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New Release - Calisto's Quest by Michael Mandrake #MM #paranormalromance #darkromance #angelsdemons #MPreg

I had two releases last week! One was PROTEKT book 3 Caught in the Crossfire by the same muse, and this was the other. I love writing paranormal romances, especially angels and demons. There's just something so alluring about crafting a world where the biggest adversaries can fall in love!

Blurb: A battle between good and evil or does love conquer all?

For centuries Calisto and Valios had been frenemies, growing up in the ranks on two different sides. Over a mortal year ago, Most High granted Calisto one wish. A night with Valios, the Dark Lord’s son. By doing this, he thought Calisto would get over his fascination with the demon. However, Calisto developed feelings for the Soul Catcher that would never disappear.

Valios had lost out on true love in two instances, so he created a harem for himself to forget the pain. Though Valios has feelings for Calisto, his loyalty to his fathers’ Luci and Death must be upheld or he’ll face the wrath of both. Because of this, he’s kept his distance, ignoring his desire for one of High’s most prominent angels. Nothing, not even the commitment he seeks, is more imprtant than making his parents proud.

Once Calisto and Valios realize their emotions for one another run deep, they make plans to have children, which runs the risk of enraging their families and bringing punishment to both.

Calisto and Valios are long time rivals with a chance of gaining something more. Will they bypass it in order stay loyal to their respective sides?

WARNING: Rough sex, violence, and MPreg. Relationships that others might find objectionable. Books must be read in order!

Buy for $2.99 or read FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

Amazon Universal Linkhttp://mybook.to/CalistosQuest

Links for the first 3 books here - Immortals Series

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Here is a sample with the two in one of their many banters through the book!


Watching Valios take another being’s hand into his own stuck in my craw. Despite knowing of my presence, he’d decided to have the immortal to spite me. However, Dalton did favor me in a way, meaning Valios might’ve been thinking of me.
Light blue eyes? Dark, curly hair?
Dalton had stubble however, something I myself couldn’t grow long term. The Most High made us that way I supposed so he could see our faces. The moment our stubble got out of control it fell off our skin in droves. Angels weren’t permitted to have large amounts of facial hair no matter how hard we tried.
Sighing inwardly, I rose up from my sitting position and closed the window I’d held in my palm to spy on my desired demon. It would hurt my heart to watch Valios making love to someone other than me.
Why couldn’t my Gracious see this being was indeed the immortal of my dreams?
He wouldn’t though because the age-old rule was still in effect. There was to be no mating of demons and angels anywhere or else the offending party would forever be caught between the planes, not able to enter back into heaven. We would be considered fallen angels, Nephilim. I didn’t wish to be cast out forever, but I’d do almost anything to gain Valios’s love and admiration. No matter what I had done to Valios, I was sure the demon still had feelings that went past the frenemies stage he’d declared from long ago. I only needed to prove to him that I was a worthy companion.
Nevertheless, after many tries, I’d finally been invited into The Realm. Many lower ranking angels had come to let off steam, only to get reprimanded by our Gracious, later. What he didn’t seem to understand was, even angels liked to let loose every so often. In my case, it was more, but I’d quelled those desires when I met Valios.
Because from day one, I’d known that Valios was the immortal I needed. Sure, he was a danger to me and my psyche. He could lead me down a wrong path if I weren’t careful. However, part of me didn’t care. I wanted another chance to prove my worthiness to him as his lover.
After a few moments, Valios rose from underneath the clouds above the earth. Dressed in all black from head to toe, his top hat sat upon a mess of reddish brown curls cascading over his shoulders. Valios’s cloak was long enough to drag behind him and in it he carried a much bigger sword, that I could tell he’d used quite frequently. 
Nevertheless, my desired was beautiful as ever. The scar didn’t detract from his appearance.
Much to my chagrin, Valios kept his distance. Because we were close to the “holy” area, I couldn’t show the affection that I wanted.
Despite still having the authority to visit the heavens, he didn’t step across the invisible line that separated us.
“And I never will. I won’t have your fellow angels mock me about what happened.”
Wondering why that seemed to bother him, I crossed my arms.
“Why are you so concerned? You are of higher rank now. No one should disrespect you.”
“Doesn’t matter. You should understand no self-respecting demon, especially a Soul Catcher, likes to be doubted or made fun of. Now, enough of the crap. Why is it you continue to bother me when I’ve continually asked you to leave me alone?”
“Remember, we promised to always be friends.”
“We used to be. Once you scarred me, then led me into bed with your trickery, the relationship we had was destroyed. Besides, you’ve been warned several times not to fraternize with the likes of me.”
“It is true, but I can’t stay away. What we had that night was magical, Valios. Special. We made love —,"
“We did not. I made love to an imaginary being that you pretended to be. Because he didn’t actually exist, the night between us never occurred.”
Hearing him dismiss our moment so easily was like a stab in the gut. I couldn’t show weakness in front of Valios though. He’d feed off my emotions and make me ill. If I lost strength from being with him, I’d rather it be in a way that would bring me pleasure and not distress.
“That’ll never happen, angel.  We will not ever cross those paths again.”
“Once you figure out that I am the one, we will. Obviously, you have feelings for me because you’ve invited me into The Realm.”
“You have not come in.”
“Because I was hoping you’d take my hand and bring me over,” I batted an eyelash and flashed a wry smile. I was playing with fire, but the consequences of the Most High’s wrath didn’t concern me at the moment.
“I’ll never do that, Calisto. You will not tempt me.”
“Perhaps not now, but I fully intend to weaken your defenses, Valios. We have an eternity to play this game, and I’ve got a lot of patience.” I straightened my tie and smirked at him.
“As do I, Calisto... and I’ve got plenty of men to satisfy me. What do you have?”
“I don’t have any and that’s all right. Do you really want any of those men? What are you going to do? Continue to kill until you find the one who gives you everything you need?”
“If that is what I must do, yes. However, I’m quite content with just doing who I want, when I want. It is not completely necessary that I have a companion.”
“Not true. Father Luci and Death want more children.”
“So they do, but I don’t need a forever mate to have them.”
“It would mean more if you did.”
“Bah!” Valios spun on his heel. His coat twirled in the same motion, wrapping around his legs. “I do not need anyone. The two people I wanted —”
“They weren’t truly meant for you, Valios. Perhaps the vampire Ryland was, but Anasa couldn’t handle you. I can. I know what you need and how to satisfy you.”
“Bullshit, Calisto! You know nothing about me. You only want to change me and bring me over to your side. I’m telling you now it will not happen!” Valios’s green eyes turned ice blue and his eyebrows fused together.
Noting his anger bubbling to the surface, I swallowed hard and cleared my throat. To get him to understand my emotions for him would be a feat within itself. “While it is true that I’d like to change you, I am also willing to take you as you are.”
Valios cocked an eyebrow and within a few earthly seconds, he chuckled and shook his head until he burst out into full on laughter.
“What? Why are you laughing?”
Valios rubbed the tears from under his eyelids and harrumphed. “Because you say you will take me as I am. Calisto, what kind of fool do you think I am, to believe that? I am the son of the Dark Lord. Luci’s second creation. You cannot change me and the Most High would not allow anything to occur between us even if I wanted it to.”
“Valios, I don’t care about that. There are many in the angel sector who’ve become close with members of other immortal races.”
“None are of high rank like you and I.”
“While that is true, we could be the first. I do not want to become a demon and you won’t be an angel. We can make this work and coexist.”
“You’re crazy. That is a conflict of interest, Calisto, the biggest there ever was. Death convinced Luci to give up being an angel. The same would happen to you.”
“No, it wouldn’t.”
“Because I wouldn’t allow it. I love doing good, I love the Most High…”
“And yet, you defy him.”
“It doesn’t mean that I don’t love him. Humans sin and defy him every day and he shows them mercy. I am quite sure he’ll do the same for me.”
“Sure, he will, because you’re his favorite.”
“No… Michael is.”
Valios shrugged. “All right fine, you got me there.” Valios walked up to me but still stood on his side.


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