasy. 

Once they’d passed, she’d twisted to keep watching, enjoying the show. 

They’d glanced over their shoulders at her, despite naked women strolling by. 

Now they were here, taking their seats, and shaking their heads at Theo, the male server whose section the hostess had put them in. His bright smile wilted. 

“That’s not a good sign.” Kristen bumped against Olivia in her quest to see better. “Is Theo pissing them off? He’d better not be, considering.” 

Sounded serious. “Considering what?” 

“They’re VIPs.” 

No way could Olivia argue the point. Looks-wise, impressive didn’t begin to address their assets. “They’re male models? Film stars or TV personalities? Sports legends?” In her book, they could have won any game on sheer size and presence alone. 

“Huh?” Kristen pushed to her toes to see past the others then stilled. “What is Theo doing?” 

He’d faced his fellow servers rather than the guests. Mr. Greek God pointed at the now silent women and said something Olivia couldn’t catch from this distance. 

Whatever it was sent Theo padding in their direction, the loincloth uniform he wore flapping against his beefy thighs. 

“Shit.” Kristen huffed. “Show’s over. Back to the grind.” 

This place hardly constituted the salt mines, but she had a point. Important guests didn’t enjoy the plebs gawking at them, preferring to relax in anonymity. In full agreement, Olivia retreated several steps. 

Theo cut through the others, following her. “Hold on.” 

She bumped against a long wooden table, which gave her no choice except to stop. “Why?” 

“They want you.” 

Everyone’s eyes slid to her. 

Not understanding, she shook her head, her long cornrows gliding across her chest and back. “Who does?” “Those guys. They want you.”


Other Books in the Series

Indulge Me - Book 1 - Erotic Contemporary - MF


Nothing forbidden…nothing held back. 

Lissa prefers reading to cutting loose, but is willing to do whatever it takes to get the juiciest assignments for her job at a major travel magazine. Her chance finally arrives. She’s set to experience a posh Caribbean resort, a dream article and review except for one huge problem. It’s the anything goes theme week where nudity is expected and lusty hook-ups make threesomes look downright tame. Holy Hell. What has she gotten herself into? 

Precisely what resort owner Jon Thorne thinks. Tall, dark, and luscious, he fears the randy male guests will eat her alive, resulting in a lousy review. His only option is to serve as her guide for every decadent delight from nude body painting to Dom’s Den where submission and punishment rule. Unless she wants to call the whole thing off… 

And lose her chance with him, plus give up this gig? Dream on. Tempted beyond anything she’s known, she matches his passion and then some, surprising him during a sexy adventure like no other. 

Thrill Me - Book 2 - Erotic Contemporary Menage - MFM


Longing to be bad… 

For too many months, Shelby’s craved bad boys Ben and Dominic, cousins and celebrated chefs at the opulent Caribbean resort where she works. Their heated gazes prove they hunger for her as much as she does for them, but they’ve yet to make a move on her. 

That won’t do. Yearning for their potent masculinity, killer smiles, and effortless charm, she sets into motion a decadent plan to be with them … at least for a little while. Her ideas include nude photos, a locale where anything goes 24/7, plus BDSM and other kink. 

Fun-loving Dominic’s fully onboard. He’s had his eye on Shelby from the start. Ben has too, but he’s reluctant to mix business with pleasure. Since a previous work relationship screwed him big time, he doesn’t want to repeat the experience and won’t … as long as he keeps this strictly about sex, no strings or expectations. 

Yeah, right. In an erotic journey that will surprise this threesome, all bets are off, resistance impossible, surrender assured.

Website  –  FB  – FB Fanpage  – Twitter  –  Amazon Author Page 

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Newbie in the house!

Hello! I’m Dee S. Knight, and I write erotic romance. I’m so happy to be here and I hope to share lots of info about my books, writing, and my life in the U.S. Great Northwest. One of my desires for the past several months was to become one of the Divas, and I’m grateful to be one. So to celebrate being offered that desire, here’s a bit about my book, Your Desire.

Your Desire. A mysterious shop appears in town for one reason: to bring the spice of passion and the thrill of love to one special person. Magic is in more than the item purchased—it’s in the heart of the buyer, often hidden, usually surprising. And after enchantment takes hold ad the fantasy is fulfilled? The store fades from sight and memory, only to reappear somewhere else. Maybe in your town…?

The Artist and the Director

Derica Meadows, the conservative Director of Accounting at a large San Francisco firm, sees the most beautiful dress imaginable in a shop window. So different from her usual genderless pant suits, she’s swept into acquiring the gown for a formal business affair the next night. But a funny thing happens on the way to her party, in the form of a compelling man and a photo shoot. Suddenly, the normally logical Derica finds herself swimming in a sea of romance and sexual freedom she’d never before considered. The hunk of an artist can satisfy her fantasies, but what will happen to her climb up the corporate ladder in the process? And to her heart?

Awards Night

Allison Hayes has always tried to be all things to all people. Need anything done? Call Allison. It seems no one considers that Allison might have needs, too. When she goes home one night to find a man had crashed his car in her pasture, she resigns herself to helping out yet again. However, it isn’t long before she finds the roles reversed, as the mysterious man fulfills her deepest desires. By morning, Allison knows that in being the Good Samaritan this time, she gained more than she gave. The question is, was it passion for one night or a lifetime of love?

Buy link:
Kindle Unlimited 

The whir of a sewing machine traveled across the ether. As intended, the sound blended with the those of a lawn mower in Cleveland, a blender in Dallas, an electric razor in Seattle. Some people, those specially attuned to properties outside the normal realm of humans, heard buzzing that could have been a sewing machine, but it was faint and truly indistinguishable for what it was. More like a mosquito at the ear. They heard it but couldn’t decipher exactly where to swat, so they did their best ignore it.

Of course, the sound was not supposed to be heard, and therefore not investigated. The very few who did hear it clearly, who also heard Nigel and his granddaughter clearly, well, they generally resided in a hospital setting where three squares a day were provided and tranquility came in the form of little green pills. At the least, they saw a shrink three times a week. Their knowledge wasn’t taken seriously.

This worried Nigel, but what could he do? It wasn’t his fault humans had devolved to the point where they no longer believed in enchantment. He shook his head and tsked as he sewed. When he was a boy learning the business from his grandfather as his granddaughter now learned from him, no one would have believed the universe could get to this point, where people believed in the “magic” of technology but not the magic that could be found in their own hearts.

Of course, challenges were exciting, and skeptical humans certainly kept him on his toes.

Absently, he hummed as he completed the final seam on the full, purple satin skirt. He pulled it from the machine, snipped the threads and shook the material out before pinning it on the dress form.

“Edwina! I have the skirt finished. Come here, dear.” Standing back to cast a critical eye over how the skirt hung, he held up an artist’s rendition of what the final product should be. He looked from drawing to garment, made a few small adjustments to the pleating around the waist and nodded in satisfaction.

“Hey, Gramps,” his granddaughter said, bounding into the room.

For the millionth time, he mentally cringed at the lack of style in today’s youth. Their kind had the ability to appear any way they wished. Glancing in the mirror, he saw a debonair David Niven reflected back. The sleeves of his snowy white shirt were rolled to his elbows, but the Windsor knot in his tie was perfect, as was the knife-sharp crease in his trousers and the shine on his shoes. When he rolled down his sleeves and put on his jacket, he would look every inch the gentleman. Quirking his brows in approval, he unconsciously ran a fingertip lightly over his moustache. Instead of selecting what he would consider an appropriate shell, Edwina—a name which screamed propriety—chose to look like a bag lady gone wild.

Like today, for instance. Long blond hair, streaked with pink and purple, pulled up into a ponytail to hang down the side of her head. Black lipstick and eye shadow. Two earrings in one ear and four in the other. A bright orange tank top and faded jeans—separated scandalously by a good three inches of bare stomach—looked as though they’d been worn (and torn) for centuries. And her feet—her lovely, dainty feet!—were shod in horrid, ugly brown things that not even the most desperate soldier in Caesar’s army would have donned.

When he had questioned her once about her appearance, she’d said with delight that she was starting her own trend. A Lauper-Madonna-Pink look. It was not something he’d understood. Today, after a quick perusal, he leaned closer.

“What is that?” He swiped his thumb across her cheek, then examined what was on the pad.

“Body glitter. Isn’t it cool?” She grinned at him.

Her enthusiasm, as well as her utter lack of self-consciousness, brought the slightest of smiles to his eyes, even as his mouth formed a moue of reproach.

 “Yes, well.” He wiped his thumb on a handkerchief pulled from the pocket of his jacket, hanging on the wall behind Edwina. “‘Cool’ is what ice cubes provide. I don’t know what body glitter is good for.”

 Giggles flowed from her, reminding him of when she was a small girl instead of the nearly grown youngster she was now. Where had the centuries gone? Despite the shudders her wardrobe caused, he loved Edwina enormously and strove to give her the very best education in what they did, which was make dreams come true.


“I loved this book, each story was beautiful, romantic, and filled with very hot sex. In both cases each couple discovered that it isn’t the career one has, the money or the differences in their lives it is what is in the heart.” – 5 stars, Linda Tonis, The Paranormal Romance Guild

“If you’re looking for a spicy escape from your everyday life, pick up Your Desire today. It’ll heat your body and singe your soul. Highly recommend!” – 4.5 stars, N.N. Light’s Book Heaven

"…a wonderful romance fantasy with passion hot enough to melt the polar caps. … romantic and very sensual … erotic romance that will make you tingle in all the right places." - 5 Hearts, Diane Tugman, The Romance Studio

"ooool loooo (that means two thumbs up) LOVED 'Your Desire' I got it finished in 1 day. Wow, it was hot. Enjoyed it immensely." - Daun Ann, a reader

A little about me:

A few years ago, Dee S. Knight began writing, making getting up in the morning fun. During the day, her characters killed people, fell in love, became drunk with power, or sober with responsibility. And they had sex, lots of sex. Writing was so much fun Dee decided to keep at it. That's how she spends her days. Her nights? Well, she's lucky that her dream man, childhood sweetheart, and long-time hubby are all the same guy, and nights are their secret. For romance ranging from sweet to historical, contemporary to paranormal and more join Dee on Nomad Authors. Contact Dee at dsknight@deesknight.com.

Author links:
Website: https://nomadauthors.com

Blog: http://nomadauthors.com/blog

Twitter: http://twitter.com/DeeSKnight

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DeeSKnight2018

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/265222.Dee_S_Knight

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B079BGZNDN

Newsletter: https://landing.mailerlite.com/webforms/landing/h8t2y6

LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/dee-s-knight-0500749

Sweet ‘n Sassy Divas: http://bit.ly/1ChWN3K


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Summer Stock by @meganslayer #gay #gayromance #bdsm #bdsmromance #newrelease #summer

 I'm excited to announce the release of one of my newest books, Summer Stock. I'm excited because this story features theatre and fun, but mostly hot bdsm goodness!! Check it out!

Summer Stock by @meganslayer 

Part of the Rules of Summer Collection (https://www.firstforromance.com/collection/rules-of-summer) https://bit.ly/306kI7x

Contemporary Erotic Gay Romance

BDSM, Anal Sex, Toys, Spanking, Bondage


Can love spark from the ashes of a past relationship?

Jon Fox has given up on love. He’s a writer who loves his privacy and his need to create his art. He has the perfect life, a breezy penthouse and the need to dominate, but he’s alone. He’s got a crush on Ainsley, but he can’t date the best friend of his ex-boyfriend, can he?

Ainsley Carter is in Cleveland for the summer to create the sets for a local production of Romeo and Juliet. He can’t wait to see Jon again. He yearns to be dominated by Jon and kindle the sparks he feels every time he sees him. He’s got the key to the penthouse, but will he also land the key to Jon’s heart?

He’s got all summer to find out.

Reader advisory: This book contains reference to an attempted suicide.




https://books2read.com/u/bpD6wz  (https://bit.ly/308KGrm)




©MeganSlayer, 2020, All Rights Reserved


“The thing is, I’m staying at a hotel downtown, but it’s expensive. Leo, in his infinite wisdom, decided he had a better idea and gave me the pass to park in your building as well as your penthouse key. He said I should stay with you because it’d be cheaper.” Ainsley tensed. “He practically begged me to take the key.”

“Uh-huh,” Jon said, repeating himself. He didn’t doubt Leo would push Ainsley, but he did wonder why Leo would push him and Ainsley together. Maybe he’d better call Leo.

“I’d rather stay with a friend than a hotel,” Ainsley said.

Ainsley wasn’t a helpless man. Not by a long shot. He freelanced in the theater circles doing lighting and sets for whatever production needed him. Hell, he was in high demand because his sets were always so realistic without being expensive. He knew how to run a business and keep his bills in check. Jon stared at him a bit longer. Ainsley might not be helpless, but looking at him in the harness and jockstrap, he seemed so sad. Part of Jon wanted to say no. He’d turned the spare bedroom into his own dungeon and the den was his office. Besides, he liked his privacy. But… Ainsley wasn’t a stranger and wouldn’t be shocked by the room of toys and floggers.

“I’m sorry. I’ve overstepped.” Ainsley stood. “Forget I asked.”

“Did you come here to see me?” Jon said, his voice firm. He needed to know Ainsley’s motivations.

“No. I came here for stress relief. Good God. People don’t understand I can direct them with sets and give them plans for the lighting, but I can’t do everything and I’m not a miracle worker. They have to help and I needed a break.” Ainsley snorted. “I hoped I’d run into you, but the odds weren’t in my favor.”

“I guess not.” Ainsley had bruised his ego just a tad.

“I understand if you don’t want the pain in the ass.” Ainsley shook his head. “Forget I asked. I’ll give Leo the key and pass back.”

“Slow down.” Although he wanted to continue the conversation, seeing Ainsley so subservient and hot in his harness and jockstrap made concentration almost impossible. “I could be convinced.”

“Jon?” Ainsley’s eyes widened.

“I have rules, you know.”

“I’m listening.”

He snorted. Their conversation reminded him of negotiations before a scene. “I spend a lot of time on the patio and I prefer to sleep naked. I write naked, too.” He dipped his head once. “I need privacy.”


“No unexpected guests.” He hated having to get dressed because someone had decided to visit.


“I turned the guest room into a play space and my office is the former den. All I can offer you for sleeping space is the sofa in the living room,” Jon said. “Is that viable for you?”

“I can do that.”

He wasn’t arguing? Good. “So Leo gave you the key?”

“And the parking permit.”

Jesus Christ, he could kick Leo. “You really need a place to stay?”

“Yeah. The hotel is eating up my paycheck. I’ll gladly kick in for rent and food.” Ainsley laced his fingers together. “I know my place.”

He should argue and barter more, but he wanted someone there. He saw possibilities with Ainsley. “Fine.”

“You’re okay with me being there?”

“Yeah. I’ll manage.” He tamped down his giddiness. He’d wanted Ainsley alone for so long. Having him over could be good and allow them to get closer. “Why don’t you come over tonight and we’ll get you set up?”

Ainsley brightened. “Deal.”


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 New Series from International Bestselling M/M Author Maggie Walsh

It is a series that updates all those classic Fairy Tales you once loved as a child, with a contemporary twist and a lot of Hot ManLove.

The first book in the series is now out.

Yasligai and the Seven Studs. Yes, you guessed it, a play on that old fable about the woman with the snowy white skin. But of course this one is full of incredibly hot men.

BLURB: When Yasligai returns home from college ready to take back his father's estate, wealth, and company, as was written in the will, he knows he will have a fight on his hands from his evil step-monster.
Going out for a drink with his stepbrother Hunter was not something on his to do list but when Yas leaves a drunken Hunter and heads off to the bathroom the last thing he ever thought he would hear was a conversation between two strange men talking about how they had already snatched Hunter but now needed to grab Yas himself.

Yas manages to sneak away and run before the men can take him too but once they spot him on the streets, the chase is on. Yas is now running for his life and when he literally runs into someone he gets knocked unconscious.

When Yas comes to he finds himself in a strange place surrounded by a group of seven of the hottest men he has ever seen. Can Yas trust these strangers and find a way to save himself and his father’s estate or will his evil step-monster win it all?

Note: originally this was written as a short story for Stormy Glenn's ManLove Fantasies Blogspot Contest. 20,000 words have been added and it has been edited.


“Come on, you little pussy, drink up. You’re a grown man now, graduating from college and all,” Hunter slurred, as he downed another shot of Tequila, and if Yas was counting correctly, it was his tenth.

He put on a fake smile and took a big gulp of his nasty drink, holding back the disgust that threatened to show on his face.

“Attaboy! Now that you’re a man, what’s your plans, Yasligai? Yasligai, what a stupid name. Why the hell would your dad name you that anyway?”

Yas softly placed his drink down as he looked Hunter in the eye. He wanted to tell the asshole to fuck himself, then throw his glass right at Hunter’s head, but he kept himself composed. He needed to get on Hunter’s good side, so that he could try to get the information he was looking for. “It was my mom. She had a thing for Disney movies.”

“Shit. I may not know much about Disney movies, but I don’t remember no dude named Yasligai,” Hunter said, then downed another shot.

“There wasn’t. Her favorite was Snow White. Being part Native American, she found the word Yasligai in her Native heritage and saw that it meant Snow White. So that’s what she named me.”

Hunter burst out laughing, slapping his hands on the table, and almost toppled over their drinks. “You mean to tell me, your mom named you after a Disney Princess? Well, that just fits now doesn’t it, princess?” Hunter laughed, and winked at him.

Yas could feel the heat rise within him. It wasn’t from embarrassment though. It was pure rage. He didn’t care what this twat thought about him, but he would not sit there and listen to the douchebag put down his mother, or use his hateful speech at his homosexuality. Yes, he was gay, but that didn’t mean he was a woman. He might not be that big of a man at only five feet nine and a hundred and sixty pounds, but he was still a man.

Yas stood up as he said, “I have to use the men’s room.”

“Wait, I need to go first,” Hunter said, and tried to stand.

“What the hell does that mean? You gotta go, then go, but it has nothing to do with me going,” Yas huffed, then turned and walked away. He heard Hunter protesting behind him, but had no idea what the idiot was saying. Yas just ignored him and headed for the bathroom. He pushed the door open and stepped in, but quickly grabbed the door before it closed, as he saw that he was standing in an alley and not the bathroom. Yas looked around and spotted the men’s room further down the hall, and headed toward it as the back door closed behind him. As he entered the bathroom, he went straight for the urinals, but stopped as his gaze landed on them. One had a broken sign on it, another was filled with something he didn’t even want to know about, and the third one, was all broken and cracked, just barely hanging on the wall.

Yas shook his head and sighed, then moved to one of the stalls, closing the door behind him. After taking care of his business, flushing, and zipping up, he found he didn’t want to go back out there to Hunter just yet. Yas was getting a damn headache from the guy, and he needed a minute to pull himself together, before he attacked Hunter for his asshole ways, and ruined everything he had planned.

Yas put the seat down and sat on the toilet, ignoring how disgusting and germ infested it probably was as he tried to get his head together, and figure out the best way to approach a drunk Hunter. After a few minutes, he heard the outer door open and he froze, waiting for it to be Hunter and the idiot make some kind of crude comment about him in the stall, but it wasn’t Hunter’s voice he heard.

“Did you get the little rich kid?” Some guy with a nasally voice said.

“Yeah, I grabbed him, now we just have to wait for the other one. The redheaded bitch said to make sure we grabbed them both and make them disappear. The YasiYas, or Yasgavia guy, whatever the hell his name is, was easy as hell. He was so damn drunk I just pulled him up off the stool, and led him out the back door and into the car. Marco already took off with him to the buyer,” a second guy answered, as Yas heard him relieving himself in the urinal.

Holy shit! Yas silently gasped as he listened to the two men. He covered his mouth with his hand and tried to calm his breathing. What if they found him in there? Whoever these guys were, they thought that Hunter was him. Shit, they were after him. Yas quietly moved forward and peeked through the little slit between the door and the frame.

“And the other one, what’s his name, Hunter?”

“Yeah, he hardly drank anything, so we need to be careful with him. I saw him head out the back door, but when he comes back and finds that the kid is gone, he’s supposed to make a big deal out of not finding him, so the cops won't be suspicious. That’s when I’ll step in and offer to help him by using my cell phone. I’ll suggest we go outside for some fresh air while we wait for the cops, and when we get out there, Wayne will be waiting in the van.”

“Good. Then I’ll call our contact and tell her it’s done,” guy number one, with the nasally voice, said.

Yas heard the door open, then close, then the room fell silent, except for the small trickle of water leaking from somewhere. He held his breath, waiting a moment to see if they would return, but after a few minutes no one had come back.

They had taken Hunter thinking he was Yas, but were also planning on taking Hunter. They had said the redheaded bitch, and they would call their contact to let her know. So did that mean that Desdemona had set them both up? And Hunter was supposed to be a part of this plan and talk to the cops. So that’s why the sudden desire to hang out with him. He and Hunter had never gotten along, and had never spent any time together. And now it seemed as though Hunter had no idea that he was to be taken too, and that Desdemona had betrayed him.

Shit! I need to get the hell out of here and hide until I can figure out what to do.

Yas slowly opened the stall door and peeked around the frame, making sure the room was truly empty, then he quickly ran to the door and did the same. Finding the hall and his path to the back door clear, Yas headed in that direction. He looked out into the main room, and could only see the bar area, where one guy was sitting. The man turned his head to look in his direction, and Yas quickly ducked back out of sight. Was that one of the guys?

He took a deep breath and peeked around the wall again. Spotting the guy talking to the bartender, Yas knew it was his chance. He stepped up to the back door, and eased it open as he kept his gaze on the man at the bar. He only opened the door far enough to allow his slim body to slide through, then carefully closed the door behind him.

Taking a deep breath, Yas scrunched his nose at the disgusting stench coming from the alley he now stood in. He couldn’t just stand here, he needed to get moving. Quickly, Yas made his way toward the street, then peered around the edge of the building. He spotted a dark van sitting at the curb, a few feet down from the entrance to the club. No lights were on, and it didn’t look like anyone was inside.

This was not one of the best neighborhoods of Vegas as Yas as had said to Hunter earlier. He needed to be careful and watch his back, but at the same time, Yas needed to get the hell out of here as fast as he could. The north end of the main strip wasn’t too far off, so that was his best place to head to. Yas pulled the collar of his shirt up around his ears, shoved his hands in the front pockets of his jeans, lowered his head, while raising his shoulders, then stepped out onto the sidewalk and headed away from the van. As he made it to the corner, Yas was just about to release the breath he was holding, when he heard a man shouting.

He looked over his shoulder and saw a guy jump from the van, looking right at him and pointing as the guy yelled something.

Shit! Yas took off as fast as he could down another block, then turned right. He ran to the next corner and crossed the street and then headed left. Just as he made it past the edge of a building, he heard the screeching of tires coming fast. Yas picked up his pace and found a doorway to hide in. He pressed his back against the cold door in the shadows and waited. He heard the engine move away, and knew they had turned right.

Yas stepped out of his hiding spot and looked around. Sure enough, the rear red lights glowed in the night as the van drove in the other direction. Yas turned away and ran. Just as he got a few feet, he heard the screeching of tires again, and turned to look over his shoulder. The van’s brake lights were on, and suddenly it began to turn around. “Fuck!

Yas took off at top speed zig zagging through the area, going down unfamiliar streets and alleys, and ducking behind dumpsters. He had no idea where he was, or where he was going, but he suddenly heard the roar of traffic, and made his way toward the sound. He made it to the corner and realized the heavy traffic was coming from the 589, which meant he was standing on West Sahara Avenue, which also meant he was at the end of the Gateway district, and crossing the 589 would put him in a better area. Yas looked up, trying to gauge where he was, then smiled as he read the signs. Sammy Davis Jr. Drive. That meant he wasn’t far from the Strip, and could disappear in the crowd, or one of the casinos where there were tons or people, security, and a hell of a lot of surveillance cameras.

Yas was just about to cross the street, when headlights landed on him, blinding him and he heard the roar of an engine. Yas looked to his left and spotted the van coming right for him. He quickly made a run for it praying he got away from them. He could hear the cars flying by behind him and Yas hoped the traffic would slow them down. He chanced a look back over his shoulder and was relieved to not see the van yet. Taking a turn, Yas ran as fast as he could down the long street, then he pitched into an alley. He took one last chance to look over his shoulder, hoping whoever was chasing him hadn’t spotted which way he ran. As Yas turned forward again, he suddenly hit something... hard, and everything went black.

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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Working Through a Slump #writing #writingslump #pushingthrough #inspiration

The past few months have been hard on me. On the world really. Like many others the pandemic has thrown me for a loop. There are times where I love it (like on a Monday morning when I can roll out of bed five minutes before my first meeting, instead of two hours before hand like when I went into the office). But there has been a lot of times its be tough, like missing my family events and relationships with friends. That combined with some personal issues, I’ve been in a tough writing slump for the last few months.

At first, I tried to let go my expectations of myself. We are in unprecedented times, and I was hopeful they would be short lived. But as the pandemic continues on, and it looks more and more like we will be in this state for some time, I realized for my own mental health I needed to push through this writer’s block. 

Writing is my greatest escape, my greatest joy, and without it I always feel like part of myself is missing. 

But some things are easier said than done. With everything going on it was hard to focus, hard to think, and became easier and easier to just put off sitting down to write. Before I realized it days and weeks had gone by with no progress. So I decided I had to force myself to do it. 

I accepted a challenged from a friend to sit down and write for 30 minutes a day for 30 days straight. Any time I missed a day, I had to start the count over again. It sounded like just the jump start I needed to start pushing through my slump.

I’m not going to lie. In the beginning it was hard. I didn’t want to. I would miss a day or two and have to restart. I’d find myself putting off writing until the last possible minute. But the more I forced myself, the easier it became. My streaks without breaking became longer. First three days, then five days. Once I hit a week the words started to come easier. Instead of waiting for the seconds to tick by, I would write past thirty minutes, putting in longer and longer word counts. 

I’ve now been writing for 18 days straight. Most days I hit more word count goal, and I’m making some serious progress on my work in progress for the first time in longer than I wish to admit. It’s still not perfect. I don’t always want to write, and sometimes I have to force myself to get in the chair to start. Though the more days I get on my streak, the easier it is to convince myself to write. Not wanting to break the streak. It’s still work, but the light at the end of the tunnel feels a little closer.

This type of solution might not work for everyone. For some people pushing through might make the situation worse, or for others it might just be a waste of time. But I thought I would share what has been working for me, in hopes that it might give anyone look for it a little inspiration to take strides to move through whatever is blocking you during this difficult time.

If you’re struggling during these times, you are not alone. There are many of us struggling. Reach out and ask for help if you need it. Times are tough, and we’re all struggling in our own ways, but there is always something we can do. Whether it’s focusing, taking small steps, or even just letting go. There is always a way to bring a little bit of joy into a terrible situation.