Friday, January 12, 2018

Hot cops, sexy tats, and a woman determined to have fun - Wicked Times Two - menage #TinaDonahueBooks #EroticContemporaryRomance #SouthFlorida #Tattoos #Cops

've always enjoyed menages, and I really like writing Jasmina, Kyle, and Noah's story.

Wicked Times Two is book 3 in my Wicked Brand series. Sexy tattoos, luscious tattoo artists, and in this case, hot, Hot, HOT cops.

Available for Preorder - Releasing January 22


She’s through with love and just wants to have some wicked fun...

Burned by her cheating boyfriend, Jasmina is finished with the idea of forever after with any guy. That fairy tale doesn’t exist—at least not for her. From now on, protecting her heart and letting pleasure rule is her motto.

Lucky for her, she has the perfect men in mind. Noah and Kyle, two of the hottest cops in West Palm Beach. She hasn’t been able to get them out of her head since they handled an altercation at Wicked Brand, the tattoo parlor she manages. When they come back to get inked, sparks fly.

Noah’s ready to play, and Kyle’s on board. All they want is her, along with no strings or regrets. Seductive days roll into steamy nights, igniting feelings the guys hadn’t expected and Jasmina can’t deny.

What began as a sensual adventure could turn into so much more…if Jasmina can risk a different kind of love.

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Tim Smith said...

Sounds like a great series, Tina. After reading the blurb for your latest, I'm intrigued.

Tina Donahue said...

Thanks, Tim! It's been fun to write these characters. :)