Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Bearing It All is available now!

Good Morning everyone! This past weekend was the release of book 3 in mine and Michele's TSU series. This books is for Emma and Bodhi. Our twin wolf and shy bear.

When Michele and I wrote Unrequited Mate, we knew we had to do something unique and special for Emma, since she was the soft spoken one of the bunch. Little did we know why.

While we were also writing this book, we found out Emma loves everything 80's related. Again, you'll find out in the book why. Let's just say, when we got to that point, neither one of us had a dry eye between us.

So, today, I would like to share with you the beginning of Chapter One, and a link to where you can find the rest. :)

Chapter One

“I know you wanted to spend spring break with your friends at the lake, but I promise, you will like everyone.” Emma frowned. Since they’d packed up their car earlier that morning and left their apartment, her sister hadn’t said a word. “Please talk to me.” She hated when Cassidy shut her out, especially when they were both doing something new, like taking a trip with someone else’s family. 
They'd grown up together for a short time, at least. Emma had raised her sister from the minute she'd been born, literally. Their mother died in childbirth, and their father, bless his soul, had passed within days of their mother. The powerful connection between mates left an indelible mark on his soul. The doctor called it a broken heart. She believed it. They'd been together for twenty years before she'd been born. When she was six, Cassidy had been born—all chubby and pink. Emma still liked to tease her about it every so often.
Thankfully, her parents had left them with enough—everything—to survive. Emma and Cassidy both had trust funds, their educations had been provided for, and their clan had made sure they had somewhere to call home . . . until the new alpha arrived. Then, they ended up in the human foster-care system with only the clothes on their backs and two bottles of formula for her sister. She realized, even at a young age, the alpha had done it in spite.
It pissed Ulric off when he couldn't touch their money, and for that, she'd been grateful to her parents. It came in handy when she matured out of the foster-care system and decided to adopt her sister. Spending twelve years in the human system and trying desperately not to shift, even though some humans knew of their existence, had been the hardest thing Emma or Cassidy had ever done.
When they arrived at Turnskin University, the first thing they’d done together was run through the hills as bears. It was the first time in many years that she heard her sister laugh. Emma promised herself, from that day on, she’d make sure she heard it every day, no matter what.
“They’re all older,” Cassidy whined. “What am I supposed to talk about with any of them?” 
“Everything,” Emma answered. “They’re going to love you. I think once you get to know them, you’ll like them, too. From what I understand, Bell and Hayden have cousins . . . younger ones, your age, I think. They’ll all be there.”
Her sister still didn’t look convinced. “We’ll see.” Cassidy crossed her arms as they pulled into the small parking lot of Sigma Epsilon Xi that Mr. Dryer, and his brothers, built for Bell, when they added onto the house. 

If you would like to read the rest of the chapter, you can find it HERE!

You can also pick up a copy of Bearing It All, HERE!

Also, Michele and I made an 80's Music Channel on Spotify if you would like to listen to the music Emma enjoys. :)

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Tina Donahue said...

Congrats on your latest release! I really enjoyed your excerpt. This book should do well. :)