Wednesday, November 8, 2017

To Deadline or Not to Deadline #eroticromance #writing #deadlines

For the past month I have been focused on deadlines. I have a lot of deadlines to get everything into my publisher for my new Christmas series. So I apologize in advance that this blog will be short and sweet.

Though I've been overwhelmed by deadlines lately, I realized I've always worked toward a deadline.  Even before I was published, I was always working toward a deadline of some kind. They were usually self imposed, or sometimes created by a publisher for a submission call (I love submission calls. They are great for me to think up new ideas). For me, I always need to be working towards end date. I need to have a goal to complete.

I remember early on in my writing life, I told a writer friend that I had a deadline to finish a book by the end of the month (often my self imposed deadlines are at the end of the month) she asked why I felt the need to push myself. If it took another week what was the big deal. And while she is right, there wasn't going to be any repercussions for not meeting my deadline (and I often don't, since my own deadlines can often be too ambitious) I need that end date to strive for otherwise I'd never finish anything. For me, writing at my own pace, with no end in sight, means exactly that. I won't every finish.

When I think about it, I kind of wish I could write without a deadline. Just let the words flow in their own time and at their own rate. But for me personally, that makes it way to easy to procrastinate, to not write anything at all. Especially on those days when I'm tired, or when I'm in a part that's hard, I need that ending deadline to push me past the discomfort to complete the work.

I always have to an end, a date I'm striving for. Its just not how I'm built. And at this point, I'm afraid, if I didn't have that deadline I'd never finish anything (I'd at least never finish revising anything, my least favorite part of the process).

So my question is to all of you is do you write or do anything else (knitting, sewing, woodworking, what have you) to your own deadline? Or do you give yourself the freedom to work at your own pace? I'm curious to see how many other goal driven deadline creators there are out there, just like me.

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Tina Donahue said...

I'm constantly on deadline. Can't recall the last time I simply went with the flow.

Tim Smith said...

I've been deadline-driven since early in my working career, no matter what I'm doing. If my boss wanted something by Friday, they had it on Thursday. I transferred that to my writing habits, and lately it's out of necessity. Newspaper editors don't like it when you miss publication deadlines, and my book publisher doesn't care for it, either.

Good post!

jean hart stewart said...

My deadlines are usually st by me, but I need that spur. And the good feeling when you meet it.