Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Is Lust Wrong?

Today is full, super, blue moon & total lunar eclipse, and I get to post my first post on Sweet 'n Sexy Divas. How wonderful is that!

Is lust wrong?
I was asked this question. And I must admit I have sometimes wondered how I can be both spiritual and an avid author -and reader- of BDSM novels.
Do these two see eye to eye? I could never work it out. Until I was asked the question, “Shouldn’t we transcend lust?”
How can you transcend something that needs healing first? It is a very limiting belief that we need to transcend lust. It is exactly that belief that has caused many problems relating sexuality to begin with.

For thousands of years we were made to feel bad about having sexual desires. It was a sin for which you had to repent, yet at the same time we were told to go forth and multiply. What a way to mess people up: It is wrong, it is a sin, feel guilty for it. Now please go home and do it anyway.

Let’s dig a bit deeper
We incarnate to have physical experiences, from pain, sickness, death, sex, desire, orgasm, hunger, to lust. Being made to believe it is wrong to feel any of these is ridiculous. We have a brain and common sense. We have norms and values, we can decide for ourselves what is right for us and what isn't. But that freedom choice has been taken away from us for thousands of years just so that the ones in power could control us.
The thing is, many of us -especially the feminine- have had a lot of sexual abuse in past lives. Many others -both men and women- lived lives in celibacy, oftentimes not out of free will. Like it being mandatory for the 3rd or 4th son to become a priest. The poor bastards had not choice in the matter. Many women ended up being a nun in a similar fashion.
This means our sexuality, which used to be a Sacred part of being human, has gotten damaged. Severely damaged. And this needs to be healed.
Did you know that many of us still wear (plural) energetic chastity belts from past lives? I was shocked when I learnt that. As long as these are still there we cannot experience healthy, fulfilling sex lives, and sexuality will remain an issue.

The thought that lust needs to be transcended does not help. If nothing else, it would make matters worse for many of us, because it is exactly that thought that caused these problems to begin with. We need to liberate ourselves from that limiting thought so we can come to freedom of will and freedom of choice concerning sexuality. It may appear as if we have that freedom, and in a way we do, but we are all still being affected by what happened to us during many past lives, so how 'free' are our choices really?
This is a huge collective wound in both the masculine and feminine that needs to be healed for mankind to be able to move to higher plains.

I believe that BDSM can be part of that process. Not for everyone maybe, but for many it works a treat. I even know of spiritual people who endeavoured in the realms of BDSM for a while to obtain healing concerning sexuality. And they did get the healing they so needed.

In that sense, I feel I am contributing to the process too by writing about it. And yes, my novels are hot as hell, but I also like to sink my teeth into why my heroes and heroines need and crave to be a sub or a Dom/Master.

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Which leaves me to wish you a happy day
and remember...

Never lose your lust for life!

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Tina Donahue said...

Great post, Dani! Love the graphic at the top. Your release sounds delish. Can't wait to read. :)

Dani Rose said...

Thank you so much, Tina!

jean hart stewart said...

Sounds like you've hit a little different note than most, which is an achievement in itself, Much luck with your releases...