Thursday, February 9, 2017

By Bestselling author Maggie Walsh

If you have read her award winning Angel Pack books and loved them, or even if you haven't, then get ready to step into a whole new adventure with cameos from some of your favorite Angel Men. The Angel Pack sits in a town in Pennsylvania known as Sanctuary, but until now you have only read about the inner pack and their closest friends. Now let Maggie introduce you to the rest of the pack with the first book in the new Sanctuary Series. "Maxi's Glass Heart". 

                                      WELCOME TO SANCTUARY.

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Blurb:   Maxi is a small shifter who has come to Sanctuary in hopes of starting a new life—and to find his mates. He is happily surprised when he meets both of his mates on the same day: Valor, a very large, sexy, fae warrior, and Travis, a gorgeous wolf shifter who is in Sanctuary as a trainee at the facility.  
  After one passionate night together, it turns out to be a moment of pain for Maxi. Once his mates are done having their fun with him, they immediately take off without giving Maxi a second thought. After a week away, Valor and Travis return from a mission to try to talk to Maxi and apologize for leaving him, but they find that Maxi is not receptive to what they have to say. Maxi takes off, and Valor and Travis follow him. When they find him a few minutes later, they are both confused when they realize Maxi has no memory of them.
Note: This book contains double anal penetration.


  “Does both of our hands on you feel good, little sprite?” Travis asked in a whisper against his lips.
  “Oh, fuck yes. Being the cream in the middle of this cookie is better than being the chip,” Maxi answered breathlessly.
  Travis and Valor both chuckled. “What does that mean, mate?” Valor asked and nipped at the side of his neck again.
  “I love chocolate chip cookies. Not too big on cream-filled ones, but maybe I need to reassess that thought, because being the cream is fucking fantastic.”
  “See now, I love the cream. Especially the kind I can make shoot from my beautiful lovers,” Valor replied in a husky voice. The vibration of it against his flesh had Maxi’s cock weeping with need.
  “Someone likes the idea of you tasting his cream, Valor. The scent of your arousal is making my wolf need a taste of that cream, as well, little sprite,” Travis said, then dropped to his knees before Maxi.
  Valor stopped stroking his shaft and Maxi felt Travis’s hand wrap around the base right before a wet tongue lapped across the tip. He moaned from the pleasure it gave him and he pushed his hips forward, wanting more. Travis didn’t disappoint. He took the tip between his lips and sucked gently as he speared his tongue into the small slit, pulling more of his essence from Maxi’s body. Maxi thought his head was about to explode from the attention of his two mates, and he didn’t think it could get any better, but then it did.
  Valor whispered strange words against his ear and he felt his hole stretch. The act made him cry out. The blunt tip of a finger pressed against his tight hole and Maxi wanted it buried deep inside him. “Do you want me here, little one?” Valor’s hot breath panted across his cheek.
  “Yes. I want to feel you inside me,” Maxi groaned.
  Valor pushed harder until his finger breached Maxi’s opening, and his fae lover didn’t stop. He slid fully inside Maxi and his finger brushed against his sweet spot. “Holy fucking cupcakes, that’s good! I need more! Slide another in,” Maxi pleaded.
  Valor pressed another in beside the first and thrust them in and out as he scissored them, stretching Maxi’s hole.
  “Oh, yes! Fuck! Your throat is like a soft bun around my hotdog, Travis!”
  Travis chuckled around Maxi’s cock and the vibrations sent a shiver racing through his body and his sac pulled up close and tight. He was going to come soon and he didn’t want to. His mates were playing his body like an instrument and he didn’t want these feelings to stop. It had been too long since he had felt a lover’s mouth, hands, and cock bring him pleasure. And it had been even longer since he felt wanted. If he came too soon, this would be over and he wanted it to go on forever.
  The feel of a large wet tip against his hole brought Maxi out of his thoughts and back into the moment. He knew what was coming and he wanted it more than air. Maxi tightened his hold on Travis’s shoulder and reached back to grab onto Valor’s hip, steadying himself. Valor pressed forward and Maxi cried out, loving the slight burn of the stretch as Valor’s cock broke through the first ring of muscle.
  Valor tightened his arms around Maxi’s torso, holding him up as he slowly impaled Maxi inch by inch until that long, fat cock filled him. “Fucking hell, you feel so good,” Valor growled, and began to thrust his hips. Travis held onto his hips and became still as he let Maxi’s cock slide in and out of his throat from Valor’s movements.
  Maxi thought he was going to shatter from the euphoria he felt from his mates attentions. Nothing in his life before had felt this good. This right. Valor quickened his pace, fucking Maxi with abandon. His balls were aching for release, but something was holding him back from jumping over that cliff into oblivion. Then Valor pinched his nipple at the exact same time Travis swallowed around the tip of his cock, taking it fully down his throat. That was it. That’s all he needed. Maxi threw his head back against Valor’s shoulder, tightened his grip on both his mates and let out a feral growl as his seed shot from his body and slid down Travis’s waiting throat.
  Warmth filled his hole a moment later and Maxi knew his fae mate had come deep inside him. “Yes! Mother Fate, yes!” Valor said through clenched teeth as his body stiffened around Maxi.
  Travis swallowed every drop Maxi gave him, then licked his way back to the tip, cleaning him. Travis stood and grabbed Maxi’s hips, spinning him around to face Valor. “Hold on tight, little sprite. I need to fuck that perfect ass, too,” Travis said in a voice that sounded like half animal. Valor slid his arms under Maxi’s pits and wrapped them around his back, as Maxi laid his head on Valor’s chest. Travis drove inside him in one thrust, filling him. There was no pain and the slide was easy, as Valor’s seed slicked the way.
  Travis fucked him with abandon as grunts, groans, and growls escaped his lips. Maxi felt a slight pinch on his hips and knew Travis’s claws had come out and were puncturing his flesh, but he couldn’t care less. The pleasure Travis was giving him was worth the small sting of pain.
  Travis thrust harder and faster, claiming Maxi’s ass with his cock. Even after just coming a few minutes ago, Maxi’s cock became rock hard and his balls grew heavy again, needing another release. Maxi tightened his hold on Valor as another orgasm slammed through his body as his hole filled with Travis’s warm seed.

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Congrats on your newest release! The cover is delish. Love the story!