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Would you marry a #SEAL? 7 BRIDES FOR 7 SEALs, #1 in #series out now!

7 Brides for 7 SEALs new series begins a trek down the aisle by every man on this team! 

YOU WERE ALWAYS MINE stars a man in white and a gal in a suit. Yeah, a suit.

If giving up her seat to the hunky Navy SEAL brought her a weekend in his arms, could it bring her forever, too?  

He offered her dinner.
What Navy SEAL Lieutenant Nick Reardon got was more than a lovely dinner companion. What Abby Stuart got was a red hot one night stand that became an irresistible interlude.
So when a glimpse of their past proves that their fascination could be more than a brief affair, they must decide if what they create together is worthy of all their tomorrows. 

Excerpt: Copyright, Cerise DeLand 2016. 
All rights reserved.
“We’ll do this,” he said, his rough words sounding stern as a vow. “And then we’ll curl up and go to sleep.”
Oh, she wanted to curl up all right. She wanted to kiss him until the world ended. He would know, too, because hadn’t she just answered him by vibrating in his arms?
He licked his lower lip, his blue gaze probing hers and looking at her Christmasy pjs. “Honest. You and me and all your Santas. We’re going to kiss.”
She cuffed him, laughing all the way.
He did, too, and crushed her against him. “Kiss me. Make it long and make it worth four more hours to wait for another.”
“You are evil, do you know that?”
The sun and moon and stars blazed across his features with delight. “Yeah. It’s what I’m paid for. Do it.”
He wouldn’t move first. That she understood. It had to be her, now or never. She leaned closer to his lips. A breath separated them. “What if once isn’t enough?”
“It will be.”
Disappointment rang through her.
And he smiled, consolation ripe on his lips. “Tomorrow, I promise to kiss you anytime you ask.”
She could live like that. “You could get in trouble for conduct unbecoming.”
“Baby, with you in my arms, I’ve already got that trouble, and if you don’t kiss me, I may just die before they come to throw me in the brig.”
She sank her fingers into his luscious hair, cupping the back of his head, her breasts boring into his hard naked chest. She put her mouth on his, his lips firm and soft, his breath heavy and rapid. She brushed her lips on his once. He hauled her up, and her skin met his. He groaned, and she slanted her mouth this way. He took her up and pressed her down. He followed her, his lips drinking her in, his tongue tangling with hers.
The euphoria rippled through her in a storm. No one had ever kissed her like she was his all, his everything. She had never wanted to be any man’s either.
And so the kiss lengthened and ended only because they needed air.
He pushed her back against his thighs, his hand sinking into her hair. “Abby, get up. Now. Come around the other side and crawl back into bed.”
Totally without a thought in her head, she obeyed. When she had settled onto her back, he ran one strong arm around her waist and pushed her to her side. He adjusted his body behind her, his corded length along her own, one leg over her hip. Then he hugged her tightly to him. “Tomorrow morning, if I’m not here when you wake up, don’t panic.”
She did now. She whipped her head around to stare at him over her shoulder. “Why?”
“Oh, honey.” He kissed her nose. “I’m not leaving. I’m going for an early swim.” He moved closer, and the feel of his mighty erection against her ass gave the evidence of his rationale. “I’ll need it. This will be the longest night of my life.”
* * * * *

Who is Cerise?
Cerise DeLand loves to cook, hates to dust, adores traveling...and lives to write!
She is #1 Bestselling Regency Author of spicy romances starring dashing heroes and sassy women. Her box set THE STANHOPE CHALLENGE was recently on the bestseller list for ONE solid YEAR!

Find Cerise:
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Goodreads: Cerise DeLand

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Sex, the Supernatural, and Highland Vampires by Suz deMello

For many of us who write romance and erotica, paranormal is the most enticing of the sub-sub-genres, offering many ways to increase sexual tension. World-building allows us to create our own erotic settings, invent sexier creatures than those who exist on our planet, traipse through time to find or lose lovers... We can bend reality any way we choose. We can invent supernatural beings both virtuous and villainous while investing the corners of our new world with quirks that facilitate the thrills and spills that make a great read. 

The paranormal encompasses so many sub-sub-genres! A partial listing: futuristic, including science fiction; steampunk; time travel; fantasy, which encompasses "creature" stories with vampires, weres, the fae, dragons, zombies and the like. Magic and witchcraft is also a subgenre of fantasy. All of these can be mixed into any story brew you please. 

World-building 101:  Take the basic elements of any book and consider how they may be made paranormal, i.e., beyond the normal.

Characters and conflicts: There's a natural tension in a romance between a paranormal entity and a human, and you can exploit this to your advantage and to the betterment of your book. Vampires are a great example. How can there be a "happily ever after" ending to a romance between an immortal, virtually invulnerable being and someone who will, inevitably, die? Would any sensible vampire dare to open his or her heart to a fragile human? And how can a human trust in the love of an immortal? We who age must fear the loss of an immortal's love. 

Vampires, being denizens of the night, are intrinsically mysterious. Powerful predators, vamps step easily into villainous roles, but lately we've been reading about heroic vampires. With their extraordinary senses, vampires can make extraordinary heroes. The vampire laird in Temptation in Tartan is a great example.

There's also natural tension in a relationship between different supernatural beings. Werewolves and vampires are both dominating creatures. The males often figure as alphas in many an erotic romance. What happens when territories overlap? Clashes are inevitable, and the sex is awesome. 

Many writers have created supernatural beings whose abilities amplify each others. For example, Jayne Castle (Jayne Ann Krentz) created different types of psychics in what I call her flower trilogy (Amaryllis, Orchid, and Zinnia); the differing talents need each other in order to effectively focus and use their powers. Often one of the dyad was female and the other male. Thus, they'd have to work together to solve the mystery and trap the villain. But the sexual tension and conflict were maintained using this device, for the female would wonder if the male truly loved her for her qualities other than her ability to focus his energies. 

Others create creatures made for sex. Succubi and incubi, supernatural demons who use humans for sex and seed, have become popular. Some writers have invented aliens which can extrude body parts and insert them into their human subjects for pleasure and pain. 

Setting: Setting is an often overlooked aspect of our novels. As an editor, I have read several stories that are completely non-specific as to setting. As a reader, I like to be grounded in a story. I like to know where and when the story's taking place. I don't believe that I suffer from terminal uniqueness, so as a writer, I let the reader know where and when the story's taking place, even if the both are completely imaginary, i.e., "a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away." In a paranormal, it is fatal to overlook setting. 

More positively, some settings are so compelling that they will earn your book a spot on many a reader's keeper shelf. Fans return again and again to the Harry Potter books and to Tolkien not only because of the intriguing characters, compelling conflicts and universal themes, but because they want to spend more time at Hogwarts and exploring Middle Earth. Orson Scott Card calls fiction dependent upon a particular setting milieu fiction, and gives Tolkien's Ring Trilogy as an example. Of course you may create any setting that compels you, but when you do so, consider how your setting will facilitate or block mystery and romance. 

When world-building for a paranormal erotic romance, I like to factor in elements that will facilitate sexy situations. In Queen of Shadow, a paranormal erotic thriller, I postulated a planet with an extremely low birthrate. Babies were rare and prized. Thus, sex was encouraged—including public sex—which enabled me to include numerous sex scenes, while the dearth of normal births encouraged the characters to find other reproductive methods. These added to the suspense subplot (I don't want to say more without providing a spoiler alert). 

With The Moon Maiden's Mate
Settings need not be exotic and magic need not be arcane, invented from whole cloth. You can use what you already know. I drew upon my teenage interests in tarot reading and Wicca to write Gypsy Witch, an erotic short story set in my hometown of Sacramento, California during the dog days of late summer. A character used witchcraft to bring to life the stone statues of knights set at the doorway of the downtown Masonic Temple, bringing magic to an otherwise mundane setting. The romantic conflict ended in a ménage—a different kind of magic. 

Theme: Also overlooked, but as intrinsically a part of our stories as words themselves. Many paranormals feature the clash of good against evil. Paranormals employing figures out of religious traditions, such as angels, devils, demons and the like, will inevitably dabble in moral questions whether or not the author is aware that s/he is doing so. Raising such questions is older than Faust, older even than the Bible. 

Coming of age stories are also common. In erotica, we often read the induction of a virgin into the pleasures of sex. One of my erotic short stories, The Moon Maiden's Mate, was about an arranged marriage on a lunar colony. Another popular theme is the BDSM newbie learning about the joy of kink. 

My Highland Vampires series, which I'm reissuing independently, combines many of these aspects of writing. The vampire Clan Kilborn is founded in Viking in Tartan, a medieval short story, and the saga continues in Temptation in Tartan. Desire in Tartan, Lovers in Tartan and Rakes in Tartan will follow later this year.

The message? Erotic romance isn’t only about sex. Write a good story with explicit sex and you’ll have a really good story. Put it on another planet and you’ll have a great story. Paranormal content is a great way to engage the reader.

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"I have a name; not a number" #scifi Bringer of Chaos @kayelleallen

In this scene from Bringer of Chaos, the human guard assigned to Pietas refuses to reveal his name, so he is given a new one. When he asks "Why call me Six?" he's not too happy about the answer. He is a "ghost" -- a reanimated special ops soldier brought back for missions against the people of Pietas, called Ultras.

Don't Call Me Six

The human launched into a lengthy tale about his childhood, revealing bits of history without naming a person or place. Even while regaling Pietas with a tale, his soldier-training held true. One consorted with the enemy to make him feel comfortable and use that comfort to gain intelligence, but revealed no personal details.
Pietas had to admit to a grudging respect. "I--" He coughed. "I am Pietas."
"Yeah." The ghost paused, and then chuckled. "I figured that for myself."
The remnant of a tear rolled onto his lips. Pietas licked it. Tasted salt, sweat, his own blood. "Six now."
"Sorry, what?"
"Name. Six."
"Six? Sorry. I don't get you."
"You. Six."
"What, you mean, you call me Six?"
"Six. Eight."
"Six eight. Sixty eight? What? What are you... Oh. You mean because we met on Enderium Six."
"Six. Eight."
"You're making no sense, Ultra. I don't have a clue-- Oh, wait." The ghost swore. "There were eight ghosts who came up against you in that room. You're saying you thought of me as number six."
Pietas smiled, pleased he understood. "Yes."
"You think 'cause I won't tell you my name, you can give me a number?" He swore in another language. "You got some nerve, Ultra. You know that?"
"I am Pietas."
"You don't like being called Ultra, don't call me Six."
"Is-- your name."
"I'm gonna let that go 'cause you're in there and I'm out here, but you call me Six when we get outta here, I'm gonna kick your ass."
Pietas smiled. So, the ghost foresaw them leaving together, did he? Good. He could definitely use that.
Bringer of Chaos: the Origin of Pietas
Immortal. Warrior. Outcasts. Traitors took everything. Except their honor.

Giveaway - Free Download

Download and print three PDF Bookmarks. The first features Six, the human warrior. The second is Pietas, the immortal warrior. The third is the two, back to back.
Six https://kayelleallen.com/media/boc-bookmark-six.pdf
Pietas https://kayelleallen.com/media/boc-bookmark-pietas.pdf
Pietas and Six https://kayelleallen.com/media/boc-bookmark-pietas6.pdf
Download a free adult coloring book you can print and share. Relax and color with friends. It's fun! http://bit.ly/colorpietas

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Free Book - Dance of the Vampires

Book 1 - Dancing Vampire Series 
The culture of the ancient Celts and the mist and magic of Wales, Scotland, and Ireland fascinates me. The paranormal beliefs in Celtic mythology inspire me. I’ve always seen seductive blood suckers such as vampires as more feminine than masculine, but in the old horror movies they are mainly men. Yet the Celtic fey vampiric creatures are all women, which makes more sense to me. 

I am intrigued by folk takes of a type of Celtic vampiric fey, the Scottish baobhan sith (baa’-van shee), who wear green dresses and in some legends have goat hooves for feet. They are also called dancing vampires. The gorgeous temptresses appear before their human victims, usually young men coming from the local pub late at night. Clad in scanty, green silk dresses displaying their shapely, sensuous bodies they entice these stumbling men to dance with them. Burning with desire for the hot embrace of a seductress’s slender arms and the softness of a dancer’s supple thigh, the men enjoy dancing with the baobhan sith, at first. Once the men grow exhausted of the nonstop dancing, the baobhan sith strike. Without warning, their long nails transform into talons of death, to rip the flesh of their victims and drink of the crimson stream. They don’t have fangs, their nails extend like claws and they use them as a deadly weapon. 
Book 2 - Dancing Vampire Series

Some of the other ways Celtic vampires differ from their more traditional, fang growing counterparts is they don’t turn mortals and no one stakes them through the heart. With the baobhan sith it’s all about the cairn. When a stone in a cairn is overturn, the baobhan sith are able to pass through to our realm. To get rid of them just stack the stones back on the cairn and they cannot leave their fey realm underhill. 

Of course I thought what a great character for an erotica paranormal romance and I wrote a the dancing vampire series. And the first in the series, Dance of the Vampires is now free. 

I have a blurb and excerpt of Dance of the Vampires below and the book is free at Amazon, B & N, and iTunes.

One of Ian’s six brothers kick over the stones of an ancient cairn, unknowingly freeing Sorcha and her six sisters from underhill. The seven handsome Scots are enchanted by the voluptuous temptresses until they turn on the men. Ian captures Sorcha, giving his brothers a chance to escape. With the dark fey woman still in his grasp, Ian is saved by the rising sun.

Book 3 - Dancing Vampire Series
Her sisters vanish with the light of dawn and Sorcha is trapped in the mortal realm. The seductress can’t resist Ian’s attentions as he stirs throbbing urges she’s never felt before. Ian is bewitched by the wild delights offered by this vampire siren. He can’t get enough of her. Still, her wicked sisters and his highland brothers want nothing more than to attack and kill each other. Will Sorcha and Ian’s sizzling passion prove strong enough to overcome the differences between the dark fey and humans?

Ian wobbled out the door of the pub ahead of his six brothers. Focusing as hard as he could, pushing one foot in front of the other, he stumbled across a field in the moonlight. A clump of gorse and heather brushed against his jeans.
“Brother, be careful not to step on a thistle in the dark,” Lachlan yelled in slurred speech.

“I have my boots on,” Ian snapped.

“Are you sure, little brother?” Malcolm, the oldest, called out. “You usually run barefoot and cry like a girl when you get a thorn in your foot.”

Book 4 - Dancing Vampire Series
“I was five years old the last time that happened.” Tired of the lot of them, he stomped ahead. “I’d go off by myself and leave all of you here, but someone has to lead you home.”

Well past midnight, silence engulfed the field until Calin burst out laughing and couldn’t stop.

“Shut up,” Angus, the middle brother, yelled.

“He’s hammered.” Errol nodded his head toward him. “He cannot help it.”

“Well, I do not know what’s so funny or why we had to leave right when I spotted the pretty women in the pub.”

Tavish kicked a stone with his foot as he tromped through the grass with his brothers.

“Because we are all drunk.” Lachlan’s body wavered, leaning forward then back. “That is why the lassies started looking so bonny to you. Those were the same ones you called old and ugly when they first came in, you bampot.”

Book 5 - Dancing Vampire Series 
“They were old, that was Liam’s mother and aunt.” Angus grabbed Tavish’s head and jostled it back and forth. He ducked out of Angus’ way.

“Ooch!” Ian jumped back.

“What is wrong with you?” Malcolm set his hand on his hip.

Ian pointed to the ancient mound of stones caked over with dirt and grass. “I almost stepped on a fairy mound.” His stomach knotted.

“Brother, are you afraid of a pile of old stones?” Calin threw his head back and rocked with laughter.

“It’s a cairn.” Ian’s heart still thudded from the near miss. “Any who disturb it will be cursed.”

“I dare you to knock it over.” Errol crossed his arms over his chest.

Ian stepped back, a horrified look on his handsome face. “I will not.”

Book 6 - Dancing Vampire series
“I will.” With long, sure strides, Tavish stepped toward the ancient gravesite.

“Do not do it.” Ian’s belly clenched even tighter, until he felt sharp jabs of pain.

Before the other six could stop him, Tavish drew back his foot and crashed it into the sacred cairn with a hard kick. A loud, sharp gasp from each of his brothers hung in the air. One lone stone rolled free of the mound.

Malcolm’s mouth dropped open. “You disturbed the fey.”

“You’ve done it now.” Lachlan stepped back, attempting to separate himself from the sacrilege.

“He dared me.” Tavish pointed at Errol. “I had to do it, now didn’t I?”

“Errol’s a turnip-headed bampot,” Calin shouted. “You too, Tavish.”

“I do not like it.” Ian shook his head. “It’s sacred. It’s cursed.” The knot in his stomach froze, growing as cold as ice.

“This is bad.” Angus shook his head.

“Let’s keep walking.” Calin slid his foot forward with a confident stride.

Malcolm bobbed his head. “We should hurry home before something happens.”

“We are,” Errol snapped. “We’re in this field taking a shortcut, remember?”

“Come on.” Malcolm headed away from the disturbed monument. “Walk faster.” He took the lead as the others followed.

“Look.” Ian came to an abrupt stop.

His brothers froze as their gazes turned to where he pointed his finger. Seven women, all in odd dresses of green tartan silk, stood beside the cairn. Their lush, scarlet lips curved into smiles as seductive as warm kisses.

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LUXURY MODEL WIFE by Adele Downs is available for pre-order direct from the publisher, Boroughs Publishing Group.

Release date September 20, 2016.

Here’s a little about the story:

Antiques expert Steve Carlson must face the mistakes of his past to discover a treasure he never imagined: the heart of a vulnerable yet determined widow.


Twenty-eight-year-old Victoria Van Orr just lost everything. With the death of her billionaire husband went his mature patience and warm encouragement; and the veneer of acceptance from everyone else. His friends and colleagues now ignore Victoria, and if his son succeeds she just might be forced back to the streets upon which she was raised. But money was never her goal. All she wants is love. Real love.

Antiques expert Steve Carlson knows the value of everything. Pain and betrayal? Those he gave away–and now they’re coming back. His worst mistakes were all with one man: an old friend, the son of a father figure, now the stepchild of a beautiful young widow who wants Steve to help her auction off the family estate. To help Victoria, Steve must face his past and become a better man. To find true love, he will discover her surprisingly pure heart, vulnerable yet determined. And beyond price.

Find books by Adele Downs on Amazon!

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Introducing Sara Daniel and her new release Tempting Mr. Forever

My name is Sara Daniel, and I am excited to join the Sweet N Sexy Divas on the 21st of each month. As a short introduction, I write I what love to read—irresistible romance, from sweet to steamy and everything in between. I grew up in a small town, was once a landlord of two uninvited squirrels (long story!), and I'm forever losing my car keys. I'd love for you to subscribe my newsletter. (I promise not to spam you. I only send it out when I have a new release or special giveaway.) You can also check out my website and find me on Facebook and Twitter.

And now, for my latest release...

Tempting Mr. Forever

Love is his enemy…and her answer.

A nationally televised bombshell revealing a secret son turns marriage therapist Caleb Paden’s life upside down. While others focus on the public relations disaster for his company, he can only think of rescuing his baby and providing the stable home dictated by his marriage theories—one devoid of love and emotions.

Olivia Wells might not be the baby’s biological mother, but she loves him as much as any parent could. Letting him go will break her heart. Letting him go to a man who doesn’t believe in love will tear her apart.

As she helps Caleb bond with his child, Olivia finds herself falling for the man behind the stuffy therapist persona. However, he wants nothing to do with her love and emotions, and those are the only things she has to give. If she can’t convince him love is the answer, not the enemy, she will lose both the baby she loves and her heart.


“Scones?” He recoiled as if she’d announced the kitchen teemed with roaches.

“You don’t like them?” She set the tin on the side table and arranged the dishes of butter and strawberry preserves.


She bit her tongue over the urge to tell him how much she detested his books. “I use a recipe my grandmother brought over from Scotland. I serve plain scones along with two other flavors of the day.”

“Coffee will suffice.” He picked up his cup. “Thank you, Olivia, for your hospitality. I’m in need of a room tonight for myself and my, uh, son. A suite would be best, if possible. I’ll pay the going rate, naturally.”

He had no idea what “going rate” she offered to misguided marriage therapists. Not that it mattered. Whether he paid for his stay or not, he had to sleep under her roof. The storm didn’t leave either of them a choice. And she had plenty of rooms. Her other scheduled guests for the week had cancelled due to the weather. “Of course you need to stay. But Liam already has his own room and he’s currently asleep there.”

“From now on, he’ll stay with me.”

Her heart fell to the pit of her stomach. “Dr. Paden, you’re chilled and must have had a terrible drive. Why don’t you relax and worry about yourself this evening. Liam is on a schedule where he goes to sleep before dinner and sleeps through to the early morning. I’ll introduce you to him then.”

He set down his coffee cup with an ominous clank. “I didn’t come here for coffee and scones. I came for my son. Take me to him now.”

She clasped her shaking hands behind her back. She had no legal claim to Liam. But how could she give up the child she loved to such an overbearing, pompous ass?

Buy Links:

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Cover Reveal ~ Bear Essentials

Good morning, everyone! Bear Essentials is part of the Wiccan Haus series at Decadent Publishing. Juneau Baxter is a Kodiak bear, working as security team member for the Wiccan Haus Resort. He's ex-military and he's got a no nonsense kind of attitude.

Enter Roxy Stamford, aka Roxy Harlow. She's a bear. She's never been around another of her kind, and though she knows there must be others like her, she's never been around another shifter before her trip to the island. On her 24th birthday, she reads a letter her mother writes, one that tells her about her past and where to find her future.

Coming Soon!


Roxy Stamford has been a lone bear for all of her life. But, on her twenty-fourth birthday, things are about to change. A letter from her mother, and a picture, sends her on an adventure of epic proportions.
Juneau Baxter isn't looking for a mate. As a security member for Wiccan Haus, his job always comes first--until the day he meets Roxy Stamford. From the word go, the little bear turns his world upside down. Her ambivalent attitude is a cover though, he sure of it, but what she's up to, he has no clue.
With the days slowly ticking away, Roxy is desperate to find the man in the picture, while trying to avoid Juneau who rubs her the wrong way while also drawing her in. When a chance encounter leaves her pissed off and hurt, strange things are put into motion.
Now, with time running out, she has to face her fears and acknowledge her pain. But, when push comes to shove, she's not sure who to trust. Juneau, who promises her nothing or the vampire who promises her the sweet relief of revenge.

One wrong move will cost her everything.


When the door opened, bright light momentarily blinded her. She blinked several times, before the interior of a resort came into focus. The juxtaposition threw her off balance. Billowing linen curtains fluttered in the breeze. The walls were painted in soft muted colors, giving it an inviting flare, even if she didn’t feel it. A woman a good six inches taller than her stepped in front of her. Her brow quirked, and a smirk formed on her lips. Roxy approved of her threads. Her long black hair hung loosely over her shoulders and cool blue eyes assessed her. “How sweet, a baby goth,” the woman said in a snarky tone.

She made a face and shook her head. Baby goth? Just because she dressed in black, had crazy hair and a tattoo, didn’t mean she fell into the goth category. She glanced up at the nametag on the woman’s shirt and snorted. “Saccharine…Sackara….” She suppressed a giggle when the woman sneered at her. “Sarka? Yeah, that works. I think Sarabeth said something along the lines of Sarka.”

“You’ve got a big mouth. Did your aunt tell you as much?” The woman crossed her arms. Her bright blue gaze cooled in an instant.

Roxy rolled her eyes, and nodded. “So many times. But, we’re not standing here talking about my aunt. We’re going to talk about you accusing me of being goth. I’m a bear. A were-bear. Big difference.” Out of the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of two men in uniform standing off to the side watching her.

“Even worse,” Sarka sighed. “So what’s your ability? Care Bear stare?”

She lip curled, forgetting completely about the men. “What is your major malfunction, lady? Do you need to get laid? If so, I don’t mind being your wing man, but you have got to lose the ’tude. It’s not good for your inner goddess or whatever the hell you call it here.”

“I’m fine, I assure you. Follow me, bear.” Without another word, Sarka strolled away from her.

“Welcome to Wiccan Haus. It’s a pleasure to have you at Wiccan Haus. How can I help you at Wiccan Haus? Geez where are your manners?” She caught up to the woman, taking two steps for her one. “Could you slow the hell down, stretch? I know you have this whole gazelle thing going on.” Sarka snarl did nothing to stop her roll. “Hey, it works for you. Trust me. I wish I didn’t have short legs. It’s a curse.”

“Do you ever shut up?”

“Nope. Are you ever nice?”

“Nope.” Sarka led her through the hotel and finally stopped at the front desk. “Wait here.”

“Will do.” She saluted the woman with a smirk.

“Fucking bears,” Sarka snapped while walking off.