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Celebrating Again! – #BirthdayBash #EroticRomance #Giveaway

The Gazillionaire and the Virgin cover

By Lisabet Sarai

January is another month with thirty-one days, so here I am – celebrating again!

Why am I celebrating? Chinese New Year was more than a week ago. Valentine’s Day is two weeks away. To all appearances, this is an ordinary Tuesday, a work day, nothing special at all.

However, today happens to be my birthday, a milestone birthday in fact. I won’t be specific, but suffice to say, I’ve been on this planet a long time. And while at this point I’m far from the sultry creature in my head shot (which was taken in my twenties!), I’m in pretty good shape for my age. 

Sure I have my aches and pains. Certainly there are some things I can’t do anymore, especially from a physical perspective. However, I’m healthy and full of hope. I live in a fascinating foreign country. I have a loving, considerate, intelligent and funny long-time companion and a fantastic if demanding day job. And I am still writing, twenty four years after publishing my first novel – and still finding joy in the process.

To get the party started, I’ve got an excerpt from what is probably my favorite romance, The Gazillionaire and the Virgin. And what’s a party without favors? I’ll give away two copies of this five-star, trope-busting novel to two randomly selected people who comment.

And if you’re really good, you might get a slice of birthday cake...


She’s the billionaire. He’s the virgin. Still, he knows how to make her melt.

When Silicon Valley entrepreneur Rachel Zelinsky meets reclusive genius Theo Moore, she has a single objective —a deal to incorporate his AI software into her company’s popular virtual world. She finds Theo to be arrogant, sensitive and socially awkward, but his aura of power speaks to her carefully-hidden submissive side. Confused and aroused, she falls under his geeky spell.

Theo Moore can’t be bought. His past battles with poverty make him deeply suspicious of the billionaire CEO, though Rachel’s voluptuous curves and brilliant mind embody his ultimate fantasy. Too bad his knowledge about sex derives from extensive research and a stash of kinky porn rather than real-world experience.

Rachel may be Theo’s first lover, but Theo is her first true Master. One word from him, one touch, and she surrenders to bliss. It seems that love and complementary desire may harmonize their differing values, until Rachel’s unwitting violation of Theo’s trust tears them apart.

Newly edited edition! Includes a steamy bonus Valentine’s story featuring Rachel and Theo!

Review Quotes

...sweet and romantic but steamy and sexy at the same time. .... I adored it!”

~ Crazie Bettie, Amazon US

This book is one of the top five hottest books I have read. These were two of my most favorite lovers. I was wrung out when I finished it but what a delight!” ~ Sheila, Amazon US

"I was completely drawn into this relationship, and the relationship IS the story. The connection Rachel and Theo build between them is vividly portrayed, beautiful and well-written, poignant in some ways and hot enough to melt the pages in others. Which is exactly what I want in erotic novels.~ Lola White, Goodreads


I decide to drive myself, and choose the BMW for its aura of unobtrusive luxury. One look at my red Lamborghini, I suspect, and Theo Moore would run away screaming. Cruising up to his attractive but unremarkable building at exactly six, I pull into one of the parking spots labeledVisitors. My pulse, Im annoyed to notice, is elevated, and my cheeks feel hot. Do I look as flustered as I feel?

A quick check in the rear-view mirror reassures me. My understated make-up enlarges my eyes and shrinks my rather prominent nose. Gold-plated combs sweep my unruly curls away from my temples into a semi-elegant cascade. Matching gold earrings dangle from my earlobes almost to my bare shoulders. My strapless gown of teal satin hugs my bust and hips like it was made for mewhich of course it was. I practice a confident but non-threatening smile. Good evening, Theo. Im so glad you decided to come.

The minutes tick by, but theres no sign of him. Should I climb up to his door and ring? Or wait for him to work up the courage to come out by himself? Does he realize Ive arrived? Is he watching out his window? Or cowering in his room?

I get more annoyed by the second. I am considering honking the horn, which I know will embarrass him, when he appears on the second floor landing. I recognize him by his height and bulk. Otherwise, hes transformed.

In the custom tailored tuxedo, hes distinguished and elegant. The sleek black trousers cling to what are obviously powerful, muscular legs. The jacket highlights his broad shoulders and trim waist. Not fat, oh no! He moves with unexpected grace, as if the formal clothing bestowed a sort of gravitas to subdue his usual gawkiness. With his dark hair slicked back from his forehead, he looks like some international man of mystery. The spectacles just heighten the impression of intelligence and sophistication.

Holding the rail of the gallery that runs along the second floor, he scans the parking area.

Over here, Theo,I call out of the open window.

He jumps at the sound of my voice. I think hes about to bolt, to flee back into his condo and slam the door. I can practically see the struggle going on in his body. I hold my breath, waiting for the outcome. Finally he raises his hand in a feeble wave, and fumbles his way down the stairs. The strong, self-assured man of a few moments earlier has vanished. But I remember him. Thats the Theo Moore I need to cultivate.

He makes it to the car. I press the auto-release and the door swings open.Hi, Theo. Come on, get in. Were running somewhat late.

He ducks his head, folds his long limbs and maneuvers his massive body onto the leather upholstery. After fastening his seat belt, he focuses his attention on the blinking, teak-inlaid instrument panel. He neither greets me nor apologizes.

With a shrug, I trigger the ignition and back out onto the road.You look fantastic, by the way.

I feel ridiculous. Like some performer in a circus. Or maybe a trained seal.

Im sorry youre uncomfortable.I swing the car out of his complex onto El Camino Real.In a way, I guess this is a kind of performance. The tux really looks great on you, though. Youre going to impress the donors. And thats whats important, isnt it?

I suppose so.He slumps into the bucket seat, sulking.

With a sigh, I address myself to the task of driving. Its not far from Palo Alto to Mountain View, but the Saturday evening traffic is insane. Is it any wonder I prefer Santa Cruz? If Theo doesnt feel like making conversation, thats fine. I wont be distracted.

A traffic light turns red just as Im about to slide through.Oh, damn!I glance over at my passenger, embarrassed by my lack of patience.Sorry. But I wanted to get there early enough to greet the first guests.

Im surprised to discover that Theos staring at me.

You look beautiful,he says, his voice low and earnest.

Umwhat?I gun the engine as the light flashes green, bolting ahead of the other vehicles.

Your hair. Your dress. The color suits you. It makes your skin look like polished ivory.

Huh?Ahthank you, Theo. I guess well make an attractive couple. Never hurts when youre pitching to the beautiful people, right?I force out a chuckle.

He does not respond. Theo Moore really doesn’t really understand the dynamics of polite conversation. 



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