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New Release - Teacher's Pet by Veronica Bagby #MF #interracial #diverseromance

Greetings readers!

Last month, my cougar interracial romance was released. I'm very excited about this story and the characters, Genevieve and Sloane kept me on my toes. 

One thing about this book, Before I started writing, I did a search on the amount of romances there are with the so-called taboo teacher/student trope. I was surprised to find that in my small search, no books with a female teacher, male student came up. 

I wondered, has it always been like this? Why is it only the male teachers get to have all the fun? If I missed any, please give me some recs for the hot female teacher and the student. 

For my book, Genevieve is the one calling the shots. How will she react meeting this young, hot, sexy, student?

Check out the blurb and an excerpt!

Tagline: Will the reward be worth the regret?

That’s what 41-year-old professor, Genevieve Bailey is asking herself. In a bold move, she’s uprooted herself from the small midwestern town to the Big Apple in search of new challenges. Going from teaching high school to college, shouldn’t be that difficult. Unless the students are anything like the hottie who wouldn’t stop eyeballing her the very first day.

Sloane Maddox is an opportunist. Though he cares little about school, he does enough to get by. Being one of five children, he’s ready to step out on his own, but instead, Sloane wishes to know more about Genevieve’s mind and body. Heavy emphasis on the last one. Genevieve is the first woman who’s managed to interest him this quick. 

Genevieve isn’t sure if this risk is worth taking. Should she ignore Sloane and move on or have a rendezvous with the young man to fulfill all her fantasies. Age ain’t nothing but a number, but the years between them and the fact he’s her student pose additional problems. Issues, Genevieve is sure she doesn’t want to deal with. 


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After several minutes, the bell rang, disturbing her concentration. The full class of people stopped talking and made their ways to their desks to pay attention. Genevieve got up and walked to the door, closing it behind her. Then, she turned, exhaled and smiled at her students.
“Good morning. My name is Professor Genevieve Bailey. Welcome to Psychology and Humanities. I’m new here, so please go easy on me. It might take me a while to get to know all your names, but I assure you, I will try my hardest to remember. Let’s take attendance and then I’ll tell you more about me, okay?”
Genevieve made her way back to the desk and called out names one by one. The more time went by, she started to relax. She glanced at the five names remaining but couldn’t help gawking at the next one on the list.
Could it be the same student who made the crack about being in her class? The one that couldn’t stop staring at her last Friday when she was with the Dean?
Couldn’t be.
Sloane wasn’t a common name, but perhaps there were two of them. That could always happen. This was a big city after all.
Genevieve cleared her throat. She looked up to see who’d answer.
“Sloane Maddox?”
“Here.” He raised his hand and shot her a grin that could’ve melted the panties off a nun.
When Genevieve focused on young Sloane, her breath caught in her chest. He was strikingly handsome and as fate would have it he was in her class.
Wearing a grey sweater, a white collared shirt that hugged his upper torso, along with well fitted khakis, Sloan dressed to impress. His style could be considered preppy, but he was no nerd.
“Thank you. Um, Jennifer…” Genevieve finished the rest and closed the book, trying her best to ignore the handsome specimen in the third row to the left. She removed her jacket and placed it on her chair. Then she stepped around her desk and began talking, trying very hard not to make eye contact with Sloane Maddox.
For the most part, Genevieve succeeded, only looking at Sloane a couple of times before quickly moving on to the students around him. She told the class where she came from and how she’d become interested in psychology. So as not to bore them, she didn’t spend too much time on that and decided to ask the students to tell a fun fact about themselves. The class was made up of a mix of juniors and seniors, which explained why Sloane was in attendance. A part of her wished he wasn’t in the day’s first class, but in a way, perhaps it was better to get it over with.
“All right, whose next?”
“Me.” Sloane answered.
Genevieve looked up and bowed her head in his direction. “All right. Tell us something about you.”
“I love to read.”
“You do?” Genevieve attempted to hide her surprise. Not that she thought hot looking young men didn’t read, but, she didn’t expect that answer from Sloane. “And what types of books do you read?”
“Any kind, especially poetry and biographies. I’m also really good at reading different languages.”
“Yeah, Italian, French, and… body language.”
The class chuckled at the answer.
Genevieve cleared her throat. “I see. Perhaps you can read some Italian and French for us someday then.”
“Or better yet, I can read your body, Miss Genevieve.” Sloane flashed a wicked grin that gave her pause.
The students all made oohing sounds and whispered to one another.
Genevieve’s first instinct was to clutch her necklace. Instead, she clamped her mouth shut. In truth, Genevieve found the compliment intriguing, but she had to show Sloane she wouldn’t be rattled. “Mr. Maddox, please. Keep your flirts to yourself. This is psychology, not a class on hooking up." 

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