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Book 6 in the Eternal Flames Maddox Series
By Maggie Walsh and Cree Storm
"Under Siege"


Suneth is the king of the gargoyles and a fierce warrior, but when he meets his mate strange feelings within begin to stir. Fallon wants the Jewel of Resistance and will stop at nothing to get it. Even taking the opportunity to attack Suneth and his men, while in their most vulnerable position, forcing Wade and his Black Ops team to defend them against paranormals and magic beings they had never even seen or heard of before. Can Wade keep his mate safe? Or will whoever is trying to kill Suneth succeed because there is someone else out there trying to kill off Wade and his men as well?


He stepped into the shop and looked around for his mate, raising his head and sniffing, trying to locate which direction. Moving further in, he still couldn’t discern where Wade was because of all the chemical smells. He got about halfway in when suddenly the most delicious voice came to him from behind, sending a shiver of need up his spine. “Looking for something, little man?”

Suneth’s eyes closed from the pleasure that just his mate’s voice gave him as he took a deep, cleansing breath. He spun around to face Wade and his brows dropped into a deep V from finding no one there.

A sound from his left caught his attention and he turned his head just in time to see the legs from beneath the car move. The body rolled smoothly from under the vehicle and Suneth’s gaze took in every glorious inch as it came closer.

Once Wade was free of the car, he gracefully climbed to his feet and stood only two feet in front of him. Suneth’s cock twitched in his tight black leather pants and he suddenly realized he had made a big mistake when dressing. Yes, the leather was great to protect him as he rode his bike, but the material was unforgiving when his cock was expanding.

Large biceps flexed before him and Suneth’s gaze locked onto their movement. His mate’s arms were fully covered in luscious tattoos that crossed over both shoulders and across his clavicle bones and up part of his throat. Suneth’s hungry gaze took in every delicious inch of the god that stood before him. Thick arms, hard, wide chest under a black wife-beater top that was so tight it appeared painted on, and Suneth could make out two hard nubs poking against the shirt. Shit, were his mate’s nipples pierced? He groaned internally from that thought and thinking about what sounds would come from Wade’s lips if he tugged on them.

His gaze traveled lower to rippled abs, tapered waist, nice hips, and thick thighs that stretched the material of his coveralls. When his gaze drifted to Wade’s crotch, a thrill raced through him when he noticed the bulge there. Wade looked good enough to eat and sexy as all hell. Suneth had this overwhelming desire to strip, get on all fours, and present his ass to his mate for the taking.

Even though he was a king and leader, and bedded many men in his long life, he mostly topped. It was very rare that he bottomed, but when he did, he never told a soul and swore those who did to secrecy. He was a king after all and it was expected for him to be the dominating partner. But those times that he did bottom, he fucking loved it, and wished he could experience it more. It was during those times that he actually relaxed and let the world go away and his troubles with it. It had been a long time since he bottomed for anyone and just as long since he found that peace.

His gaze roamed back up his mate’s stunning body and when his gaze reached Wade’s amazing arctic blue eyes, Suneth had to hold back the groan that wanted to escape. He suddenly noticed his mate was staring right at him with a raised brow and a smirk on his lips.

Shit. His mate had asked him something, but for the life of him he couldn’t remember what it was. What the hell was wrong with him? He was a warrior. A king. A leader. He led men into battle and fought with his heart and soul. He was strong, proud, and vicious, but standing in this man's presence made him feel none of that. He didn’t exactly feel weak, but if Wade was a shifter, he would most certainly be an alpha. Suneth always saw himself as an alpha and so did everyone else, but with Wade he felt like a beta at best. Would he be able to trust Wade to give him that peace he so rarely found and so desperately craved?

Silently Wade took a step closer, his long, powerful legs eating up the distance in one stride, and brought them within inches from one another. “So, what can I do for you, little man?”

As much as he was now outwardly bristling at the term, inside Suneth found that he liked it when Wade called him that, it gave him a thrill. “Little man? Those are two words I have never heard in association with me.”

“I call it as I see it,” Wade said softly, in that sexy deep voice that made Suneth’s knees weak.

“You do realize I am a king, right?”

“So you’ve said before. And as I have said, I don’t particularly care. I am an American, and in this country, we have no kings and bow to no kings. You can be a king all you want with your men and any of these other paranormals, but to me, you’re just some sexy fuck looking for someone to bend you over and fuck your brains out,” Wade replied, his voice dropping deeper, his hot breath caressing Suneth’s face.

He trembled from the feel and the words, and fought to keep his eyes locked with Wade’s instead of closing as they wanted to. Suneth bit the inside of his cheek to hold back the whimper that threatened to come out.

Wade stepped in closer until his large chest pressed against Suneth’s and he wanted to moan “Yes” just from the contact, but held it in. Wade raised a hand and carded his fingers through his hair at the side, then around to the back of his head. Suneth’s head was then jerked back, his throat exposed, as he looked up into Wade’s heat filled eyes. Another hand grasped his hip, pulling him against Wade’s hard length.

Normally he would never allow such a thing, such an outward sign of submission, especially somewhere so public, but he was too turned on to care. Heat rose within him like a pyre and he and his gargoyle craved to submit to this man. It was a foreign feeling for him. Even those times he had bottomed he never submitted, but this...this felt right.

Wade leaned in closer, their lips only a hairsbreadth apart, their gazes locked. “That thought excites you, doesn’t it? I can see if in your eyes. Feel it in the way your body trembles against mine. Hear it in your breathing. You want to submit to me. You crave it,” Wade hissed the last sentence before slamming his lips down over Suneth’s, and he was gone. Gone to the pleasure. Gone to the desire. Gone to the need. Wade had pegged him right away. Something no one had ever done before. Not even those who had known him for centuries. Yet this man, his mate, who knew so little about him, had already looked into his soul and saw what he craved most.

 Warning: Eternal Flames is actually 2 series with intertwining story lines and characters. There is Eternal Flames Crystal and Eternal Flames Maddox. To best know what is going on it is recommended that you read both series in sequence. Eternal Flames Crystal and Eternal Flames Maddox order to be read: Burning Desire, Rising From the Ashes, Courting the Phoenix, How to Claim Your Dragon, A Higher Calling, Fear of Discovery, Adding Fuel to the Flames, A Bite to Remember, Phoenix Rising, Bound to the Enemy, Power of Love, Tiny Treasure, Partners in Crime, Sowing the Seeds of Love, and Under Siege.

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