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Now for Something a Little More #Wicked

Single Wicked Wolf

Releasing at ARe exclusively on October 1st, you'll also be able to find this gem on other etailers sometime after the 10th. I'll be sure to post updates, in the meanwhile. Would you like a sneak peek at Giovanni and Murphy's first meeting?

Monday, September 28, 2015

Picture yourself with a Highlander and win a TIARA!

rsz_hannah_and_the_highlander (1) wine

I am thrilled that HANNAH AND THE HIGHLANDER, my first book in the UNTAMED HIGHLANDER SERIES, has released. To celebrate, I am holding a SPECIAL multi-prize contest for readers who post a selfie with my book!


Multiple winners will be chosen. Top prizes include:
  • A tiara
  • A bottle of Hannah and the Highlander Wine (depending on prevailing laws for mailing alcohol!)
  • A mystery item from Scotland (Why is it a mystery? I haven’t bought it yet!)
  • A signed ARC of Book 2, SUSANA AND THE SCOT


You can win a free book if you refer a friend and they tag you on their entry!

  1. To enter, post a picture of yourself with HANNAH AND THE HIGHLANDER on the contest Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/events/539787452834907/ (PG Please! This is a public event!)
  2. AND share on your wall, twitter and other social media! It would be wonderful if you could add the buy link to your shared posts as well! http://www.amazon.com/Hannah-Highlander-Untamed-Highlanders-Sabrina-ebook/dp/B00TDRJ8JU/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=
DEADLINE TO POST: October 30th




Check Barnes and Noble, your other local bookstores and libraries as of September 1st! If they don’t have the book, please be sure to ask them to stock it!


YES! If you are a digital reader, you can still enter! Post a selfie with your reader showing Hannah and the Highlander!


You don’t have to include your face in your entry


Yes. Feel free to engage your copy of HANNAH AND THE HIGHLANDER in multiple adventures. “HANNAH AND THE HIGHLANDER out for dinner with me,” ‘HANNAH AND THE HIGHLANDER napping with my dog,” “HANNAH AND THE HIGHLANDER lounging on the sofa.” Get creative.


No worries. Send your entry to sabrinayorkhrh at gmail dot com and she will post your entry for you.


At random from all posts in the Picture Yourself with a Highlander Contest Event on October 30th

GOOD LUCK! And be sure to tell your friends!

Next up: Preorder now!

lighter hair

Her Royal Hotness, Sabrina York, is the New York Times and
USA Today Bestselling author of hot, humorous stories for smart and sexy readers.
With over 25
titles her books range from sweet & snarky to scorching
romance. Visit her webpage at
www.sabrinayork.com to check out her books, excerpts and
contests. Represented by Lane Heymont with the Seymour Agency.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Heroes in #castles, palaces, old restaurants, at high tea! Cerise reveals her #England schedule!

I'm packing my bag (small, black, within airline weight), for England! Want to come along?

I'm doing Major Research and I have an Agenda. Want to see? Bring your walking shoes, umbrella, raincoat (could be chilly too), and a sweater.

YES! I'm off for England soooon for 2+ weeks!!! Our trip this year is to London, Windsor, Reading and Bath. I am so tickled, I am silly with it.

Yesterday at a day-long FB party (Hey, forgive spelling here, I'm still recovering), I "served high tea." My mother was of English origin and tea was served at our house the English way in a pot, mind you, milk and sugar on the side with a homemade scone or good shortbread cookie.

Mr. DeLand chuckles at my English tea. He needs his java. But he says he will partake. While in England, do as they do, you see.

I am going with superb expectations that I will cram everything in I need to do and see to satisfy my historian's soul—and my writer's heart. This means, of course, that Mr. DeLand knows how to amuse himself while I shop (that verb to him is dawdle) in a museum store or the palace bookshop. (He has decades of experience with me, so he is primed.)
AMAZON   ARe   NOOK   KOBO   iTunes

This year I have research goals, as ever. But they are a tad different than in past. This year we do a LOT of Regency and another shot of Victorian areas and experiences. Why? Well, I am excited about Regency architecture. This is for my series that began with HER BEGUILING BUTLER. (See here.) DELIGHTFUL DOINGS IN DUDLEY CRESCENT is my series about lords and ladies (rom com, mystery, and tons of history to titillate) who fall in love with servants. Of course, none of the servants is of that class, else what is a Regency romance for, eh? It must focus on noblemen acting in extraordinary ways to achieve the ultimate goal, marriage. I digress.

Ready for that schedule?

DAY ONE (which is really Day 2 because the DeLands get JET LAG like the POX has arrived!)
Apsley House, London Regency walking tour; and TOWER OF LONDON
This makes the 6th or 7th or umpty-umpth time we have done THE TOWER. But Mr. DeLand's forefather (and mine) came over from Normandy with William the Conqueror and Mr. DeLand  gets crazy mad goosebumps every time he visits. Ergo, one must, eh? I say he helped to either build said castle, defend it or had a room there. Hmmm.

DAY TWO: Windsor Castle  
See us on the train, walking, dining there. I was there back in the my grad school days. Mr. DeLand has never been. I think that decades on, for me, I will get to see more of the castle than I did back in the day. So much more is open these days!

DAY THREE: Royal Mews and Cavalry Museum
I am up for the Mews! Last year, we were in Paris for our research trip and we went to the Palais Royale in Compiegne. We dined in a FAB 5 star place for lunch, made our way to the Palais and by the time we finished the main house, the mews was closed. I wept fat tears. Give me a carriage. Always. I get my fix here!

DAY FOUR: Spencer House. Regency Walk around London in which we amble along to haberdashers, Fortnum and Mason, a few squares to look at architecture and to dine and do high tea!

DAY FIVE: Hampton Court Palace or Blenheim. This choice depends on how we feel that morning. Why? After doing this self-guided touring for years now, we understand that occasionally we have to NOT run ourselves mad and do something simpler, not so strenuous. Especially if the weather is not wonderful, we want to be certain to be kind to ourselves, our feet and our health.
Blenheim is necessary to me as I begin a series about American Heiresses who married English noblemen in the Victorian era!

DAY SIX:  Banqueting House and Museum of London. The Banqueting House is a bit of an aside, one of those "must do-haven't been there yet thingies" but it calls to me. In my un-copious free time, I want to write (research) Restoration period. 

DAY SEVEN: Osterley Park.
This is my big Regency house tour day. Mr. DeLand will sigh and nod and humor me for hours. But he will love the train and the countryside. I know he will!

DAY EIGHT: Arundel Castle or Free
This is a bow to Mr. DeLand's delight in early medieval castles and my tendency to write a medieval now and then!
DAY NINE:  Sir John Soanes House, St. Paul’s, and Dinner at Rules!
Ah, yes. That architecture thingie? This is where I get to drool. Soanes was a major architect during the Regency period for many and I understand that the house alone is a treasure. See me dropping many POUNDS in the shop. Not weight, no. MONEY. 
Why St. Paul's? To be honest? While Mr. DeLand has been here often, I have never. I must go this time. 
And dinner at Rules? Ah. Mr. DeLand says we must take out a home equity loan to pay the bill, but go we will. Have you seen the menu? O.M.G. An Englishman's heaven. Roast beef and oysters and kidney pie and soups. I may never leave. (See me doing the dishes?)

We take the train. Love trains. Bought our tickets on line and let me just give a plug to British Railways who, when this American could not read their website well, did reimburse me for the 4 extra tickets I managed to purchase for 2 people on the same train, same day, and another 2 which went the wrong way immediately after the first 2 arrived.
Don't ask.

In Bath, we will go go go to:
1. Museum of Bath Architecture
2. Fashion Museum, open 10:30-5:00 every day, 
Tours at 1200 noon and 4:00 each day.
See Georgian Exhibit
Entry to the Assembly Rooms is included in the Fashion Museum ticket. - See more at: http://www.fashionmuseum.co.uk/assembly-rooms#sthash.VTqcQfzi.dpuf
3. Assembly Rooms, 10:30 - 5:00, every day
4. Jane Austen Center, open every day
5. The Circus
6. Royal Crescent
7. Roman Baths

My attire for the plane trip home!
Before we leave Bath, I will ship home my READER SWAG and goodies for all those FB Parties in 2015-2016.  I learned to do this years ago rather than accosting airline check-in clerks with my displeasure at their dislike of my weighty luggage!

DAY FIFTEEN: We leave Bath. Color me sobbing! We take the bus from Bath to our hotel at the airport!  I do love airport hotels. Means I can get up the next morning and look like a human being instead of this mad woman who has to get to the airport through wild traffic only to stand in line...again.

DAY SIXTEEN: We fly home!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Writer Girls Go Wild

Early morning at Wampler's Lake
It's the annual brainstorming weekend for the Maumee Valley Romance Authors Inc. A dozen or so of us rent a holiday house on Wampler's Lake in Michigan and spend 3-4 days together plotting and analyzing stories, discussing all aspects of writing and the publishing industry, catching up on each other's personal lives, and doing pretty much what we all did years ago at teenage slumber parties: making up outrageous stories, laughing uncontrollably, and eating and drinking everything in sight. Each year has a different code word that will set us off every time it's mentioned. This year it's merkin. Don't even ask!

So far this year, we've helped Harlequin Superromance author Kristina Knight plot her next story, as well as Rue Allyn. Today we're focusing more on brainstorming (as opposed to the wild partying) and having a brief organizational meeting.

Every year, we all bring carloads of food and vow that next year we'll remember not to bring so much next year.

In the end, we all leave well-fed and champing at the bit to get going on our writing projects, in spite of the obstacles that Life throws at us when we return to our busy, everyday lives.

If you're a member of a writing group, does your group ever do weekends like this? If not, think about it. Renting the house costs us ±$50 apiece, plus whatever food and beverages we bring. A fraction of what I paid for RWA in New York City.

If you're not a member, what do you do to keep the writing spark alive? I noticed last night at the campfire that a piece of wood that falls too far outside the flames might catch fire for awhile, but eventually burns out. Getting together occasionally with author pals keeps the sparks flying even at those times when Life attempts to douse the embers.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Falling Back into Fall....

Welcome to the third day of Autumn, and with the leaves falling comes the most mysterious season for me.  I love all things fall, from pumpkin patches to Halloween to chilly 5K runs.  I encourage you to not mourn summer but embrace that lovely in-between season that is Fall.  We'll have enough to complain about as soon as Winter hits!

I've been busy working on a piece that will be included in an anthology in time for December and the holidays.  I revamped my website and changed it's domain.  I now can be found at www.ceciletellier.net!  I am actively doing photoshoots for my own cover uses and also for stock photos and premade covers for other authors.  You can find those on my site and even order them directly.

    These are two very exciting images I received in the email, as they make it official!  I am working with Evernight on my Gypsy paranormal series and hope to have more concrete release dates and cover information any day now but for now, I will leave these here...

Have you added me on Facebook, twitter, or snapchat yet?  No? What are you waiting for?!  You can find the online events I'm involved in, the latest in my hijinks and shenanigans, and also what I'm writing!
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/ceciletellierauthor and www.facebook.com/ceciletellierromance
Twitter: @Ceectellier
SnapChat: CecileTellier
Email: CecileTellier1980@gmail.com

Take care and have a great season of good changes! 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Cover Reveal: An Immortal's Guide to Tarth @kayelleallen #scifi

An Immortal's Guide to Tarth 
An Immortal's Guide to Tarth is a tongue-in-cheek look at what relocating to the Tarthian Empire would be like for the immortals in books by Kayelle Allen. A bit of fiction, written in a non-fiction way, the book offers guidance from Joss Avaton, one of the immortals. Provides dire warnings about who not to cross, and what to do about pesky Mundanes (namely, those annoying humans), and who among the Chosen is not to be trusted.
The role playing game of Peril is spelled out, with downloads for character sheets and rules. Includes a who's who among the immortals, and stats of the players, with never before revealed secrets about Luc Saint-Cyr, Pietas, and others.

A must have for fans of the series. This handy guide will inform, entertain, and provide peeks behind the curtain.


This excerpt is taken from the opening of the book.

Greetings, Fellow Immortals

Welcome to the Tarthian Empire. This book is a guide to the people, places, and possibilities you'll find here. A list of immortals and their roles in Peril is also included. All Sempervians are welcome here. This will be your home away from home. To those immortals who have joined us in our glorious exile -- please know you are our honored guests. We are pleased to share the bounty of the Empire with you.
I'm Joss Avaton, your guide. A little about me. I'm telepathic (which most of us experience and understand), and a scripter, which means by touching you I can discern your abilities and gifts. Contrary to popular belief, scripters cannot tell your past or your future. We can only tell about your present: what gifts you possess now.
So that neither of us has any illusions, I will tell you up front that I am serving Penance. For those of you new to the game of Peril, that means I lost a game and must pay for it. In my case, it was a technicality, and the gamers in my session had nothing to do with my loss. I lost by my own mistakes, and take full responsibility. The gamer opposite me (Nanchonta) I would trust with my life, and have, many times. However, I would carefully watch the lead player in my support team (Akaghe) and never turn my back on him. Not for one moment. He is not based in the Tarthian Empire, for which I'm thankful. But enough about the past. I'm here to help you in your future with us.
While we are more than glad to welcome a fellow immortal into the Empire, you should be aware that the relationship between Mundanes (mortals) and ourselves is not an open one. To that end, let's dive straight into the ironclad rules.

Rule Number One: This Book is for Immortals Only

By order of Pietas ap Lorectic, Lord of the Immortals, the Impaler, Hammer of God, Marauder, Soul Ripper, Destroyer of Worlds, Slayer of Innocents, Hound of Hell, you are ordered to set aside this book if you not immortal. Put down this book, walk away, and no one will get hurt. Should you decide to disobey this directive, that assurance is void.
With that warning in mind, you may proceed at your own risk.

Rule Number Two: Immortals Don't Exist

Of course, immortals do exist. The fact that you are reading this book proves that. We are referring to what the non-immortal Mundane population thinks. They (other than the Chosen) are never to know of our existence. The rule regarding how much to reveal is simple: nothing.
We do not discuss immortality.
We avoid any mention of immortality.
If asked directly if we are immortal, we lie.
There are no exceptions to this rule.
The answer to "Why can't we tell them?" is also simple: BPSS (Because Pietas said so). If you don't know who Pietas is, we refer you to Rule Number One.
You will no doubt find yourself exasperated by the sheer number of Mundanes present in the Tarthian Empire, especially humans. They have overrun it and multiplied like rats in a pestilence. Which brings us to Rule Number Three.

Rule Number Three: Live and Let Live

By order of Pietas, humans and other people groups may not be killed for sport. That does not mean you can't annoy, manipulate, and use them for your own purposes. However, the rule about killing is strictly enforced. You can be banned from the Empire for killing even one Mundane. Justifiable homicide must be proven in Mundane courts as well as before the throne of Pietas.
It has nothing to do with their inherent worthiness. Mundanes have none. However, we must coexist here and the worlds in the Tarthian Empire are filled with these creatures. They farm, raise fish, cattle, sheep, and other animals used for food, create cities, technology, transport, and other items which we find useful and helpful. Since we take full advantage of these things, it behooves us to let them exist. Therefore, the golden rule is "Live and let live."
We cannot stress strongly enough the need to remember the golden rule when it comes to Mundanes, and especially humans. They tend to bring out the worst in us, so guard yourself against rash behavior in their presence. Pietas does not permit a "temporary insanity" defense. I know this chafes. You must learn to deal with it.
Read Bro - the Story Behind the Antonello Brothers 
A free book is available to go along with this book. Visit my website to download Bro, the Story Behind the Antonello Brothers. http://kayelleallen.com/bro

About the Author

Kayelle Allen is a best-selling, award-winning author. Her unstoppable heroes and heroines include contemporary every day folk, role-playing immortal gamers, futuristic covert agents, and warriors who purr.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Autumn of the Year

Hi everyone,

Today is the first day of Autumn. Here are some Autumn quotes from books I love:

“Her pleasure in the walk must arise from the exercise and the day, from the view of the last smiles of the year upon the tawny leaves and withered hedges, and from repeating to herself some few of the thousand poetical descriptions extant of autumn--that season of peculiar and inexhaustible influence on the mind of taste and tenderness--that season which has drawn from every poet worthy of being read some attempt at description, or some lines of feeling.” 

“The autumn leaves blew over the moonlit pavement in such a way as to make the girl who was moving there seem fixed to a sliding walk, letting the motion of the wind and the leaves carry her forward. The trees overhead made a great sound of letting down their dry rain.” 

Autumn makes me think of Frank Sinatra’s song — It Was A Very Good Year 

 I wrote a Arthurian Romance, The Celtic Vixen,  about a couple in the Autumn of their years, both over 40. I believe that baby boomer romances or romances with couples over 40 are growing in popularity. I'm glad.


The fiery, middle-aged widow doesn't need a new husband to protect the villa. Nesta can take care of the villa herself. Instead, she picks up her deceased husband's long sword and joins King Arthur in battling Saxons. There she meets the dark warrior, Ulfin, who, unknown to Nesta, is haunted by the matchmaker ghost of her deceased husband. This ghost has his work cut out for him for Ulfin and Nesta care more about war than love.
Medieval Fantasy Romance
Sequel to The Celtic Fox

Plaster walls and ceiling were painted in a marigold tone and a fresco depicting the four seasons of summer, spring, fall, and winter decorated the long wall. She entered a bright, opulent chamber, floored in a mosaic design of small circles in hues of coral and teal. Both the walls and ceiling were painted in cerulean blue and held furniture in a mix of Roman and Celtic styles, but all polished wood. Bright Celtic bratts of red, orange, and yellow plaid draped the two high narrow beds.
"The lord's chamber suits a king, I think." Nesta pushed a stray wisp of red hair back from her eyes.
"It is more than fitting Lady Nesta." Arthur walked into the chamber and turned around. "A grand room."
"All is well?" Nesta wanted to please the king, though no doubt a boy of ten and five would be happy on a forest floor as long as good friends and good ale were at his side, but Ulfin who bore the stiffness and rattles of an old warrior would appreciate a soft bed.
"Forsooth. Many thanks, good lady." Ulfin offered a slight bow.
"I will see you both later to sup?" After the two men nodded in agreement, she walked back down the hall, her mind turned with thoughts of Ulfin.
Both her late husband Gwynfael and her brother Tryffin had often spoke of him as a warrior, who always put his duty first. When it came to war there was no man in all of Britannia more deadly than Ulfin. Nesta had met him only on a few occasions, he never went anywhere except for army business. He had served as both Uther's and Ambrosia's champion. Now he served Arthur in the same manner.
Ulfin had shaped the lad into a true soldier, a man, though only ten and five years, who was ready and able to lead all the weathered princes of Britannia against the Saxons.
Nesta always thought of Ulfin as the last of the Roman soldiers, but today she thought of him as a man. How attractive he looked in a simple, rugged way. There were no airs about him. She liked that. Nesta preferred that Ulfin escort her to Silchester than any of the suitors coming to call. Especially the three fools of Britannia: Caddor, Aidan, and Owain.
Caddor the wealthy, bragged on about his Roman heritage though he couldn't speak correctly. Constantly, he used the wrong Latin word for what he wished to say. Then there was Aidan. The most doltish, dim-witted man she'd ever met. But he saw himself as a genius. Taken with any foolish idea he had, though his breakthrough realizations were ones most people understood at five years of age. And at last, Owain. Never was there born a lazier man. Besides, standing and sitting, he didn’t do anything. So lazy, he hardly spoke more than three words at a time, usually to save the trouble of talking, he just grunted.

At last Nesta had a visitor who hadn’t come to woo her or to help her get wooed.

The Celtic Vixen also comes in the box set - Swords and Roses along with The Celitc Fox

Happy Autumn!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

INTO THE FLAMES Available for .99 Pre-Order!

What do you get when seven NYT, USA Today, best-selling, award-winning authors get together to write about sexy firefighters? Boom. INTO THE FLAMES. An instant best-seller on All Romance eBooks and an anthology climbing the top of the Amazon charts since it became available for pre-order.

Have you reserved your copy?

INTO THE FLAMES:  Firefighter Multi-Author Boxed Set Anthology
Release Date: Tuesday, September 29, 2015
ISBN: 9781626228832  (Seaside Publications)
Seven smoldering stories. One great price. Only .99 for a limited time!
Pre-order your copy now!

Firefighters. The word ignites bold images of heroes in dust covered helmets and ash stained turnouts who defy the odds and press on in the presence of danger.

Men and Women of Valor. A dedicated brotherhood of first responders whose honor, strength, and courage overcome obstacles to save lives.

Into The Flames. Seven NYT, USA Today, bestselling and award-winning authors offer romantic suspense, contemporary, historical, and paranormal tales of tough, iconic heroes who risk it all for their communities—but at the end of the day, seek the tender embrace of the one they love.


Rescue Me by N.J. Walters
When firefighter Frank Ellis rescues an old flame from a burning building, sparks ignite. He’ll do anything to protect her, even if it means she discovers he’s a mythical phoenix.

Flashpoint by Desiree Holt
...When everything explodes

Where There's Smoke by Cindy Spencer Pape
Firefighting in the 1920's is dangerous business, but so is falling in love.

FireBrew by Liz Crowe
Fate throws them together. But the horrific memory of a fiery disaster could tear them apart. 

Hook Me Up by Adele Downs
Firemen don't free cats from trees anymore—until a pretty schoolteacher gets trapped on a limb with her kitten and the county's hottest firefighter comes to their rescue.

Slow Burner by Sam Cheever
A love that burns slowly burns longest, creating the greatest heat.

Uncontrolled Burn: A RISEN Team Novel by Nina Pierce
A woman forced to live a life she didn’t choose. A vampire bound by honor to protect humans. A deadly game of revenge that threatens both their lives …

 About The Authors:

N.J. Walters is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author who’s always been a voracious reader, and now she spends her days writing novels of her own. Vampires, werewolves, dragons, time-travelers, seductive handymen, and next-door neighbors with smoldering good looks—all vie for her attention. It’s a tough life, but someone’s got to live it.

Desiree Holt is an award-winning author known the world over as The Oldest Living Erotic Romance Author. She has won an EPIC E-Book Award, the Holt Medallion and many other awards. She has been featured on CBS Sunday Morning and in The Village Voice, The Daily Beast, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The London Daily Mail and numerous other national and international publications.

Cindy Spencer Pape is an award-winning author of 19 novels and more than 40 shorter works. She lives in southeast Michigan. When not hard at work writing she can be found dressing up for steampunk parties and Renaissance fairs, or with her nose buried in a book.

Liz Crowe is an Amazon best-selling author of 27 books, mom of three, Realtor, beer blogger, brewery marketing expert, and sports fan. She is a Kentucky native and graduate of the University of Louisville currently living in Ann Arbor. She has decades of experience in sales and fund raising, plus an eight-year stint as a three-continent, ex-pat trailing spouse. Her early forays into the publishing world led to a groundbreaking fiction hybrid, “Unconventional Romance. Worth the Risk,” which has gained thousands of fans and followers interested less in the “HEA” and more in the “WHA” (“What Happens After?”).

Adele Downs is the best-selling, award-winning author of more than 20 romance titles, including those written under another pen name, and is a former journalist with hundreds of articles to her credit. When not writing in her home office in rural Pennsylvania, she can be found reading a book on the nearest beach, taking photographs, or riding in her convertible.

Sam Cheever is a USA Today Bestselling author who writes romantic paranormal/fantasy and mystery/suspense, creating stories that celebrate the joy of love in all its forms. Known for writing great characters, snappy dialogue, and unique and exhilarating stories, Sam is the award-winning author of 50+ books and has been writing for over a decade under several noms de plume.

Nina Pierce is a USA Today Bestselling author who spends her days at the keyboard writing stories of fated loves and soul mates, blissfully creating chaos for her characters by throwing in a villain or two, a little murder and a whole lot of mayhem as they struggle toward their happy-ever-afters. When she’s not writing, Nina enjoys spending time with her soul mate of nearly 40 years, their three adult children, one love-sick son-in-law and two precious grandsons.

Buy INTO THE FLAMES for only .99 for a limited time!

For more information visit Adele Downs at http://adeledowns.com 

Monday, September 21, 2015

The Royal Pride shifters are back!! #feline #shifters #paranormal

***They're back!!!***

Yes, okay. I might just be a little bit excited, but I'm so happy that my feline shifter series, Royal Pride, is now mine again!
Revised and expanded versions of Unexpected Find, Beautiful Mistake and Favorite Obsession will be available soon! I’m very excited to be able to talk about these hot, sexy feline shifters again. A few of the alphas in this series ((coughVader and Xander)) have been demanding their stories be told. J One *big* change is that the Royal Pride and the Kagan Wolves world will become parallel series with overlapping characters. Don’t worry, they’ll still be able to be read separately, though.

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll share more soon!

Keep loving. Keep living. Talk soon.
((Hugs)) Nancy

Follow Nancy Corrigan's board Royal Pride series on Pinterest.

Connect with Nancy…

A little about Nancy…
A true romantic at heart, Nancy Corrigan is convinced there’s a knight in shining armor for every woman (or man), but you won’t find damsels in distress in her stories. She adores pairing alpha heroes with women strong enough to match them and bring them to their knees. She also enjoys flipping the traditional roles in romances because her motto is—love and people should never be forced to conform to anyone’s norm.

She holds a degree in chemistry and has worked in research but now focuses on ensuring quality. She considers it the perfect outlet for her as she’s the first to admit she has some OCD tendencies. It carries over into her writing life too. While engrossed in a novel, she has a habit of forgetting to eat and sleep. Fortunately, she’s married to her own knight in shining armor who understands her oddities and loves her anyway. They reside in Pennsylvania with their three children, dog, snake and guinea pigs. Her other interests include tattoos, animals, classic cars and all things spooky and sexy.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Affair Continues ...

Second Story Available Now!

Carlo had it all, a charmed life that included a beautiful wife and a thriving business. In talks to merge his company with the much larger Knowles Enterprises, a lucrative move he is certain will transpire smoothly, Emma Knowles suddenly informs him the deal is off. Moreover, she will ruin his business. Shocked at her sudden about face, he doubts the effect on him will be as devastating as her ominous threat foretold. Yet, he soon finds himself divorced, broke and a pariah in the business world.

Twelve years later, Carlo has rebuilt his empire and is once more in a position of power. He has focused his energies on one goal, vengeance. When he is poised to execute a hostile takeover of her company, Emma desperately offers him an alternate. She offers herself, for a week, to do with as he pleases. He accepts her offer, keen on subjecting her to degradation, breaking her and finally exacting his revenge.

It is soon apparent that something else is at play. Emma’s past attack was not unwarranted; she had good reason to do what she did. He struggles to uncover what her motivations were and what event drove her to such a cruel act. As he plummets into a scathing self-examination, his past acts are unveiled. Carlo realizes he is not the man he thought he was and that Emma is more complicated than he could imagine. A searing passion ignites within him, along with an intense need for atonement and forgiveness. Can he convince Emma he is not the man she believes him to be when even he questions who he truly is?

   Carlo sipped his cognac slowly as he waited in the overstuffed leather armchair for her arrival. The hour of his vengeance was finally here but suddenly it did not feel like a victory. He shifted his weight and the soft rustle of the creamy soft leather was as alien to him as his own thoughts. He had waited for this, planned for this, plotted, schemed, and clawed his way to this moment. He had finally brought his nemesis, Emma Knowles to her knees. He had orchestrated a hostile takeover that was years in the making, his need to make her pay for all he had lost so strong it was all he had focused on. Every time he had seen a photo of her in the papers or online, every time he saw her smug smile, her hair always pulled into a severe bun, her masculine business suits and her owlish eyes behind thick lenses, his blood had boiled.
   She had begged him not to take her company, the one built by her family, her legacy. His appetite whet with his impending vengeance, Carlo had been keen on watching her fall, watching her go through what he did when she had ruined his business all those years ago. He was gleefully looking forward to her pain when she proposed a different solution. She had offered him something else, something that had, at the time, seemed enticing. She had offered him her, for a week. One week to do whatever he pleased with her. Carlo had jumped at the chance, his mind racing with every degrading act he would subject her to in that time. However, as the days before she came to him passed, he began to question if he could inflict such things on her, even as he had so wished to punish her.
   It had been a long three weeks, the wait for Emma’s arrival. He knew she would come, that she would stay true to her word. He spent that time preparing one of the guestrooms, giving his staff strict instructions on how to treat Ms. Knowles during her stay and pondering his decision. He found he did not truly want to be cruel to Emma despite all she had done to him, all she had taken from him. He informed himself repeatedly that he was entitled to his vengeance, but that had not prevented the burning ache in the pit of his stomach that ate away at him.
   Therefore, awaiting her arrival, he focused on all the ills she had caused him. He thought back to the day, twelve years ago, when he had been blindsided by her. They had been in talks about merging their companies. He had been overjoyed at the offer that Knowles Incorporated was interested in his company, the one he had built from almost nothing, the one he had nursed from its infancy, helped with no more than a small loan from his father, and had quickly grown into a success.
   Carlo was on top of the world during that time and during those preliminary talks with Emma. He had a hugely successful business, a beautiful wife, proud parents and a lavish lifestyle. He knew in addition to this all how attractive he was, how some women tended to get a little stupid in his presence. Now greying at his temples, at the time he had had ebony hair and green eyes, a combination so striking he turned heads everywhere he went. Tall and strongly built, he had always taken care of his body. He had seen Emma’s eyes lap up his beauty when they had first met but she quickly returned to her staunch and uptight manner. Negotiations had progressed smoothly and then one day when he entered the conference room at Knowles Incorporated, Emma had stomped in and delivered her devastating news. She spoke with venom and without any regard for the working relationship they had built. She coldly announced the merger was off and she would make it well known that he was not to be entered into business with, that she would ruin him. Stunned by her words, Carlo tried to reason with her but she had told him he was finished and had stormed out of the room.
   At first he had not believed she, with her words, could have the effect she had. Then word of the failed merger spread and his business hit a quick and steady decline. Within a year, he had been forced to sell the business for a fifth of what it was once worth. His wife left him when the money began to dry up and between the cost of his divorce lawyer and the half of his remaining assets she was rewarded, Carlo found his lavish lifestyle slipping away. He found it impossible to find work in Toronto, Emma’s words had turned him into a pariah and he had had to relocate all the way to Edmonton in order to find a position that was not beneath him. His father died the next year, when Carlo was at the bottommost part of the process and he had never been able to accept the fact his father had not seen him bounce back from that predicament. His hatred for Emma Knowles spurned his consequent reversal of fortune. He now commanded a larger empire than he had then and, when he was finally in a position to take over Knowles Incorporated, he had realized his goal. He had turned the tables; he had driven Emma to her knees.
   Distant voices informed him one of his staff had just let Emma into the house. He heard the click of stilettos on the tiled floors and turned his head when her footfalls entered the room. Emma stood just inside the doorway and Carlo was stunned to see her drastic change in appearance. Her glasses, severe business attire and dowdy hair were gone. She wore a dress that hugged every sublime curve he never imagined she had. Her wavy chestnut hair hung almost to her waist and, no longer hidden behind large and dowdy glasses, he could now see the beauty in her face, in the curve of her high cheekbones, in the plumpness of full lips he had never noticed before now. When her cobalt eyes, fringed with long dark lashes, met his, Carlo's mouth went dry.
   He put his glass on the small table beside his chair and forced himself to get to his feet. He could not help but allow his eyes to look over her body again and they greedily gobbled up the sight of her. He had always seen her in pantsuits but now her shapely legs were on display for him, her calves tightly muscled with the heels she wore on her delicate feet. The hem of her dress fell a few inches above her knees allowing a glimpse of what were certainly sensational thighs. The swell of her hips enticingly narrowed to a thin waist and then her body widened again. He stared at her full breasts a moment, a subtle but promising amount of cleavage available for his eyes. He saw her throat twitch as she swallowed nervously under his visual inspection. His eyes glided over her jaw and pale face to alight on her eyes once more. He saw fear in them in the second before she averted them.
   “I… hope I’m not late,” she murmured, her voice shaky.
   “No,” Carlo replied, his voice thick with the uncertainty he felt.
   Emma nodded but did not look to him.
   “What do you want to do? Or want me to do?”
   He shrugged. The movement caused her to look back to him and he could see tears surfacing in her eyes. He felt like a heel and debated telling her to go home, to forget about this entire arrangement. But his need for vengeance reared immediately, assuring him he had every right to exact his revenge after all she had done. His eyes narrowed as he crossed his arms over his thickly muscled chest.
   “I expect you to please me, Emma. Tonight and every night that you are here. That was our arrangement.”
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