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Welcome to Sweet n Sexy Divas with me, the newest Diva, Vicki Batman.

Hi, everyone! 

First, for those of you who aren’t familiar with me, yes, Batman is really my last name. I can honestly say I married my very own superhero. The family story goes the name comes from England. We’ve met other Batmans in Indiana, Oklahoma, and Kansas.

I began writing after a girlfriend trip. We were playing a Q&A game. After the pick one—Tom Jones or Englebert Humperdink—we were told to write the opening paragraph of a story using the word “window.”

I had nothing. And nothing really, really bothered me as I had a deep dark secret-I wanted to write. Long before that trip, I devoured Dick Francis’ mysteries. When Handsome asked me why I liked them so, I admitted how I wished I could write like him.

But I didn’t. I didn’t try because I was worried about failure.

Later, I learned many creatives have those feelings.

My friends and I have a fun movie we watch, Strictly Ballroom. Have you seen it? There’s a line, I believe from an old proverb, which goes, “A life lived in fear is a life half-lived.” I wasn’t living my potential.
So, I met my friend’s game challenge, went home, and wrote eight chapters. I showed my friend who handed the pages back with “keep going.” I did.  

I’ve written two romantic comedy mysteries and thirty-five romantic comedy short stories and essays.

There have been challenges: Handsome’s cancer treatment and ten years later, ten surgeries to repair radiation treatment. Today, he struggles to overcome swallowing issues.

And there have been great joys—two college grads, a daughter in law, and in July, we welcome a new baby girl. 

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And for fun, here’s an excerpt from “Man Theory,” a short story in Just Desserts…and other stories:

Love blossoms in the small town of Sommerville in these heart-warming, 
“cute meet” tales, filled with fun and forever possibilities.

"I have a theory about love.”

               Ethan's statement knocked me from the proverbial mountain top. Eyeing him, I clapped my hand across my mouth to stifle a giggle.

               From Day One at our new jobs at Prime Designs, Ethan and I had forged a friendship. I was the artsy heart-sy, emotional gal. Him--the technical, by-the-book pal. We ate an occasional dinner, watched a movie, whatever. Traded small gifts like coffee, a magazine, music. However, Ethan had never made an overture toward me.

               Translated: Nothing intimate.

               I'd said to myself, "Rats."

               For work, we'd traveled to Colorado Springs to attend a workshop on web design innovations. After check-in, I'd joined him at the bridge crossing the lake to decide about lunch before the meetings commenced.

               My six-one geek wearing rimless glasses, leaned against the railing and stared into the sparkling blue waters of the high mountain lake. The feathered fowl paddled by.

               Have his feelings changed?

               I asked in disbelief, "R-really? A theory...about love?"

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New Release + Exciting News with @AuthorNicMorgan #Romance #Contemporary #Suspense #Action

Welcome to Sweet N Sexy Divas, I'm your tour host for the day, so sit back, prop up your feet and get comfy. I'm about to share some goodies with you.

A New Release!

After months of waiting, it's finally here! Well, almost here anyway. Guardian: A Limited-Edition Collection of Alpha Wolves is releasing on April 30th and it has one hell of an alpha lineup!

Join the pack with this collection of wolf shifters.

Turn the page and dive into worlds filled with sexy wolf shifters and thrilling tales. Whether you're looking for romance or adventure, there's something within these pages.

These heroes are nothing like the big bad wolf, but only in the best way.

The entire set includes: 

Wolf at the Door by Nicole Morgan

Glass Heart by Laura Greenwood

My Guardian by Laurie Treacy

Marradity, Darkly by Lori Titus

Charming Like a Wolf by Tina Glasneck

A Trio of Wolves by Arizona Tape

Spun Sugar by Donna R. Mercer

Alpha Untamed: The Lone Wolf of Cannifton by Misha Carver

Rezso by Kat Parrish

His Witch by Harper Phoenix

The Wolf's Bride by Tricia Schneider

Haunted Wolf by Nikki Landis

Her Fate, His Mate (Wolves of Windsor Woods1) by Krista Ames

A Howling Good Time by Deelylah Mullin


In 2019 there may only be eight months left to go. But, in those eight months, I have over a dozen books being released. And one, in particular, is going to be HUGE!

Check out SOULS & SHADOWS and learn how you can get FREE books just by preordering this awesome collection! 

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Darkness has risen, and the shadows are calling.
Face haunting new worlds filled with paranormal creatures and breathtaking romance. Journey with beautiful beasts, sexy-as-sin vampires, soul-searing demigods, shadowy necromancers, and unlikely heroes as they fall in love and battle for good in this collection of fantasy adventures.
Will they survive the shadow’s call?
There’s only one way to find out.
Fans of Jim Butcher and Ilona Andrews will get lost in this heart-pounding magical collection of 27 tales from today’s USA Today bestsellers and talented new authors.
One-Click today to summon your copy and see if you can survive the night.

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Thanks for joining me today. Have a fantastic weekend! 

Thank You for joining me today! I'll see you all next month on the 1st. Have a great month and remember to check out Romance Books 4 Us for some awesome reads! 

Nicole Morgan is an author of erotic romance novels, which more often than not have a suspenseful back story. Erotic romance mixed with good old-fashioned whodunit. While she's written everything from contemporary to paranormal her leading men will more than likely be wearing a uniform of some kind. From military to police officers, she has a love for writing about those who protect and serve. From her very first novel about Navy SEALs to her more recent releases you will be sure to find a few twists and turns you were not expecting.

She is a proud member of the Romance Books 4 Us Gold Authors and also one of the Sweet N Sexy Divas.  

Until next month lovies ~ Nic 

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Sanctuary For My Mate

Forgiveness For My Mate: Tatum’s perfect, well-planned life crashed one piece at a time. After small mistakes led to bigger ones, she’s ready to give up and walk away from the only dream she ever knew. A trip to a New Mexico retreat sounds like the best way to pull herself together. Then she met Connor, a hot falcon shifter who shows her a whole new world full of possibilities she never imagined. Connor’s falcon claimed her at first glance. Now faced with her inner demons, can she learn to forgive herself and stop the cycle of self-destruction? Will his love be enough to calm the anxiety and fears that prevent her from finding the life she never knew she wanted?

Harmony For My Mate: How do you choose between two women, when only the love of both will bring you harmony?

Cameron was born a falcon shifter, but when his arrogance prompted a total disregard for safety, he was attacked by a bear shifter. Living with two predatory animals who want control makes it hard to find peace. When he meets the new chef, Eliza, his bear recognizes his mate, but his falcon longs for Skylar, a love from his past. When an opportunity presents itself that will make all the three happy, Eliza’s heart fights against her traditional upbringing, and she retreats into fear and uncertainty. Skylar knows their unique love will work. But first she must break through the walls Cameron and Eliza built, but that won’t be easy when Cam’s heart is split in two and Eliza refuses to believe she deserves happiness. Can three unique hearts turn their back on tradition and forge a new type of bond in order to bring harmony to their lives? 

This is a standalone within a series. It does not need to be read in order. However, there are details that are mentioned in this book that will reference events in previous books. These details do not change the plot of this story.

Shelter For My Mate: What do you do when you’ve lost everything you’ve ever wanted?

Caleb opened the Libre Volare Resort with one mission, provide sanctuary for those in need. Taking care of his family became his only goal. But the harder he works to save the resort, the further away he drives his family. Wednesday struggles to remain by his side, but when he pushes away from her, she’s left alone and full of doubt. Then tragedy hits and the sanctuary he created falls apart. His dreams die, and he can’t face the defeat and humiliation. The only way he can find his way back is to accept he needs help from the same people he vowed to care for. Is Wednesday’s love strong enough for both of them? Can she show him that fighting for his dream is worth the trials and tribulations? 

My Mate's Destiny: Sybil Harris is destined to be the next alpha. But it’s the last thing she wants.
As a young woman in 1969, Sybil Harris dreams of a world filled with equality and peace. Where her pack will accept her because she is strong and heroic and not the daughter of their alpha. She is promised to a strong mate and her whole life is planned. But no one bothered to ask her. On a weekend trip to San Francisco, she meets her soulmate and questions everything she knew. Now, she has to fight her promised mate, her pack, and even her family to forge her own path. But is true love worth walking away from the only life she’s known?

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What are the servants up to? Can a maid really marry a viscount? Or is this just a fling?

Romantic comedy series
available on Kindle KU and more!
It's one thing for a butler to run a household, another for him to find his employer, the mistress of the house, appealing.

But then a few houses away, the new governess dances in the hall at midnight...and plays a friendship game of chess with her employer, the earl. What does she hide...aside from her love of the earl? Hmmm.

And a few doors away, the viscount who lives there—a widower, poor man—must take on a maid at the behest of his sister. Yet he knows this maid, a charming girl whom once he loved madly. Since he last saw her, she's become a renowned cook in Brighton. But something is amiss. She seeks sanctuary in his townhome. Odd. She won't tell him why.

HER BEGUILING BUTLER, the first in this romantic comedy series, is out now. HIS TEMPTING GOVERNESS will be on pre-order for half price this Monday on Kindle KU! HIS NAUGHTY MAID will be on pre-order at half price June 10 on Kindle KU.

You don't want to miss this series of Regency romantic comedies with a hint of mystery, DELIGHTFUL DOINGS IN DUDLEY CRESCENT!

As one reader says, "NOT your ho-hum Regency!"

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Wanted by Jane Henry 

Release date Friday, April 26



They call me Vigilante because I make my own laws.
Because I get retribution when there’s none to be had.
Because my name is Jace Mercy... but I show none. 


Stood up at the altar, I ran from everything familiar... and straight into trouble.
Now I’m the lone witness to a backwoods execution.
A wanted woman with a price on my head.

I’m trapped in a cabin with the one man who can save me.
I’m under his protection.
I’m in his bed.
But there’s a price to pay for his protection.
Total submission. 
And there’s nowhere left to run…

My bio:

USA Today bestselling author Jane Henry pens stern but loving alpha heroes, feisty heroines, and emotion-driven happily-ever-afters. She writes what she loves to read: kink with a tender touch. Jane is a hopeless romantic who lives on the East Coast with a houseful of children and her very own Prince Charming. 


“Stay right there,” he growls in my ear, while he gets up and moves to where he’s kept the length of rope he brought in this morning. My eyes go wide, and I clench my thighs, so desperate for pressure there. He returns seconds later with the rope in his hands. Still fully clothed, he uncoils the end and wraps it around my wrists. I watch his look of concentration with a mixture of arousal and curiosity.
What’s he doing?
The rope twists around my wrists, down my arms and back, leaving my breasts and pussy bare, but when he comes to my legs, I’m bound again. He continues expert weaving and knotting until I’m trussed up and immobile. I wiggle my fingers and toes just to see if I can.
“Jace,” I whisper. His finger comes to my lips to silence me.
“Talk again, and I get my whip.”
I shiver and swallow, and a part of me—maybe the desperate masochist in me he’s awakened, the part that wants to silence the inner workings of my mind—wants to see him make good on that threat.
Was it a threat? Is he bluffing?
 I don’t know why, but I need to know that I can challenge him, and he’ll follow through.
If I open my mouth, I welcome pain.
I want this.
“You can’t tell me not to talk,” I challenge, meeting his torrid gaze with one of my own.
I’ve thrown the gauntlet and now I wait.
I wonder for a moment if I’ve pushed too far when he growls, low and deep, a sound I feel right between my legs, just before he fists my hair and yanks my head back.
“You think this is a game, darlin’?”
I can’t shake my head but instead meet his eyes, hoping he can read what I can’t say.
I want him to hurt me.
I want to be fully at his mercy. I want no part in controlling this.
I want to feel.  
Sliding off the bed, he stalks away from me, taking his heat with him. I shiver. I try to turn my head to see, but I’m pretty much anchored in place. I hear him over by the door, then the click of metal. He’s opening the chest where he keeps his things. I can’t breathe, and the rope I’m tied with suddenly seems too tight, my skin too hot and swollen against the rough ties.
When he returns, he’s wielding a thin, black-handled riding crop. Without thinking, I push against the restraints, and when they don’t yield, my heart stutters to a halt.
That isn’t his whip, but still… this is going to hurt.
He bends down and whispers in my ear as he trails the tip of the crop along my naked pussy.
“You need a lesson, darlin’,” he whispers against my ear, his hot breath making me shiver.
“Do I?” I whisper.
“Don’t play with fire if you don’t want to get burned.”
I swallow, shivering under the breath of his whisper. “What if I want to get burned?”
“Why don’t you save those words for when I’m through with you?”
I close my mouth and my eyelids flutter closed. I’m trying to get my bearings when he lifts the crop and smacks it against my bare pussy. I clench and freeze but can’t block him. My eyes fly open. He stands above me, dragging the crop up my belly, pausing to circle my navel, then tracing the undersides of my breast before snap! He slams the leather against my breast.
I gasp and my sex throbs.
He continues stroking the leather along the valleys and slopes of my body, and just as I begin to relax under the crop’s caress, he lifts his wrist and flicks it again and again, until my body’s stippled with shades of pink and red, but still, he’s holding back. I can tell with every snap of his wrist he wants more. If he fully unleashes himself, he could hurt me, but is there no middle ground?
“Is that all you’ve got, cowboy?” I taunt, even as I shiver with arousal and fear. I’m completely helpless and bound, my body throbbing from the smacks of his palm and the flicks of the crop.
“Freya,” he warns.
I want this so badly my eyes water and my voice wavers when I speak. “Hurt me, Jace,” I beg. “That’s not a whip and you know it.”
The clench of his jaw tells me he’s heard my pleas. “My whip could flay skin from your pretty back,” he grits out. “It’s a weapon I’ve used to bring full-grown men to their knees and ain’t a toy, Freya.”
“It could hurt me,” I tell him. “But you’re the master of it.”
His Adam’s apple bobs up and down.
I take in a deep breath, then let it out slowly before I speak.
“So fucking do it.”
I’m in his arms and the tie at my ankles is gone. I’m bound only by my wrists now. I’m on my knees and my wrists are above my head, fastened to something above me. The bedpost? I tug them and there’s hardly any resistance at all, and I’m squirming before he even touches me. I’m crazy. This is gonna fucking hurt.
I hear the whip before I see it, a slithering sound on the hardwood floor behind me, then a crack! that makes me jump, but nothing touches me. He’s working his whip behind me, cracking it in the air and looping it on the floor.
Every crack makes my pulse stutter, but I’m ready for this.
“So fucking gorgeous,” he says, before a whoosh and swish, then a line of fire like nothing I’ve ever felt lights up my ass.
I yank on the rope and twist, involuntarily trying to escape the pain, but he’s got me tied hard and fast. If the crop was a matchstick, this is a bonfire, blistering and roaring and consuming everything in its path: my will, my thoughts, and somehow, my own pain. I wonder if I’ve gone crazy to want this. I’m whimpering and writhing, but he doesn’t let up. The slither and crack warn me before another bite of leather flares on my naked skin.
Oh my God, it hurts like nothing I’ve ever felt before, but between strokes he’s dragging leather along my skin, and my body throbs, needing more.
My mind is a series of flickers and lights with no thoughts I can grasp. I’m bound and helpless, but I’ve never been so free in my life. I’m soaring, riding a surge of euphoria that threatens to break me in two. Rocking, keening with pleasure and pain, blood rushes thunderously through my ears with the licks of the whip’s tail.
I want this. God, I fucking need this.
I’m so intoxicated I’m numbing to the pain. I can feel the impact, the burn even, but every time I flinch with a lick of his whip, I arch my back into the pain. The pain morphs into a throbbing, growing need. I’ve never felt so alive or so beautiful beneath the onslaught of his lashes.
I’m his masterpiece and his whip is his brush.


“We need to talk about this obedience thing,” she says.
I turn and face her. “Do we?”
So cute, how she thinks she controls this.
“We do,” she says, with an air of dignity. “It’s very... old-fashioned.”
“Your point?”
“I don’t... you’re very... I’m not okay with the concept.”
“And I’m not okay with disobedience. So where does that leave us?”
“Can’t we just get along like equals?”
“Of course we’re equals,” I tell her. “Me telling you to fuckin’ do what I say doesn’t mean I’m any better than you. It means this is my place. My home. My rules.”
“But I’m not a child,” she protests.
I scan her full breasts and flat belly, her hands anchored on those fine hips.
She most definitely is not.
“I’m well aware of that,” I tell her, enjoying the way she bites her lips and her cheeks color.
“Can you go into more specifics about what you mean by obeying you?”
“It’s not complicated, Freya,” I tell her. “If I tell you to do something, you do it. No talking back. No mouthing off. You speak to me with respect and obey my instructions.”
Shaking her head incredulously, as if she can’t even comprehend the very thought of what I’m demanding, she asks, “And if I don’t?”
I sincerely hope there are times she does not. How I’d love to put that feisty little girl over my lap.
“It’s simple. If you disobey me, I’ll punish you.”
Those pretty eyes widen, and she swallows. “How?”
“Depends,” I tell her. “But you’re right. I’m an old-fashioned man with old-fashioned notions. If you disobey me, you’ll find yourself over my knee.”
“What?” she sputters, coloring a fetching shade of pink.
“Keep it up,” I tell her. “And you’ll get a firsthand demonstration.”
“But I haven’t done anything... disobedient,” she says, but there’s a question in her voice. She might not admit it, but she’s curious. If ever a girl need a firm hand, she’s standing right in front of me.
“Yet,” I tell her. “But there’s not a thing about you that’s submitted. You’re pushing back with everything you’ve got, like you stand a damn chance.”
Her mouth drops open and she gapes at me, before she slams her lips together and glares. “Oh, now we’re really getting to the heart of this. Submission? You want me to submit to you?” She stands and places her fists on the table, palms down, as if she’s trying to get an advantage by being over me.
The sudden vision of her on her knees before me, my rope lashed about her delicate body, marked by my belt and primed to submit, makes my dick harden.
Christ, what I want to do to her.
“Don’t flatter yourself, darlin’,” I tell her, getting to my feet and scowling down at her. “You can forget whatever city notions you’ve got in your head about goddamn BDSM bullshit. This is no game to me. There are no safewords or roles. You do as you’re goddamned told or your ass feels my palm. Now get up and head to the shower.”
Maybe she needs to see I mean what I say. Maybe a little part of her wants to lose control. Or maybe she feels some sort of fucking allegiance to the female species, because she doesn’t do what I say but glares at me.
Silently begging.
Well didn’t she just make my fucking day. 

April 26, 2019

Once again, Ms. Jane Henry has penned a spine-tingling, edge-of-your-seat tale that is full of mystery, suspense, danger, life and death, angst, passion, and power. Two people will come together in a very unusual situation, each from different lifestyles, but the sexual chemistry between them just sizzles off the pages. One has run away and is wanted, the other is an outcast and seeking justice; together they find dominance and submission.

Freya Rhett will be humiliated when she is abandoned at the altar by Winston Luxe, and her parents tell her, “go collect yourself,” and announce that a party at the hall has been paid for and will still go on. In shock, betrayed, she will find a car and leave, heading as far away as she can until hours later she sees a bar and stops. Not enough to eat that day, too much alcohol, and witnessing a murder will send her running for her life—until she is knocked 
unconscious. Waking up in a strange place with the man from the bar—the one they call Vigilante.

Jace Mercy is a man who avoids most people, he is over corrupt officials, murdering criminals, and he has been tracking certain individuals. Seeing the woman in the bar, he knows she doesn’t fit it—but her stumbling onto an execution and then running for her life, he has to rescue her and let the Saxons go. Taking her back to his place isn’t ideal, but his only choice, putting up with her attitude, that he can remedy. He will lay down rules and expect her to listen—or else.

“We need to talk about this obedience thing. It’s very—old-fashioned. I don’t—you’re very—I’m not okay with the concept. Can’t we just get along like equals?” --Freya

“My place. My home. My rules. It’s simple. If you disobey me, I’ll punish you. But you’re right. I’m an old-fashioned man with old-fashioned notions. If you disobey me, you’ll find yourself over my knee. I didn’t ask you, I’m telling you. You’re under my protection now. You’re under my roof. And as such, you will obey me. You, darlin’, have everything you want, but nothing you need.” –Jace

The chemistry between Jace and Freya just oozes off the pages from the beginning to the end. She has never met a man who is so dominant and someone she is willing to submit to freely, learning that with pain comes pleasure. She learns quickly that he will protect her, will punish her, and will show her a side of sex she has never experienced before. He hasn’t felt this way for a woman since his Sarabeth, and that scares him. Can he allow himself to feel again?

“He doesn’t play by anyone’s rules but his, and apparently that includes dishing out compliments when he wants to. I always thought sex was overrated, but this—this isn’t just sex. It’s wild, carnal indulgence with a man who knows how to work my body. It’s a night of utter abandon, chasing pleasure and pain.”

“You like to be dominated. And I mean to show you the very many ways I intend on doing just that.”

Danger is coming, and Jace knows he will have to face it head on, but he wants to keep Freya safe. When the knock comes at the door, and it is the sheriff, he knows time is up. The reward for Freya is high, and there are those who need to shut her up. What will it take to end this battle, so they both come out alive?

The story has explicit sex scenes, rope play, dominance and submission, spankings, BDSM scenes, as well as some violence and life and death situations. When it comes down to the nitty-gritty of life, money doesn’t matter; it’s what a man and a woman feel for each other. Freya discovers that she has never felt love until she met Jace—what does the future hold?

“There’s a weight on my chest I can’t lift alone. I’ve been a pawn in a life and death game of chess, and someone’s about to call checkmate.”

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Swim in DEADLY WATERS, #RomanticSuspense by @SuzdeMello (#BermudaTriangle #cozy mystery #FREE #KU)

As I've mentioned more than once, one of the joys of ebooks is that our stories never die--they are reincarnated in newer and better forms. My effort to re-edit and repackage previously published books continues, and this month's offering is Deadly Waters, a romantic suspense novel that was originally purchased by Five Star Mysteries back in 2006. 

It's gotten some nice reviews: 

From renowned reviewer Harriet Klausner:

swift moving amateur sleuth investigative tale... Fans will enjoy this fine at sea thriller.

Another Amazon reader wrote: 

A tale peopled with well drawn characters... Recommended as a fun read with red herrings and false clues added to the mix. Enjoy. I sure did.

Here's what it's about:

The cruise from hell…

Gen X meets Agatha Christie on the high seas of the Bermuda Triangle when Sherry Case, gofer for the battling bigwigs in the family-owned firm Genesplice, arranges for a team-building cruise aboard the yacht Swashbuckler. However, the mismatched group of passengers feuds even before the yacht has left the harbor.

A rogue wave, faltering navigational instruments and a trio of sharks continue to challenge Sherry and her new lover, the yacht's Captain Freeman. But Free and Sherry aren't fazed until a passenger turns up dead in her locked cabin. The vicious murder throws the ship, its crew and passengers into panic. Who could the killer be? Suspects and motives abound. 

Ordinary twenty-somethings thrown into an extraordinary situation, Sherry and Free must solve the mystery, defeat the myriad dangers of the triangle, and reach land before the villain can kill them. 

Buy it at Amazon--free on KU for a limited time, so get your copy now!