Saturday, November 18, 2017


November is a lot of things to me. My son, aka Chef Son, was born November 15. He's now 27! I honestly don't know where the time has gone. My brother's birthday is on the 16th and I totally forgot to send him a card :( Meat Man's birthday is on the 25th, he'll be 53 and my brother and his wife will have their 27th Wedding anniversary on the 25th too. I mustn't forget to send them a card! So it's a busy month. 

The other thing about November for me is darkness. I seem to assign color to each month and for me November is grey and dreary. The approaching of winter and the darker months.
A couple of moody but still pretty pics I took on the drive to Northern Ontario a few weeks ago when we visited Meat Man's daughter up in New Liskeard. Very close to the Quebec border.

And for the first time I'm actually taking part in Nano. Are you doing it? I'm about 10k in to a new book, and I know I won't reach the goal, but that's okay. Even with nano, I still believe everyone goes at their own pace and shouldn't feel pressure. But that's just me :) 

This month Diamond Men have been released on a steady schedule. It is the German translation of Working Girl. I am sitting on some news that I hope I can share next month. Which will be December of course. December's colours are sparkly white and red but with an overall back ground of black. Weird huh.

Another big thing is on Wednesday Chef Son is heading west. He's going out to work at Chateau Fairmont Whistler. So my baby will be gone. I'm hoping to visit him over Christmas. So you see, this November has been just crazy!

Big news! Is anyone here in the UK? I'm heading over to RARE18 in February. I'll be signing at the After Dark Party. I'm so thrilled to be part of the RARE family now! Let me know if you're in the UK
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Oh, and did you wonder why I titled this post Mo-Vember? Is your man growing his moustache? Mo-Vember is mens' health awareness month, especially for his nether bits!


Tina Donahue said...

Love the photos. Very atmospheric.

Fiona McGier said...

My second son is growing all of his facial hair for November, and while his wife doesn't mind, his brothers were teasing him yesterday, over the fact that his legs, arms, and chest are all much hairier than theirs, and he's already produced a son, but he can't grow facial hair to save his life! It's scrawny and sparse. Lots of brotherly teasing...and his wife joined in, since she and her brothers are half-Italian, so one of them grew a whole mustached and beard when he was 14! They all teased my son that his baby boy will have a full beard before his daddy can grow one. Lots of fun to have them all, along with my daughter, home for even the two days they could be here.