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The Next Carlisle Deputies

Next month, November 6, is the release of the third Carlisle Deputies story, Fire and Agate.  This story came out of  Pokémon gathering, believe it or not.  A friend of mine messaged that she needed a break because she'd had a super intense day, helping a lady who had bene trafficked into the country from Egypt.  (I'm happy to report that she is okay and back home with her family now)  But at the time, her story made me angry and when that happens a story is sure to follow.  What came to me in Fire and Agate.
In case you don't know, agates are rocks that look plain on the outside, but break them open and they are full of colorful striations.  In order for an agate to show its beauty, one had to look deeper and this is definitely a story about looking to the real person within.

When Chris Anducci is moved off jail duty and into the sheriff’s office, he doesn’t expect his first assignment to be protecting a witness against a human trafficking ring. Knowing the new sheriff doesn’t abide screwups, Chris reluctantly agrees to work the case.
Pavle Kasun has spent the last four years of his life at the mercy of others. When an opportunity presented itself, he took it, resulting in his rescue. Now the safe houses he’s placed in are being threatened and he needs protection if he is to have any sort of chance at a life.
Chris opens his home to Pavle, but he doesn’t expect Pavle and his story to get under his skin… and stay there. Soon they discover they have more in common than either of them thought. Slowly Pavle comes out of his shell and Chris finds someone who touches his heart. But as the men looking for Pavle close in, they will stop at nothing to get him out of the way. But even if Chris can keep him safe, he might not be able to protect his heart if Pavle moves back home.

Purchase an advance copy:  https://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/books/fire-and-agate-by-andrew-grey-9959-b

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In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month...

Fun Facts about the Tatas!  
Ahh... Boobs! Those glorious little (and sometimes big) balls of joy. No matter their size they are GORGEOUS and let's face it, they're fun to play with. Both men and women alike will tell you, that BOOBS are AWESOME!!! Since they're so fascinating I wanted to share some interesting facts with you regarding these juicy melons!

  • Did you know the average erect nipple stands as tall as a stack of five quarters?
  • The average boob contain's 4-5% of a woman's body fat. So don't worry ladies, those extra pounds you're seeing on the scale are a result from having fabulous tatas!
  • The average boob weighs approximately 1.1 lbs.
  • Before the year 2000, the average American woman's breasts were a 34B. Now, the average is 36C. Gotta love how the times changes us all! *winks*
  • According to doctors, most women, one breast is, on average, approximately 39.7 milliliters bigger than the other one. The larger breast tends to be the left one. <--- Umm.. who cares?! They're boobs and they're awesome!! 
  • Stress can cause your boobs to sag, so if you feel tension getting the best of you go take in a day at the spa - OR - have sex! That will probably work too! *smirks*
  • Another cause for sagging boobs is smoking cigarettes. So save your lungs, and probably your life and put those ciggie butts down! 
  • Humans are the only mammals that don't grow boobs until puberty. *shrugs* I guess we're late bloomers. LOL

I'm sure there are lots more fun facts about boobs out there, but if you have a favorite I didn't mention, please don't hesitate to leave a comment and school me. There is never too much information on such fun things. *winks*

But in all seriousness, I hope that breast cancer never touches another’s life. I realize that’s not probable, but I do hope it may some day come true. 💕

My Captured Heart

The man slapped the woman across the room, the sound echoing through the general store. One lady saw it and left the store immediately. The woman landed near Lone Wolf's feet with a loud thump, he reached to help her up, and she stared at him with such light brown eyes that took him in with one quick veil of her long lashes. Blood trickled down the side of her head. He reached to wipe it away and she moved away from him.

Unmindful of her wound she stood, with trembling limbs.

"Thank you," she murmured under her breath, and she quickly disappeared behind the counter.

The man that hit her was the owner of the store, and her husband, Lone Wolf eyed him with contempt. He was tall, lean, with a full beard, and black eyes that raked her with sullen indifference.

Why would any man look upon her with such indifference, she was beautiful?

The store was empty now of people, it was around noon and Lone Wolf always came at this time. The less white people he ran into, the better. Not that he couldn't get along with them, but they didn't always want to get along with him. Most everyone had seen him coming to town for supplies before. He spoke such clear English, many spoke to him now as he was a familiar face to them.

He glanced around the room, the shelves were filled with all kinds of everyday supplies. From blankets neatly folded on the shelves, to canteens, lanterns, and weapons of all sorts, knives, guns, rifles, even a couple of bows and arrows. Lone Wolf realized that this one room held everything his people would need for the cold winter that was coming. He saw blankets of every color, canteens of different sizes, guns, pickles in a large barrel of vinegar. He saw peppermint sticks on the counter, peanuts in another huge barrel. Jerky hung everywhere. Oats and flour decorated one corner. Sugar and honey from many sized containers made an interesting collection. One corner even held chickens and chicken wire to fence them in with. There was also homemade Johnny Cakes and fudge.

There were so many things here that would make his people happy. Since the move to the Oklahoma reservation, his tribe was friendly with the whites, and all other settlers. Even though the Indians had become friendly with them, the spirit of giving was not in them. It was trade for trade. Beaver, bear and buffalo hides they would trade for. But the buffalo were few now. It was more deer skins and rabbit furs, even some fox, but few buffalo.

At one time his people had traveled with the buffalo an taken only what was needed for food and hides. But the white man followed too and killed for the sport of it, leaving many carcasses in the wake. When too many died, the buffalo was very hard to find.

He briefly remembered the thunder of their hoofs and the sound of a victorious kill. The days of the huge buffalo kill was far behind.

These days deer, elk and moose were hunted, but the further south, the less moose and elk. Deer were still plentiful. Just after the Sand Creek Massacre in '64, Lone Wolf and his small tribe of Arapaho moved toward the Kansas border then south into Indian Territory.

Lone Wolf shot the owner of the store a disgusted glance, the man paid no heed.
"Get this damn place swept out woman, before I lay into you good."

The white woman moved swiftly taking the broom from behind the counter and sweeping briskly.

Lone Wolf watched her carefully. She did not complain, nor talk back. She simply swept the room and quietly disappeared.
Getting his supplies, Lone Wolf took them to the counter, where she took his money and glanced at him with those topaz eyes. She never asked where his money came from, and he never said. He traded deerskins and mocassins and berries the squaws collected. Clearing his throat, he carried the supplies in the burlap sack to his horse out front. He wound the string around the saddle horn and rode toward the back of the building.

Again, he saw the woman hanging clothes on the line and studied her a moment as he rounded the building. She peeked between the sheets and stared at him with a somber expression. He smiled and waited to see if she would too. She looked away. Even though she was beautiful beyond compare, Lone Wolf knew a few more years of mistreatment and she wouldn't be beautiful any longer, at least not on the outside. He liked her unto a beautiful horse, with a strong spirit.

From her long golden curls that hung in ringlets down her back, to the sadness that was hidden behind those topaz eyes, he couldn't take his gaze from her. 

What kind of wife was she? His people did not abuse their wives. Why did this man treat her so? He did not understand. Her sadness haunted him.

The man came to stand in front of him, "What are you gawking at Indian? Be on your way."

Lone Wolf stared the man down. He noticed the long scar across one cheek. Lone Wolf wondered what woman did that to him.
The man disappeared through the back doorway.

Lone Wolf came closer to observe the woman, but the man came out of the back door, hollering at her again.

She quickly moved inside without a word.

He'd never known a white woman that did not sass, or talk back, but this woman was silent.

It was not his concern, but he hated to see a woman treated so. This woman was a slave to her husband, she did not deserve the obvious beatings. The woman hadn't talked back, hadn't said a word. She was obedient, and it made no sense to treat her so.

He tried to concentrate on other things, like how this winter would be harsh and unforgiving to his people who had made a peace with the white man.

Government issue of blankets and food was of little help, as he had a large tribe and it promised a bad winter.

He should be finding ways to provide for his people. He was an excellent hunter, and a very good shot with both bow and arrow and the gun.

Living on the reservation, many of his people would starve this winter. But still, peace was better than war, he had learned that the hard way. Fighting the white man was futile. They had too many guns and too many men. More came. More destroyed the land for lack of respect.

The promise of schools, doctors and supplies for his people was still weak, but the days of war were over now.

Again, his thought lingered on the white woman. He had seen suffering in her eyes and pain. Yet like an Indian she had not shown her pain. He liked that about her. She had not rebuked the white man, nor scorned his treatment of her. She was strong. Silently strong. And yet when he looked into her eyes something touched his heart. He had looked upon her many times, all of her, from the top of her beautiful hair, to her feet, and if he were truthful it was the reason he rode so far to buy his supplies. That was his secret, and no one else knew it.

To look upon her was pure pleasure.

Perhaps it was wrong of him to do so, but he was drawn to this woman.

He had no time for such thoughts. He could not free her from her bondage, she was white.

He rode on, making himself forget her. And yet he couldn't get the image of her out of his head.

He traveled many miles to this store each week, to buy what little supplies he could afford. He hired himself out as a horse trainer for a ranch near his tribe's encampment. The old man that owned the ranch paid him to break his wild horses and help train them, so he could sell them to the army. It was a fair bargin and Lone Wolf could help feed his tribe with the money he made.
Son of the chief, Lone Wolf did everything he could to help his people survive the harsh winters they faced on the reservation. There was little game to hunt during the winter, and the supplies the army furnished his tribe was never enough.

Still, it was better than war. He'd seen his two brothers killed in battle in retaliation for the Sand Creek massacre, seen his mother die of the small pox. 

He'd seen the deaths of many, and peace was better.

That's what he told himself every day. Peace was better. But did he believe it? The whites of Washington promised much but delivered little. Oft times the warrior inside him rebelled. But his father believed in peace and he followed his father faithfully.

Educated in the mission schools where his father sent some of the tribe to learn, he knew he must find ways for his people to survive. He thought education was a good thing and encouraged the children of the village to listen to the educators. For the white man prospered and perhaps his people could too, with education.
A hawk flew above him, and he stopped long enough to watch his flight. It was a beautiful site, to see a bird in flight, free.

A rabbit scurried in front of his horse and the horse moved.

"Easy Blackfoot. The rabbit means you no harm."

He smiled and continued on his way.

At his camp, there was much commotion.

"What is going on, Deer Runner?" He asked his oldest friend.

"Your father is considering a bride for you from the Cheyenne tribe. It would unite our tribes and make us stronger, and we would share in each other's' profits."

"I want no wife." Lone Wolf cried. "And when I take one it will be of my choosing."

"It would be good for our people," his friend told him.

"I will not marry a Cheyenne."

"They are a handsome bunch, why would you not consider it?" His friend seemed puzzled.

"Their beauty is only skin deep. Their hearts are colder."

"The one they have picked for you is very beautiful. The most beautiful of their tribe."

"I will pick my own bride." Lone Wolf announced.

"Your father will not be pleased." Deer Runner told him.

"I will hunt, forage, plant, do anything for my people, including die, but I will not marry for them."

"You have another in mind?"

"N-no, not exactly." Lone Wolf frowned. But an idea was planted at Deer Runner's suggestion. He would keep his thoughts to himself. Deer Runner was right, his father would not be pleased about his decision not to marry a Cheyenne. But he'd made every effort to help his people they could not shun him for this.

That evening after an afternoon of fishing with much luck, he gave the fish to Little Feather, one of the women who liked to clean and cook the fish he caught. She was not that pretty, but she liked him and smiled at him all the time. She was a good woman, and would make a good wife, only Lone Wolf felt no passion for her. Of all the Arapaho women, Little Feather was more pleasing to him than any other, yet he still held back. He liked her, but he did not feel what he should for her.

It was wrong for him to lead her on. She was a good woman and she would make someone a very good wife. But he would not make her his. He could not find the love a man needed to make her his wife. What he sought was not Indian ways, but white ways.

He went inside his father's tipi. "I caught many fish, father." Lone Wolf told him.

"It is good. Did you give them to Little Feather?"

"I did. She was happy to have them."

"She admires you. I have seen it in her eyes."

"I know father, but I do not want to encourage her thoughts. She is a good woman, and will make someone a fine wife, but not for me."

"It is time we talked." His father didn't look pleased.

Lone Wolf knew what was coming. He loved his father and considered him a good chief, but this was not something he could do.

"It is time to talk of a wife for you my son. You have not picked one from our tribe. But the Cheyenne have offered one for you. It would mean we could all share in the bounty of their hunts. Uniting our tribes would go a long way in prospering our people."

Lone Wolf's head went down, he stared at the dirt and wondered how he would make his father understand. "I cannot marry one of theirs."

His father looked steely-eyed at him, his jaw set, his brow furrowed. "Not even for our people?"

It was the same argument he always used, making Lone Wolf feel guilty each time.

"Why do you do this father? Have I not done everything possible for our people? Have I not been an obedient son? What I seek is not here."

The old chief grunted, "What have I done?"

"You make me feel guilty. My every thought, every action, must be for my people, and if it is not, I am guilty. Have I not the right to think for myself?"

"You do. But I see no wife."

"Anything else you ask me to do for our people, I would do, and gladly. But, I cannot do this. I am sorry father. I will hunt, plow, forage, I will trade, I will do anything else. But whomever I chose to marry is my concern. I must live with them, I will pick them."

"But you have not picked them my son. I have waited many moons to see if you would. You have not. I want grandchildren to pass down to the generations."
Lone Wolf shook his head. "I am sorry father. When the time comes, I will pick my own woman, and she will bare you grandchildren."

"And when will this come to pass?"

"I am not sure. No, I would bring shame upon her if you forced this father, as I would not have this Cheyenne woman. It would do no good for you to force me. You would have no grandchildren if you do this." Lone Wolf proclaimed.

Gray Eye looked at his son with disdain. "You would do this, my son?"

Lone Wolf sighed heavily. "I would. I have served my people, and my father well. I have taken work to provide more for our people, father. I have worked hard to help. But I will not marry a woman I do not care for. In this I must do my way."

"You would shame me in front of the Cheyenne?"

"If you bring me a Cheyenne woman, I will make her my slave, not my wife, for I must love my wife, and only her."

"That is the white man's way…" His father scolded.

"Perhaps, and perhaps it has been too long since my mother died for you to remember how you loved her."

The old chief turned away and muttered under his breath, "I remember…"

"You loved her beyond compare. You were happy in those days my father. Can you not remember that love?"

"I do…. I hold it in my heart."

"So do I. But it will be my choice for a wife. Father I am half white. And I have found for myself that some of the white man's ways are good ways. One wife is all I need, but I must love her father. It is your way also. You seek peace with the whites, and yet you do not want their ways spoiling our people. Sometimes they are right, and we are wrong. A strong man sees this. I love you my father, but in this I must do my way. Please do not fight me." He left the tipi, unable to bear his father's displeasure.

Deer Runner saw his distraught face, "Did you speak with him?"

"I did."

"What did he say?"

"He is upset. I cannot do this, will not do this. Anything else my people ask, I will do, including die for them, but I will not marry for them."

"It is our custom to bring peace."

"Then it is not a good custom. For I will not marry a woman I do not love."

"It could bring trouble for our tribe." Deer Runner argued.

"Perhaps, but in time they will understand."

"I do not think so, my friend. The Cheyenne will consider it an insult. There could be much trouble."

Lone Wolf looked at his friend, Deer Runner was a tall and handsome man, he was married though to one of his own tribe and he was a happy man. Lone Wolf sought the same happiness, yet he had not found it with his tribe. He knew his father was upset. And the Cheyenne would not be pleased with his decision. But he would not marry what he did not love.

He understood his father's thinking as it was custom to pick a bride if he hadn't married, but Lone Wolf had seen many Indian marriages that were miserable. 
His father was old, and his mother was dead, but the memories of her lingered in Lone Wolf's mind. His mother had been a white slave, and his father had loved her above all. So why did he not understand?

He had not told his father of the white woman from the store that he had looked upon. Perhaps it was an impossible thing, to look upon her as his. She was not his. And yet, Lone Wolf knew that this one woman stirred something inside his heart that no other had. It made no sense, but the feeling was there, and he could not ignore it.

She was a kind woman, a strong woman, and a very beautiful woman. He could not keep his eyes from her. And yet she belonged to another. If he could wipe her from his mind, he would, but she would not leave.

On his mother's dying bed, she told and retold her love story. Lone Wolf remembered it fondly. How she had been his father's slave, and slowly fallen in love with the man, a chief who governed his people with compassion and love. His father had grieved for so long when she died, his spirit dying with her to some extent.

Now Lone Wolf's mind wandered to the white woman from the feed store that had been beaten by her husband. She was beautiful, unforgettable, and certainly not his… but it did not stop his heart from reaching out to her. She was the only woman that had ever caught his eye like that. He had seen her many times, every time he went to the store in fact. She had waited on him and turned her topaz eyes on him with such a sadness. He secretly longed to wipe her sadness away.
How could he want someone that did not look upon him in the same way?

He thought about his white mother, had she cared for his father at the beginning when he took her from a wagon train and made her his slave. Had she loved him then, or had the love grown from his kindness to her? Perhaps he thought too much of this white woman, because of his mother.
He had gone there many times, just to look upon her. To see her generous nature to her customers. To see her feed a hungry dog. And to witness her strength when her husband would slap her, in front of people. She never cried, she never wailed, she buried her hurt inside her.

Her heart was scarred with her husband's meanness.

Lone Wolf's mind was set, he knew what he must do.

But before he acted, he would seek council from the peyote visions.

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What happens when a sexy vampiress and a panther shifter hook up? Magic and mayhem. DESIREE AFTER DARK #TinaDonahueBooks #ParanormalDatingAgency #EroticPNR

Do you love shifters and vampires and lust and romance?

Then do I have a tale for you...

Desiree After Dark - part of the Paranormal Dating Agency world.


Passion demands full surrender…

When it comes to men, Desiree’s had crappy luck, like her last boyfriend turning her before she realized he was a bloodsucker. Undead but wiser, she hosts an internet show—Desiree After Dark—to help women avoid users like him. However, his ex-girlfriend’s stalking Desiree, blaming her for stealing him away.

So not true, but escalating threats are coming hard and fast.

Enter tall, dark, and muscular Hunter, a bodyguard to die for. Recommended by the PDA, he’ll protect Desiree from any peril.

Would that include those to her heart from his heat, scent, and touch?

As a panther shifter, Hunter’s never been into vamps, but Desiree’s his fated mate. Before long, these unlikely lovers can’t keep apart during steamy nights and sensuous days.

But there’s trouble in paradise. The stalker’s upping her game, and Desiree has one last hurdle to overcome or she’ll never become Hunter’s…


A tall man, at least six-three, stood at a respectable distance in the hall. His firm jaw and rough good looks put him in his early thirties, hotter than Gerard Butler in 300. This guy certainly had as many muscles. They strained against his black T-shirt and snug jeans, the bulge between his legs forming a solid ridge behind his fly. His biker boots also kicked serious ass.

Her knees sagged. She gripped the door to stay upright. “You’re Hunter Klein?” Even his name was awesome. So were his bristly cheeks and throat. However, she didn’t like how he kept glancing from side to side. Searching for something or someone? “Did you see a woman lurking out there?”

“No.” He met her gaze.

Everything stopped, the air between them sizzling, intense heat settling in her pussy.

She dug her nails into the wood.

His eyes were the same color as dark chocolate, his hair matching the shade. Those locks tumbled over his ears and forehead, his complexion a deep bronze.

Again, he glanced to the right. “We should speak inside.”

She couldn’t manage a protest or more than a few steps to allow him entrance. The space so narrow he brushed against her, delivering his fragrance: a dangerously heady scent bringing to mind power, sex, and the animal within tinged by musk.

Weakened, she leaned against the wall for support.

He closed and locked the door, close enough to kiss.

Stop it. She reined in her idiotic feelings, the same ones that had delivered her to Zander.

Hunter regarded her. “Are you all right?”

Except for wanting to lick him from head to toe, sure. “Why do you ask?”

“You seem…” He scratched his neck.

His biceps bunched.

She liked that and his hesitation in telling her she was behaving like a loon. “I’m fine.” She shook off her lust, for the most part, and stuck out her hand. “I’m Desiree.”

“Hunter.” His firm grip warmed and caressed.

Her teeth tingled. If forced to wager, she’d bet he was an angel. No other being was this perfect. As Gerri had said, a hero. He certainly looked the part. “Are you human?” He couldn’t be.

“Panther shifter.”

She would have paid good money to see him turn into the animal he was, but wasn’t foolish enough to ask and betray her interest. Despite how great this was unfolding, she had a show to finish and a confession to make—in case Gerri hadn’t told him the truth or she didn’t know the full situation herself. “Do you know what I am?”

His eyebrows inched up.

She got clammy and pulled her hand from his.

He noted her reaction but showed no emotion. “You mean the host of your own show, a woman being stalked by a jealous rival, or that you’re a vampire?”

She winced at the vile word but feigned indifference. “All three, but especially the last.” In the paranormal world, bloodsuckers ranked lower than dung. Even zombies received more sympathy and regard. Now that she’d laid everything bare, she expected him to flee.

He hooked his thumbs in his front pockets. “Yeah, I know about you being turned. Not how though.”

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The Gradual Decline into Oblivion

            Issues associated with dementia are difficult to recognize at first, like having trouble downloading bank statements, balancing checkbooks, and merging into traffic. In my wife’s case, those issues became critical enough by October, 2013, that I could no longer ignore them. I began taking control of our finances and bills. By late 2016, I was convinced there was a medical problem, so I requested her doctor address her issues. Her doctor administered the Mini Mental State Exam, and we discovered my wife could no longer draw a clock face on a piece of paper, count backwards in steps of seven from 100, spell five-letter words backwards, or draw two intersecting pentagons. After more tests, some costing thousands of dollars, her initial diagnosis was Lewy Body Disease, a mix of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. We were devastated. There is no cure.

Over several months we saw more experts and the diagnosis was refined to Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), a precursor to Alzheimer’s. Without a known cure, we were told all we could do was get her affairs in order. Because my wife was only 58, we were also told the disease might advance faster than it does in older people, so we should act quickly.

I immediately began looking for medical studies that might address the problem. I found one called the EMERGE study. I pre-qualified my wife online, and we entered a period of pre-study testing. She qualified, but just barely because the study only took patients with minimal decline. She completed the first 18 months of the study and was enrolled in the five-year follow-on program. At this point, she has received the drug aducanumab for a little over two years. Listed below is what I can report to you.

1. She can still take care of all her personal needs—dressing, hair, makeup, eating, and the like. As long as she can do these things, she will remain in the MCI category. When she can no longer do these things, her diagnosis will change to Early Alzheimer’s.

2. There is still a gradual decline in capability. Although subtle, she notices when she can no longer sign her name, dial a number on the telephone, write the alphabet, or do things she once did without the slightest thought. Realization of lost capability inevitably leads to tears and mild depression.

3. Although she once earned straight A grades in calculus, concepts associated with numbers are no longer available to her.  Computers and related items, such as streaming TV, are out of the question. I recently asked her to find the “zero” on the keyboard, and she could not do it. It’s as if the link between what her eyes see and what her mind recognizes is broken.

4. She can make a sandwich, but can no longer cook. She cleans parts of the house and works in the flower beds, but no longer has the incredible capability to organize things she once had. Sometimes small things baffle her, like turning on the water at a hose bib. Planning for trips, meals with friends, appointments…things she was once a master at…is no longer possible.

5. Dealing with frustration, especially for her, is a full-time job. We are forever searching for things that are mislaid…or for things that are right in front of her but not recognized as the item being sought. Some things disappear and never reappear. It’s easier to buy new ones than deal with the frustration of trying to locate that which could be left anywhere at any time.

6. There is a steep learning curve for the caretaker. At first, I was not aware of her medical issue. I thought she was just being careless or ditzy. Now I know I must be in service mode 24X7. I encourage her to do the things she can and try to provide activities she can do, but I am still learning. She can be very insistent to do some things I know she cannot do, but she is not willing to give up. In those cases, I need to set aside what I am doing and “assist.” That generally means I will do what she wants done—anything to ease her frustration. I cannot imagine what it would be like to gradually lose capability.

7. There is often anger, especially at me. I accept this. I would be angry too if my brain were dying. Mostly, she expects me to understand what she is experiencing. That is difficult. She sees the world through a lens that is not available to me. Anger and hurt feelings are difficult to deal with. All I can do is offer reassurance and remain by her side.

8. My wife is easily confused and no longer understands explanations about complex movie plots or how things work. I’ve found it best to just accept her view of things and move on. She cannot help the way she sees things, and I cannot change her perception. Patience has never been my strong suit, but I am trying with all my soul to be better. Above all, I love her beyond measure and will do what must be done to help her through this.

9. Although I would not expect it, my wife’s memory is still mostly intact. If you ask her to repeat five items you have just named, she might only recall two or three; however, her recall of things we have recently done together and things we have done in the past are still quite good. 

10. I believe the aducanumab has been a Godsend. The patients who received the placebo in the study no longer know who their doctors are. My wife is still here and quite social. While she can no longer play card games without assistance, she enjoys social interaction with friends a great deal. We have quit ballroom dancing, but we still visit all our old dance buddies. We take cruises and travel some, but that might come to a halt in time. Preparing for travel is upsetting for her. The last time we left the house, I packed her bags—that seemed to lessen the trauma of leaving. In the future, I will pack her bags ever time. It is wrong to put her in a position where she must plan for a week away from home when her ability to plan has been taken from her.

11. My wife retains most spatial orientation. She can still walk our neighborhood alone. Away from our immediate area, however, I must watch her carefully. I try never to let her out of my sight, but I have begun insisting she carry a card with phone numbers on it in case she gets lost. My greatest fear is that she will become lost, get confused, and not know how to ask someone for help to reach me. Therefore, we have pre-established rules on what she is to do if she is lost in a store: go to the front of the store and DO NOT EXIT. So far we have not needed that, but I know a time will come when we will.

12. Overall, we are muddling through. Our only hope is that a cure will be discovered during the additional time the aducanumab grants us.

Thanks for reading,

James L. Hatch
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Pouya sh [GFDL
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I did something I thought would be both cool for the doing and fun for my career as a writer--I joined my local Friends of the Library group. To be honest, I had a little help. I enjoyed helping with the yearly used book sale (I mean, who doesn't want to be surrounded by books? And cool books, like the 1935 Bar book or original printings of Gone With the Wind...). So when I offered to help with the sale, one of the ladies decided I needed to "join" the Friends. So I did.

It's been a fun experience. I can truly say I jumped in with both feet. Well, no, I slid in and was then pushed the rest of the way until I landed in WAY over my head. By January, I was already part of a committee and attending my first meeting. There wasn't much of a getting used to it period.

One of the committees I joined (Dare I say, was added to) involved selecting authors for our yearly Author Brunch. It's quite the event. Four authors, brunch made by the ladies of the Friends, fun, raffle prizes and a good time. The first event I helped organize involved a murder mystery theme. It went off rather well. This year (the 2019 event) is already in the planning stage. Strike that. We have a theme - Love is in Bloom - a general color scheme - purple and dark green, with elements of both gardening and picnicing - plus three of the four authors are confirmed. Yep. For 2019, we have three of the four already planned and confirmed.

Now don't think I'm bragging. I'm not. Why? Because we sent out four invites and I haven't heard from one of the authors. Because we had a few other authors as possibilities in case we had an author with a scheduling conflict (I like to have back-up plans), but most of those authors have NO WAY to contact them.

I might be panicking a little. I'd love to hear back from the fourth author. I'd love to have this sewn up so I can work on things I need to complete. I have deadlines.

The other thing that has me a tad on edge would be the fact I had no idea it would be so hard to get local authors to participate. I know I've been eager to attend/participate in any local event I can find. Maybe we're hard to find? I don't know. But what I do know is since I'm the publicity head, too, I'm going to work extra hard to make sure everyone knows about this event. I hope you can attend...even if it is in 2019.

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You Have Me by Megan Slayer 

Contemporary Paranormal Erotic Romance
M/F, BDSM, Toys, Spanking

When the rest of the world crumbles and fails, you have me.

Kynan Laing gave up his mortal soul to the will of the Sources, the ancient beings in charge of the universe. With the sensual grace and speed in his vampire form, he serves in his role as a Protector for the Supernatural world. But the impending war between the Supers and Hunters is heating up. The woman he’s charged to protect is all grown up and the perfect submissive partner he wants. Can he keep his heart under wraps while keeping her safe?

Alexa Mercury doesn’t know why she’s supposed to trust the vampire, but she does. Even when she pushed him away, Kynan watches over her. She craves him like no other and wants to submit body and soul to him, even if he is a Supernatural creature of the night. When circumstances beyond her control force them together, Lexa will have to decide whether to offer her heart to the vampire or risk her very soul.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

New from Bestselling M/M author Maggie Walsh
"Strange Sensations" & "Strange Sensations Revealed"
Omega Island books 2 & 2.5
                              Because one book just wasn't enough to tell their story.
Strange Sensations Book 2: Blurb
When Alpha wolf Freedom Meyers and his two best friends and betas Larz and Lake are called back to their home pack, that they haven't been to in almost a hundred years, for a family emergency, none of them ever expected to learn that their brothers, Jake, Theo, and Landis were dead. But there is something about the whole thing and how the pack alpha is behaving that makes the three question everything they have heard.
The trio heads out on an adventure to find their brothers and prove they are still alive, but on the journey many secrets they have each been hiding from one another come to light and they must deal with their own feelings for each other. Feelings that have long been kept hidden with lies and deceit.
As they get closer to finding out the truth about what happened to their brothers, Freedom, Lake, and Larz come to find out that their lives are in danger not only from someone who seems to be hunting them, but from their very own mate, who is the only one who can bring them together.
Will they be able to get past all the lies to find the love they all so desperately crave in each others arms, or will the truth be too much to handle?


  Shit! They were in deep shit. How could he not even have considered this as an option? Never in a million years had he ever thought his brother, Theo, or Landis would want to rip them apart and kill them. Okay, maybe they would want to beat the snot out of them a time or two, and they would be in the right thinking back over their history, but to want them dead? Come on now.
  “Look, Jakey, I know I have always been a monumental prick and you have every right to be pissed at me, but this is a little overboard don’t you think?” Free tried pleading with the snarling wolf above him.
  Jake’s only answer was to lean in closer, open his jaw wide, and wrap those sharp teeth around his throat. Free didn’t want to fight Jake, but right now he had a very large and very pissed off alpha wolf ready to rip his throat out. Every instinct inside him screamed to let his own wolf out and fight to the death. A whisper in the back of his mind kept up a mantra he fought to quell. It kept saying, “Never submit.” But Free also knew that if he listened to that voice, that one of them would die and he didn’t want that. The thought of Lake or Larz being hurt or worse—he just couldn’t take that. He had only just got them and there was no way he was going to lose them now, so he fought against everything inside him and remained calm. Free relaxed his body, dropped his arms to his sides on the sand, slowed his breathing, then lifted his chin, exposing his throat. The sign of total submission.
  The enraged wolf slowly pulled back his head, his gaze boring into Free’s, then he began to move cautiously off him, backing away. Free remained prone the whole time, until Jake moved to stand between Theo and the hot guy with the gun pointed at him. Free sat up, then climbed to his feet and raised his arms as he took the few sideways steps to stand beside Larz and Lake.
  “So, where are we? What’s going on here?” Free asked softly, making sure to keep his voice non-threatening.
  “Seeing as you three are the intruders, you don’t get to ask the questions,” Flynn sneered.
  “What the fuck are you three doing here? I thought you caught a plane home?” Theo asked angrily.
  “Well, you see, we knew something wasn’t right and that you and Land were trying to feed us some bullshit story, so we told you what you wanted to hear and made it appear as if we left,” Larz replied.
  “Then we spent the next few days following you. From a distance of course. We knew Jake wasn’t dead, and I wasn’t going anywhere until I saw him, and we got some answers,” Free added.
  “We watched from the cover of one of the boats as that little cute guy came and found you and the three of you took off on that boat. We waited until you were just disappearing out of the harbor, so you wouldn’t see us, and we started following you,” Lake said.
  “We checked behind us a thousand times and we got here hours before you, so how the hell did you follow us?” Theo asked, his eyes and voice showing his suspicion.
  “And how do you know someone didn’t follow you?” Clovis asked with a growl.
  “Shit,” Larz hissed under his breath.
  Free turned to look at him. “No one followed us, or we would have seen them.”
  “No, not that. Free―” Larz started, but the little hottie cut him off.
  “Like you didn’t follow them? Great, so who should we expect next, a fucking Naval Fleet?”
  Free looked back to the gorgeous man and met his angry gaze. Damn the man had the most stunning deep blue eyes he had ever seen.
   “I doubt that. Seeing as there was no one to follow us. We only spied on them and gave chase because they’re our brothers and we knew they were lying. We came a long way to find them to make sure they were safe, and there is no one looking for us. No one but us is looking for them.”
  “Free, they’re omegas,” Larz whispered very low from the side of his mouth, but it was just enough that he could hear him. And apparently the men with the guns could too, because they raised them up again and took aim as Jake, still in wolf form began to pace in front of the men baring his teeth and letting out a deadly growl, his gaze trained on them.
  “Omegas? So is that it? You three found some omegas and are now living a life in paradise getting all the ass you want?” Free asked in disgust, but from the reaction he got, it was obvious everyone misunderstood him.
  Lake and Larz looked at him in horror as Jake began to stalk closer, his front going low as he prepared to strike, and the hot little man raised a hand at them and looked into his eyes. Free could see the deep concentration behind those pretty blue orbs and wondered what the little hottie was doing.
  After a moment the man’s eyes widened and filled with confusion. He quickly raised his gun, pointing at Free’s head, as he took a few steps closer. But the wolf only moved in front of him again as if telling the little man to back off.
  “Do you think you should clear their minds, Flynn, so we can send them on their way?” Theo asked.
  The man Theo called Flynn, ground his teeth together. His gaze hardened, and his eyes narrowed as he looked at Free suspiciously. “I just tried. It didn’t work.”
  “What do you mean it didn’t work? It always works,” another of the little men asked, his voice going a tad higher, showing his distress.
  “For some reason it’s not working on these three, so the only option we have is to shoot them,” Flynn said, and immediately every one of the armed men took aim and cocked their weapons.
  Free held out his hands in front of him as he took a step back and tried to reason with them. “Hold up. Just hold on a minute. We didn’t come here to cause any trouble, just to see our brothers and talk to them for a minute. Before we head home we just want to know that they’re okay and this is what they want and where they want to be. Once we hear that, we’ll be on our way.”
  “Unfortunately for you three, that’s not an option anymore. The only option at this point is to kill you and feed your remains to the sharks,” Flynn replied.
  “Jake, Theo, you can’t be serious? You’re an alpha, god damn it, Jake, why are you letting this little omega tell you what to do?” Free asked, with a growl in a last-minute attempt to save their lives. It was clear both Jake and Theo were following whatever this little omega said. Were they being kept here against their will? Did these omegas have some kind of hold over them?  Were they using their powers to control the men? What the hell was going on around here?
  In a quick second, Jake transformed back into his human form and moved to stand before Flynn. A sudden wave of rage and jealousy washed over him and Free felt his wolf coming to the surface. He could feel his eyes change and his canines broke free through his gums. He didn’t know why the hell he suddenly wanted to rip Jake apart, but his wolf snarled that his brother was standing too close to what was his.
  Mine! The wolf snarled in his head and the air rushed out of his lungs in an instant. What the hell? Where had that come from? And what did it mean? The wolf snapped again, growling, “Mine. Mate.” And Free’s world rocked on its axis.
  “Oh shit. Jake, step away from Flynn,” Theo warned calmly, but his eyes were wide open and had a hint of concern in them. But what Free saw most, was anxiety and fear.
  Like him being this Flynn guy’s mate was the worst possible thing in the world. Maybe it was. Hell, the little hottie was fucking gorgeous, but he was an omega, and everyone knew all they were was trouble.
  How many times had Alpha Andrew told them that omegas were the downfall of most packs and it took a strong alpha to control one. He said it was the omegas who turned their backs on packs and used their powers against them to abolish the packs they were in, leaving every man, woman, and child dead in their wakes. But if that was really true, then why did Alpha Andrew want them in his pack? Why was he always actively trying to find the breed and bring them to their pack? Something wasn’t adding up here.
  And since when did he listen to the ramblings of the psychotic man? For many years he had witnessed Alpha Andrew spiral into insanity and knew his word couldn’t be trusted. So, why now was he even considering anything that the man said to him as truth? Jake’s words brought him out of his head and he focused on what they were saying.
  “No. It can’t be. I will not allow it. I don’t give a rat’s ass as Theo always says. I am not their mate!” Flynn insisted.
  “Their mate? As in our mate? The three of us?” Larz questioned.
  “Yes, your mate. All three of you,” Jake replied, his voice laced with deep regret.
  What the fuck? Free thought.
  “What? Hold on a minute. Since when are you two gay?” Theo asked.
  “Um, since... always,” Larz replied, in annoyance as he glared at his brother.
  “Bullshit!” Jake spat. “What fucking game are you three playing here? If Flynn can’t use his mind-sweep on them, then I say we bring them to Chad and let him wipe their minds, then we send them packing.”
  “Wait a gods damn minute, Jakey!” Free ordered, releasing some of his alpha power. Everyone but Larz, Lake, Jake, and Flynn dropped to their knees and raised their chins, offering him their throats.
  He took a deep breath as he tried to control his anger and confusion. His own damn brother either wanted him dead or thrown off this island. Gods he knew he had been a rat bastard, but he had no idea how deep Jake’s anger at him went. It bordered on hatred and that thought killed him. He didn’t care what anyone here said, he wasn’t going anywhere until he made things right with Jake. And now that he had Lake and Larz, and they had found this man who was supposed to be their mate, he sure as hell wasn’t going anywhere.
  Free took another deep breath, then released it slowly. He looked to Larz, then Lake, and saw the confusion and worry in their eyes. Free then looked to Jake and saw disgust and that just wrecked him deeper. Jake may have been mad at him over the years, and maybe had not even wanted to spend time with him, but this look of pure revulsion twisted his heart and made him want to cry. Was this how Jake always felt when their positions were reversed and Free had looked at him like that? Oh, shit. He had so much to apologize and make up for.
  One of the little cuties looked around, then said, “Um... I think I know what they’re confused about.”
  Flynn, Theo, and Jake looked to him. “What is that, Ayrn?” Flynn asked, in exasperation.
  “They are your true inner circle, Flynn. They are all your mates, just like Jake, Landis, and Theo are Aiden’s mates. Remember what you said. A true inner circle created by the gods, and blessed by them, made up of an alpha, two betas, and an omega? Well…” the one Flynn called Ayrn said, with a shrug at the end.
  A true inner circle of four? What the hell was that? And did that mean that Larz and Lake were also his mates? But, if that was the case, then how did they spend their whole lives together and not know it? Just one whiff of the gorgeous omega’s scent and Free knew who he was, so why hadn’t he had the same reaction to his two best friends? Gods he was getting a headache. He looked to Flynn and met his gaze again, and suddenly, it felt like the floor had dropped out from beneath him. What he saw in the beautiful man's eyes scared the ever-living hell out of him and he knew he wasn’t going to like what the man was about to say.
  “I don’t care if they think I am their mate, or if the gods themselves came down from the heavens right now and told me they were. I will never, and I mean never be mate to these three monsters. The gods can kill me now and send my soul to hell and it would be a better outcome than to mate them. Take them away and lock them in the cells until we can get Chad to wipe their minds,” Flynn ordered, then without another word, he spun on his heels, and stormed away, disappearing into the brush.

Strange Sensations Revealed Book 2.5: Blurb
This book picks up exactly where book 2 left off.
Freedom, Lake, and Larz finally make it to the island where they find their brothers, but they also make a startling discovery. Not only do they find an island housing a family of omega wolves, but one of them is their mate. A mate who thinks of them as monsters and would rather die than to let them claim him.
Flynn remembers these men as enforcers to Alpha Andrew, the man who kept he and his brother Aiden prisoner for many years as he raped and tortured them. Along with the alpha, the betas and the enforcers had also spent many years doing horrible, despicable things to them. How could fate be so cruel as to make these three monsters his mates? All Flynn sees when he looks at the trio is the years of torment he had endured.
When the three arrive on his island Flynn wants them dead. He knows he can’t let them off the island for fear they will return to Alpha Andrew and tell him where they are, and Flynn will die before he ever lets anyone control him again.
But evil forces are already on the way to this private, hidden island, and Flynn as well as Jake, Landis, Theo, and all of the omegas, will need to find a way to listen to Freedom and his men and trust in them if they are to survive.
A nefarious plan by their former alphas and the council itself is discovered, and in the end they learn that it is not only omegas who are in danger, but true tri inner circles as well. Can Flynn, Freedom, Larz, and Lake find their way to come together in time to save them all, or will they all become captives of an evil council hell bent on power?
No, no, no! Flynn raged in his head as he flew past his office door and headed down the back hallway to the library. He flung his hands out before him, throwing the doors wide open as he stormed into the room. As he moved across the floor, he threw his hands down and back and the doors slammed closed behind him.

  Flynn grabbed ten books that sat lined up on one shelf and dropped to the floor on his ass, spreading them out around him, then grabbed the first one which he thought was the most promising to have the answers he sought. There had to be a way to break a mating pull. Flynn thought, then began skimming through the pages of the old text.
  He couldn’t mate them, there was just no way in hell he could ever give himself to any of them. Even though Larz was freaking adorable in his wolf form acting all excited like a young pup and all he wanted to do was shift into his wolf and play with the larger wolf.
  “No! Stop thinking like that,” he chastised himself, as he furiously fingered through the pages, his eyes quickly scanning the text.
  “I have to find something. There must be something. Please, Fate. You know I can’t trust them. I can’t give my heart to them ever, so why did you send them to me, just so I could hurt them?”
  What the hell was that? No, I should be worried about mating them because of my own heart and safety, not worrying about hurting them with my rejection. This is about protecting me, not them. He thought.
 Yeah, keep telling yourself that and maybe you’ll be able to keep fooling yourself.
 “Shut up!” Flynn yelled at the thoughts in his head.
Tears began to form in his eyes and Flynn tried to blink them away, but the more he fought the emotions, the faster his tears came. He couldn’t let them in. He couldn’t trust them. Even though he knew everything they had talked about a few days ago when they sat in that cell were true, he still couldn’t allow them in.
  Yes, he now knew they were not to blame for the horrors of what he, Aiden, and other omegas had suffered, and they couldn’t even really be blamed for knowing and doing nothing about it, because they had actually tried to help, but because of lies, they hadn’t realized the omega was male.
  “It doesn’t matter. None of that matters. They are an alpha and betas and therefore cannot be trusted. End of story.”
  Then why do you trust Jake, Theo, and Landis so much? They are alpha and betas as well. And then there is Breccan, Randy, and Cyder. You trust them more than anyone except for Aiden and they are an alpha and two betas.
  Flynn wanted to punch himself in the head to shut up the voice. The last thing he needed right now was a voice of reason. Yes, he was fully aware of how stupid that sounded and how ridiculous he was being, but he just couldn’t give a fuck right now.
  When Larz had run toward Val, Flynn’s immediate reaction was to fry his ass to keep him away from the young wolf, but Luka had done it for him, which Flynn was thrilled about. His boys were showing more signs of not only protecting themselves, but each other, and that is exactly one of the reasons he and Aiden had started Omega Island. But once he saw Larz fly through the window, Flynn’s heart damn near stopped in his chest and he was frozen momentarily, and not from Aiden using one of his powers.
  Flynn had wanted to run out the door immediately and check on his mate to make sure he wasn’t hurt, but then he stopped himself, because the thought of mate running through his head shocked the hell out of him. The fact that he had actually thought about one of them in the term of mate was horrifying. But then as soon as everyone was unfrozen and Free asked if he could check on Larz, another wave of concern had washed over him and he was struck with fear of another kind. Fear that his mate was hurt or worse and Flynn couldn’t stop his feet from following Free outside.
  “Damn it. I knew I shouldn’t have allowed then to join us for breakfast, but that’s one of the things we do around here. I listen to everyone's opinions, and all the men agreed to let them out of their suite and join them.” Each of the men said it was the only way for them to get accustomed to them being around. Flynn knew they all knew he was their mate and they were thinking along the lines of Free, Lake, and Larz staying, but he was adamant that it wouldn’t be a good idea to let them stay. Even though he admitted to himself that he didn’t think he could actually kill them, or have anyone else do it, and he didn’t think they would have to wipe their memories when they sent them away, but he still couldn’t let them stay.
  That’s your own fears telling you that. The snarky voice in his head spoke again.
  “Stupid voice,” he mumbled as he grabbed a second book.
  “Flynn, what are you doing?” Aiden asked, as he stepped into the room with his mates.
  Without looking up, Flynn replied, “Trying to find a spell or something that will break a mating bond before it’s forged.”
  Aiden gasped as he dropped down on the floor beside him. “Flynn, why would you want to do that? I know you’re not happy with your mates showing up right now, but you don’t know if that will change at any time. What if you break the mating pull and a month from now you want your mates? You’ll never be able to take it back.”
  Flynn’s head snapped up and he glared at Aiden. “We don’t know that. If there is a way to break it, then there must be a way to re-form it. But that’s beside the point,” Flynn argued as he waved his hand around.
  “And what is the point?” Aiden asked.
  “The point is, I will never want to mate any of them, I want to forget all three of them,” Flynn insisted then looked back down at the book.
  Aiden sighed as he laid a hand on the book Flynn was trying to read and pushed it down, getting Flynn’s attention again. “Flynn, I know you feel that way now, but don’t say never because you don’t know what tomorrow brings. After everything we said and everything we heard from them the other day in the barn, how can you still think they had anything to do with what Alpha Andrew was doing? I know they were being honest with us, Flynn, and I know you do too.”
  “Yes, okay, I admit it, I know they were telling the truth. I couldn’t sense any deception, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are still an alpha and two betas and we can’t trust them,” Flynn said adamantly.
  Aiden’s eyes filled with tears and he swallowed, then whispered in a broken voice, “So you don’t really trust my men like you claim to. Well, that’s good to know.” Aiden climbed to his feet and turned away.
  Flynn jumped to his feet and grabbed Aiden’s arm, then spun him around. “No, Aiden, that’s not it. I do trust Jake, Theo, and Landis, I do, but…” He didn’t know what to say to prove it to his brother, or how to explain it.
  “But what, Flynn? None of us trusted them when they first arrived, and they had to prove themselves to us,” Aiden argued, and motioned with his hand toward his mates who stood silently by just watching. “And you know what, Flynn? They did. More than we could have imagined. My mates were, are, still willing to throw their brothers, their only living relatives out, for us. To protect us. All of us. They may not fully like it now that they have talked with their brothers and some misunderstandings have been worked out, but they will still do it if it means keeping us and this island safe. If I have learned anything from my mates as well as from Brec, Randy, and Cy, it’s that we can’t judge all alphas or betas as if they were evil monsters like those others. It’s not fair to them and it’s not fair to us. We may be pushing some amazing people out of our lives, Flynn. And I know, with absolute certainty, that if you do this, if you find a spell that will break the bond, or even send them away, you will regret it.”
  Aiden pulled his arm from Flynn’s grasp and turned, then grabbed one of Jake’s hands and one of Landis’s and pulled them along. Before he stepped out of the room, Aiden turned back, and their gazes met. “And another thing. If you hadn’t convinced me to take a leap of faith and give my men a chance, to get to know them, then I would never have found my true happiness, Flynn. I would have stopped myself from the love I have for my mates and the love they shower me with. I would have denied myself the joy I have in my life now. By accepting my men and allowing myself to fall, to love, the darkness within me has gone away. What was left festering because of those who did evil to me, is now gone and the space is filled with the love of my mates. Think of that before you allow your fear to do something you may never be able to take back.” Aiden spun back around and walked away with Jake and Landis.
  Flynn noticed Theo didn’t make a move to follow. He just stood there with his hands tucked into the front pockets of his jeans, looking at Flynn with loving eyes.
  “Believe it or not, Flynn, I do actually understand. After what Monroe and his betas put me through, I do have some understanding of what you and the others went through and of the fear that grips you because of it. I agree with my wonderful mate. Please don’t let that fear stop you from getting the love and happiness you deserve. I’m not saying you have to mate with them, or even keep them here, but don’t break the bond. They can’t go anywhere, we have all made sure of that, so we don’t have to worry about them leaving without us knowing and telling anyone. Which I honestly doubt they ever would, even if their motive was just to keep me, Jake, and Land safe. So why not let them stay and get to know them? I’m not asking because Larz is my brother and Free and Lake are Jake and Land’s. I’m asking for you. You are an amazing man, Flynn Starlight, and you deserve to have all the love in the world and three wonderful mates to stand by you and be there for you to lean on when all of this gets too much for you. And I know that it does. How could it not? It’s not easy being in charge. All I’m saying is, don’t make others pay for the evil things certain people did or do. It would be just like packs hunting omegas to kill them because of the lies and stories that have been told about your kind.” And with that, Theo turned and walked away.

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