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Three is the Magic Number

I feel like I'm in a three-ring circus with my muse as the ringmaster. She wants me to go one way but deadlines have me focusing on something else. So she's whispering in my ear, tempting me with what's to come as soon as I finish my obligations.

If I can manage it, I plan to deliver a hat trick to my editor -- three manuscripts all at once... or at least one right after the other in rapid succession. One of which is the third installment to the Daily Grind Series, which is due this month. Two of the manuscripts are close to being finished, which is how I'll pull it off. Well that and locking myself in my office for the rest of the month.

The only interruption will be promoting the start of my new trilogy with Ellora's Cave -- High Relief. The first book is Pliable Inhibitions (Paranormal Erotica) and will be out this Friday (25 April). The series revolves around three coins with magical properties that allow the bearer to live out sexual fantasies without getting caught. In Pliable Inhibitions, Lucas uses the coin to hypnotize his wife so she gets over her hangups about her weight and enjoys life's pleasures.

And the threes aren't finished with me yet. The third title in the Guardian's Tales Series is due out at Changeling Press 15 May -- On the Trail (Shifter Romance). Kaiser, the dog-shifter who was introduced in On a Whim, makes an appearance in his own story where he has to help Tracy track down a stalker who seems able to come and go from her house as he pleases without setting off her alarm.

It's a good thing it's April. If all the this three madness had happened in March, I might think the threes were after me. This kind of synchronicity doesn't happen everyday so I won't complain too much. It's actually kind of interesting now that I see it written down.

Pliable Inhibitions by Zenobia Renquist
Pliable Inhibitions
(High Relief 1)
by Zenobia Renquist

A hypnotic coin, a sure bet, and a woman willing to succumb.

Emily's negative body image is killing her marriage. She doesn't believe her husband Lucas when he says she's desirable, especially since their sex life is nonexistent.

Lucas has a radical solution to their problems—hypnosis. Emily was wild in her college days and he's convinced she can be wild again with a little help from a so-called magic coin. While college was a lifetime and several dress sizes ago, she's willing to play along. She'll experiment with friends, neighbors, coworkers and whoever else Lucas chooses if it means renewing their wedded bliss.

She knows the coin is a fraud and hypnosis isn't real…but what Emily knows and what really happens when Lucas uses the magic coin are two totally different things. And what happens is sex so mind-blowing neither Lucas nor Emily will ever be the same.

Inside Scoop: This title contains lesbian and ménage (m/f/m and f/f/m) sex scenes so steamy they'll leave you gasping for air.

Coming 25 April (Fri)
Ellora's Cave: Exotika

Friday, April 18, 2014

Gone South

Yep...that's me.  I had carpal tunnel surgery on my right and dominant hand March 31 which means I'm a one armed bandit. My left one was done in December and taking the brunt of the workload making it also start hurting again. This also means doing any typing is with one hand. That's why this post is short and why I haven't been around social media much.

I'm with Lexi Post right now, mending/healing/relaxing. The cool thing about that is she lives in St. Croix. Sun and salt water are amazing healers.

So I'll catch you all in a month when, hopefully, the hand is better.

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Escaping into a Book

Hi, I'm Lisa Carlisle back for my second month here at Sweet and Sexy Divas. Has it already been a month? Wow,the time really flies when you have a new release. You're so busy spreading the word that it leaves little time to write. Boo. But I'm happy to say I'm settled into writing again,working on the sequel to Dark Velvet.

When I write, I truly slip away into the world of my stories. If I'm writing in third person, at some point I will slip up and start writing in third as I'm picturing the scene unfold through my characters eyes. And that's one of the things I love about writing and reading -- the ability to escape into another world. Because let's face it, there's enough bad news in the world around us. I sometimes shed tears reading the newspaper, just yesterday with the stories from the Boston Marathon survivors. Who doesn't want to escape into a story now and then to get a mental break from the daily world? 

Now it's time for me to go back into the world I'll be in for the time being while I work on Dark Muse, the art colony set in a medieval-style castle on a remote New England. I'll be there in my mind, at least. ;)

Here's more about the first part of the series. 

Dark Velvet

Lisa Carlisle

Chateau Seductions series

Grad student Savannah Evans is thrilled to be accepted as a resident to a prestigious art colony. Where else would she be able to focus on her craft of writing poetry in a setting like that of the medieval-styled castle? The remote New England island is a respite from her hectic city life. When she meets her benefactor, a mysterious French sculptor, her expectations for carefree days writing near the ocean are distracted by unprofessional fantasies about her sponsor.
Antoine Chevalier built Les Beaux Arts on DeRoche Island to bring purpose back to an existence that has lost meaning. He’s wandered the earth for decades and finds solace in returning to art. When Savannah applies for a residency, something about her words touches him. After her arrival, a physical attraction grows between them, which he struggles against. She deserves more than someone of his kind.
Antoine proposes they become lovers during her stay. But the situation turns complicated when Savannah discovers his secret. She had suspicions about his identity, but finds the truth overwhelming. Consumed by her desire for Antoine and faced with a tough decision, she is blind to the danger that has arrived at DeRoche Island.
New adult / paranormal / erotic romance

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Why InterRacial Romances?


     People are often surprised at my vehemence about allowing anyone who wants to, to immigrate to the US. We're a nation of immigrants and that's our strength. Each new wave of folks brings their customs and traditions, and eventually they're assimilated into the melting pot that's the US, and we're the richer for it. Who doesn't love poonchies, those Polish donuts for Fat Tuesday? Or Asian stir-fry food? When I was growing up ketchup was the favorite condiment; now it's salsa, and might I add, a much yummier choice! We all wear green on St. Pat's day, eat pizza and spaghetti regularly, and everyone under the age of 30 listens to rap music, a testament to the Black experience in the inner cities. Note: many older folks like me prefer the blues or jazz, both of which also sprang from the Black experience here.
Hispanic-Native Am./White

Our future lies in not closing our borders.  As an example, if that had happened years ago I wouldn't be here. Mom's parents were both immigrants (from Poland), as was my Dad (from Scotland.) Go back 2 generations and there's no sign of me here. Yet I'm proud to be an American. I think everyone who wants to should be allowed to join the grand experiment of a fairly young country (worldwide-speaking) that is made up of people from all over the world. Yes, it's hard to keep in mind that we have to respect each others' traditions-- that there's no one right way to live. Freedom means freedom for all of us, not just those like us.

I taught my kids to feel comfortable with having friends and neighbors who are totally different: who speak another language, eat different foods, and have different customs. I'll watch their house when they go on vacation, and they'll do the same for me. Their freedom ends when they walk into my yard and tell me I have to live like them. So does mine...and that's the part most often forgotten.

 Full-breed dogs are always weaker, with health problems endemic to their breed.    Mutts are the healthiest critters around, since they combine different gene pools to make a new whole. People are the same way. Most of my romances are inter-racial for that reason. Just because our ancestors walked in different directions and evolved protective coloring to live in areas separated by great distances, doesn't mean we aren't all one people. And I consider Native American, Hispanic, Russian, Irish, etc. as all being different races. Having a similar skin color does not mean people share the same traditions. But love knows no colors.
Native American/White

Final note: I read a joke recently. A man is standing behind a woman in a grocery store line and she's on the phone speaking a different language. He waits until she's done then rudely tells her, "We're in America, you know. You need to speak English."
"Pardon me?" she replies in confusion.
"If you want to speak Mexican, go back to Mexico. This is America and we speak English."
Blue Alien/Chinese
She regards him gravely, "I was speaking Navajo. If you want to speak English go back to England."

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Catch Your Own Courageous Ride

A Courageous Ride is the third in the Bull Rider Series.  The others are A Wild Ride and A Daring Ride.  I really love these stores.  First who doesn't love a cowboy and especially in this story, one who has been down on his luck and is trying desperately to somehow pick himself up.  I also love putting two disparate characters together with very different backgrounds and interests and seeing what happens. This story has both.  I hope you enjoy the excerpt. 

Aspiring orchestra conductor Marshall is exhausted after months of auditions without a single job offer. Marshall’s friend, Terry, recommends a change of scenery and points Marshall in the direction of a dude ranch run by former bull rider Indigo Santana. Marshall is understandably skeptical, but his friend is convincing, and Marshall needs a break, so he agrees to go.

Indigo captures Marshall’s attention but leaves him confused. Indigo’s confidence is shot after an injury ended his rodeo career, and he walks with a slight limp. He hasn’t been anywhere near a bull since he was hurt, and he’s not the most accommodating host. After all, the only reason he keeps guests is because his family ranch is all but bankrupt.

Marshall’s attraction doesn’t go unanswered, which leaves him with a huge dilemma. He’s torn between the possibility of love, something he’s searched for all his life, and the career he’s worked toward for as long as he can remember, which is miles away. From his side of the fence, Indigo doesn’t see how the ranch could ever be enough.

Purchase from Dreamspinnner Press:

After paying his bill, Marshall left the restaurant and went for a short walk. His phone beeped, letting him know he had a message. He pulled it out and saw a message from Terry, asking him to call. Marshall messaged him back and was about to call when his phone rang.

“I have to get ready for surgery in ten minutes, but I might have a solution for you. How about a vacation?”

“I was just thinking about that,” Marshall said with a smile.

“Excellent. Phillip, one of my rodeo buddies, has a friend who’s just opened a ranch for tourists.”

“A dude ranch? You have to be kidding.”

“Why not? It’s about an hour outside Houston, and Phillip says there’s some rodeo folks in the area. The owner’s name is Indigo Santana. He was a bull rider a few years ago. I saw him ride once. According to Phillip, he inherited the family ranch and is opening it to guests. It should be a lot of fun, with no pressure. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want, but it’ll be quiet and it will give you a chance to think about what you want to do. You also won’t have to go home to face your folks, at least until you hear if you got the job or not.” That did sound appealing.

“My idea of a vacation is an all-inclusive resort with pool boys, fruity drinks with umbrellas, and all the sun I can soak in,” Marshall said. “A ranch is hardly my idea of fun.” He didn’t share Terry’s fascination for all things rodeo.

Terry sighed, and Marshall thought he heard a door close in the background. “I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but according to Phillip, there are few things better-looking than tight cowboy butts in tight jeans and chaps.” He could almost see Terry shuddering. “Now, you are forbidden from telling anyone I ever said that, and if you do, I’ll say you were drunk and don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Okay, I get the point.” The image that flashed through his mind was most definitely intriguing.

“Good. I’ll e-mail you the details, and you can call the ranch. They’re just starting out, so they have plenty of room and should be able to accommodate you for as long as you want to stay. Phillip said they usually book by the week, but they’ll be flexible.” Terry paused. “Go have some fun with the cowboys.”

“Straight cowboys,” Marshall grumbled.

“I wouldn’t be so sure of that. Phillip said Dante Rivers lives in the area. He was a champion bull rider and is gay. It doesn’t mean anyone there will be gay, but you’re there to de-stress and have a good time, not hook up with everything that moves.”

“Look who’s talking—the playboy heart surgeon,” Marshall countered. “Fine, I’ll call and see what they have to say, but I’m not making any promises.”

“I gotta go, but I’ll text the number in a second.” Terry hung up, and true to his word, a text came through with a phone number and a message less than a minute later: This will do you good. Think of the view. LOL. Marshall rolled his eyes and shoved his phone back into his pocket. He walked back to the hotel, trying to decide if he wanted to do this or not, and he was definitely leaning toward not. His phone rang again and he pulled it out and answered the call.

“Terry,” he said with a smile.

“Excuse me,” He sighed when he heard the voice on the other end.. He should have looked at the display.

“Hi, Mom,” Marshall said.

“How did the performance go last night?”

“Very well. The two halves of the program were really different, but I managed to tie them together and make them work. I just don’t know if that’s what the board wanted. They’ll let me know in a few weeks if I’ve got the job.”

“Well, if you don’t, you can always come work with your father. You know he’ll always bring you into the firm.” That was their answer for everything.

“That isn’t what I want, Mom,” Marshall said. “I hate the thought of that kind of work. It’s dull and uninteresting. I know Dad loves it, but I can’t stand the thought of it. If I come back to New York, it will be to take up a position there with one of the musical groups, not Wall Street.”

“But you are coming back, aren’t you? And when you’re here, just go in to work with your father one day and give it a try. You’ll eventually inherit the firm, you know.” The thought was enough to give Marshall a migraine. “Someone will have to lead it.”

Suddenly the thought of spending a few weeks on a dude ranch sounded like an appealing proposition. “I’ve decided to take a few weeks’ vacation. I’ve been very tired and I need some time to myself.”

“You can rest while you’re here.” Yeah, rest combined with pressure to do what they want, and guilt piled on every time I say no.

“No, Mom. I don’t think so. Going to New York is not what I think I need right now.”

He knew she was disappointed. His parents were good people, and they wanted the best for him. Unfortunately, what they thought was best was different from his own vision, and Marshall wanted to make his own way, at least partially. Marshall had enough money of his own that he didn’t have to work. His grandfather had founded the brokerage firm his father now ran and owned. He’d also set up Marshall, as well as his cousins, with generous trust funds, so Marshall didn’t need to work for a living. He wanted this job because it was what he truly wanted to do, what got deep down into his soul and moved him. The money was secondary, although it would be nice to earn money for himself rather than requesting funds from his trustee whenever he wanted cash, especially since his trustee was his father. But not for long. Next year he came of age at twenty-seven, as far as the trust was concerned.

“Mom, I’m not staying away forever. It’s just a few weeks of rest and relaxation. I’ll call you when I can, and you have nothing to worry about. I promise.” They talked for a few minutes more and then hung up. Marshall walked the rest of the way back to the hotel. It was a beautiful day, warm and sunny, and he found he was now in a great mood. When he got back to his room, he pulled out his phone and made a call to the ranch.

“Yeah,” the man said who answered the phone.

“Uh, yes. I was given this number as that of a dude ranch. I’m interested in spending some time and was curious about your availability. I got the number through a friend of a friend. Phillip.” He hoped he had the right number.

“This is the Circle R, and, yeah, you got the right place. Hang on a minute.” The phone was set down and Marshall waited. He wasn’t sure what kind of place this was, given the initial reception. But he waited for a few minutes.

“Hello. You wish to stay with us?” said a man with a deep, rich voice.

“Yes. I was wondering if you have any vacancies. I’d like to spend, say, a week at your ranch.” Who knew? Marshall figured he could always stay longer if he liked it, and if he didn’t, he could leave and go back to New York.

A deep laugh followed. “Of course. I’m Indigo. We’ve just begun accepting guests. But we should be able to accommodate you. When did you want to arrive?” A smooth Texas accent, combined with a smooth, almost musically rich voice, had Marshall’s heart pumping for a second. Then he shook his head to return his attention where it belonged.

“Tomorrow, if that’s okay.” Marshall’s answer was met with a pause.

“That will be fine. I’ll put you in the book. I’m assuming you need directions?”

“Just the address. I can use GPS to get there.” Indigo laughed. “I take it there’s a problem.” Now Marshall was worried.

“GPS doesn’t seem to work very well where we are. We’re off the beaten path, and the GPS programs haven’t done a good job figuring out where we are. Have you got a piece of paper? I’ll give you directions you can use that won’t get you lost.” Marshall reached for his folder and found a sheet of paper. He wrote down the directions as well as the other information he needed to know. He gave Indigo his information as well. Then Indigo said, “We’ll see you late tomorrow morning. If you get here in time, you’re welcome to join us for lunch.”

“Thank you, I’ll see you then.” They ended the call, and Marshall smiled. He found he was looking forward to getting away. Maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

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Fall in love with Mail Order Nanny

Mail Order Bride
( An Old Fashioned Romance)


She moved away from him toward the railing on the porch. It was a clear evening and the stars were twinkling above. "You have a beautiful place." Kasie said "…you and your brother built it yourself."
"Yes, we did. We sort of began on both as soon as we settled in with a wife.  No better present for a wife than a beautiful home."
"Oh that's nice. And you are right, a home is very important to a woman. But yours….and his…are showplaces. Like something you see in a magazine. It is a pure pleasure to clean your home."
Tanka stared at her, soaking her words up, storing them somewhere while he tried to concentrate on ways to be rid of this beautiful creature before him, beautiful in a different way from Gina. Gina was dark haired and eyed, and full of life and mischief, whereas Annie was light and her innocence attracted him no end. Gina never seemed innocent. The word for Gina was exciting, exhilarating, fun. But what words could he identify Annie with, smart, honest, wholesome, and innocent. He certainly didn't like the fact that he was attracted to her, but he was. He'd have never guessed he would even notice a little blonde with a Dutch haircut and girl-next-door attitude. He'd have to play it smart; he couldn't afford to let his libido take over. Just because she was the nicest lady he'd met since Santa Clause did not mean he had to fall in love with her. Besides, he had had the best already, Gina.
"You're doing a great job with the girls, and they really like you Annie." He said with a sigh that was heavier than he intended.
"Well thank you, I didn't expect to win your favor so soon" Annie chuckled.
He stared at her with amusement. "My favor…why is that?"
"Mr. Amory." She turned to look at him, and then she quickly turned away. "I'm aware that you did not want me here. You've made that abundantly clear. Even if I hadn't known before I got here, I would have very soon. I am sorry that it was a total shock to you. That having a female, any female in your home, other than your wife is sacrilegious to you. I'm not a fool. But…on the other hand, I am good at my job and I know it. I have all the confidence in the world that I can do a lot of good here, if I'm permitted. So the compliment is appreciated. I love your girls, they are easy to love. Well mannered, obedient, and sweet as candy. However, don't play me. I know how you feel. And I don't blame you a bit. Had I had a relationship like you did, I might feel the exact same way. But please…understand, I aim to do a good job. I'm not here to steal your children away. I'm not here to take the place of a dead wife. I'm here to do a job. I aim to do it well. And we can help each other, once we quit battling to stay out of each other's way.
"You are a handsome devil and you know it. Your wife was gorgeous beyond belief. I've seen the pictures. Still…your wife is gone, Mr. Amory. She can't take care of the girls any longer, except to watch over them, which I'm sure she's doing right now. I am here, mainly because they invited me to do a job that I thought might help all of us. I lost something precious to me too, Mr. Amory. I lost a mother I adored. I was very close to her. I took care of her in her last days. And I miss her still, every day, as though she were still here. So I know what you feel in your heart for your wife. I'm no stranger to loneliness either. I'm healing myself.
"I came here and almost the moment I stepped into your home, fell in love with it. Who wouldn't, it's beautiful. The girls are beautiful too. And they want me here, they need me. I can feel their needs. Katie is on the brink of becoming a woman; she is going to need a woman's touch. And since you seem dedicated to living with your wife's ghost, what's the harm in me helping her. You aren't going to remarry anyway. You can't turn lose of the dead. So I'm no threat to you in any way. Don't you see that…?"
Her words stunned him into immobility. God help him, and she was smart too.
He hadn't expected her to have so much grit. The girl-next-door was not a simple case study. He hadn't counted on her common sense. Every word of it was the truth, and he felt a growing rage with every word she spoke, and yet, the truth was hard to face and she'd slapped him with it. Living with the dead? Was that what he'd been doing?
He turned away from her for a moment, shocked that her words hurt so deeply. How could someone he barely knew see the truth so easily and have the audacity to say it.
She stood rock still and was about to go back inside when he whirled her around to face him. Anger and something else drove him, as he brought her near him. He could smell the faint scent of some flower on her. His eyes went over her combing her. Her nearness affected him more than he wanted to admit. But the rage boiling inside him was hot and passionate, "What about you, Miss Annie. Aren't you using your mother as a barrier for not finding yourself a man. You are as afraid of living as I am of giving up the dead. You hide in someone else's house, with someone else's kids and are too afraid to reach out and take what could be yours. So perhaps we are two peas in a pod. Stuck in a rut… So maybe this will wake you up…" He gasped and before thinking, he acted. His lips came down on hers with the intention of punishing hers, but as they met, warmth so enveloping surrounded them that he pulled her into his arms and kissed her with such tender passion she swooned in his arms. He meant to assuage the hurt she inflicted, but it was forgotten when her lips melted against his own, and her arms grasped his.
When he finally turned her loose, she gasped for air.
Her face flushed and her eyes flashed. "Why did…you do …that?"
"Get in the house," he directed breathlessly. "Now!"
She stared at his angry face, and  then ran into the darkness of the house.

Rita Hestand

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So Caught Up in You

Welcome to Sweet N Sexy Divas. I'm your tour host for today and every month on the 13th, Nicole Morgan. So sit back, relax, maybe even prop up your feet and enjoy your visit! 
Last month was my very 1st post in Sweet N Sexy Divas, and I was very excited to be a part of this very cool and talented group of authors. Then a month passed and BAM! I lost my head. I woke up this morning to a message from one of our authors saying basically... Hey, umm... it's your posts day. Can you get your post up? And I'm like... pfft.. whatcho talkin' about Willis? Then I looked at my calendar and realized that today was indeed the 13th, not tomorrow as I had thought. Apparently somewhere along the way I lost a day. But, before you think I'm completely crazy, you must know it's not my fault. I've spent most of my last couple of days writing a book that has really sucked me in. I guess you could even say I'm "Caught Up" in it and the characters. And my main hero definitely is caught up in his leading lady as well. So much so that she controls most of his wandering thoughts. 

Here's a teeny sneak peek at what I'm working on and a video which I feel explains my loss of one day. 

He stood up to leave when something caught his eye in his peripheral vision. He looked up to find Courtney standing there in the doorway wearing that same little red dress which had kept him awake more times than he could count.
“Courtney? I…uhh…I thought you’d left already.” He asked in confusion, not sure if his eyes were playing a nasty little trick on him.
“No. I waited for everyone else to leave so I could talk to you alone.” She answered.
“Oh. Okay. Come in.”
She stepped inside his office holding a bottle of Dewar’s Scotch in her hand. Her long legs openly displayed from her mid thigh all the way down to her red high heels.
“Thank you.” She held out her hand. “I hope you don’t mind I brought this. I remember you saying it was your favorite.”
“Of course not. You uhh…changed. Are you going out tonight?”
“No.” She shook her head. “I just felt like wearing something a bit more, I don’t know, me.”
He sat back down in his chair, trying to conceal his growing excitement. Her voluptuous body looked even better than he remembered. The curves of her hips, the swell of her breasts and the way she sauntered across his floor, it was all a mere prelude to the torturous seduction he felt every time he saw her.


Sorry for the late post everyone, and Thank You for joining me today! I'll see you all next month on the 13th. Have a great month and remember to be SWEET and SEXY

Nicole Morgan is an author of erotic romance novels, which more often than not have a suspenseful back story. Erotic romance mixed with good old-fashioned whodunit. While she's written everything from contemporary to paranormal her leading men will more than likely be wearing a uniform of some kind. From military to police officers, she has a love for writing about those who protect and serve. From her very first novel about Navy SEALs to her more recent releases you will be sure to find a few twists and turns you were not expecting.

She also has a recurring monthly column in Book & Trailer Showcase's eMagazine, is a proud member of the Romance Books 4 Us Gold Authors and also one of the Sweet N Sexy Divas.  

Find out more about Nicole and her books by visiting her websiteblogGoogle + PageTwitterFacebook and her Yahoo Group, Nicole’s Think Tank.

Until next month lovies ~ Nic 

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Please HELP me decide!!!

I'm a participating author in the Brought to His Knees boxed set - sexy stories about strong men taken down by love.

I need to make a decision about my cover art, and I'm torn between three possibilities for my story Make Me Surrender.

Make Me Surrender is flirty, sexy, sensuous, oh-so-romantic, and fun! It's also a menage. These links will take you to my choices. Tell me which you like best:




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Why New Authors Shouldn’t Give Up

 You heard it here first—marketing does not always net results. In the past, I joined many blog tours and appeared as a guest on other blogs. I even blog on this site on the 11th of every month. At one time, I spent so much time blogging and being a guest that I could not find time to write. All that effort resulted in flat sales and mild disappointment; therefore, I cut back on blogging, believing people don't have much time to read/follow blogs. Besides, the economy is terrible and buying books is probably the last thing on the mind of individuals trying to scrape enough money together to buy dinner.

I have not given up, but I also have not found the "golden path" to sales. Here is what I know: when I do personal appearances, I sell books--people will buy books when you engage them one-on-one. I've never sold huge numbers, but I can always sell a few here and there. The rest is all chance.

I once read the best way to become known as an author is to write your next book. I follow that advice. I also change genres a lot. I started with a Sci-Fi trilogy. Those books were published but went nowhere. Like most first novels, they need a lot more work. As a result, I requested the rights back last year and will attempt to republish them after a serious re-write. Next, I wrote a couple of adventure novels. Eternal Press has those (Kill Zone and Aftermath Horizon.) Aftermath Horizon borders on being a YA romance novel and, from a content perspective, it might be my best novel. I look forward to seeing how it performs when it is released. I also wrote four paranormal comedy novels (Solstice Publishing). Those are my best sellers, but even with them sales aren't great. I did sign a movie options contract for the first two ("The Substitute" and "Oh, Heavens, Miss Havana!"), but all of the options have not yet been exercised. Now, I'm writing a WWII true story, a huge genre change. I have no idea how the book-buying public will react to another WWII book but, if one novel catches on, then the others might follow. Who knows? Lightning could strike.

In addition to my next novel, I try to get my name and books in front of the general public each day. To that end, I put out a "joke a day" on my Facebook page ( and on a few Facebook pages established for advertising books. I can't say I get a lot of sales from the jokes, but I know many people read them because I always get a few likes. Another thing I do in attempt to get noticed is review books written by other authors. I post the reviews on my web site ( and also on Amazon. Like the jokes, I don't know if the reviews net any sales, but they often get attention.

So, why do I continue to beat my head against the wall? There are only two reasons: I like to write and I like to read. It's that simple. Even if I never become a well-known author, I am enjoying writing the stories; learning more about proper writing, editing, and grammar; and seeing how other authors have developed their style. Reviewing other authors, especially successful authors, can be a great learning experience.

So, my advice to new authors is this: enjoy writing and be glad you have the talent for it. Not everyone does. Very few of us will ever make it to the top of the heap, so you just have to be content with what you can do. Keep working at it. Make your writing as good as it can be and then learn from your editors how to make it better. Read, read, read … and enjoy.

Thanks for reading,

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Exclusive Excerpt from Haleigh's Ink and Rafflecopter Giveaway

 Exclusive NSFW Excerpt from Haleigh's Ink

Scott was ready to reassure her, since she’d cried out in pain though he’d never handholded anyone before. He was stupefied by what had come over him with this little blonde pixie.
He’d never licked anyone in this room, much less made them offer themselves to him. Never once had he crossed the line between owner and client. Until her. He opened his mouth to speak but it died on his tongue. Her pupils were dilated. Her breathing heavy.
Fucking hell.
He had completely misread her cry.
It wasn’t pain, but pleasure she had cried out from. And if she wasn’t on the hairy edge of one hell of an orgasm he would surrender his Dom card at the door. She was moving in the chair, subconsciously trying to find enough pressure for her clit to send her over as he lined up the ring on one side of her nipple.
“I’m going to position the ring, Haleigh. It’s going to pinch while I move it into place. Stay still. Answer me.”
“Yes, Sir.”
It floated to him across the space separating them, making him want to claim her. His dick jumped up, fully ready to get onboard with that plan.
A slight moan followed her sweet words. He glanced at her, noticing her lids had closed at some point. He’d punish her for it later when she better understood the rules.
She didn’t realize it yet but he’d already staked a claim on her. One he had every intention of collecting.
Even without sight she was still connected to him by the death grip she had on his waist. He could feel her fingernails digging half-moons into his skin, and he would wear them proudly for as long they lasted.
He’d been a Dom for long enough to know a natural submissive when he saw one, and by the looks of it, a hardcore masochist had just been born.
With practiced movements, he simultaneously removed the blade from her cherry-red nipple and rotated the stainless steel ring into place. Haleigh cried out again, but in renewed frustration instead of fulfillment. The flesh on her flat tummy went completely taut. She arched away from the chair again.
It took him mere seconds to position the ball in place to complete her ring. He shoved the tray out of the way behind him, ripping the latex gloves off and throwing them toward the trash.
He didn’t waste time working her skirt off since it had a zipper and button, not to mention the belt to contend with. He worked the material up her legs, revealing her shapely thighs and a sheer thong that matched her bra. His erection grew, stiffening as all the blood drained to his dick.
“Raise your hips.”
“I ache.”
He helped her lift her ass so he could draw the small scrap of fabric away.

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Members Only, Book Two
A three-lettered word that means different things to many people. Pictures and words that might stand as a reminder of love, loss, rebellion, or camaraderie. For Haleigh Grace, it meant freedom.
Walking through the doors of the tattoo parlor, Inkfluence, marked the start of taking her life back. Making it what she wanted it to be. No one was going to tell her she couldn’t. Not ever again.
Little did she know that behind those doors stood Kyle Muse. He was her best friend, who had walked away years ago without a backwards glance. The one man she fantasized would someday be her knight in shining armor. The one she saved herself for.
But, he has a knight of his own. Tall, dark, and dangerously sexy, Scott Preston. The owner of the very shop Haleigh has an appointment with at midnight.
Feelings long buried rise to the surface and the three find themselves bound by more than just ink…
A Romantica® ménage BDSM erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

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