Tuesday, January 9, 2018

New from International Bestselling M/M author Maggie Walsh

A new ManLove paranormal shifters series Coming Soon.

                                                       OMEGA ISLAND 1
                                                        "Collision Course"

When alpha Jake and his two betas, Theo and Landis escaped their birth pack, they never expected to get caught in a category 4 storm thousands of miles from home. The fishing vessel they were on capsized and the three find themselves washed onshore of a deserted island.
With Jake's leg being injured and Landis not regaining consciousness, Jake and Theo must find a way to keep them all alive until they can either find help, or be rescued.
The trio soon find out the that island isn't as deserted as they thought it was, and that their rescuers come with guns, mistrust, and very special powers.
Once thrown in a cell, they are informed that it is for the residents protection, not theirs. When one of their rescuers turns out to be their mate, Jake, Theo, and Landis become excited, because not only have they found their mate, but that means that these three lifelong friends and lovers can finally claim each other and become a mated quad. 
But things are never that easy. It turns out the island is a hidden sanctuary for omega wolves who don't trust anyone from the outside world, especially alphas and betas. Each of these omegas had been abused by dominating alphas, which caused them to run from their lives and hide away. 
Now Jake, Theo, and Landis must do whatever is necessary to gain the trust of their mate, as well as all these special men, so that they may be allowed to stay on the island, not only for their own safety, but so they can claim their mate, and each other.

  “You have got to be kidding me,” Theo ground out as he stared out over the great expanse of rippling blue water. “If I get my hands on that little shit, I’m gonna wring his neck.”
  “Shit. This is our own fault. We should have just stayed where we were until morning, then one of us could have come to check it out and come back with help. Maybe we should have waited until Landis woke up? It’s too late now to do anything and we stupidly left our camp and fire behind,” Jake said in frustration.
  “So now what, Jake? The sun will be down soon and the chill could kill him.”
  “First we get off this damn beach again and find somewhere to hunker down for the night. We can’t start another fire, there’s not enough daylight left to go scrounging for more wood, so we’ll have to do whatever we can to keep Landis and ourselves warm. Let’s go.”
  They each grabbed a pole from the stretcher they made from sticks and large leaves to transport Landis. Lifting the one side up, while the bottom dragged across the ground, they turned, and stopped dead in their tracks as they looked down the barrels of five rifles pointed at them.
  “If you want to live, follow us. Try anything, and one of us will shoot your dick off,” the stunningly beautiful little man with the long golden blond hair stated calmly.
  “Lead the way,” Jake answered.

  The golden beauty turned and headed toward the tropical forest. Two of the armed men took up positions behind him as the other two waited for he and Theo to start walking, then they took up positions behind them, keeping the guns pointed at their backs.

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Tina Donahue said...

Congrats on your newest release, Maggie! Whoa - those blue, blue eyes. Love them. :) Enjoyed your excerpt.