Sunday, July 29, 2018

“A story without love is not worth telling.” #historicalromance #kensingtonbooks #husbandhunters

July means conference time for Romance Writers. Close to two thousand members of the “tribe” gathered this year in Denver to laugh and hug, plot and promote, share the latest industry buzz, and celebrate some outstanding writers in our midst.

This year with a promise of Denver craft breweries, I coaxed my husband to come along and carry bags of giveaways, take photos, and collect info about everything from audio books to serialized snippets for reading on your phone (the Radish app).

We arrived on Tuesday afternoon and Denver’s easy-to-use rail system took us straight to the impressive restored Union Station, and then the 16th Street Mall free bus got us to the hotel. Probably our easiest airport-to-major city trip ever. Once checked in, I put on my badge, ready to connect with friends and industry professionals.

Straight away I met Minerva Spencer, a fellow Kensington author, with whom I’d been emailing. We found instant common ground in talking about favorite books and the writer’s life. That night a yummy and filling dinner at Denver’s famous “Brown Palace” hotel.

Next came meetings with my agent and editor, and the Kensington marketing director. It was time to pitch a new series, share promo plans, and get a glimpse of the cover concept for book 3 of the Husband Hunter series. The whirlwind of workshops, luncheons, award ceremonies, signings, and parties followed. Partied with Sabrina Jeffries, who has been kind enough to blurb my books.

At the Golden Hearts luncheon, I met a great group from Las Vegas, full of energy and excitement for their first RWA conference. At workshop after workshop I filled my notebook with ideas that immediately sparked an “aha.” At Damon Suede and Heather Long’s workshops, I couldn’t write fast enough. At a workshop on newsletters, I caught one key thing I could do differently. The evening’s RITA awards ceremony showcased the wide range of romance and underlined the common ground we share as writers. I loved the speech from the Irish girl from a large, poor family, who never dreamed she’d be on that stage accepting that award.

The conference culminates in a big signing for hundreds of authors. We weren’t able to stay the finale, but we got a taste at the Kensington signing. Here I am signing A Lady’s Guide to Passion and Property, my July 2018 release, for author Jasmine Haynes. It’s the second book of the Husband Hunter series.

In the Husband Hunter books an independent young woman faces the imperative to marry with spirit and sense and loses her heart but not her head in the arms of a gentleman spy. You can find the latest book here:


We had a great turn out of enthusiastic readers. Nothing is more satisfying for an author than meeting readers and hearing from them—“I love your books” “I have all your books”—to all the readers who take time to share their appreciation for an author’s work in person or online, THANK YOU!

One more volunteer job for the Librarians Day, and we were off to the airport, bags filled with books and cards, head filled with ideas, and heart filled with gratitude, ready to start a new series.

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