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Maggie Walsh is a bestselling M/M author with Siren Bookstrand as well as on Amazon with her Bestselling Series The Angel Pack. Maggie has also recently dipped her toe into the self-pub pool. Her second self-pub Book  "The Cotorie" has quickly climbed up the Amazon Bestseller list in Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance, and Gay Romance, making it to #7 on all three.

Here is just a small tease from "The Coterie"

                                                      Maggie Walsh's

                                                                  "The Coterie"

Let me tell you a story about a race of beings kept hidden from the human world. Have you ever wondered what caused the hairs on the back of your neck to stand on end? Or what that shadow was that passed in the corner of your eye but was never there when you turned to look? How about that feeling of being watched? Or the noises that sounded in your home in the middle of the night?

  We all usually brush them aside as if it were nothing, or our imagination getting the better of us. Maybe you blame it on stress and not enough sleep. Or maybe watching too many horror movies.

  But let me tell you this, the things that go bump in the night are not a figment of your imagination, or things created by Hollywood. They are...very real.

 All these things can be blamed on a race of creatures that come into your life and you don’t even know it. You may pass one on the street, or brush against one as you step into a crowded elevator.

  These creatures come in many forms, but they are hiding in plain sight. One of them could be the pimple-faced kid that works at the local fast food place, or the nice woman that delivers your mail. One of them could be your lazy co-worker that sits in the next cubicle. Or...one could be sitting right there beside you, watching you, right now as you read this.

  You see, this race of creatures look like any other human being, just like you and me, but they are not. They are paranormals, and they come in all different shapes and sizes.

  The legend goes that these creatures were the first humans, but they had caused too much chaos upon the earth. The different breeds fought so much against each other that wars broke out and many breeds died. Some breeds were completely killed off while others lost numbers in the hundreds of thousands.

  The Gods were not happy with the way their creations were treating each other so they created a new creature. A breed they gifted to be very strong and powerful so that the other breeds could not destroy them. They wanted one of this breed to rule over all the others, but they wanted them to be kind. This ruler would watch over all the other paranormals and guide them. He would show them mercy when deserved and punish those who didn’t.

  But the Gods were afraid that this being would think himself to good and above all others. Ruling them with an iron fist and causing hardship and grief. So, they created a Coterie for this ruler. The Coterie would consist of six beings. The ruler and his five mates. Each mate would be men of different breeds of paranormals, as well as one of their other newest creations… a human.

  Each member of the Coterie would have their own strengths. The beginning was the ruler. He would be King and uphold all the laws and try to make the lives of all the paranormals peaceful. The next would be physical strength, then another would be playful. The fourth would be very smart, and the fifth would have inner strength. And last would be the peacekeeper and the conscience of the Coterie.

  The king’s five mates would be his advisors and they would help him choose the right path. They would also help to keep him grounded and stay on the right side of the Gods for all their creations. That included the humans. And the king’s mates would be gifted with the ability to bare children once the circle was complete and the six claimed each other.

  The Gods called upon all the breeds and discussed with them what they would want so that they could all live happy and in peace. Once these wishes were worked out, the Gods presented the paranormals with these laws and told them that one being would rule them all. That he would be King of all paranormals and uphold these laws.

  The creatures were afraid that this being would turn on them and make them suffer for his own gain. So, the Gods explained their plan for the Coterie. It was also worked out that this ruler would have to complete their circle before their five-hundredth birthday or the throne would be passed down to another. The Gods would create ten bloodlines of this new creature and if the King could not find all five of his mates before his five-hundredth birthday, then the throne would go to the next oldest male alive from one of these ten bloodlines.

  But if the King did complete his Coterie, he would rule over their kind for two thousand years. Once his reign was over, if he did not have a son, then the throne would go to the oldest male of the ten bloodlines. If he did have sons, then the throne would be passed down to his oldest son. But...the oldest son would have to complete his Coterie before his five-hundredth birthday.

  All the paranormals agreed on the Gods new laws and the creation of a King. Thus, the first vampire was born.

  Vladimir Stone was the first King and ruler of the paranormals. He completed his Coterie and had three sons. His oldest son, Miguel Stone also completed his Coterie before his five-hundredth birthday and waited a thousand years for his father's reign to be over before taking the throne. Once Vladimir completed his two-thousand-year reign he and his five mates were laid to rest together and were entombed in a special crypt only for the king and his mates, and each king and his circle that follows. The King’s Circle Crypt is kept in the lower regions of the king's castle in Taranto, Italy, and is always guarded by different breeds of warriors.

  Miguel and his five mates had two sons and two daughters. Their oldest son, and next in line for the throne, is Raven. Raven is approaching his five-hundredth birthday and has already found four of his Coterie. Six months after Raven’s birthday will be the end of Miguel’s two-thousand-year rule. But if Raven cannot find his fifth mate by his approaching birthday, then the throne will go to another vampire and the Stone family rule will end.

  The next man in line for the throne should Raven not complete his Coterie is Mario Gallo. A vicious vampire who believes he is better than everyone else because he is of the ten original bloodlines. If Gallo gains the throne, then the peace that the paranormals have known for over five thousand years will end and the humans will become fair game.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

  “It’s so beautiful here,” Jareth said as he looked out over the bay. A hot breeze brushed across his skin and Jareth closed his eyes, lifting his face up to take in the sunshine as it warmed his flesh. The sun would be going down soon, but Jareth had a feeling the heat would not. It was such a hot day and he was sure the night would be no different. Especially when he got his four mates into bed with him tonight. Then the heat would really go up.

  “It is nothing like home, but I guess it has its appeal,” Lorcan grumbled from behind him.

  Jareth smiled and lowered his head then turned to look at his dragon mate over his shoulder. “Oh, Lorcy. Don’t be such a grumbly-butt. Come and look at the beautiful water. Look at all the boats as they make their way out onto the bay.”

  Lorcan rose from his chair, and stepped up behind his omega mate. Wrapping his arms around Jareth’s waist he pressed his chest against his mate’s back and kissed the side of his neck.

  “Mmmm. That’s nice.” Jareth moaned and pushed his ass back against his dragon mate’s rock hard shaft.

  “Come inside with me and we can wake up Raven with our mouths,” Lorcan said huskily as he nipped Jareth’s nape.

  “It’s not time to wake him yet, silly. It’s still two hours until sun-down,” Jareth purred and began to rub his ass along the length of Lorcan’s long, thick cock.

  “Then why are all the humans bringing their boats onto the water now? I thought they were doing it to get a better view of the fireworks.”

  “They are, but right now most of them are still celebrating the birthday of their nation. Once the barbeques are over, more of them will be arriving and the bay will fill with boats. I guess these ones want to get first choice of a good spot,” Ash, their hawk shifter mate said as he walked out onto the balcony and stood beside them.

  “I still don’t understand this holiday,” Lorcan groused, then reached out a hand and cupped Ash’s ass, pulling him closer.

  Ash leaned in and kissed Lorcan’s lips, devouring his mouth in a passionate kiss. After a few moments, they broke the kiss and pulled back. “What do you not understand, my big beautiful mate?”

  “I understand that the Americans are celebrating the birth of their country. And I even understand the fireworks. But what I don’t understand is the need to burn meat, play with a white ball as they hit it back and forth to each other over a net, or drink alcohol until they throw up. Somehow I don’t think their founding fathers had that in mind for a birthday party.”

  Jareth laughed and turned in Lorcan’s arms, wrapping his arms around Lorcan’s neck, pressing his chest against his dragon mate’s hard, wide one. “They don’t all do that, Lorcy. Everyone has their own traditions in how they celebrate. I think it’s kind of nice the way they remember the birth of their country and honor it. It doesn’t matter how, only that they remember it and why.”

  “Personally, I love the barbequed hot dogs. Especially when you cover them in ketchup and relish. And I could really go for a slice of apple pie right now,” Ash said.

  “And I could really go for four hard hot dogs right now,” Ciro, their black panther mate added as he joined them. “Although, four hard, long, thick sausages are a girl’s best friend. So, who’s up for celebrating the Fourth of July Ciro style?”

  Ash pulled Ciro into their circle and nipped his throat, causing the little cutie to moan. “And what, pray tell, is Ciro style?” Ash asked with a smirk.

  “We all go inside and play hide the sausages until the fireworks start. Then when we are done we come out here and watch all the other fireworks explode in the sky,” Ciro said in a cheeky voice.

  “I really like that plan. Count me in,” Lorcan said and grabbed Ciro’s hand. He moved out of Jareth’s grasped and stepped away from him and Ash, pulling Ciro behind him as the little twink giggled.

  Ash and Jareth laughed at their mates and then followed them into the room. As they entered they heard Ciro squeak out a surprised yell from the bedroom. “Lorcan must really be horny if he moved that fast,” Ash said with a laugh.

  “I think you’re right. You know how randy Lorcan gets after a shift. And he spent all night in his dragon form flying over that town hunting for our last mate.”

  “Mmm, you’re right, love. That means we are all in for a good night,” Ash said seductively. He wrapped his arms around Jareth’s waist and pulled him close, claiming his lips. Ash lifted Jareth off his feet and carried him toward the bedroom, never breaking the kiss.

  “Oh yeah, little love. That feels amazing,” Raven moaned. Ash placed Jareth on his feet at the edge of the bed and broke the kiss. They both looked down and found Ciro on his hands and knees between their vampire mate’s spread legs, Ciro swallowing his cock.

  Lorcan knelt behind Ciro with two fingers thrusting into their little love’s gorgeous hole. Jareth could see Lorcan’s fingers glistening with slick when they pulled from Ciro’s body. It didn’t surprise him that Ciro and Lorcan were already naked and playing. The two of them probably tore each other’s clothes off. Jareth turned away from the erotic sight on the bed and looked around the room, and sure enough, torn and tattered clothes littered the floor. He smiled and turned back to watch the show three of his mates were putting on.

  “Shall we join them, love?” Ash asked and grabbed the hem of Jareth’s shirt.

  Jareth gave him a sexy smile and started tearing at Ash’s clothes, causing Ash to throw his head back and laugh. He looked back into Jareth’s eyes and the two of them started to rip each other’s clothes off. Once they were both naked Jareth crawled onto the bed and went right for Raven’s mouth. He cupped Raven’s cheek and his big handsome mate opened his eyes and immediately a bright smile crossed his lips.

  “Good evening, love. How was your day?” Raven asked, then clenched his teeth, and groaned.

  “I missed you as always,” Jareth said and kissed Raven gently.

  “I dreamed of you. Of all of you,” Raven said.

  “Oh? And what did you dream?” Jareth asked as he softly ran the tip of one finger across Raven’s bottom lip.

  “I dreamed of this. Of me and my four beautiful mates coming together and making love. I dreamed of you feeding me your delicious cock as Ash fucked your magnificent ass.”

  “I like that plan,” Ash said as he moved in behind Jareth and ran a slick finger between his cheeks. “And what were our Ciro and Lorcan doing, baby?”

  “Ciro was giving me the best blowjob ever, as always. And Lorcan was pounding into his tight little hole and making him scream around my cock.”

  “Mmmm. Yes, please,” Ciro pulled off Raven’s cock and said.

  “One more finger and I’m claiming this ass, little love,” Lorcan’s husky voice came from behind Ciro.

  “Yes, Lorcy. Do it. I want to feel you for days,” Ciro purred, then returned his lips to Raven’s cock. He took the tip into his mouth and sucked on the head as he swirled his tongue around the little hole, drawing out Raven’s cream.

  “Feed me, love,” Raven demanded.

  Jareth got up onto his knees and leaned forward as Raven pushed another pillow under his head so that he would be at the perfect height. Jareth grabbed the base of his cock and ran the leaking tip over Raven’s lips. Raven’s tongue snaked out and licked across the tip. Then he opened wide in invitation to Jareth. Jareth slid his cock between Raven’s wet lips and down the back of his throat. At the same time, Ash pressed one finger deep into Jareth’s ass and began to stretch him. Jareth moaned out his pleasure and grabbed Raven’s head in both hands. He started to pump his hips, sliding further down Raven’s throat on the push and impaling himself on Ash’s fingers on the pull.

  Ciro cried out around Raven’s cock, causing Raven to moan, which sent a vibration through Jareth’s cock, making him cry out as well. Lorcan must have entered Ciro to have him make that noise. Jareth opened his eyes and turned his head, and watched as Lorcan grabbed Ciro’s hips and started to thrust hard into Ciro’s silken cave.

  Raven grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled them apart as Ash slid a second finger in. Jareth looked back to Raven and saw the mask of bliss on his beautiful vampire mate's face. Jareth closed his eyes and just concentrated on all the noises in the room. Moans and groans of pleasure, and skin slapping skin. It was such an erotic sound and Jareth couldn’t get enough.

~ * ~ * ~* ~ * ~

  Raven loved when his mates ganged up on him and woke him with their sexual delights. It was the perfect way to start the day. He loved each of his mates with all his heart and couldn’t imagine a life without any of them. His thoughts turned to their last mate, the human they had hoped to find across the bay in America. He wondered what his last mate looked like, what he smelled like, and what he tasted like.
  When Raven had had his dream of he and his mates making love, he also dreamt of their sixth mate being there with them. He couldn’t see his face, but he could feel his presence. He knew that their human mate was with them in the dream and he had felt whole for the first time in his life. He couldn’t wait until they could go into the small town and find their last mate. He needed to know who he was and if he would accept them. Raven prayed to the Gods and his six grandfathers that their human mate wouldn’t reject them. Not just because if he did then Raven and the others would be banished from the throne forever, but because Raven was finally close to finding his last mate and completing his Coterie. Completing his heart and finally being one.

  Jareth cried out above him and Raven opened his eyes. Ash had moved in close behind him and was now fucking their little wolf mate. Without releasing Jareth’s cock, he shifted his eyes and looked down his body. Ciro was licking and sucking his cock and Lorcan was fucking Ciro as if his life depended on it. His eyes were closed and his head thrown back, and Raven knew that Lorcan was lost in the moment. He wasn’t thinking, just feeling, and was soon to lose all control. He smiled around the cock in his mouth and looked back up at Jareth’s face. His eyes were also closed. His mouth hung open on a silent moan, then Jareth dropped his head back to rest on Ash’s shoulder.

  Ash had his arms wrapped around Jareth’s chest and he was caressing Jareth’s smooth skin. They were all together and connected. This is what Raven loved most in his life. The five of them coming together and giving themselves completely to the others.

   Raven closed his eyes and doubled his efforts on Jareth’s cock as he thought of their sixth mate joining them. Soon he would be with them. No matter what Raven had to do, he would do it to get their last mate to accept them and complete them. Tomorrow they would move into the small town of Clearnight Haven and their hunt to find their mate would begin.

To read more from The Coterie and to find out if Raven and his men find their last mate, you can find The Coterie on Amazon at: https://www.amazon.com/Coterie-Clearnight-Haven-Book-ebook/dp/B01MYY4G1F/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1483905375&sr=8-5&keywords=Maggie+Walsh
OR on Barnes & Noble at: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-coterie-maggie-walsh/1125408674?ean=2940153933412

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