Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The Great Time Suck Or How to Avoid Putting Words Down @melissa_keir #wasting_time

The Great Time Suck or How to Avoid Putting Words Down

Hello and welcome to another blog post about writing, life and the zaniness which is the world around me. Today I want to talk about the myriad of things you do.... wait, hold on. I have to finish this Solitaire game.

Whew. I am working on getting another perfect month of wins. I can't let a day go by without playing those games. Three months of perfect wins. Going for a record here. Now where was I? Oh yes, back to ways you waste time. Oh rats, I'd better check in on Facebook. I might have missed something important.

Sorry. I didn't have anything important but I did watch another of those videos about crazy cats. They make me laugh so hard. Anyway, I'm horrible about time management when I want to be. Deadlines looming or a to-do list in front of me and I'm focused. I get my work done. It's amazing checking off the items on my list and seeing it shrink. As a matter of fact, this blog was on my list!

But I can find sixteen million ways to waste time from laundry (yep, sometimes I'd rather do it than anything else) to playing card games. I'll bake cookies which I won't eat or head to the grocery store for one thing, just to give myself a break from the computer. 

We all do this.... but why do I do it? Sometimes my muse isn't talking. She likes to pick the time and place for sharing information about characters and stories. Usually when I'm laying in bed at night, just about to fall asleep. Other times, it's my ADHD. I like to multitask so you will find at least four browsers open on my computer at any one time while I'm researching something, playing a game, checking on Facebook and writing. I flop back and forth between different activities, giving my mind a chance to switch off and regroup.

Then there's the dogs who need their treats and want to go outside or my husband who wants dinner or needs an extra pair of hands. You get what I'm saying. But we don't need a reason to waste time...we use the excuse to make ourselves feel better because when the end of the day comes and we still have things on our to-do list, we get angry. An excuse gives us a reason. A write-off, a do-over. 

Well, I'd better get back to my own writing and let you get back to your work. Drop me a line on how you waste time. I'd love to be able to add to my own repertoire. 

Until Next Month... 

Melissa Keir


Tina Donahue said...

OMG, let me count the ways I waste time. I love reading comments on news stories more than the actual stories. I keep looking for people who agree with my opinion on the matter(s). I also like to watch old TV series that I never saw when they were around (eg: Red Widow, Betrayal - both were great, don't know why they were canceled after one season).

However, no matter how much I'd like to procrastinate, I get really uptight and depressed if I don't write. So, it's like therapy for me. Once I get my pages in, I'm happy and carefree (for the most part, or at least until the following day). :)

Harlie Williams said...

I play 3 different bingo games on Facebook. It's like my crack. I, too, read the comments from other people on news stories.

As for laundry, I have a teenage boy, so laundry has to be done or the smell would kill me.


Fiona McGier said...

I try to stay away from FB, only going on maybe once every week or so. I almost NEVER go on my author page, because I have no news to report these days, since the school year just ended. I finally finished the book I'd been working on for 2 years, (almost 100,000 words!), but now I have to shop it around to publishers. I have 2 books I got my rights back to, that I need to find a new home for. I have about 3 or 4 books partially done in my laptop, that I need to get back to...but the sequel to the long one is bubbling in my brain, demanding to be first.

Plus, I'm still working 5-6 hours per day, but at least only 3 days a week, and "only" 1 job for the summer! So I'm trying to give my book business the attention I don't have time for during the school year.

And I've owned Rosetta Stone, Spanish, for about 5 years, meaning to become fluent, but I've never made it past the first of 5 discs!

For me, there are NEVER enough hours in the day, even without doing any time-wasting activities. I Jazzercise for an hour each day, but I really need to do 2 hours each day, since that's the only way I lost even 5 pounds last summer. But then that's 1 hour less of writing time. And husband likes me to spend time with him on weekends, at least.

Sometimes I daydream about someday being retired, so I can write all day. But that's far in the future, still. Sigh...

Fiona McGier said...

Oh, and Harlie? You haven't yet taught him to do his own laundry? My husband taught all of our kids to do it, when I was working 3 jobs, trying to save money for their college. They also cleaned the house, including the bathrooms. And did their own cooking. We always told them that we had plenty of love in our family, but not so much money. So at 14 they all got their first jobs (daughter started babysitting when she was 11), and they've paid much of their own way through life since then. You need to tell him that someday he'll have to do all of those things himself, so now is a good time to learn useful skills that they don't teach in schools!

Harlie Williams said...


He cooks breakfast and lunch himself. Cleans his room and bathroom and mows the lawn. Takes out the trash and feeds the dog.

No one does laundry but me. I don't trust the men in the house. That said, he can sort his own laundry and he folds/hangs his cleans clothes. We have a new washer and dryer. So nope...they aren't touching them. We replaced my set that was almost 20 years old. They are my babies. Its the little things with me.


Fiona McGier said...

@Harlie, husband says I'm missing many female genes. I don't care what color he paints any of the rooms in the house. I don't even go with him when he wants to pick out new furniture, since as long as the current stuff holds your butt off the floor, it looks fine to me. The only room I care about enough to clean it is the kitchen, because I don't want to get food poisoning...again. (Long story, from my single days!) He's always done all of the indoor and outdoor decorating, due to my total lack of interest. He does all of the planting also, since I can't tell a weed from a flower, nor do I care. He jokes when we drive past a house where a woman is out gardening, and he remarks, "Now there's a real woman!" I remind him that she might not know how to bake from-scratch pies, and if he ever wants to eat one again, he should be more respectful of his wife!

But if the washer and dryer are new and your toys, then enjoy!

Melissa Keir said...

You guys are so funny! How about commenting on blog posts as another way of avoiding work?

Thanks for stopping by! You sure made my day!