Thursday, January 18, 2018

Beating the January Blues

Blue Monday just passed us by. Do you find you feel down after Christmas? And if you do, what is your solution to bringing happy back?

I know I love it when the sun is out. I feel lighter and more optimistic. A new year is ahead of us and I wish you all a great one.

A lot is happening this year both in personal and professional life for me. I'm dying to tell you about something, I just can't do it yet, but I am working on something new. Hopefully by my next blog in February I'll be able to spill the beans.

I went way to visit my son over Christmas. You might have seen some of my posts on Facebook. He's working in Whistler as a chef. It was wonderful to see him and also great to do a little bit of research for a book that is on submission. The hero in that one is a billionaire businessman posing as an earthy ski instructor with big bushy beard and Lumberjack clothes! So keep your fingers crossed on that one.

A few pictures. I think I fell in love with Whistler. We took the gondola up the mountain then the Peak to Peak gondola between Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain peak. That was amazing and in my opinion a marvel of engineering.

Peak to Peak Gondola
All the closed runs due to the storm on the mountain.

Me and you know who!
Working Girl is coming out February 6th with my publisher, Headline Eternal in the UK, in the complete format. All the mister days of the week have been combined into one full volume. I was super excited about this because that means now you can get the story of Tess and all her men in one place. If you haven't given Working Girl a chance, I really hope you do.

Other than that I'm a little low on news but that goes with the flow I suppose. Happy New Year!


Tina Donahue said...

I definitely feel down after the holidays. It's like there's nothing to look forward to. When I lived in an area of the country where there was snow, I was so over it by New Year's and wanted spring to come.

jean hart stewart said...

Your life sounds like it's zooming down the right road, Many good wishes for a wonderful year....

Shana Gray said...

It can be terribly depressing and at my day job there have been so many calls for suicide and a few completed ones. Much higher than normal. I feel just feclumped lately.

Jean, tank you for saying that. Not everything is all roses :D