Friday, July 6, 2018

A Trip to the Past #reunion #1983 #SNSD

Party Like It's 1983! 

Hello and welcome to another post in the crazy life of a writer. June was a busy month with a book signing in South Dakota, the end of the school year and working on updating the four Kindle World stories which I will get back in August. They will be re-released as soon as possible! 

Let's take a trip back in time! In 1983, IBM releases the IBM PC XT and Microsoft launches Microsoft Word, both of which are major deals to authors everywhere! The Space Shuttle Challenger had it maiden flight and the Strategic Defense Initiative was proposed. Mario Brothers was released in July and Fraggle Rock debuts on HBO as one of their first original programs. In addition, the first mobile phones were introduced by Motorola. Some live changing events, wouldn't you say! 

And, I graduated high school. I was in a hurry to grow up and so I finished high school in three years and was able to graduate the year before the rest of my class. It was a beautiful sunny day on the high school football field when three hundred of us walked across the stage to the applause of our family and loved ones.

This past weekend was my 35th (gasp) class reunion. Yes, it's been thirty-five years since we wore our gold gown and tossed our caps in the air. Thirty-five years since we had dreams of where we were going to go and what our life was like. As we celebrated together, only about eighty of the three hundred could come together. Some had passed, while others were too far away to travel or had previous commitments. Those that couldn't make it were missed while the rest of us reminisced about the "good old days". 

There's a reason people write about finding love at a class reunion. It's a chance to finally connect with the football player or cheerleader you were too frightened to speak to. Or maybe you were the nerdy ugly duckling who finally became the swan and long to show off your amazing transformation, making those who teased you eat their words.

Your hometown is a place you often visit in your mind. I have a whole series which takes place in my hometown. Because for me, the town I grew up in would always be my home, even though I've not lived there for more than half my life. 

This year's class reunion was an interesting event since I had to plan it and wasn't really with my close friends. Although the event went off without a hitch and everyone seemed to have a great time. The popular sports stars still hung out with the cheerleaders and the drama group still hung out together. We had plenty of food (everyone could take some home if they wanted to) and I had to kick them out at the end of our time. No one wanted to leave and continued the party elsewhere.

Did you go back to your reunion? Would you? Why or why not?

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Until Next Month... 
Have a Wonderful Summer!

Melissa Keir 


Tina Donahue said...

Great post, Melissa! I haven't and wouldn't go to my high school reunion. I went to an all girl school - godawful. Anyone who says girls are sugar and spice and everything nice needs their head examined. It was like Max Mad Beyond Thunderdome. Made the movie Mean Girls look like Little Women. My closest friends were from other schools. If I had the choice, I'd go to their high school reunions. :)

Melissa Keir said...

I can imagine what a trial that was Tina. I think the way another school does their reunion is best. They hold one each year for the entire school and certain years are highlighted, those which are momentous, 10, 15, 20, etc. But then the whole school celebrates including the new grads!

KateM said...

Love your post and your covers Melissa; great story premise! We're off to my husband's 55th high school reunion next month. Though the crowd will be small, nothing like the 600+ who graduated together, as grown ups, people are more curious and genuinely interested in each other. Should be fun, actually! One anecdote--I switched high schools as a junior, but returned for the 20th reunion of my first school. The most popular girl had never left town and become quite matronly. The most popular boy had fled the draft and to be a fisherman in Alaska. The geeks, meanwhile, had become Silicon Valley millionaires. :)

Fiona McGier said...

Like you, I graduated early, in December though, not a whole year early, since our school district didn't allow that...nor did they double-promote. I was called things like, "Curve-buster," because my grades were always so high the teacher couldn't grade on a curve. Also, "Brain on 2 legs," and other endearing nicknames. Never got asked out, not even to a school dance. So I gave up on the whole town, graduated early, and went away to college, where no one knew I was smart, and I could reinvent myself. Boy, was that fun!!

I didn't walk the stage because, as I told them when I got my invitation, I'd been a college student for a semester already. Why lower myself to be a kid again? Flash forward 10 years, and I went to my reunion, mostly out of curiosity. I had my husband with me (we got married the year before) and what I discovered was that it was a truly freeing experience. The kids whose opinions I had lived and died for, who alternately ignored me or mercilessly teased me, were all there...but I didn't care about their opinions anymore! My world was so much bigger, and they were so small. I realized they had always been small.

BTW, the guy everyone was in love with, was short, fat and bald. Another guy spent all of his time talking about his glory days, when he was the star of the high school plays and musicals. Another one raved about how much fun football had been in high school. And I kept thinking how sad it is, to peak in your teen years, when the rest of your life will appear a long, slow slide downhill to you. Yuck!

I went to the 20th, and it was so boring, that I've never been back. And I graduated a few years earlier than you, so my 40th was a couple of years ago. Just because I grew up in the same town with those people, is no reason to bore my husband (and me) by meeting up with them again. Though it was gratifying that a few years ago, one of the mean girls reached out to me through Facebook, and apologized, saying that she'd felt guilty for years for being so mean to me. I saw on FB recently that she just got diagnosed with some kind of cancer. I'm glad that I told her that I forgave her, which I really did. I mean, kids can be cruel, and they don't realize how badly their words can hurt. I'm glad she doesn't still feel badly for something that happened so many years ago.

But I ignore the notices about reunions these days. Definitely, not interested.

BTW, we did go to husband's 40th, and he enjoyed himself. He kept commenting about how the guys he knew all looked like their dads had, when they were young. I didn't have the heart to tell him that he looks like his own father! LOL!

Melissa Keir said...

Kate, that is so true. Some things from high school never change!

Fiona. I'm sorry you were teased in school. I was considered a "good girl" but didn't fit in with any of the "groups". I always hope by going back (the 30th was my first and then this year which I got roped into coordinating) that someone would acknowledge me. This year, one of the guys I had a crush on who dated my best friend, asked about me. Of course he didn't know who I was...so when I told him "that's me" he was shocked. I think that was the best part. No one really knowing who I was.