Thursday, November 30, 2017

Make Mine a Military Man! #RomSuspense #Cowboy #LoneStarLeathernecks

I love a good military hero. I love them whether on active duty or retired. When Susan Stoker invited me to participate in her Special Forces: Operation Alpha Kindle World, I hesitated, mostly because I wrote Marines and not SEALs. However, I adore Susan and I wanted to give it a shot.

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Thus, Securing Arizona was born! I had so much fun writing this book. This year has been full of challenges for me, but at least I had the security of my home and my family. For Arizona, she's been on the run, trying to save her own life. While Mickey is looking for her, for an entirely different reason, she runs from him, too. Thankfully, it's hard to shake a SEAL, and this one will do whatever it takes to keep her safe!

As it's part of Kindle Worlds, it's only available on US Amazon, but it's also in Kindle Unlimited as well! I hope you check it out!

What's Next?

For December, As You Were Cowboy is releasing. It's book 2 of Lone Star Leathernecks and focuses on Mateo, a Marine who received a medical discharge after a severe spinal injury. This book is especially close to my heart. The pain, and suffering Mateo endures are all pains I've gone through in the last four years of spinal issues. Nerve pain is an entirely different type of agony.  More, Mateo and Claire bond over their mutual love of horses.

I spent years working with horses, both wild mustangs and rescue horses. I know just how empathic these tremendous creatures can be and how they respond to our moods. I think my work with them made me a better person. As You Were Cowboy is a labor of love, and since I go under the knife again a week before this releases, I truly hope you check it out and spend a magical time with Claire and Mateo as they work together to overcome loss and pain.

Available December 11th!

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Sounds luscious! Can't wait to read. :)