Sunday, May 27, 2018

English Country Houses: How much did they cost? Who owned them? Live CHATS with Cerise!

How were those huge country houses built?

How much did they really cost?

Who designed them?

Who decorated them?

I've begun a series of short chats on Facebook to describe my research—both in books and in person—to help me portray these houses in my novels. A lot of what I've learned cannot go into every book. THAT would be "hanging the drapes" and telling you every tiny detail you don't need to know to enjoy a novel and get its verisimilitude.

Do come here to chat with me! https://www.facebook.com/cerise.deland
SWEET SIREN is Book 3 in my series,

But I give you a few tidbits, a few illustrations, most of which are my own pictures!
Join me, ask questions!

I began this research years ago to complement my novels and have continued, especially with my newest out now, SWEET SIREN. Here the hero—an American tycoon and robber baron—commissions an architect and his designer to build a country house for him in Brighton in 1879!

A posting in a newspaper about the opening of Harlaxton Manor House, 
the house you see in my post above! 
Marvelous, isn't it, that it was open to the public...for a price?
I will discuss my tour, among others, in Brighton 
This building is owned by a non-profit and 

renovated by experts in period construction!
Do Follow them on Twitter for more info!

My picture of a part of Prince Regent's Royal Pavilion in Brighton!
I will talk about this in detail and tell you why 

and how it influenced the growth of seaside Brighton!

My picture of one facade of Spencer House in London.
I will discuss at a future date how this townhouse 

differs from many others, especially those in Brighton!

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Tina Donahue said...

I love your posts. It's hard to believe how godawful expensive being a noble was way back when. :)