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Cowboys, Space Crafts, and AI's oh my! Escape with #SpaceCowboy Survival Guide

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A couple of years ago, my husband kept mentioning he wanted to see a space cowboy novel, more wagon train to the stars than Star Trek, and he wanted it to be rougher, grittier, and tougher than beaming down or just jumping into hyperspace with a fist to the dashboard.

He wouldn't shut up about it. Every chance he got, he'd drop another hint. There I was buried in projects, but he kept trying to tease my muse into writing this story he wanted to see.

Well, I have to say, hubby was successful and I present to you--the Space Cowboy Survival Guide, a space opera, action adventure with quirky characters, multiple colonies to visit and a very prim, proper British AI.

I loved writing this book, and I wrote it for my husband. It's a gift for him, that I hope everyone else will enjoy, too.

So as we count down the minutes to Star Wars Rogue One releasing this year, don't miss Shaw Sullivan and his whacky soon to be crew releasing on December 13!

Tell me, does the idea of a space cowboy excite you? One lucky commentator will get their choice from my back list which you can find on my website.

In the meanwhile, I invite you to pre-order Space Cowboy Survival Guide and join us on an epic adventure across space--and yes, I have ray guns and exciting battles, I promise!

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Sweet meets Sexy

Hi All,

A confession, I love the holiday season. I love the lists, the lights and colors, the music, the fresh tree smells, and the baking! Still, all the activity cuts into my reading time, and without a daily dose of reading, the true spirit of the season tends to dissipate faster than dryer steam in the cold air.

If your "to do" list is longer than your "to be read" stack of great romances is tall, maybe what you need is a  short reading break, no calories and a chance to put your feet up, catch your breath, and let your mind stop recalling the items you forgot at the store or the person you skipped on your list! So here's a bit of "brain candy" from my latest contemporary release, Golden Boy.

In Golden Boy, sweet meets sexy when single mom Emma, who's experienced the consequences of sex--her son Max--but not its pleasures and satisfactions, discovers through her sexy landlord, the meaning of desire. Enjoy!

“Did you get the car running?”
            Josh had known the answer. He would have heard the car motor turn over if she had.
            “Take a shower. Go to bed. Get some help in the morning.”
He couldn’t get more heroic than that, but she didn’t move.
She didn’t flee. She fixed her gaze somewhere over his right shoulder and asked, “How do you make it stop?”
            Josh drew in a slow breath. Emma Gray was asking him about the wanting, about being turned on by a glance. She had apparently tried to bury her attraction to him in her futile attempt at auto repair. “Working on the car for hours didn’t help?”
“I just want it to stop.” She got that stubborn look and folded her arms across her middle, hugging her elbows, still avoiding his gaze.
He straightened. He could help her, but not in the way she wanted. She wanted some mind trick, some form of magic self-control, a shutoff valve for her inconvenient feelings. He, on the other hand, was just the man to help her discover where those feelings could lead, and what she was admitting sent his mood from cautious to unreasonably hopeful in an instant. Nonetheless, he gave her one last out. “Take a brisk walk or a very cold shower.”
            She looked doubtful. “Is that what you do?”
            He laughed. “I’m self-indulgent, remember. I don’t try to make it stop.”
He wasn’t being entirely truthful. He had done his best to tire his body out in his mother’s swimming pool. He had listened to his mother put her unflattering spin on his interest in a woman like Emma Gray. He had agreed this afternoon to date the first of his mother’s picks. Whoever she turned out to be, she’d be the opposite of Emma, easy on both the eye and the ego, wholly accepting of his toys, his towels, and his lifestyle.
She’d be a match for him. He could therefore help Emma by staying strong for one night and shutting his door. She wouldn’t need super willpower if he did that, and she’d have nothing to regret. He was pretty sure that Emma would regret letting herself enjoy sex.
“You know,” he muttered, “we’re living the Marshmallow Experiment.”
             She stared at him. “What are you talking about?”
            “A psychologist put little kids in a room staring at a tiny marshmallow, the kind you put on hot cocoa, and told them they could have more if they could just wait and not eat the first one. Most of them caved, ate the marshmallow, and ruined their lives—: bad grades, low SAT scores, no college degrees, no success.”
            “You made that up,” Emma accused.
            “I’ve been a marshmallow-eater from the start. I know how it works.”
            “You think I ought to walk away.”
            “Right now.”
She looked so confused and so totally let down by his answer that he had to reach for her. If she could admit the attraction, why should he deny it? He got a palm full of studs sticking out of one of the leather cuffs she wore. “Come on.” 

For more about Golden Boy click here

One print copy of Golden Boy goes to the commenter who's name is drawn on Wednesday, November 30.

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Scorching new WIRED Series from Sabrina York!

Wired Series by Sabrina York
Scorching Office Romances Coming this Fall!
When brothers Tristan and Adam started a tech company with their college friend Jack, they made one firm, unbreakable rule: thou shalt not fish in the company pond.
What a pity all three men find themselves entangled with women they cannot resist!
And scroll down to enter the Wired Series Tiara Giveaway!


Adam’s Obsession by Sabrina YorkNovember 3rd

Hopelessly shy and utterly repressed, Katherine Hart slakes her taboo desires online, where the anonymity allows her to indulge without embarrassment. Her virtual lover, Savage, is willing to meet her every need, especially once he discovers her naughty little secret—more than anything, she craves a masterful man. Fortunately, Savage is just that. And then some.
When Adam Trillo—aka Savage—discovers the shameless, erotic woman he’s been tangling with online is actually his demure coworker, he’s determined to seduce her in real life. He longs to release the wild Kat he knows lurks just below the surface. With a relentless mix of domination and persuasive charm, he draws her into his web until she’s helpless to deny their mutual passion.
Particularly when she’s tied to his bed.
What people are saying about Adam's Obsession
FIVE HEARTS! “I had hot flashes throughout the whole book! I would recommend this to everyone who loves a steamy romance with a little humor thrown in...it was a great book that I will read again and again!”  The Romance Studio
RECOMMENDED READ: “I loved this story! This is one author I'll be sure to seek out in the future for further reading pleasure.” Fallen Angel Reviews
“The sex scenes were absolutely awesome and had that edge of danger and taboo that makes the heart race.” Night Owl Reviews
“Make sure that you make no other plans while you sit down to read this story, because I am almost positive that nothing will be able to pull you away...I am not kidding when I say that everyone should read this steamy and erotic novella.”  Sizzling Hot Books
“Adam's Obsession was a fun read which I recommend to kinky readers who love the interoffice romance with a happily ever after.” Goodreads
“Adam's Obsession was an intense fun read...Adam is a very dominant man that can allow the woman he loves to have control sometimes.  I did have to laugh at a couple of situations they ended up in.  This is one I will be reading again.” Literary Nymphs Reviews Only
“Very enjoyable, fast, sexy read.” Goodreads
“I loved this story, thought it was seductive and wanted to read more about this alluring couple, even after the book was finished. Wonderful read, couldn't put it down.” Sensual Reads

Tristan’s Temptation by Sabrina York
November 17th

The red-hot sequel to Adam’s Obsession.
Tristan Trillo has one steadfast rule—thou shalt not fish in the company pond. That puts his executive assistant Shannon Weiss firmly out of reach. He tells himself the secret steamy computer simulations he creates—ones featuring a seductress with more than a passing resemblance to Shannon—are enough. But watching the virtual Shannon get spanked or tied up, taken from behind or while down on her knees, just makes him want the real Shannon more.
When Shannon discovers the depth of Tristan’s desire, she vows to seduce him in real life, his rule be damned. After a blazing, illicit tryst in Tristan’s office, he insists they can never do it again. So Shannon, ever the obedient assistant, makes certain the next time she seduces him, they do something completely different.
Poor Tristan is a man trapped between his steadfast rule and a burning passion. A rock, if you will, and a very hard place.

What people re saying about Tristan's Temptation

“The scene where Tristan makes Shannon come clean with how long she has wanted him is beyond hot. *fans self in memory* And of course there is plenty of other smoking scenes that darn near melted my Kindle...Read this story! I mean is there any better way to spend a day? I think not!  But be careful ~ I may have tempted you, but prepare to become obsessed!” Reader's Edyn
“Delicious... Tristan and Shannon's secret office romance is through the roof sexy and I couldn't get through the pages of this sexy novella fast enough.” Sizzling Hot Book Reviews 
5 Angels! “Tristan's Temptation: a thoroughly fun, dizzyingly sexy read!” Fallen Angel Reviews

“A wonderful book...I would love to revisit these characters in the future.” Romancing the Book
“Fantastic.” Sensual Reads
“This was a fun read...hot and steamy.” Night Owl Reviews

Making Over Maris by Sabrina York
December 1st

When ├╝ber-nerd Jack asks Sara to make him more attractive to women, she can't say no--even though it's an impossible task. He's shaggy and doughy and hopelessly inappropriate. He has no style or emotional intelligence but he's a good person. And a great friend. What Sara never expects? Beneath all that fur and geekiness is a steamy hunk just waiting to emerge.
Jack takes Sara's regimen very seriously, working out and losing weight until he feels like a new man. He even complies with her command to shave his beard--because Jack didn't ask Sara to make him over so he would be attractive to other women. He only wants to be attractive to her. They go on a series of fake dates, each hotter and more sinful than the last. It's not long before Sara discovers Jack's secret desire to be dominated and what began as an arrangement becomes something amazing--something that could be real.
What people are saying about Making Over Maris 
5 STARS S&M Book Obsessions 

“A sweet but very hot erotic romance.” Long And Short Reviews 

5 STARS. “A hot, steamy read, with a little bit of angst” The To Be Read List

“This is how femdom can be sweet and steamy hawt!” The Romance Reviews

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SPY GAME is back! by @SuzDeMello (#newadult #romance #cyberspy #SiliconValley)

I've mentioned before that one of the joys of digital publishing is for authors to re-edit and re-release reverted works. Spy Game is one of these old friends. Originally written in 2001, it first was given life by Five Star, a reputable publisher of hard-cover novels for the library market. They gave it a fantastic cover:

The teal was a bad idea--
I've noticed that bright covers sell better.
But the graphic is very cute.

And it got GREAT reviews. One of the cooler aspects of publishing with Five Star was, although they were a very small publisher, they had a reputation for putting out good work, so reviewers like Kirkus and Publisher's Weekly covered them. Here's what PW said about Spy Game:

 Spy Game
Sue Swift. Five Star, $25.95 (277p) ISBN 978-1-59414-658-9
Cyber geek meets seductive spy girl in this feverish Silicon Valley thriller from Swift (Triangle). Half-French, half-Algerian Ani Sharif, whose parents were murdered by extremists 10 years earlier when she was at a private girls' school in Algiers, has joined the United States Security Agency. On her first undercover assignment, Ani must uncover who's selling Defense Department cyber secrets to foreign governments. The prime suspect is Richard “Baby Rex” Rexford of Rexford.com, where Ani lands a programming job by playing the part of an opportunistic cyber pirate. Her mission is to hack into Richard's home laptop and locate incriminating evidence. What she doesn't bargain for is falling in love with this possible traitor. Swift delivers a fast-paced romantic romp as the spy games escalate into erotic games, testing Ani's faith in her ability to separate business from pleasure. Swift's brisk narrative offers an unusual blend of romantic suspense and cyber crime. (Feb.)

You're probably wondering who "Sue Swift" is. That's me, or at least, one of my personae. Writers tend to be schizophrenic. (Just kidding!)

Spy Game was then licensed to a not-so-wonderful publisher which will remain nameless and unlamented as it fades off into the sunset of wrecked publishing dreams--the fate of all opportunists seeking to take advantage of authors.

But then--this book came back to me, so I was able to re-edit, update, and perfect. Now, some people might feel that we're too picky about our work:

But really--they're our babies, and we like to launch them properly into the world. So here's the new cover by Sweet and Spicy Designs plus an excerpt from the Prologue to pique your interest:

San Francisco, California

On Saturday afternoon, Gar saw an umbrella hung in the signal tree in Golden Gate Park, so he met his contact in the Castro at midnight. To anyone watching, they’d look like two guys outside a crowded bar, sharing a smoke, but his contact passed Gar a tiny package, a package worth millions to his customers in Indonesia.

He tucked the package inside his jacket and mounted his motorcycle, heading for Potrero Hill and the shelter of a safe house. As he passed through a residential area, he slowed, and only then did he hear the growl of another motorcycle on his tail. At first he thought it was happenstance, but as he turned one corner and then the next, with the following motorcycle’s roar ringing and banging in his ears, he realized he’d been tagged.

Gar tried every trick he knew to shake the tail, but nothing worked. Too late, he saw that he’d been herded toward the shore of the bay, heading too fast down a dead-end alley, with warehouses on each side and a chained metal gate in front of him.

Braking too hard, he jerked the bike into a sharp turn in front of the ten-foot-high gate. The bike slewed on the slick, damp street, drawing a screeching curve to the left before crashing into the cyclone fence.

He hit hard and went down, his bike clattering on its side, sliding out of the fog lamp’s amber halo into the dark, misty night.

In a haze of pain, he lay stunned on the pavement, moving in and out of consciousness, with the bitterness of failure flooding his mouth.

The other motorcycle stopped. Gar heard the scrape of boots on asphalt. Blinking, he raised his heavy head a fraction to see an hourglass figure silhouetted against the golden light. He groaned and dropped his head back. One hand scrabbled toward the precious parcel, seeking to protect it.

The boots stopped close to his head. Too close, but nothing he could do about it. Too weak. Too much pain. Should have worn a helmet…

Motorcycle leathers creaked. He smelled jasmine, felt warmth, sensed she knelt beside him. He blinked again.

She had a jaunty smile and eyes that gleamed green even in the dim light. Opening his jacket, she removed the package, which contained the prototype of the computerized brain that would run some of the United States’ newest, most sophisticated guided missiles.

“Thank you.” She tucked the package into her jacket and walked away, her boots crunching. He heard her bike kick, catch, and roar away, its growl receding into the misty night.

Like what you read? 
Here's where to buy it:

And at other fine etailers--it's also available from itunes, Kobo, B&N etc etc :)


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Is his brother alive? Excerpt from the #FreeBook Bro #scifi @kayelleallen

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy an excerpt from the free book Bro, the Story Behind the Antonello Brothers. Dramatic, by turns touching and humorous, Bro takes you inside the Science Fiction world of the Tarthian Empire and introduces you to three of its major denizens: Senth and Khyff Antonello, and Luc Saint-Cyr. You'll find them in many stories in the Empire. Come and meet them in Bro. A link to get this book is at the end.

Excerpt from Bro

Tarthian Empire, Kelthia
Miraj City, Crooktown District
Sofftem 12, 4662 Tradestandard date
Khyff Antonello headed for his freedom. He'd satisfied his last client, and was unscheduled the rest of the day. Or at least the next six hours. As usual, Khyff's master hadn't allowed him to eat until he'd met his quota. First up: shower, clean clothes, food. Not necessarily in that order. He kept a few stale crackers hidden in his room for emergencies.
"So you're an Antonello."
The way the client said it drew Khyff's attention. This particular client was one of the less odious. He didn't grab or cling, he was clean (thank you!), and he tipped well. Still, the guy was paying for sex. Khyff had no choice. Being a pleasure slave meant you serviced the clients sent to you, or you suffered for it. In Khyff's case, refusing meant risking prison.
He would never go back there, no matter what they made him do here.
Khyff clenched his teeth and pasted on a smile. "Pardon?"
"Your last name." The guy continued getting dressed, seemingly in no hurry. "It's Antonello, right?"
"I never noticed before. It's right here on my receipt." He picked up his mobile and turned the screen toward Khyff. "I mean I've been here what... five times now?" He poked at the screen. "Whoa! Seven. Huh. I should have a free visit after three more."
Khyff choked back a retort. His master was giving away free visits with him? It would take hundreds of client visits to earn enough in his Freedom Savings Account so Khyff could buy himself. If his master was giving him away, it would take forever.
Khyff jerked open the door.
"You don't look like the other one."
One step into the hall, Khyff's heart stuttered. He made a slow pivot. "What?"
"The other Antonello. You look different."
The world went silent. Khyff came back inside. He shut the door, and leaned back against it. "So I'm sure I heard right. You know another Antonello."
"Yeah. I saw the name, and figured you had to be related. Antonello's not common. Not on Kelthia. I'm guessing you don't have much family here."
Good guess. More than three quarters of the world's population was black-skinned. Khyff had blond hair, blue eyes, and fair skin.
Could this be a link to his mother? Did the client know her? Khyff fought the hope that rose within him. It had been how many years? No, he would not allow himself to hope. When you hoped, people could hurt you more.
"Is it a woman?" Khyff gestured toward the client. "This other Antonello."
"Guy. Younger than you. Maybe your age. Has a baby face. Hard to tell. But he's got curly hair. Dark." The guy pulled at his own graying hair, and then snapped his fingers. "No, never mind. He wouldn't be related to you. I just remembered. He's a HalfKin."
Half-human, half-feline humanoid Kin.
All the air left the room. Khyff fought to drag in a breath. "What's his name?"
"Seth, I think. No, Senth. Yeah, that's it. Senth Antonello."
The light grayed around the edges.
The guy took a step forward, concern on his face. "Hey, Khyff, you okay? You look a little pale."
Hearing the name Senth Antonello catapulted Khyff back into the past. To the point in his life when his world had unraveled, torn itself apart, and dumped him into hell. He hit the floor with a smack that stung his hands and knees, and he crumpled.
"Here, let me help you." The guy hustled across the room.
Khyff curled into a ball. His stomach roiled, and he clamped his jaws down tight, forcing back nausea with sheer force of will.
"Man, Khyff. I take it you know the guy. Stay right there. I'm going to get you some water." The client crossed the room to the small sink. A sound of splashing followed, and he returned with a glass. "Let me help you sit up a little. Lean on me. Here you go. Sip this."
Khyff was shaking so badly he could not fight off the man's touch. He let no one touch him. Not if he could prevent it. He could not bring the glass to his lips.
"Easy. Let me help you." The client held the glass for him. "There. Just a sip. Okay. One more. There. That's better." He squinted, peering into Khyff's eyes. "Geez, I'm sorry. I had no idea. Who is this guy? Are you related?"
Khyff took another deep breath. He met the client's gaze. "He's-- I think he's my brother. Half-brother."
"You sure? You don't look anything alike."
"How many HalfKin can there be with a name like Senth Antonello?" Khyff pushed himself back, away from the man. "Look, keep this to yourself, okay? I don't want my master knowing I have family. He'd use it against me somehow."
"Sure thing."
If there was one thing Khyff hated, it was being touched, even when the other person was gentle. But he owed this guy. Seven times he'd been here, and Khyff had no idea what his name was. Had never asked; just did the job. Amazing he even came back. And now he'd been kind. Had to give him that.
Khyff smiled. "Thank you. Thank you for telling me."
"No problem." The guy smiled back.
"Look, do you know him? My brother?"
"Yeah. He's a thief." The guy grinned. "I work at the Thieves' Guild, and he's a member. Kinda famous, actually. Everybody knows him. Belongs to the Man."
"What man?"
"The Man. You know. The Harbinger."
"Never heard of him."
"Yeah, you're new here. How long you been on Kelthia? No, don't worry about it. You'll learn. Everybody knows the Man."
Khyff gave the guy another smile. "Think you could set up a meet? I'd like to make sure it's him. I could--" Khyff took a deep breath, controlled his stomach by swallowing, hard. Made himself say the words. "I'd make it worth your while."
"Consider it done."
Senth had been killed at birth. Senth was the reason his mother had been missing for over a decade, and why Khyff was a slave.
So why was his brother alive?
If he wasn't, if this was some imposter, Khyff wanted to know why. And if Senth was alive, when Khyff got his hands on him, he'd make sure, once and for all, Senth was what he deserved to be -- dead.

Get this Book

Senth and Khyff, the Antonello Brothers from At the Mercy of Her Pleasure and For Women Only, did not grow up together. They were separated at Senth's birth. Bro shows how and why, and what event reunited them.
Join the Romance Lives Forever Reader Group and get a free copy of Bro, the Story Behind the Antonello Brothers. The next day, you'll get two more free books: Top Stops, an Illustrated Tour of the Tarthian Empire, which includes original art by Nimajination Studios, plus Thirty Days of Chaos: Illustrated Quotes by Pietas.

About the Author

Kayelle Allen is a best-selling American author. Her unstoppable heroes and heroines include contemporary every day folk, role-playing immortal gamers, futuristic covert agents, and warriors who purr.
Homeworld/Blog https://kayelleallen.com
Twitter https://twitter.com/kayelleallen
Facebook https://facebook.com/kayelleallen.author

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As the author of the Dancing Vampire series, I wanted to share a video to put us all in a Fangs-giving mood.

And here is a Thanksgiving dinner from Vampire Diaries.

All six of the Dancing Vampires series, (Dance of the Vampires, Vampire Highland Fling, A Bonnie Vampire Dancer, Vampire waltz, Valkyrie Vampire Sword Dancing, and Some Vampires Shimmy) are all set in Scotland. So no Thanksgiving. But, I do have a scene where the hero’s mother and father discuss the vampire girl or baobhan sith (baa’-van shee ) their son brought home, which fits in with the vampire/family theme.
Before Ian could get a word in, his father asked Tavish, “Did you set
the carin aright?”
“Aye, I put the stone back, good and tight.”
“Aye, but now we have a baobhan sith sleeping in our house,” his mother said.
“Well, she has to sleep somewhere dear. I dinnae want her draining my
cows of their blood though.”
“What about your sons’ blood?”
“Ooch, well I dinnae want her drinking theirs either.”
“Well I’m glad to hear that.”
His mother turned and saw Ian and Sorcha. She plastered a big smile
across her face. “I did not know you were awake.”
“Mom, Sorcha and I are going out. I’m going to show her around the town.”
“That’s nice,” his mom said.
As Ian walked away, he overheard his father say, “You have to be
careful of what you say around the baobhan sith. They’ll sneak up on
“Hush, she can still hear you,” his mother said.
Ian turned and waved good night to his mother and father.
“He can show her around all he likes but I dinnae want her near my cows.”
That was the last comment Ian heard before he walked out the door.
With his arm wrapped around Sorcha’s shoulder, he led her down to the
winding road.

Happy Fangs-giving to all!

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Five Star Holiday Spirit!


“Really puts you in the Christmas spirit! Loved it! I give it 5 stars!”
 ~ Curling Up With A Good Book

A Bliss romance novella from Entangled Publishing.
Only .99!


Firefighter Jamey Tucker knows three things in life to be true: An honorable man doesn't go back on his word, never hurts a woman, and lasting love isn't a myth. But with his recent move to a new job at the Appleton Fire station, the long hours don't offer hope of finding the love he’s looking for.

When Jamey meets beautiful pediatric nurse Heather Longhurst after hearing her sing Santa Baby in a supermarket aisle, he offers her a promise he discovers he can't keep. Heather has been betrayed by men in the past, making it hard for Jamey to gain her trust. Determined to find a way to win her heart, Jamey uses firefighter engine-uity and Heather's favorite song to prove he's got Christmas spirit she can believe in all year.


Here's a delicious adult holiday beverage recipe that's a favorite of SANTA TO THE RESCUE hero and heroine Jamey Tucker and Heather Longhurst.

Candy Apple Margarita: Courtesy of Sauza® Tequila

Ingredients: Serves 9

1 Can Limeade
 6 parts Sauza® Blue 100% Agave Silver Tequila
 3 parts Cinnamon liqueur
 8 parts Candy Apple Soda

To Make:
Combine all ingredients in a pitcher filled with ice. Salud!


Only .99!

Visit Adele Downs on her website at http://adeledowns.com
Like Adele Downs on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/authoradeledowns
Follow @Adele_Downs on Twitter!  https://twitter.com/Adele_Downs

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Holiday Shopping for the CEO - #officeromance @SSaraDaniel @DecadentPub

It’s that time of year again, where we’re trying to find the perfect gift for the special people in our lives, and if that special someone happens to be a CEO who has everything, what the heck do you buy for him or her? I mean, they probably already have everything, and let’s be honest anything that has a chance of impressing a mega-successful CEO is waaayyyyy beyond my budget.

So, I did a bit of research and hunted down Willow Jeffries, a massage therapist who specializes in giving massages to CEOs who are too busy to leave their offices to get to the spa. Naturally, in her professional opinion, she considers a gift certificate for an office massage to be a good bet. But if you’re the type who sees a white collar guy and automatic heads for the men’s clothing department, here are Willow’s personal thoughts on the subject (as excerpted from Captivating the CEO):

Colin set aside his earpiece and laptop, then crossed the room and shoved his arms back into his shirt sleeves. After buttoning his crisp white shirt, he looped a blue tie around his neck.

She didn’t recall him ever wearing another color in her presence. “Are all your ties blue, or do you only own one?”

“I change at least once a day, sometimes twice.” Opening an oversized cabinet door, he gestured to several suit bags, a half dozen white shirts and a dozen blue ties. Some ties sported a muted stripe, others a subtle paisley design.

Without staring at them lined next to each other, she wouldn’t have discerned a difference. “Well, Christmas shopping for you will be easy. White shirt, blue tie. Check.” Of course, if she bought him a gift, she’d attempt to rock his wardrobe with a tie-dye shirt or, even better, Rudolph boxers with a prominent, glowing red nose.

While winding his tie and securing it in a snug knot against his starched, buttoned collar, he cocked an eyebrow at her. “Do you buy presents for clients?”

“If the mood strikes.” Unable to hold his gaze without leading him on, she shrugged and glanced at the clock above the treadmill. “Anyway, you’re not a client at the moment. Your session ended two minutes ago, and you don’t have any upcoming sessions booked, so I’m on personal time.”

“That sounds promising.” He winked. “How much personal time do you want to devote to me?”

So it’s official. Next time I have a CEO on my gift list, I’m going to buy him Rudolph boxers, and I’m definitely going to enjoy that glowing red nose! What fun things are you shopping for this year?

He's all about the future. She might not have one...

When live-for-the-moment massage therapist Willow Jeffries bursts into Colin Vanderhayden's office, she makes it her mission to loosen up the future-focused CEO, knowing each moment of the present is too precious to waste. Despite her immediate attraction, the only future she can offer is one full of heartache.

The last thing Colin needs is a flighty woman messing up his carefully-constructed plans, but her heavenly massages and addictive personality prove hard to resist. But he has no idea how sick she is.

No longer able to ignore her life-threatening medical condition, Willow slips away to spare Colin a miserable future with her. Is Colin willing to sacrifice his well-laid future plans to get Willow back?

Buy Links:
All Romance eBooks
Barnes & Noble

Audio Version - Narrated by Nina Price

Buy Links:

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When One Story Closes...

Good morning everyone!

Last Christmas, I started out this incredible journey with the Truesdale clan, in the Black Hills of South Dakota. I had a plan. A goal of sorts for the family. Each member, after Winter Magic--starting with Fawn Hawthorne's little brother Kru, would get a book dedicated to them. Soon, I had a deep, rich history of the Truesdale family. Through the past several months, their saga has taken on many different twists and turns, leading me to this point in their lives. I can't tell you how proud I am of each of these books and at the same time how sad I am to see it coming to a close.

However, just because the Hawthorne and Truesdale's immediate family all have their happy ever after, doesn't mean they won't show up in other books or there won't be new and exciting discoveries for them. This coming year will show their true grit, as a new chapter will begin. So, I hope you will join me on this adventure one more time, and also welcome in the new parts to this venture.


Chris Banks, livestock vet and longtime friend of Kalum Truesdale, has a secret. Ever since he met the cute, shy, yet bratty Lily Truesdale, he’s wanted to claim her. As a Dom, he knows how to take his time, enjoy the chase, however Lily isn’t taking the bait.

Lily Truesdale, is enamored with Chris Banks. The sexy cowboy with a gentle touch, does things to her no other wolf ever has. But, when his secret is spilled by one of the female wolves in the pack, she backs away, uncertain of the man.

Taking a page out of Kalum’s book, Chris devices a plan to win Lily over. He knows she has a submissive streak buried beneath her bluster. Getting her to acknowledge it is the issue. So he offers her a deal. One night with him, no holds barred, to explore Dominance and submission.

Lust combines with passion leading to an unforgettable evening of pleasure. One that unveils a deeper connection between them—which leads to one more question, will one night ever be enough?

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Sayer Blackcrow, isn't looking for a mate or even contemplating settling down. So spending his evenings in Custer for a woman he doesn't want to like, but finds he can't resist, is the best thing for him. However, what he won't admit to anyone is that she is his mate. When Drew and Gee show up ten days before the Solstice and announce he must bring home his mate or face the wrath of his alpha, he does what he has to. Doesn't mean he likes. it. What's worse, Gee announces there's to be a scavenger hunt and he's to participate with Kizzy.

Kizzy Rhapsody, isn't sure what's going on. One minute she's living in Custer and the next she's in a town she had no idea existed. What she does know, is her friend has been keeping secrets and the man who brought her there isn't talking either. Though she enjoys being in Los Lobos, she can't stand the lies, or falling for a man who isn't willing to trust her. But, with the Winter Solstice festivities approaching, she agrees to give both a chance.

Fresh, local honey is their item.

With no bee hives on pack lands, Sayer and Kizzy must work together to find their object. When a chance phone call, takes them out of town for their item, Sayer realizes his quirky little human is more than meets the eye. With the solstice upon them, he finds himself willing to move heaven and earth to make these festivities the best time of her life.

And if he ends up mated to her? Well, there are worse things that could happen.

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P.S. Winter Fairy Tale has an exciting conclusion to the Truesdale family you're not going to want to miss! 

Hint: pitter-patter of little feet