Monday, August 6, 2018

Size Matters to Most Readers #books #novella #novel

Size Matters to Readers

Hello and welcome back to another riveting talk with a small town romance author. Thanks for stopping by. 

Size matters. Not clothing size, not body size, not the size of feet or other body parts. I'm talking about the size of books! For many readers, the size of a book matters to us.

Some of us love a big book or novel. The bigger the better. We weep at a thick hardcover book with over 1000 pages and 800,000 words. We love to delve into the characters and see what happens in every part of their life. We ride the roller coaster as the hero saves the heroine only to have another misunderstanding or first girlfriend to show up and destroy their brief moment of happiness. We devour books, sometimes up to two or three books a day so the bigger the book, the more happy we are.

Some of us love a short book or novella. Our days are often not our own. We are jumping to the tunes of a boss, our children, the myriad of tasks needed to be completed. A large book is nice but often we start reading and get to the good part only to fall asleep or have to jump up because of a child vomiting. We like a book of 80-120 pages and 30,000 words. 

Putting down our book, it could be days before we pick it back up...only to have found out we've forgotten what happened and now have to re-read. For us, we love to have our happily ever after sooner rather than later. Let us see the one big danger and our couple together before we lay our heads on our pillows.

For many of us--size in a book matters. We have our preferences and will search out books which fit our criteria. Sometimes, we can fall in love with a different size. For example, a box set is a big book with many small novellas inside. So many happily ever afters and can be put down in between each story. 

Also taking into account e-readers, people can read books on their phones or small tablets. While I love that I can read a book while waiting in carpool on my phone, it can be a little frustrating to put it aside. Imagine trying to read War and Peace on a 6-inch screen. On the flip side, my husband likes to laugh about big books in bed, where he often falls asleep mid-read. Some are incredibly heavy and a crack on the nose is bound to happen when that big book falls!

No matter what size--books are the best! Reading takes us into new worlds with powers and talents we've only dreamed of. We can see multiple perspectives and travel across time and space. Big or Little....it's all about the reading! And while size might matter, you are doing something for yourself. A little self-care. A little personal time. And we all deserve that!

Enjoy the last month of summer and stop back next month for another wacky and thought provoking post by a small town romance author.

Until then,

Melissa Keir


Tina Donahue said...

Great post, Melissa! I haven't read a long, long book in quite a while. When I first started getting pubbed, the average length for books I wrote was 100k. Now publishers are asking for 50-60k, which is fine with me. Unless I'm writing a saga (which I'm not), it's hard to keep a romance going for 100k or more. I've also found that an author can say the same thing with an economy of words (rather than chapter after chapter).

Can't recall which writer said that when he was writing a book about students in an inner city school (I believe that was the plot), he wrote paragraphs and paragraphs about the character's racial experiences. To the author, that seemed way too much and he finally distilled the prose to "Can you tell what race I am by my penmanship?" (again, my recollection might be a bit shaky). To me that was a perfect example of getting the point/plot across without too many words.

Melissa Keir said...

Thanks Tina. We must each find our own perfect size! :)