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Blog: Vicki Batman - Everyone Knows an Ant Can’t #SNSD #MFRWauthor #usingyoursenses

...lift a rubber tree plant! From the old song “High Hopes” (Frank singing- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S94Bh3Qez9o/ )  

But we’re not here today to talk about an ant being strong. Have you ever just sat and watched an ant scurry about? Or watch a leaf by the toe of your shoe in great detail? And then note the colors, the smells -- truly becoming immersed in the object?

Or sitting in a coffee shop and seeing a hunky cyclist at a table tying his shoe lace bunny ear style. You make note of his pro-looking outfit. The sweat dripping from his forehead. His scruffy beard. (Oh my, I’m finding my imaginary guy desirable!)

Writing details is important because it relays senses to the readers and invests them emotionally.

The five senses are: Tasting, Hearing, Smelling, Feeling, Seeing. From “The Five Senses” by Dr.William K. Pediaopolis 

(http://udel.edu/~bcarey/ART307/project1_4b/ )  we have this definition: "A system that consists of a group of sensory cell types that responds to a specific physical phenomenon, and that corresponds to a particular group of regions within the brain where the signals are received and interpreted."

The five senses have to be incorporated into our writing. Otherwise, our work is boring, even lifeless, unresponsive. Who would want to read that?

Tasting–Enables us to distinguish food choices. Say, I bought a slice of lemon pound cake. It’s the color of yellow daffodils and has a bit of white, nearly translucent, icing dribbled over the top. When I take a bite, the sharp lemon hits my tongue in a pleasing way, followed by the sweet sugary frosting. Both flavors complement each other. I like the taste so much, I want to make it last forever and chew slowly.

Hearing-is about the sounds we distinguish. Perhaps, the coffee shop uses real mugs and our imaginary cyclist knocks his against a plate. The ring from that hit captures our ear, and we turn to see who made the noise. Suppose there is a lot of hustle and bustle in the store and all the comings and goings distract us. There’s the snap of a newspaper. The zip from a laptop case. The scuffing of shoes. Someone sneezing.

Smelling- Enables us to distinguish odors. As Mr. Cyclist carries his brew to the table, a breeze pushes a whiff from the coffee toward us, teasing our nose and we have to have a drink now! The scent of coffee is greatly appealing to many people, but maybe not to others. Taste is tied with Smell.

Feeling-Distinguishing the quality of bodies. Back to the lemon pound cake—I touch the corner to break it off and feel the crisp outside edge. As I pull my section away, little crumbles fall to dot my plate. I press my finger to the crumbles. They are soft and light.

Seeing- Mr. Biker has finished his drink. I watch him push his mug and plate to one side. He drops the balled paper napkin on top of the empty plate. He bends over and reties his shoe in the bunny ear fashion. 

In college, I took an Art Appreciation class. The teacher assigned us to find a spot and observe for twenty minutes. I sat upstairs in an area that overlooked the gathering spot below. I noted the color of the furniture-blue, but not navy blue, fabric with silvery specks. And off to one side sat a guy from one of my classes. I watched him read and occasionally, glance up when someone passed by. He wore jeans, not too faded, and a white button-down shirt. His hair was nearly black and had a wave. 

Sounds stalker-ish? LOL. The purpose of the class was to heighten our awareness for when we studied paintings. To note details.

Writing details can make the work sing, but too many can cause a book to be tossed aside. Writers have to have a good balance in their work. 

Here's a passage from "Raving Beauty:"

           "I can't believe I let your loony brother, who's tormented me all my life, talk me into this."

With my eye on the teenage competition standing off to one side, I tugged the swimsuit’s leg opening into place to better cover my hip. "Just because I did some modeling in college doesn't make me a pageant diva. Back then, I was incredibly skinny, and clothes fit easily."

            "Daniel is a rat. He took advantage of your third, or was it your fourth, margarita, Kelly?" Maggie Ackerman, my best friend and roommate, adjusted the scarlet satin sash draped across my body. Glittery stick-on letters spelled out Miss Yahoo! Ranch Steakhouse. "Don’t worry. You’re beautiful and will be fine. Now, hold still."

            I watched her pick my brown hair at the crown of my head with an old-fashioned teasing comb. When the eerie suspicion I resembled a scary dame with Big Texas hair from the television show, “Dallas,” I turned my head to avoid the mirror.

            "Close your eyes." She blasted my hair with several short bursts of super freeze-it hairspray. "Now, that ain't goin' nowhere."

As a reader, do you notice when a writer uses the senses? As a writer do you use some senses and not the others?

Love blossoms in small-town Sommerville in these stories filled with fun and foreverafter.


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Cover Reveal of RILEY'S RESCUE by Lexi Post

Yeehaw! I'm thrilled to reveal the cover of my next release Riley's Rescue. This is the 6th book in the Last Chance series. This is a very special cover because it's my first with just the heroine. It had to be Riley because this is truly her story though Garrett has a serious tale as well. Check it out.

Last Chance may be a horse rescue ranch, but for Riley O’Hare, it’s a whole lot more.

Riley O’Hare just takes it one day at a time, the horses at Last Chance giving more meaning to her life than anything since she returned from the Middle East with no injuries…at least to her body. Alone in the world, she’s now part of a bigger unit again, and she’s not too sure that’s a good thing.

Garrett Walker is the new driver for delivering the rescue horses to Last Chance Ranch. There’s a lot more to him than just being a polite cowboy. He used to be a Hot Shot, one of the firefighters who fight wildfires, and there is a very good reason why he isn’t anymore.

Can two people, wounded by by their past occupations, rescue each other, or will their scars be what keeps them apart?

This book won't release for another month, so there's plenty of time to catch up on the Last Chance series. 
In order they are:
Christmas with Angel - Amazon
Trace's Trouble - Amazon
Fletcher's Flame - Amazon
Logan's Luck - Amazon
Dillon's Dare - Amazon
These books are also available at iBooks, B&N, Kobo and in paperback. Just click on the title for those links.

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I hope you like Riley's cover 😊

Always, Lexi

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Cover Reveal for Ice Princess ~ Included in Fire & Ice #pnr #fantasyromance

We're a month away from the release of my newest romance, Ice Princess. This is a paranormal-fantasy romance that is included in Fire & Ice, a multi-author boxed set featuring over 20 supernatural, paranormal, and fantasy romances for only $0.99. Pre-order now! This collection will only be available for a limited time, so grab your copy right away!

And here is the cover for Ice Princess! Isn't it lovely?

What is Ice Princess about? I'm glad you asked. Let me tell you a little about it...

Princess Lily is determined to save her kingdom from the evil influence of the sorcerer in their midst. When she makes her stand, he curses her beloved to turn into a dragon and casts a spell that seals her in a block of ice where she will sleep for all eternity. 

Eternity arrives earlier than expected when Rick Stamos tears down a wall to the tavern he's renovating. He never expected to find a woman encased in ice hidden in his basement. After melting the ice, he's more surprised when the woman wakes and claims he is her beloved. 

Did the spell that kept Lily frozen for so long also curse Rick? Is he really her beloved or a stranger with the same face?

Here's an excerpt:

The ice near her head melted away revealing a face of rare beauty. Perfect, pale skin with red-rose colored lips. Her midnight black hair cascaded in waves around her face and shoulders, dampened by the melting ice. Matching black eyelashes swept down over her cheeks.
Rick wished he’d known the color of her eyes. As he stared at the woman, a humming began in his blood, a strange sense of familiarity itched in his brain.
Had he seen this woman before?
It was obviously not possible. Perhaps he’d seen a woman with her likeness somewhere. An actress on television or a movie. Or someone in the tabloids.
Pete whistled with appreciation from his elbow.
“I have to admit,” Pete said. “She’s hot for a dead girl.”
Rick rolled his eyes.
“What?” Pete said as if seeing his brother’s reaction. “You don’t think?”
“No,” Rick said. “I admit it. She’s beautiful.”
“More than beautiful. She’s exquisite. Like a porcelain doll. And the way she’s posed in the block of ice.” Pete paused and leaned over her for a closer look. “She reminds me of someone.”
“You, too?” Relief swamped Rick. He wasn’t the only one with this nagging sense of familiarity. “She reminds me of someone, too, but I just can’t place her face.”
“Snow White.”
“You know,” Pete sighed. “The fairy tale. Snow White and those dwarfs. Or maybe Sleeping Beauty. I get those two mixed up. There’s a lot of comatose gals in fairy tales.”
“That’s not what I meant,” Rick said, shaking his head. “I meant a real person. Not some imaginary fairy tale girl.”
“Maybe she’s not so imaginary.” Pete waved his head. “Maybe one of us should kiss her.”
“Kiss her to break the spell.”
“You’re insane.”
“You never know.”
“Yeah, you’re right. You never know anything. Ever.”
Rick continued to stare at the woman as the ice melted into puddles of water on the stone floor. He folded his arms across his chest.
“I wonder who she was.”
“A princess. Maybe a queen.”
Rick glanced at Pete with a raised eyebrow.
“Well, she must be someone important. Look at the way she’s dressed.” An exact echo of Rick’s earlier thoughts.
Rick bent over the woman, taking in her beauty once more and the deep suspicion he knew her. His gaze swept over her face and form, then fell to the rose. It was a rose in full bloom. Not wilted with age, neglect or natural decay. A rose with full, blood-red petals on a stem laced with sharp thorns.
How could a flower remain in such perfect condition in these types of circumstances?
The whole situation seemed incredulous. If Rick hadn’t known better, he’d say this whole thing had been set up as some prank.
He pried the rose away from her cold fingers, taking the flower in his hands to inspect more closely.
“I guess she could be nobility,” Rick said. “But she—”
A gasp stopped him from speaking. The sound came from the woman.
Both Rick and his brother stumbled back a few feet, stopping to stare at the now breathing woman on the remaining block of cracked and melting ice.
“Did she?”
“Yeah, I think.”
Rick tilted his head, staring at the woman’s ample bosom rising and falling with each breath.
Then her black eyelashes flickered across her cheeks, sweeping up to reveal the greenest eyes Rick had ever seen on another human being. They were a deep, vibrant emerald color that appeared almost inhuman and yet so beautiful he couldn’t compare them to anything else he’d ever seen.
The woman blinked and took another deep, gasping breath.
The rose fell, forgotten from his fingertips as Rick returned to the woman’s side and knelt beside her.
As soon as her gaze met his, she smiled. Her lips curved and her face brightened with love and warmth and radiance. An electric shock zipped through his arms and legs, settling deep in his chest. Rick knew at that moment he was lost.
“Ashford.” The woman’s voice was like a song of spring. Light, full of hope, happiness and renewal. “You found me.”

Fire and Ice… they are two of the most powerful elements known to man.

From the tiniest of sparks to a blazing inferno, fire is an intense energy that can consume anything in its path.

Ice is it’s unrelenting and frigid counterpart that can startle your senses and make you shiver.
When put together, you’ll find a force that is stronger than anything you’ll ever encounter.

If you love the paranormal and can’t get enough of romance, then this set is exactly what you need in your library.

With mythical creatures, vampires, shapeshifters, and supernatural of all kinds, you’re sure to find something that will awaken your senses and set your soul on fire as you tremble with delight.

About the Author

Tricia Schneider is a full-time dreamer who writes romance novels and short stories. She’s been an archaeologist, a spaceship captain and a vampire hunter. She’s sailed the Seven Seas with sexy pirates and danced the night away with Prince Charming. Before the supernatural took possession of her pen, she worked as Assistant Manager and bookseller at Waldenbooks. She firmly believes there is a book for everyone. After the store closed, she turned to writing full-time, publishing paranormal and historical romances. From werewolves and witches to pirates and Regency lords and ladies, she escapes into sensual stories where happily-ever-after is a guarantee.

Tricia lives in Pennsylvania with her four young children and two rescued cats. When she’s not hard at work typing away on her laptop, she’s riding shotgun in a ’67 Impala while keeping her eyes open for a madman in a Big Blue Box.

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This Countess worries her daughter may be infatuated with (gasp!) the stable boy! What to do?

Number 6, Dudley Crescent

July 15, 1821

Dearest Lucinda,
I write to you today to share my outrage at occurrences in Dudley Crescent. I simply cannot abide the recent changes and must have your advice.

Two years ago, a murder occurred at Number 10. The horrid matter was quickly resolved when the culprit was identified and put away from fine society.  But the greater scandal was that the widowed lady of the house had intimate relations with her butler! Then last year, a noted member of society hired a young woman as ward to his child…and later, did marry the woman! She was far below his station, though, I do understand, an heiress of considerable worth. I must tell you the man is one of our finest gentlemen with a spotless reputation and high military honors.
Yet, I worry. Another event occurring last week causes me to question my presence here!

I understand that another noble gentleman has paid attentions to one of his servants! This time, said woman is not a governess. No, indeed, she is his maid-of-all-work! Can you imagine? I’ve been inconsolable, riddled with a nervous stomach and headaches. My usual little dose of laudanum is simply not enough to calm me.

This causes me to ask you if you think I should move to a better part of town. Is there a curse on the Crescent? Must I expect more servants who will climb above their station to enthrall their masters or mistresses? Worse, will such an affliction affect my own house? I must tell you, quite confidentially, that my only daughter, Lady Mary, seems far too taken with one of our own servants. The new…dear me, I can barely write this…stable boy. Yes! He is most definitely nota boy. Not by any means. He is thirty years of age or more. Tall, taller than my dear departed husband. In strapping good health and devilishly handsome with hair the color of coal and eyes like lavender. He is quite ethereal. 
I do rattle on!
Advise me, please!
Most sincerely,
Countess of Trelawny
Cerise's Amazon series!

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Sixx: Dakonian Alien Mail Order Brides #4 
(Intergalactic Dating Agency) 
by Cara Bristol

Note: Sixx is book 4 of the Dakonian series, but it’s the first book of the 2019 trilogy. 
It is a standalone read.

Single alien dad needs a mate with some moxie
Software developer Moxie Maguire has a BIG dream—save enough money to start her own video game company. That’s why she logs fourteen hours days working for an obnoxious boss. But when life seems to be passing her by, she sets another goal—meet Mr. Right, a man who can support her dream. She joins the Intergalactic Dating Agency and is matched with a hot and horned alien named…Sixx. Sexy as heck, a good listener, family-oriented—he’s the perfect man to share a life with.
If only that life was on Earth.
Sixx has a dream, too. Find a mate, settle down, and raise kits. With females in short supply on his planet, this single dad heads for Earth to get a female and get back to Dakon and his young son. The instant he meets Moxie, he recognizes she’s his Fated Mate. They’re meant to be together.
But he won’t abandon his child. And, unfortunately, his planet has even fewer computers than females. One for the entire planet, to be exact.
Will two Fated Mates have to part? Or can they find a way to work it out?

Excerpt #1: 
I looked up. A man stood in front of my table. His face more or less resembled a human’s—two eyes and one nose, but his mouth was lipless. How do you kiss a guy who doesn’t have lips, I wondered, and then noticed his, uh, appendages. Tentacles. Three on each side, a frosty mug of beer clutched in one of them.
“Are you Sixx?” I asked, re-counting tentacles. Yep, six of them.
“Is that who you’re waiting for?”
“Then I’m your man.”
I had no idea what a Dakonian looked like, but Lexi and Toni never mentioned tentacles. Surely they would have said something. Oh baby, what he can do with all those hands… “You’re Dakonian?”
“I’m a Lorexan.”
The nerve! He was trying to slide into another guy’s place. “Is Lorexan anything like a lounge lizard?” I said in a sticky-sweet tone and then snapped, “You’re not Sixx!” I grabbed my star flight and took a gulp. Despite being pissed off, I was pleasantly surprised by tropical flavors of pineapple, coconut, and lime. The alcohol was rum, if I wasn’t mistaken.
“Hey, when I see a woman sitting all by her lonesome, I figure it’s worth a shot.”
“I believe this little lady belongs to me.” Dressed in animal skins, seven feet of muscled perfection shouldered up to my table. My gaze traveled up, up, up over a barrel chest and broad shoulders to a forceful chin, chiseled cheekbones, and a nose with a bump in the middle. His expression and posture were hostile as he scowled at the Lorexan, but when he glanced at me, the heat in his gaze nearly melted me in my panties. Near-black hair swept back from a high forehead shadowing dark-brown eyes and skin the color of chocolate ice cream. As a plus, he had lips. Full, sexy, kissable lips.
But, little lady? Belong to him? Apparently sexism was alive and well in the galaxy. Were there no enlightened aliens? This little lady didn’t belong to anybody but herself, and I wasn’t so little. Long work hours prevented me from getting to the gym as often as I should, and I derived my diet from fast food a wee bit too much. Hence, my hips carried a little extra baggage, but I was more than capable of taking care of myself in any situation. Like this one.
However, my annoyance with the newcomer ran contrary to the sudden wave of heat coursing through my body. Tentacle Guy left me cold, but, at the appearance of Mr. Buckskin, my heart and stomach started fluttering like crazy, and I had a strong urge to wrap myself around him like a dancer humping a stripper pole. Dormant erogenous zones lit up like the Las Vegas strip. Holy crap, he was hot.
I stood up and found myself caught between two men about to butt horns—literally, since the late arrival sported two cute leathery dark-brown nubs from his nicely shaped skull. He glanced at me, and the horns pulsed.
My stomach cha-chaed. So did my heart. And my womb. And Miss Priss.
“She hasn’t been stamped and tagged,” Tentacle Guy said. He was blowing up like a puffer fish. Not attractive in a tentacled guy. Not. At. All.
 “Hold it, boys. First of all, on this planet, nobody stamps and tags anybody.” I glanced around. Where was Betty? Did they have bouncers in this place?
“No, because she’s my mate,” Buckskin continued as if I hadn’t spoken.

Excerpt #2 – 
I strode down the street, my purse crisscrossed over my shoulder, pepper spray in my jacket pocket, and my phone clutched in my hand. Normally, my mother, with her string of broken relationships, would be the last person on Earth I would seek dating advice from, but sometimes a girl needed to talk to her mom. The date had gone so well, and then pfft
I felt deflated, like I’d won a big prize and then lost it on a technicality. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d been so attracted to a man—right from the start, my body had reacted like it never had before. Sixx could hold a conversation; he was smart. He had a job. He didn’t just talk about himself—he’d asked about me. He checked all the boxes. Except one. Geography.
I pressed speed dial, and my mom picked up right away. “I’m so glad you called!” she squealed like a teenager. “How did it go? Did he like you?”
“Shouldn’t it be more important that I like him?”
“So did you?”
“Yes,” I said glumly. I could picture his wide smile, his sexy chocolate-brown eyes, and those adorable twitching horns. The way he’d parlayed whittling into employment showed initiative and gumption, which I respected, and I’d enjoyed his stories of Dakon, his obvious love of his homeland—until it became apparent he intended to return there.
“You don’t sound happy. What’s wrong?”
“We come from two different planets.”
Mom laughed. “Yeah, well, he’s an alien.”
“We’re light-years apart in what we’re seeking.”
“I thought you wanted a partner.”
“I do.”
“He doesn’t want that?”
“No, he does, too.”
“So, what’s the problem?”
“He’s GU—galactically undesirable. He intends to go back to his planet.”
“Again, what’s the problem?”

Cara Bristol bio
USA Today Bestselling Author Cara Bristol writes character-driven science fiction romance with humor, heart, and heat. She loves introducing new readers to science fiction romance and likes to say she writes sci-fi for readers who don’t like sci-fi.  When she’s not writing (ha ha ha – she’s almost always writing) she enjoys traveling to exotic destinations and chillaxin’ with her favorite reality TV shows. Cara lives in Missouri with her own alpha hero, her husband.

Cara’s Website: http://carabristol.com/

September 26, 2019
Format: Kindle Edition

Once again, Ms. Cara Bristol has spun an amazing sci-fi romance with humor, with a touch of mystery and suspense.  The new series is a spin-off from her Alien Mate series where human women were sent to Dakon to be paired up with Dakonian men.  In this new series, the Intergalactic Dating Agency has involved, allowing alien men and human women to use a computer match-making program to help match them up and the aliens will come to Earth. While this is part of a series, each book will read well as a stand-alone.

The fourth story will bring Dakonian, Sixx to earth to find his mate and be matched to Moxie.  While he plans to return to Dakon, she had hoped he would remain here—now they are at an impasse.

“Will two Fated mates have to part? Or can they find a way to work it out?” “So where do we go from here?  He’s GU—galactically undesirable.  He intends to go back to his planet.  What’s more important—love or a computer game?”

Moxie Maguire’s life has revolved around coding and creating video games.  While she is working for a company, one that she has shared her baby, Zephyr, she plans to eventually leave and start up her own gaming company and even has another game in the works.  Work keeps her so busy she doesn’t have time to date and instead joins IDA, Intergalactic Dating Agency and has learned she has been matched.  Meeting Sixx only adds more dilemma to her because she feels attracted to him.

The story has some mystery, suspense, danger, and decisions.  What a shock when Moxie is attacked by a mugger and injured but so is Sixx when he comes to her rescue.  He will retrieve her purse, which also has her phone and the game she has been working on for her future. There a strong chemistry between Moxie and Sixx, but there is also the issue of if they decide to become mates, which planet will they call home. 

“Don’t let fear make your decisions.  Passion and hope, an irresistible combination, glinted in his eyes.  He was bold but not brash.  He liked me.  And I liked him.  My pulse raced, and my stomach fluttered.”

“The Fates had played a practical joke.  I couldn’t leave.  Sixx couldn’t stay.  It seems to me you’re letting a sure thing go for a chance at a maybe.”

Strange things happen with work, plus the attack on Moxie is followed by a second attack leaving more questions than answers.  Both Sixx and Moxie are miserable without each other and decisions need to be made for their future. 

“Contemplating Sixx leaving caused my chest to tighten and my heart to ache.  Game or no game, the brightness of my future dimmed if he wasn’t in it.”

Sixx can’t stay on Earth, and he can’t fantom leaving Moxie behind.  What will it take for him to help her see that moving to Dakon doesn’t mean the end of her dreams? Does their future on Dakon offer the chance at having the best of both worlds?

“Mates, husband and wife, partners.”

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Find on #sale #bargains from @SuzdeMello: It's her SUSPENSEFUL SEPTEMBER promotion! (#romanticsuspense #free #99cents #KU)

September brings more than autumn leaves, back-to-school bargains and pumpkin spice lattes: it's my annual SUSPENSEFUL SEPTEMBER promotion... All my romantic suspense books are discounted and/or are in Kindle Unlimited, so that all KU members can read them FOR FREE throughout the month!

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Publisher's Weekly review: Cyber geek meets seductive spy girl in this feverish Silicon Valley thriller... Half-French, half-Algerian Ani Sharif, whose parents were murdered by extremists 10 years earlier when she was at a private girls' school in Algiers, has joined the United States Security Agency. On her first undercover assignment, Ani must uncover who's selling Defense Department cyber secrets to foreign governments. The prime suspect is Richard "Baby Rex" Rexford of Rexford.com, where Ani lands a programming job by playing the part of an opportunistic cyber pirate. Her mission is to hack into Richard's home laptop and locate incriminating evidence. What she doesn't bargain for is falling in love with this possible traitor. ...a fast-paced romantic romp as the spy games escalate into erotic games, testing Ani's faith in her ability to separate business from pleasure. Swift's brisk narrative offers an unusual blend of romantic suspense and cyber crime. (Feb.) 
Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.




Contemporary romantic suspense. Tough, clever and beautiful, biracial detective Liza Bowman struggles with a San Francisco kidnapping case until she finds the victim’s secret sex diary, which reveals that the young female vic went to a bar dressed in scanty, red leather and read The Story of O. She hasn’t been seen since.

Liza recklessly imitates the vic’s last known location and activities and falls into the hands of James Li, the most notorious whoremaster in the city. Wealthy and handsome, James has already crossed paths with Liza—when she dared to arrest him.

In James’ view, reading a famous bondage novel in public is a blatant come-on, and he’s eager and ready to give his nemesis what she wants.

What readers have thought about earlier editions:

Five stars... Took me by surprise but was a good read. 
Lots of sexual content but intriguing.
Sussan, Goodreads

Five stars
Vivien Glenver, Goodreads
Jessica Osegueda, Goodreads
Iben, Goodreads


My hockey romance is FREE in KU!


How far would you go to win your lifelong dream?

When filmmaker Zoë Whipple agrees to shoot a documentary about a hockey team’s season, she doesn’t sign on for scandal, crime and murder. But she discovers that players, rabid to win the championship, don’t let morality or the law stand in the way of their ambitions.

When a rookie dies from cardiac arrest, Zoë is saddened but not suspicious until another player, in the grip of ’roid rage, goes berserk on the ice and ends up in the hospital. Digging into the mess reveals illegal painkillers and steroid abuse among most of the team. Zoë, whose reputation for honest filmmaking is at stake, threatens to expose the scandals.

Is her new lover, team captain “Crash” Crasseau, responsible for the harassment and vandalism meant to scare her into silence? When Crasseau’s ex-wife is murdered, and Zoë’s daughter is threatened, Zoë must choose between her career ambitions and her child’s safety.

What others have said about a previous edition:

Five stars! I genuinely enjoyed this book.
--John W. Cobb, Amazon reader

Whether you are a fan of sports or not, I have no doubt you will enjoy this romance.
--Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews


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The cruise from hell…

Gen X meets Agatha Christie on the high seas of the Bermuda Triangle when Sherry Case, gofer for the battling bigwigs in the family-owned firm Genesplice, arranges for a team-building cruise aboard the yacht Swashbuckler. However, the mismatched group of passengers feuds even before the yacht has left the harbor.

A rogue wave, faltering navigational instruments and a trio of sharks continue to challenge Sherry and her new lover, the yacht's Captain Freeman. But Free and Sherry aren't fazed until a passenger turns up dead in her locked cabin. The vicious murder throws the ship, its crew and passengers into panic. Who could the killer be? Suspects and motives abound. 

Ordinary twenty-somethings thrown into an extraordinary situation, Sherry and Free must solve the mystery, defeat the myriad dangers of the triangle, and reach land before the villain can kill them. 

“Fans will enjoy this fine at-sea thriller.”
--Harriet Klausner

“Recommended as a fun read… Enjoy. I sure did.”
--Anne K. Edwards