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                                                           "Cameron's Thorn"
                                                   Cirque De Carnaval Book 1

Cameron Jensen and his brother Jordy grew up in a very sheltered life out on the farm with a very unloving father. One night when both Jordy and Cameron are outed to their father by the local priest, they run for their lives, knowing the man’s disgust for homosexual’s.
With nothing but the clothes on their backs and a few dollars in their pockets, the brothers set out to find the mother who deserted them when they were baby’s. The world is a very scary and strange place to them, but not as strange as the things they see when they arrive at the Swan Family Carnival where their mother is. 
When Thorn Swan, nephew to Ivan, finds two cuties sneaking around the carnival he knows he has to stop them, but the realization that Cameron is his mate shocks Thorn, but also makes him happy that his mate is finally here.
But will he be able to convince the skittish man that they were meant for one another and belong together, or will he lose Cameron when he and Jordy run again, after finding out the truth of who they really are? 

The Adonis walked out, slamming the door behind him, and Cam could actually feel his pain. Jordy was pretty good at rambling on, twisting things, and confusing the hell out of you when he got started. Cam had stormed away many times from Jordy’s antics, needing to take a breather before he punched his brother in the face.
“Well, that was fun. Now what?”
Cam shook his head and a small laugh escaped. “You’re one of a kind, Jordy.”
“What does that mean?”
“Nothing. Just...just be you, okay?”
“Oooookay. So, do you think we can sneak out of here before the very large, gorgeous guy comes back? Although, I wouldn’t mind if he did come back, preferably without a shirt this time.”
“Jordy!” Cam growled. Not that he didn’t agree with his brother about the man being gorgeous, or even wanting to see him without a shirt, but something inside him wanted to rip Jordy’s head from his shoulders for even looking at the man. A red haze covered his vision as jealousy filled him. The thought of any man looking at, or god forbid, touching the Adonis made Cam want to scream and grab the man, claiming him for his own.
Cam turned away from his brother and went to the table and bench seats against the wall and sat. He needed to calm down as well as hide the evidence of his sudden erection from his brother. All these new feelings and rage within him were very confusing and were scaring him. Not to mention the reaction his body was having to the Adonis. Shit, he had never gotten this hard, this fast before. What the hell was wrong with him?
Jordy came and joined him and the two sat silently for about fifteen minutes, until the latch on the door rattled. They each turned to see if the gorgeous man had come back, when the door swung open and an older man stepped through. He wasn’t as muscular or as tall as Adonis, but he was pretty good looking for his age. Which Cam guessed was somewhere around fifty. He looked about six-two, maybe two-hundred and thirty pounds, with long black hair to his ass, that had a few grays. His skin was golden tan and his eyes were a deep green. Cam wondered if those eyes were even more mesmerizing when the man smiled. Right now, there was no hint of merriment within those orbs. Cam swallowed hard from the cold look the man was giving him and Jordy.
Adonis stepped in behind the guy and closed the door, then the two stood there staring at them. “So, these are the two you caught sneaking around? Why have you not called the sheriff, Thorn?”
“As I said Papa, they saw Mercy shift, and I believe they are shifters themselves,” Thorn answered as he kept his gaze on Cam. “This is Cam and the other one is Jordy. Boys, this is my uncle, Ivan Swan, but everyone around here calls him Papa. He and his wife own the carnival.”
Thorn? What a great name. Cam thought.
The man called Papa walked closer and sniffed around them, then straightened. “They smell like feline.”
“That’s what I thought, too.”
“So, what do you want around my carnival? What business do you have here? Are you looking for work? Maybe a good time?” Papa asked the last part giving them a pointed look.
Cam was a little confused by what he meant at first, but suddenly understanding came to him and he flinched back as his eyes widened. “What? No! We came here to find someone.”
“And who would that be?”
“Our mother,” Jordy replied.
Both Thorn and Papa’s brows rose high as they stared at them in disbelief. “Your Mama? There is no way your Mama is here in my family.”
“But we saw her on the website and that’s why we came here. Then we saw her in the big tent,” Jordy said.
“Impossible,” Papa said and threw his hand in the air as he turned away.
“Mona. Mona Daly is our mother,” Cam said softly.
Thorn and Papa stared at them, the shock and horror apparent on their faces. Then Papa’s face darkened, and his eyes filled with suspicion. “Who are you?”
“As he said, I’m Cam. Um...Cameron Jensen, and this is my brother, Jordan.”
Papa just stared at them as if he were trying to figure out if they were telling the truth or not, and if they should be trusted. After a minute of silence, he spoke to Thorn, but kept his gaze on them. “Go get Iubirea mea.”
“Yes, Papa,” Thorn replied and left the trailer.
A few minutes later the door opened again, and Thorn entered. Once at the top, he stepped aside and allowed the person behind him to step up. Cam’s gaze landed on his mother’s beautiful face and he couldn’t stop the tears that built in his eyes.
She took in a gasp of air as her gaze landed on him, then shifted to Jordy as her eyes filled with moisture, too. “My boys. I would know you anywhere. You look so much like your father. But how...how are you here?”
“We ran from Pop and had nowhere to go. We were hoping maybe…” Jordy started, but cut himself off.
Their mother looked at them in confusion. “You ran from your Pop? I don’t understand. Where have you been all this time?”
Now it was Cam’s turn to be confused. “We were with Pop, where you left us, Mom. I know I was pretty young back then, only four, but I remember you left us with him, and we never saw you again,” Cam replied.
“Pop told us you didn’t want us anymore. I know this is a surprise to you and we didn’t mean to interrupt your life, but we just need a little help and then we’ll move on. Cam and I are both hard workers and can pull our own. We promise once we make a few bucks we’ll get out of your life,” Jordy said in a cold voice.
Cam really couldn’t blame his brother. As much as they both wanted to find their mother and had hoped she would be happy to see them and maybe they could have a family with her, there was still hurt there from being abandoned.
“But I…” Mona stammered and turned to the older man. She reached her hand out to him and he immediately grasped it. “Ivan. Please. I don’t understand,” she said in a small, fragile voice that shook with emotion.
“We’ll figure this out, my beloved. Don’t you worry,” Ivan said tenderly.
“But these are my boys, Ivan. I know it. I feel it. How are they here? Where did they come from?”
“Let’s go, Cam,” Jordy hissed through clenched teeth as he stood.
Cam was torn. He wanted to run and escape this place from the rush of feelings that were flowing through him, too, but they had come to find their Mom, and now they had. But her reaction was causing his heart to clench and he could feel the rejection on her tongue. He needed to get away from here, too. He knew it was coming, but he just couldn’t sit here and listen to it. He couldn’t hear it with his own ears.
Cam stood as he clenched his jaw, blinking, trying to keep the tears and pain inside. He took a step toward Jordy and grabbed his brother’s hand, then pulled him along as they approached Thorn. “Excuse me,” he said quietly.
“Where do you think you’re going?” Thorn asked. Cam could see panic in the man's eyes.
“Away from here. You said it yourself, we’re shifters too, so your secret is safe with us. Now, excuse me,” Cam said again, a little more forcefully and pushed past Thorn, dragging Jordy behind him. Cam opened the trailer door and bolted out into the night, Jordy running right with him.
The two continued running, never looking back, until they reached the entrance to the carnival. That’s when Cam suddenly realized that the carnival was closed. There was no music playing, or bells and whistles blaring. No noise was coming from the rides or the throng of people. The lights stayed still and dark, right along with the rides that now sat motionless, looming in the darkness.
Cam reached for the gate, but it was locked with a large padlock. He shook the mesh as he started to lose his fight with his tears and one slipped out, rolling down his cheek. He turned and looked around frantically for a way out.
“Let’s climb, Cam. I don’t see another opening.”
Cam met Jordy’s pain-filled eyes and nodded, then turned back toward the fence, grabbed onto the chain link, and started to climb. Jordy grabbed onto the fence beside him and began climbing too.
“Jordan! Cameron! Stop! Wait!” They heard their mother calling from behind them, but they each ignored her and kept going.
Cam hit the top and threw one leg over, slipping the toe of his sneaker in one of the holes on the outside. Just as he lifted his other leg, a strong hand grabbed his ankle and pulled him back. His grip slipped, and Cam fell. His heart raced, thinking the fall wouldn’t kill him or break anything, but it sure as hell would hurt. But then he was caught by strong arms that engulfed him and pulled him against a wide, solid chest. A sense of peace washed over him and Cam was shocked to find himself suddenly wanting to sigh with happiness and cuddle further into the embrace. He felt so safe for the first time in his life, and he just wanted to stay wrapped in those strong arms.
But it was not to be. The arms tightened for a moment, before they loosened, then released him. Cam stumbled a little before he caught his footing and righted himself. Looking up, his gaze met intense deep blue eyes staring back at him.
“Cameron, Jordan, please, don’t go,” Mona pleaded, breaking their moment.
Cam blinked and turned away, looking to his mother who was now standing before him, with Ivan close at her back. Out of the corner of his eyes he saw Jordy move closer to him, and they both just stood there silently as they looked at their mother.
“My boys, there is so much you don’t understand. I wasn’t rejecting you or turning you away. I was just so shocked to see you both. I thought…” ―she swallowed hard― “I thought you were dead.”

PLEASE NOTE: This book was originally part of an anthology. 6,000 words have been added and it has been re-edited.
Also, 50% of the proceeds from the sale of this book in the first 3 months will go to "The Trevor Foundation" which is a charity to help LGBTQ teens in crisis.

To find out more about Maggie or any of her books, please visit her website at: www.maggiewalshauthor.weebly.com

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