Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Wait

My  mom used to say "all good things come to those who wait". While I've never forgotten that, I tend to not be a great *waiter*. I'll go after what I want and if I want it bad enough, keep at it until there is absolutely no more hope.

I've been writing since I was a kid and really went after it starting in 1999 when I joined RWA. It's been up and down over the years and finally published in 2010. Maybe after all the waiting it has finally come to me :) I'm thrilled to finally be able to say that Louise Fury of Bent Agency will represent me. As well, I've signed with Harlequin Blaze! My story, a very hot novella titled Anything For You, should be coming out this December or January. It will be paired with another bigger author -- very lucky me!! -- and I'm so excited. It's set in Hawaii after a very smexy flight from Sydney. The hero is South African to boot. Accent folks!

So the moral of this story is to never give up if you want it bad enough! Oh and next month this blog will be under my new author name Shana Gray.

And it's spring! Finally the skies are blue, the rain is fresh and things are greening up. And I've been waiting for one of my most favourite sounds -- when the spring peepers first start singing. Usually around the 18th of April give or take a few days. I heard them for the first time last night.

Imagine this big sound coming from theses little creatures. I love frogs :)

So for your audio enjoyment - The Spring Peepers!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Cover Reveal! Dark Stranger by Lisa Carlisle

Ah, it's that jittery, exciting time as I get ready for a new release. Next week, Dark Stranger, part 3 in my Chateau Seductions comes out so I have to do lists a mile long all weekend. 

Here's the cover of the upcoming release. I wanted to keep the castle as part of the background as the art colony at the Chateau is where the series is set. Instead of a gargoyle like on the other covers in the series, there's a moon--more appropriate for a wolf shifter, don't you think?

Dark Stranger

Chateau Seductions part 3

Wolf shifters come to Chateau seeking a missing pack member. During an altercation, Cameron Stevens, the manager of the art colony, is separated from the others. He ends up alone with Nadya, one of the female shifters.

Together, in the forests of DeRoche Island, they struggle against conflicting feelings. In addition to battling each other as well as their mistrust, they fight a powerful, inexplicable attraction to one another—one that leaves them irrevocably entwined.

They’re mates? Cameron can’t comprehend or accept such a thing is possible. They’re two different species and their worlds don’t mesh. He can’t fight the heated desire burning between them and her touch is impossible to resist. His heart and mind aren’t on the same page where she’s concerned. One thing is certain—Nadya is stamped on both.

Paranormal, Erotic Romance
Shifters, vampires, gargoyles

Preorder now so you don’t miss it! Missed Dark Velvet or Dark Muse, Chateau Seductions parts 1 and 2? Read more about the paranormal sexiness at the castle here:

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Spring is the tradional time, but my thoughts turn to romance year-round!

One of my sons is getting married this year--our first of our four to do so.  They'll be 2 years younger than my husband and I were when we met, and five years younger than we were when we got married.  But everyone has their own time-frame.  And when you feel you've met the one, age is irrelevant. 

But what is it that makes you know he/she is the one?  I look back on my wild, rebellious youth spent in sin and debauchery, (which I totally enjoyed, by the way), and I'm happy I got that out of my system before I met my husband.  Instead, when I met him I was ready to settle down.  How was I ready?  I'd been out of college a few years, working steadily, and finding that dating anyone among the men I knew through work was disastrous. When it inevitably went sour, you still had to interact with that person on a professional basis, all the while wondering what he was saying behind your back.  Not good when working in a mostly-male field.  So I was dateless for quite a while before I met him.  Celibacy is hard even when it's by choice.  When it's not, it's brutal.

So I was ready to have a serious relationship.  Then there's the physical attraction, which for both of us was instantaneous.  Scientists have shown that we react on a chemical level to pheromones we're not even aware of.  The more distant the person's DNA is to ours, the more our hormones will react positively, since we're programmed not to fall in love with someone with whom our children might be unhealthy.  Not a very romantic way of explaining love at first sight, but as my husband always reminds me, he's the more romantic of the two of us.  I want scientific explanations for things he just accepts.  For example, when you're in love with someone, your pupils will dilate to such an extent when you gaze at him/her, that the color of your eyes will almost disappear.  Your loved one's brain will recognize that you're signaling love, even though he/she will not be consciously aware of it--so his/her pupils will dilate in response.  Your brain will recognize it, and it becomes a circular pattern of gazing and loving.  No wonder new couples spend so much time drinking each other in with their eyes!

Thirdly, husband and I were compatible as friends.  We enjoyed doing the same things.  The first time I met him I told him I hated camping, since old boyfriends had taken me out to such remote places there weren't even outhouses.  You had to do your business in a field.  Bleah.  When husband talked me into going camping in a state park early in our courtship, he set up the tent then cooked me a gourmet meal over the campfire. Then we walked together to the facilities building where there were flush toilets and hot showers.  I was in heaven! I got to spend time outside, enjoying nature, yet still had creature comforts?  That sold me, and we've been camping together for over 30 years.  We've made all of our important decisions over campfires, like: Is it time to get married?  What kind of ceremony?  Is it time to have kids?  How many? Etc. We also found we like the same music, and have similar education levels and religious beliefs.And he's from a family of seven kids, while I only have one brother.  But my mother was from a large family, and I always liked the noise and confusion of being a part of that.  The fact that I got my husband's wonderful family along with him, was icing on my cake.

To recap, you need to be ready for a relationship, there needs to be a physical attraction, then you need to be friends.  I've told my kids that lasting love requires passion, respect and friendship.  Passion will glue you together, but respect and friendship will cement you together for a lifetime.

So these things are always present in my romance novels.  Independent people living their lives, will run into someone who takes their breath away.  Physical attraction will draw them together, but gradually they will realize they are meant to be together.  This can happen in high school, as in Love Therapy, when Miguel tries to get Alicia to marry him, but she runs away and they don't see each other for twenty years.  Or it can take until you're both in your fifties, as in Her Last Resort, my latest book.  No matter when it happens, it will change your life.  Reading my books will let you live the dream along with my characters, as they negotiate their way to a happy-ever-after.  And that's fun no matter what time of year it is.

To enter a Goodreads Give-away for 2 autographed paperbacks of Her Last Resort, go to:
The winners will be chosen on Monday, April 27.

For more information on all of my books, go to:

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Love Can Come with A Price

A few months ago, I started work on a new series.   I wanted something a little different, edgier, and I wanted to explore how the choices we make in life have a price.  We are used to paying for the things we buy, that’s something we do every day.  But the other decisions we make, including choice of profession, lifestyle, where we live, all come with a price as well, whether we realize it or not.  There are many times when we have no idea what the price we pay is because when we make one decision, the other options and the paths they represent, disappear.  Sometimes the price we pay for our decisions is easy and we never thing about it and other times it requires our whole heart and being as well as the re-evaluation of our lives.

The Price is the story of Hunter and Grant.  Hunter is a Las Vegas escort, highly paid and in demand. Grant is a brilliantly gifted school teacher.  He and Hunter went to school together and it was because of Hunter that Grant became a teacher.  When they meet again as adults, both Hunter and Grant feel that attraction.  However Hunter both Hunter and Grant have made decisions in their lives that require a price to be paid.  The question is whether the price required of both of them is just too high.

In this post I included an excerpt.  I really hope it makes you smile!  J

Hunter Wolfe is a highly paid Las Vegas escort with a face and body that have men salivating and paying a great deal for him to fulfill their fantasies.  He keeps his own keeps and doesn’t share, not that they matter. 
Grant is an elementary school teacher and works miracles with his summer school students.  He discovered his gift while in high school, tutoring Hunter, a fellow student.    They meet again when Hunter rescues Grant in a club.   Grant doesn’t know Hunter is an escort or that they share similarly painful pasts involving family members’ substance abuse.   
After the meeting, Hunter invites Grant to one of the finest restaurants in Las Vegas. Hunter is charming, sexy, and gracious, and Grant is intrigued. With more in common than they realized, the two men decide to give a relationship a try.  At first, Grant believes he can deal with Hunter's profession and accepts that Hunter will be faithful with his heart if not his body.  Both men find their feeling run deeper than either imagined. For Grant, it's harder than he thought to accept Hunter’s occupation, and Hunter's feelings for Grant now make work nearly impossible.   But Hunter’s choice of profession comes with a price, which could involve Grant’s job and their hearts—a price that may be too high for either of them to pay.

Purchase an advance copy: 

“You won’t believe it,” Ember said as he took the last empty seat at the table. He gulped from the drink Candy had just placed it in front of him. “And I thought I’d seen everything.”
Hunter ignored the others, who were, for the most part, succeeding in keeping straight faces. “Okay.”
“I followed the usual routine and texted Mark that I had arrived.” It was one of their safety measures: they always made sure someone else knew when they were with a client and when they were done. It was one of the hard and fast rules. There weren’t many, other than keep the client happy and yourself looking your best, but that one was absolute. Hunter nodded, hoping Ember would continue. “I knocked on the door and it opened to a guy wearing a lamb suit.”
“You mean, like, wool?” Hunter asked.
Ember’s normally radiant copper complexion paled visibly. “More like ‘baa’.”
“The guy was dressed as a sheep?” Hunter asked.
“It’s called a furry. Anyway, the guy undressed me, and I figured the costume would come off once we… once things got serious, if they ever did, but nope.”
Mark cackled from across the table. “Did you fuck the sheep?”
Hunter stared openmouthed as Ember lowered his head to the table. “We do what the clients asks, right?”
“You fucked the sheep?” Mark asked again, with way too much glee.
Ember raised his head and nodded. “I fucked the sheep.” He put his head back down, and they lost it, Hunter included. His first question, once he could catch his breath, was whether Mark had found someone into that or if the gig had simply fallen into his lap, so to speak, and he’d offered up Ember as the sheep fucker of the group.
“The worst part was that the guy made sheep noises and bleated the entire time and never said a damn word,” Ember said.
“But you got it up, right?” Cameron asked, and Ember nodded again. “You are one sick fuck.” They all started laughing again as Ember downed his drink.
“I need to forget,” Ember said.
“I bet you do. So remember that the next time you promise someone a Mark sandwich.” Mark grinned devilishly, and Ember glared at him. “If you don’t, then next time it could be a cat, then you’d be the only pussy fucker in the group.”
“You son of a bitch!” Ember swore.
Mark lifted his drink to him with a wry smile. “To getting even.”

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Civil War Series: The Armstrong's

The Armstrong's is a series I am working on, an wanted to tell you about it. A lot of publishers have told me lately that civil war stories are not wanted, not even post civil war. But I must say that when I first announced it on Facebook, I had a rather good reaction.

So I thought I'd tell you a little about the coming series, it's a small series, hopefully that is a good thing. It's about two twin brothers and their two cousins tht go to war.

George Burleson Armstrong had two sons, twins, that were very different in personality. Joe was in his opinion the leader of the two, the one most likely to succeed in carrying on the family plantation. Sam was the emotional son, so therefore George thought him the weaker won. Now the problem isn't who runs the plantation, but who they love. Joe loves Carmen, a Spanish decendent of aristocracy. His father heartily disapproves of this union. He wanted Joe to marry Melanie, the girl he's properly engaged to. Sam on the other hand, was madly in love with Melanie all along, and the only one that knows this is Joe. So when the two go to war and survive it, they make a pact, before ever going home to switch identities. Joe becomes Sam, and Sam becomes Joe. This way, they can both have the girl of their dreams.

The new Joe is now free to love Melanie and marry her. But should he marry her without telling her the truth?

Joe, who is the new Sam comes home free to marry his Carmen. It's a perfect set up for the two of them. Or so it would seem.

They're cousins, Zane and Christopher have different tales. Susan Elizabeth Barrett had loved Zane and saved him countlessly from the Yankees. But now the war was over and he returned to where he'd found her, and she ewas gone...what was worse...she had left with a baby. His baby!

Christopher Armstrong has another problem. He had joined the Union Army, his mission to take over the Hardy Plantation, use it as a headquarters for the Union, and then once they were done, burn the plantation. The one thing Chris hadn't counted on was meeting the beautiful Ann Hardy, whom he fell in love with. But how could he ever expect her to forgive him for what he had done to her and her family?

These are the ARmstrong men and you will meet them soon enough. They are on pre-order over at ITUNES. If you like civil war romances, you'll fall in love with all of these men and women.

It's a romantic era in our history, as well as a tragic. Perhaps it's the tragedy that makes the romance so much bigger than others. The good and the bad of war mixes with romance and sacrifices are born. Love is sometimes bought with forgiveness, and strengthened by it too. The Armstrong's are a strong and heroic bunch of men and women who sacrifice everything for love and country.
God Bless

Monday, April 13, 2015

Romance for the Summer with @AuthorNicMorgan

Welcome to Sweet N Sexy Divas, I'm your tour host for the day. So sit back, prop up your feet and get comfy. I'm about to give you some ideas to keep the romance alive in your summer vacation...

Romantic Getaways...

Okay, the holidays are over and we're all knee deep in resolutions that we promise that we are going to keep this time. One resolution that seems to hit almost everyone's list is getting healthy, going to the gym, getting in shape, etc. But, one thing I hardly ever hear people putting on their list is one that quite frankly is a whole lot of fun. What am I talking about, you ask? Well, I'll tell you. I'm talking about SEX. Specially, having MORE SEX! Why shouldn't we include something that gives us such pleasure into our New Years Resolutions? And what if we could combine getting exercise with having more sex? Well, I'm here to tell you that you can! Below I've listed just a few bed and breakfasts that you can visit with your special someone without breaking the bank which will offer that little bit of romance and a whole lot of naughty! 

  • Eastlake Inn Bed & Breakfast: In St. Louis, the 20s era Eastlake Inn Bed and Breakfast
    offers the sensual Magnolia Room, a space with a fireplace, dream bath, double showers and cathedral ceiling. The inn is surrounded by hundred year old trees, lush gardens and one acre of land. Eastlake is also close to many fine restaurants and quaint shops.

  • Nemacolin Woodlands Resort and Spa: The Nemacolin Woodlands Resort & Spa in
    Pennsylvania regularly hosts Couples Vacations, which are packed with sensual and bonding activities like couples yoga, a massage workshop, wine tasting, and sinful desserts. Active couples will be happy to know that the vacation also includes whitewater rafting, climbing, horseback riding and a shooting academy.

  • Villa Vera: Acapulco’s Villa Vera is known for its famous guests and luxurious villas.
    Stay in the Elizabeth Taylor Villa, where the star vacationed for almost twenty years, which comes with a private swimming pool, an outdoor bar and hydromassage tub. The hotel has its own fragrance, "Romance," made for luxuriating in the tub. The spa is popularly considered one of the finest in Acapulco, offering massages, wraps, facials and more.

  • Sugar Hill Inn: This New Hampshire getaway is full of rustic charm, lush greenery and
    beautiful landscapes. The owners of the Sugar Hill Inn specialize in massage therapy and romantic cuisine. Nearby are the Franconia Notch, a gorgeous mountain range, and the Robert Frost Place.

  • Zara Spa: For couples seeking an exotic spa vacation, the Zara Spa in Jordan is an
    excellent choice. Located inside the Movenpick Resort overlooking the shores of the Dead Sea, this spot is unlike any other. At the lowest point on earth, unwind in one of the spa’s thermariums or the Laconium. Some of their treatments include aromatherapy mud wraps and a foot massage pool.

Speaking of romantic getaways, don't forget to take a peek at my tropical getaway series, Incessant Passions...

Tempestuous (MF)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, HEA] Michelle Englehurst finally has her dream job working in a tropical paradise doing what she loves. A routine day at work proves to be more than what it seeme MORE...

Impetuous (MF)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, HEA] The Callaway Corporation recently bought the high-end resort property Jenny Jacobson manages. In that time, they have micromanaged both her and it into the g MORE...

hank You for joining me today! I'll see you all next month on the 13th. Have a great month and remember to be SWEET and SEXY

Nicole Morgan is an author of erotic romance novels, which more often than not have a suspenseful back story. Erotic romance mixed with good old-fashioned whodunit. While she's written everything from contemporary to paranormal her leading men will more than likely be wearing a uniform of some kind. From military to police officers, she has a love for writing about those who protect and serve. From her very first novel about Navy SEALs to her more recent releases you will be sure to find a few twists and turns you were not expecting.

She also has a recurring monthly column in Book & Trailer Showcase's eMagazine, is a proud member of the Romance Books 4 Us Gold Authors and also one of the Sweet N Sexy Divas.  

Find out more about Nicole and her books by visiting her websiteblogGoogle + PageTwitterFacebook and her Yahoo Group, Nicole’s Think Tank.

Until next month lovies ~ Nic 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Takeover Continues... #EroticRomance

The next book in my wildly popular Takeover series is finally here.

Erotic Takeover will be available April 22

Click here for my books on the publisher's page.



He’ll unleash her indecent desires…in the most provocative way possible

Working for a celebrated photographer of lush nudes, many with BDSM themes, isn’t easy for Jodi. She’s full-figured, wholesome and longing for Mac, her bad boy boss. His shaggy hair, wicked tat and total hotness make her dream of ditching her work as his assistant to get down on her knees as his eager sub. If he’d only notice her.
Who says he hasn’t? As laid-back as they come, Mac can’t get over how uptight Jodi is around him…like he might bite her. Not what he has in mind. Her guileless nature and voluptuous figure do dangerous things to his self-control.
Lucky for him a client’s request has Jodi finally yielding to her sensual nature, because Mac’s fully prepared to dominate, demanding her submission, delivering punishment. In other words, an erotic takeover.


He was gentler than he’d intended to be or could endure for long. Mac’s only reason for making his first move so subdued was that he didn’t want to alarm Jodi. The moment she decided he was being too rough, she might pull back or push him away.
No fucking chance he’d let that happen.
Her mouth was too seductive. Not only ungodly soft but loose beneath his. Her flowery fragrance made him think of her again in an old-fashioned, age-yellowed portrait. In the image, her hair would be longer, the ends dangling above her lavish breasts, her nipples puckered from her arousal and excitement at posing so shamelessly.
He imagined her in a frilly corset drawn tightly around her waist, the satiny fabric not doing much to hide her lush nudity. Instead, it would display her pale breasts and ass for his use, her punishment. The thought of disciplining her thickened Mac’s blood. He could almost hear the crack of his palm or a strap against her succulent cheeks, followed by her sounds of submission and desire.
A growl caught in the back of his throat, a sound Mac didn’t dare let out until he was certain she wanted at least a portion of what he’d been fantasizing about. His tongue glided over the seam of her mouth, testing, teasing, then slipped inside gradually, opening her to him.
Her taste and wet heat made his legs rubbery. His knees bumped into hers.
Moaning softly, Jodi sagged against him, surrendering.
Aw, baby.
Mac planted his hand on her ass and pushed her cunt into his rigid shaft. Jodi yielded further, her mouth fitted to his, arms wreathed around his neck.
Intoxicated by her eagerness, Mac filled her mouth with his tongue. Her nipples were peaked, hard as could be against his pecs. Her desire was so damn welcome that he answered her faint moans with a growl then a cruder grunt, unable to pretend he still had any control over what was happening between them.
Jodi couldn’t possibly be deluding herself either. She suckled his tongue with abandon and ground her body into his.
They rocked back and forth, each of them trying to get closer in their carnal dance. Mac held the back of Jodi’s head, not allowing her to break free. She pushed her fingers through his hair, anchoring him to her. Wasn’t enough, dammit. He needed more and angled his mouth for better penetration.
Once he had it, Jodi took charge, forcing his tongue aside then spearing hers into his mouth. An appreciative noise escaped him, the sound more animal than human. She answered with a lusty groan that thickened his cock and squeezed his balls. Mac wanted her hands on that part of him. No, not her hands…her tongue.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Right Partner

You read much about male “midlife crisis,” but not so much about what happens afterwards. In my case, I got tired of the constant anger that developed over several years. I also tired of rampant spousal spending that made future retirement possibilities seem bleak, and I didn’t understand an environment where work, even housework, was not shared equally. I reached my breaking point after one of my daughters graduated from high school and the other was in her senior year. At the time, it seemed natural to ask, “Is this all there is?”

I wanted more of some things—more happiness, big dreams, economic conservatism, and some leisure time. I wanted less of others—less anger from my wife and teenaged daughters, less resentment, and less home workload, especially where chores could be shared. A person can work all his life, so focused on earning enough to survive, that he doesn’t focus on what he really wants from life. I was 49 and knew things had to change; I refused to spend the remainder of my life in a loveless marriage. My situation was driving me nuts, especially the walking on egg shells to avoid constant anger and even periodic physical attacks.

As I look back on it, I suspect there were legitimate reasons my household went so crazy. My teen girls were hormonal, and my ex-wife was probably in the throes of menopause. I did not consider the causes, only the results—it’s a male thing. I just wanted out of the nightmare, and after more than 25 years of marriage, I divorced.

My standard of living plummeted. I lost everything—the bank accounts, the land, the house, the cars, half of my retirement benefits for life…even my clothes. There is a down side to that, but there is also an upside. I was free, living in a small apartment where there was no anger, and I could start over. I had a great job and a Ph.D. No one could derail my future dreams; I was solely responsible for managing my future. I had nothing more to lose and everything to gain.

With nothing to lose, I was open to risk that would have been unthinkable in my prior life. I found a like-minded young woman, and we began dating. In the first three years of our courtship, I traveled to 23 countries and took her with me to twelve. During that time, we developed an ambitious plan to retire in ten years. We collected information on real estate and invested in property neither of us would have dared consider before our divorces. In short order, the risky deals began to pay off. We studied and invested more; we stayed true to our plan. As a result, we retired in less than ten years. We married after eleven years of working together as a team, and in July, we will celebrate 23 years together.

Did I find what I really wanted from life? Yes, but it was different than I first thought. Although I did not know it in advance, what I wanted most was a partner. Not just a girlfriend or a wife, but a partner in every sense of the word—someone who understood finances, taxes, investments, and the like—someone who would dare to dream big and work to make the dreams come true. Yes, even someone who would help wash the car and cut the grass.

Travel was not high on my list of “wants.” I had already traveled so much I did not care if I ever saw the inside of another airplane. On the other hand, I wanted more leisure time, even though I did not know what that meant. I hated business travel, but had never had a real vacation. My previous “vacations” were spent tending children and fixing broken items at my ex-mother-in-law’s home. Now, I learned to take cruises. I learned to dance. I learned to snorkel. I pursued skiing and water sports. I did things I could not have imagined in my prior life.

Finally, I began to appreciate art. I went to stage plays—even to performances of “Phantom of the Opera” in London and in Sydney. My partner and I went to art exhibitions and gallery openings. We began to collect art glass from all over the world. To facilitate our mutual appreciation of art, my partner designed our home to be a functional art gallery, and we surrounded ourselves with beautiful glass sculptures (see inserts).
So, would I do it again—would I change course at midlife? Knowing what I know now, I would make even more drastic changes. If I had the opportunity to live life again, I would choose my first partner more wisely. I am convinced that the single most important decision a person can make in life is the selection of his or her mate. With the right partner, all things are possible.

Now, if you want to read about the WRONG partner, try some of the Miss Havana Paranormal Comedy novels. You'll love them:

Thanks for reading,
James L. Hatch

Friday, April 10, 2015

Jennifer Kacey's Ode to Chick fil A

The title says it all....enjoy!!!!

SO CUTE and for all of you who needed a little Christmas in...uhh...April!

This is the first one my miniman found. He loves it and knows EVERY word!

And because I found this one and it was SO AWESOME!!!! OMFG!!

Need something to bring along on your trip to Chick Fil A?!?
May I suggest a delicious bite out of the Members Only series........ :P

The books in the Members Only Series can be found here...

Stand Alone

Jennifer Kacey is a writer, mother, and business owner living with her family in Texas. She sings in the shower, plays piano in her dreams, and has to have a different color of nail polish every week. The best advice she’s ever been given? Find the real you and never settle for anything less.

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

With Every Touch

Last month, I blogged about my upcoming heterosexual contemporary romance novel With Every Touch, and I promised to share cover art this month. The book is now available from Loose Id and third party sites.

And I've done a trailer for the book as well. I'm kind of proud of it, because the song in the trailer, "Break the Fall" was composed and performed by me and a very close friend. He's the guitars, and he composed those parts; I'm the vocals and bass guitar, and I wrote the lyrics and composed the bass and vocal parts. I don't want to use up all this blog's bandwidth embedding the video here, but you can check it out on YouTube.

So that's it for this month... Hope everyone's beginning a good spring, or fall if you're in the southern hemisphere. See you in May!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Early Earth Day Celebration

Due to all the crazy weather that has been going on all over the country lately, and because its April, I thought I'd do a quick blog on ten things you can do today to make the earth a better, cooler place to live. It doesn't have anything to do with being bogged down with edits for my June release. No. That's another author.

1. Recycle everything you can. Reach out to your trash services to get a list of everything they recycle. Many have lists on their websites too. There are probably a few items on that list that will surprise you and that you aren't currently recycling.

2. Turn off any electrical devices you aren't using. Many, such as small kitchen appliances and entertainment equipment use energy even when you aren't using them. Consider putting them on a power strip and cutting off power to them all when you aren't using them.

3. By local produce whenever possible. This cuts down hugely on transportation costs of your food.

4. Turn down or up the temperature in your home, depending on where you live and what season it is. Heating and cooling our homes is one of the greatest uses of energy in America. Even changing the temperature a few degrees can make a large impact.

5. Cultivate your own plants (consider starting your own garden to accomplish this as well as number 3). The more plants and trees in the world the more CO2 that is processed from our environment.

6. Turn down the temperature on your water heater. Keeping it at a lower temp requires less energy. You can also get a insulated jacket for the device to keep the heat in. But you'll have to go out an get that, so that is you can't necessarily do that today. But its a good idea to do in the future if you can.

7. Eat less meat. Feeding and watering live stock, along with the growing of grain to feed these animals, is one of the largest uses of water in the United States. Consider going meatless one day a week to lower the drain on these resources without making a huge impact on your lifestyle.

8. Switch to a reusable products whenever possible. Switch out reusable shopping bags for plastic, use towels and sponges instead of paper towels, get the idea.

9. Limit your mail. Change your bills over to electronic delivery, remove yourself from any catalogue lists you don't need use. That will limit the use of paper and the transportation needed to get those pieces of mail to you.

10.  Read more ebooks. Okay, I'm not really sure this will help the environment that much, but it definitely won't hurt. And there are some great books out there, by some really great authors.

If you liked this list and would like to find out more ways you can help the earth, check out There are a lot of great resources out there for what you can do to help. If we all do our part we can make the world a cooler place to be, in more ways then one.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Opening Day!!!! Yes, its the crazed baseball person!

Yesterday was opening day for my Texas Rangers!!!!  Woo Hoo!!!!

That is all.  Busy, busy with life, our son's baseball season and everything else that happens in spring.

See you next month.

And its Bluebonnet season in Texas.  This is in the Hill Country!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Controversy and a book: Retribution - Silent Death #RB4U #MFRWAuthor #RomFantasy

Does controversy ever sell the book? Can one author behaving badly ruin that book’s marketability? It’s been years since this happened to me, but I still have to wonder, not only why, but if the shit-kicking I took because of someone else’s attitude has destroyed the saleability of an otherwise well reviewed and fun escapist fantasy tale.

Some people will always subscribe to the “any publicity is good publicity” mindset, but I’ve been on the receiving end of some of the nastier notice a book can get from time to time, and I don’t believe for a moment that all publicity helps gets a product or a person noticed. What it does do is taint a book, or an author, and leave them wondering what the hell they ever did to warrant the attack that is often like a train bearing down on them without warning.

Years ago I published a story that was mainly fantasy action, using the mythical aspects of ninja legends and the mysterious cinematic presence that has made them popular over the years. I consulted a couple of martial arts people who area also attached to the entertainment industry, and we generally agreed that in a book that is being marketed as a romantic fantasy type of story, creative license is certainly the order of the day. Much to my surprise, it was that approval from experts that pretty much incited another author to literally become a stalker and bully for several days. I won’t name the person, any more than I would accede to his demands for my “sources” when writing and researching  the story. The insanity that followed my posting a review I found amusing led to so much vitriol it still stuns me.

The original publisher is now defunct, and earlier this year, Crimson Frost Books decided to reprint a new and improved version of the tale. The name remains the same, and the story is still what it was meant to be, part thriller, and part erotic romance. It’s a hot little story that was generally well received by the audience who recognized it for what it was meant to be–a bit of escapist fun.

We’ve seen a lot written about not engaging in abuse and stalking down people on the internet, and that seems to be falling by the wayside so much more nowadays. Reviewers and authors alike seem to think it’s okay to lash out if things aren’t the way they personally feel they should be. I still believe silence is sometimes the best route to go, and professionals don’t engage in pissing contests with detractors anyway. They do what they are meant to do, continue writing and leaving the malcontents to eat themselves alive with their personal demons.

If you’re interested in a fun and exciting adventure with a sizzling hot romance at the core, check out the new and improved:

Genre: Contemporary Action/Thriller
Publisher: Crimson Frost Books

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Adam Walker is one of the Company’s best field agents, a highly trained, well-honed killing machine when that’s what’s needed. But, he’s also a man of many secrets, and one of them is that he’s a ninja, one of Japan’s mythical death warriors. When another of Adam’s secrets, his lover Kiku, is killed, he turns to the one person he trusts, fellow agent Shainna Barton. While Shainna covers for him on a mission, Adam metes out his revenge, and discovers that his friendship with Shainna has a much deeper meaning that either of them ever realized…


Adam's steps were sure and silent as he made his way to the rear of the small theater. Exhaustion consumed him, but the residue of rushing adrenaline afforded his body a moment of false energy. Successful in yet another assignment—when the body turned up with the stolen files, there'd be no questions asked. Business as usual.

Still, the timing had been off, and there'd been no time to warn Kiku to stay at home. Uneasiness whispered inside him again, as it had for most of the past hour. Not for the first time during recent weeks, though . . . . He wondered if it had been wise to reject her desire to take their relationship to a more intimate involvement. Loving Kiku was as natural to him as breathing. But being her lover was something he hadn't honestly considered. Not until she'd brought it to his attention.

Why he hadn't noticed her love changing to passion baffled him now, as he thought about it. He'd told her intimacy of that kind would create distractions within his mind—the kind that might one day get them both killed. She'd been skeptical, though uncharacteristically reticent about explaining why, when he questioned her quick acceptance of his decision.

He thrust the doubts aside as he reached her office and entered. As always, the closet-like room appeared in complete chaos. An organized mess, she called it. He crossed the short space and picked up the phone as he settled on the edge of her desk. He was about to dial her home number when a flicker of movement drew his attention to the small, private parking lot separating the theater from a large apartment building next door. Adam slipped the receiver into its cradle and moved to stand in the shadows next to the small window behind her desk.

He spotted Kiku's nearly naked body and he froze. Instinct guided him as fear and rage surged through him. Reaching beyond the haze of tumultuous emotions, he drew on his training. A careful look at Kiku told him she was dead . . . her neck broken. Again, the flicker of shadows betrayed a presence. He waited. Seconds passed, so drawn out by tension they felt like hours, but one-by-one he saw each figure with striking clarity. And in that brief instant, each of the five faces was burned indelibly into his memory. He knew one of them by name, and recognized the others as students of Caisson's dojo. The heavy weight of the gun under his left arm all but spoke to him the alluring suggestion to pull the weapon and use it was so tempting. Adam had to force himself to resist using his weapon, a task made all the more difficult when Caisson bent over Kiku and placed a mocking kiss on her forehead.

He tore his gaze away, no longer trusting his ability to control his grief-enhanced rage. As he leaned against the wall, he realized he'd been holding his breath. Slowly, he exhaled, shaking uncontrollably despite his imposed strength of will.

When the wracking spasms of anguish subsided, he emerged from the theater's office and left without looking back.

* * * * *

Less than half an hour later, Adam slipped into Kiku's small flat. Like her office, it was in disarray, although not to the same exaggerated extent. He did a thorough, systematic search of the entire four rooms, removing every trace of his presence in her life. The items were few, for he seldom left even the smallest of articles behind. No photographs of them to be found, together or individually, a house rule they'd agreed to years earlier.

Hovering in the doorway, he took one final look at the place. It was so much like her, he thought, inhaling the light residue of sandalwood incense in the air. Books on every subject to satisfy her insatiable thirst for knowledge were strewn about, along with old theater posters, exotically painted masques, and cassettes and CDs in various languages. Despite his protestations, a map hung on the wall, dotted with postcards from the countries they'd traveled together. He hesitated for a moment then decided to collect the cards and destroy the map.

When he finished, he locked the door and turned his back on this place, too. Kiku would have expected nothing less from him.

* * * * *

Shainna Barton sighed in weariness as she kicked open the door to her apartment to drag her luggage inside. She'd been out of the country for over a month this time, and home seemed more appealing than she would have thought possible. She was growing tired in more ways than one.

A quick slam and the door shut firmly, leaving her in the silent, air-conditioned sanctuary she'd bought only a year before, a purchase she'd recognized as the first step toward her accepting pending retirement from the field.

She'd called home the night before, and her oldest and dearest friend had opened the apartment and stocked the cupboards for her. DeeDee Caulwell was one of the few constants in Shainna's life. She honestly didn't know what she'd do without her.

The phone rang. She stole a glance at the caller ID. Dee. Shainna dropped her shoulder bag and flopped into a chair as she grabbed the phone. The worry in DeeDee's voice hit before the actual words, and Shainna automatically reached for the TV remote control to turn on the news report her friend was going on about with such dread. The reporter's words ran together as Shainna's world twisted wildly on its axis. Her pulse roared so loud in her ears she barely heard DeeDee say she was on her way over.

* * * * *

From her window seat, Shainna looked out at the night sky. Her chill had very little to do with the air-conditioned air. The ice reached into her soul and expanded outward to her quivering limbs. She wasn't prone to infatuation, never had been, but there was something almost obsessive in her passion for Adam Walker. They were friends; the relationship worked for them. But Shainna had realized, long ago, the hunger she felt in Adam's company had precious little to do with being friends. If she'd been less honest, she would have hated Kiku Shimoda, simply for being the love in Walker's life. But Shainna was too much a realist to pretend the other woman was the reason Adam didn't love her.

She sighed and closed her eyes, letting her head thump gently against the wall at her back. Adam's amazing topaz eyes came into focus so quickly she was startled to discover he wasn't next to her. She could feel him, though. All around her. Inside her heart. His pain was agonizing—and total. He was out there, and by now, he knew.

"What are you going to do, Adam?" She asked the question aloud, as was her custom when working possible angles to a puzzle. She shivered when the answer, like a cold caress, brushed her consciousness—a promise of mayhem and death—as if Adam had spoken directly into her mind. They'd been connected on some level for what felt like forever. And in that moment, she wondered if he'd actually heard her and responded.

Before the odd thought could create another conundrum for her to ponder, she was distracted by a knock at the door. She crossed the room and opened the door, breathing a thankful sigh at the sight of her friend.

"Are you all right?"

She shut the door as DeeDee glided past, shedding her coat and tossing it into a chair before she turned to Shainna.

"I'm still trying to take in what's happened." Shainna confessed. "This is going to destroy Adam. Especially when he finds out what the press is reporting. I don't even know where to find him, Dee!"

"Maybe that's for the best." DeeDee's features showed visible concern.

Adam Walker was always a touchy subject between them, and the gentle censure in her friend's voice made Shainna's temper flare.

"Okay, Shain." DeeDee held up her hands in a gesture of surrender before Shainna had time to snap. "Truce. Back off. What are you planning, anyway?"

"If I know Adam, he's going to find who did this." She paced, chewed her thumbnail, and tried to make her brain function past her fear for the man. Kiku was the world to Adam, and Shainna knew—via the Division grapevine—the two had been a solid couple for some time. Whether or not the rumors were based on truth wasn't relevant to her heart. She'd tried not to resent Kiku for Adam's lack of interest, but it hadn't been easy when every part of her spirit and body cried for the man in ways she wished rather to never have experienced.

"And . . . ." She finally added. "He's going to make them pay for what they did to her—in blood."

"That sounds like Adam," DeeDee agreed, her tone reflecting her dislike and her near contempt for the man they discussed.

"Why do you hate him so much?"

Startled, DeeDee didn't answer for a moment, then she laughed. "I hate what he does to you. Adam himself means nothing to me. I know you'd walk through hell for him, and he wouldn't have to ask you to do it. What would he do for you, Shain?"

"The same thing if I needed him."

"You're so certain of that. Why?"

"Because he's Adam. Because what exists between us is a lot deeper than simply trusting another agent with your back."

"What happened in Italy last year?" DeeDee asked. "You've never said much, but something changed between you and Adam on that mission."

"Yeah, we took our last day and went sight-seeing like normal people. I got drunk and told him I loved him. We blamed the wine the next day, and pretended it never happened."

"What did he say?"

"I love you, and because I love you, I would sooner have you hate me for telling you the truth than adore me for telling you lies."

DeeDee's frown of confusion made Shainna laugh. "It's a quote we found earlier that day, a 15th century Italian poet called Pietro Aretino wrote it. Adam told me we were friends, there was no room for anything else between us."

"But he's always willing to ask you to risk your life for him!"

"It's my job, Dee. And his!"

"Not this time. This time it's personal, so you should stay out of it."

"How am I supposed to do that? He's going to need backup, and if I know Adam, he's going to make it clear he wants me."

"Doesn't mean Michael will agree." DeeDee reasoned. She'd been fidgeting and tidying up the apartment from the moment she'd started the conversation. Now, she stopped moving. "He does have some control over Adam."

Shainna laughed at DeeDee's careful words, barely recognizing the shrill, hysterical edge that turned the sound brittle. "No one controls Adam," she said, barely above a whisper. "Michael knows that better than anyone."

"So, what are you going to do?"

Shainna trembled. "Wait." She returned to the window and stared into the night once again. "I'm going to wait for him. What else can I do?"

"Romance and Fantasy for the discerning reader..."