Friday, April 6, 2018

When Your Writing Takes You Places #SNSD #melissakeir

When Your Writing Takes You Places

Hello and welcome back to another monthly installment by your favorite sarcastic small-town author. Dr. Seuss wrote an amazing story titled--Oh the Places You'll Go. An instant best-seller and one shared to every graduating class from first grade on. 

But I'm not here to today to talk about Dr. Seuss. I did that in a different post. Today I want to talk about the places authors go. See, we do have some wonderful perks. We are able to visit amazing cities in the name of research. Or in my case, previous places we've been to will invariably get dragged into a book.

I've written an entire series set in my hometown. While I no longer live there, it's a place my heart immediately goes to during my writing. I've included famous food landmarks such as Hot Dog Heaven in my books and the quarries where I played as a child. I have written stories about my favorite home and included some of those childhood escapades such as "Red Rover, Red Rover, let everyone but Melanie come over." My hometown is the place I grew up and dreamed about escaping. Now it's the place, I'd love to return to--and maybe back in the 1980's as well! 

I've set stories in some of my favorite vacation spots as well. The South Carolina beach had been my family's go-to place for over ten years. My children played in the sand and devoured amazing seafood. We reconnected with extended family and escaped from the hustle and bustle of school and work. 

But one of my most recent stories was set in the town of Baltimore against the backdrop of Comic-Con, a place I went once with my teenage son and his friends about ten years ago. When Tyler wanted to ride a Greyhound bus over ten hours, traveling from Michigan to Maryland for a weekend trip with his over 21 year old friends, I had to put my foot down. He could go, but ONLY if I drove and went along. Luckily for him, one of his friend's (not adult) girlfriend also wanted to go, so the two of us roomed together (on my dime- I am the adult after all). While I didn't attend the Comic-Con event, I strolled around Downtown Baltimore, checking out the amazing costumed characters and beautiful Harborview area. I walked the brick roads and found yummy places to eat and did a little shopping, too. 

The Comic-con seemed like the perfect setting for a former military man turned comic artist to find the son, he never knew he had. 

Wildly Drawn to Him...A Part of Mari Carr's Wild Irish World.

What Happens When Your Past Comes Back to Life?

Carina Cane is a teacher and single mother who has kept a secret for many years. When her son wins tickets to Baltimore’s Comic-Con to meet his idol, she never expected to see herself in a comic.

Tony DeMarco is a best-selling comic artist. Drawing helped him deal with the pain of being shuffled between foster homes and his two tours of duty overseas. Now he’s introducing a new character based on his first love.

Former lovers, Tony and Carina run into each other at Baltimore’s Comic-Con. Tony learns Carina’s been hiding a secret that will change his world. Can the two former friends and lovers find a way to draw their own happily ever after?

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This summer I'm heading to Wild Deadwood Reads, a book event in Deadwood, South Dakota. I've always longed to visit the Native lands there and see the wild open spaces. How much you want to bet, Deadwood or the surrounding areas will end up in a future story? *wink* You just never know!

Happy Reading,

Melissa Keir


Tina Donahue said...

Love the photos, Melissa. Especially the one with the beach. I can recall before the internet when I had to actually travel to faraway places (when I could afford it, which wasn't often), or go to the library and make copies of pictures in travel guides. Wow, it's so much easier now...so much info at one's fingertips w/pictures!

Your book sounds wonderful. May you burn up the net with your sales. :)

jean hart stewart said...

Much success with your new book......

Melissa Keir said...

Thank you Tina and Jean. I used to grab travel brochures to visit places. Now I can go online and travel (which makes the introvert in me squeal!!).