Sunday, February 18, 2018

#Hockey, Food and #Romance!

My post is late today! Sorry about that but we were traveling this weekend. We drove across the border to Buffalo to see the LA Kings vs Sabres game yesterday. It was our Valentines prezzie to each other. It was wonderful to get away, stay in a hotel, do a bit of bar hopping and watch the game from awesome seats.

He was super happy and even got a smile.
Yes, we're Kings fans. We're also foodies and found a great little spot, Buffalo Proper walking distance from our hotel. Right at happy hour!

Japanese fried chicken, with tamarind flavouring and the sauce was delish.

This was farm poached eggs and potatoes with mushrooms. The sauce was life changing, truly.  

Happy Hour Manhattan, super yummy.

It was nice to get away, but it did bite in to my writing and editing time. I have a secret project going on right now and I'm this close to being able to talk about it. Hopefully soon! On Wednesday I'm jetting over to London, UK, for a book signing at RARE - Romance Author and Reader Event. I'm so excited about it and eager to meet a lot of new authors and readers! It's going to be a blast. I'll also be meeting my UK publisher and editor and as well, going to the Mills and Boon offices for a visit. I'll have one day to tour around, Sunday before I fly home on Monday. My cousin is supposed to come up from Wales but he's got the flu bad. Fingers crossed he's able to come. So I'll be posting LOTS of photos on my Facebook and Instagram pages

On February 6, Working Girl was released as the complete novel with my UK publisher Headline Eternal
Now you can get all the Mr Days of the Week in one volume!

So watch my pages for lots of London Calling photos! And if you haven't signed up for my newsletter here's a link to a free read once you opt in HERE

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Tina Donahue said...

I'm not a sports fan, but the food looked good! Have a great trip to the UK. :)