Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Why I stopped watching Star Wars movies by Harlie William! #starwars


If you don’t know this about me I’m a HUGE Star Wars fan.  I remember my dad taking me and my little brother to go see a movie that he thought would be like Star Trek.  I was 10 years old in 1977 and in some ways, it defined my outlook on men.  Yes, men.  At that age, I didn’t quite understand boys but once I saw Harrison Ford/Han Solo, I got it.  He was dashing, a rogue that made mistakes and got the girl in the end.  Of course, I had to wait until the next one came out.  He was a loyal friend, a fighter to the end and knew what his fate was when he meet his son again.
Yes, I’m talking about THAT scene in The Force Awakens.  For most people, the new movies are all about Carrie Fisher.  Not me.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved Carrie Fisher/Princess Leia.  But as I’ve said in an earlier post, I was surrounded by strong women and therefore she is the damsel in distress…sort of.  I’m more of the romantic type when it comes to women in movies.  I loved Wonder Woman but I wanted to see the romantic relationship with Steve above all else.  I’m just wired that way.  I grew up that all women could do whatever they wanted to do but they also needed to be a bit of June Cleaver, too.  I’m over 50 years old now and I still feel that way.  Yes, I’m all for women’s rights but what I don’t get is all the screaming and shouting that women are doing now.  I think its a southern thing to just give someone “the look” and they knew what you are thinking and doing.  My mom says that I can tell someone off with just a look and a smile on my face.
So when the kids at school keep asking me why I haven’t seen the movie, I explain it to them like this.  My childhood was wrecked, over in that one scene in The Force Awakens.  My first love, my hero died and I’m still not over it.  I realize that all good things must go at some point but I feel cheated that I waited almost 40 years to see Han, Luke, and Leia together again and I didn’t get that.  Not one scene of them together in the movie and now with Carrie’s death, I will never get that.  Not to mention that Luke never utters a word AND we have to wait until the end of the movie to even see him.  I feel as if my Star Wars experience is over.  I love the new characters but it’s just not the same.  I’m one of those that read the authorized books afterward and the storyline just doesn’t do it for me.  JJ did such a fantastic job with the reboot of Star Trek but I feel as if the new people in charge of Star Wars missed the mark.  I say that but I will have to say that Rogue One is my second favorite Star Wars movie of all time.  I can watch that movie over and over again.  You know the outcome but the journey to get there is a beautiful one.  The characters came to life for me and the struggle that they went through and the sacrifices they made for the Rebellion.  I don’t see that in the new films.

Will I watch the new Solo film?  You bet.  I can't wait.  Will it be the same?  I'm not sure but it will be fun to watch how Han Solo became the rogue/pirate/hero in the end.  
So why am I writing this today?  Because people still ask me about the movies.  I tell them how Star Wars and Han Solo defined me as a woman.  There is one other fictional character that has defined my outlook on men and that is Jack Ryan.  Ironically, Harrison Ford played him, too.  See a pattern.  When I look at Harrison Ford, I see my dad.  I see strength, courage, a twinkle in his eye but above else, the ability to put people first.  Han Solo made the ultimate sacrifice but that doesn’t mean that I have to like it.



Tina Donahue said...

I've never liked Star Wars. I thought Blade Runner (the original) and Gattica were much better sci-fi movies.

Harlie Williams said...


Blade Runner is the bomb! I never watched Gattica. But get this...I'm a huge Star Trek fan, too. Go figure.

Fiona McGier said...

I've been a Star Trekkie since TOS (the original series) came out when I was a kid. I loved it then, I still love it. I faithfully watched TNG(the next generation), and all of the other iterations over the years. Loved (and own) all of the series' and the movies.) But my first love has always been the chemistry between Kirk, Spock and Dr. McCoy. They were my first sci-fi loves, all 3 of them (especially Spock), and I measured all others by them.

Imagine my shock and horror to discover that J.J.Abrams was going to "reboot" the original stories. He destroyed the canon--Spock and Kirk never met at the Academy!! No romance between Uhura and anyone! Etc. If he wanted to "play" in the Star Trek world, why not invent some new characters and set them there to interact? Why try to re-do something that was so perfect to being with? I've never seen any of his disastrous attempts because one of my sons and my daughter have seen them and told me I'd be too disgusted to sit through the whole thing without yelling at the screen. My son did just that after the first movie, jumping up during the credits to shake his fist at the screen, yelling, "F*** you, J.J. Abrams!!" Then he came home and cleansed his palette by re-watching numerous episodes of TOS.

I don't think the new Star Wars movies are that bad...until the most recent one. My sons went on and on after we all watched it together, about how they totally destroyed and trampled all over what Luke stood for. This was the man who was able to find it in his heart to search for the good in the most evil of men, Darth Vader...but he's ready to kill his own nephew just because of what he MIGHT do and become? Sheesh! I don't know if we'll go to any future movies. Maybe not...wait until it's out on video, then we're not enriching the suits in Hollywood who think they can pump out any old crap, slap a shiny, familiar name on it, and rake in the buckaroos.

Sorry to be responding to this now, but this is the first day I've had sub-free since the school year started. And it's not my choice. The district says I've worked too many days in a row, so they're figuring out if I even can work any more days this academic year.

But I wanted to weigh in on your words because I'm a sister sci-fi nerd. I loved Babylon Five, including the movies. Marvel movies? We're always there opening weekend. Not much of a Harrison Ford fan myself, but he did used to have a certain impish charm. I totally love Rey. And the fan-boys having their knickers in a twist because the first "new" movie starred a woman and a black man, and they were complaining that white men were being dissed because they weren't the "ONLY" important characters, made me laugh out loud. I'm hoping against hope that Wonder Woman will win some Oscars...but then, sci-fi movies never get any respect. When will they figure out we're not a "cult" audience? There are a whole lot of us, and we like our sci-fi to tickle our minds and present new ideas. That's what gets my butt into the seat.