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Late Nights with Jordan

Yes, I had to make the title that.

Why? Well because my brain chemistry hates me, and that’s when I’ve been up. Over night, unable to do much other than stare at blank word docs and plead with my grey matter to give me SOMETHING!

I had hoped to have my Amazon and B&N links for Destiny by now, but unfortunately I think it’ll be another week or two before it hits those sites.

Doesn’t mean that I don’t have some fun stuff for you tonight!
For starters, I now have a group for a street team up and semi running. Not a whole lot going on at the moment but soon. Exclusive cut scenes from books will be posted – one already is – and great giveaways will be started sometime next month. Can drop me a line on Facebook if you’d like to be part of it.

I also will be going live on Facebook on Tuesdays around noon EST to give updates and basically give a little insight on me as a person J

Finally! I’m going to give y’all an excerpt from Destiny that didn’t make the cut for pacing reasons. I mentioned it in my live session yesterday, so I figured, why not?

n  Note, no editor has seen this, so it’s incredibly rough, and is still in first person POV from Bridgid’s perspective.

Eighty-six full moons, that's how many I had missed over the years.  No longer would I chain myself to the darkness, no matter how much my heart ached to think of Vincent somewhere in the world hurting, I had to do this, for my own clarity. Benjamin stood behind me in the doorway of the altar room as I spread the white cloth over the low table. It was strange the night before I just stood up from the bath, and begged him to make love to me.  Yet, kneeling before the altar as I straightened the cloth, and turned to another trunk of supplies I pulled out a long white robe to cover myself with. 
In the bathroom, I had already prepared a Vanilla and Lily bath, Benjamin once again was right outside the door as I soaked, letting the scents sink into my skin for a half hour before I exited.  My hair was pulled up in a bun on the back of my head to keep it out of the water. After I dried myself I slipped my arms into the long bell sleeves, fastened the front of the robe from the middle of my sternum down to mid-thigh. I pulled the pins out of the bun, letting my hair fall down, draped over the hood that rested against my back.  I felt centered, focused, and it was a long time in coming. 
Kneeling before the altar again I lit a fat white candle, allowing wax to pool as I gathered the rest of my supplies. When enough was melted, I poured it into the bottom of a basin then stuck the candle on top of it. I let it cool before pouring some of the bathwater I'd saved into it, three fourths full. I placed my round mirror in the center of the altar, just below the basin with the lit candle, then shared the flame from it in two smaller silver candles, placing it on the right and left of the altar.
I took a deep breath, then recited from memory the invocation to call the Goddess and protect me in my circle. 
“Celestial Winds, come dance and sing;
With you, airs of inspiration bring.
Full and rich to my heart,
all your wisdom pray impart.
“Cosmic Fires, come dance and sing;
With you, sparks of cleansing bring.
Full and rich to my heart,
all your strength pray impart.   
“Astral Waters, come dance and sing;
With you, waves of insight bring.
Full and rich to my heart,
all your creativity pray impart.
“Stellar Earth, come dance and sing;
With you, soils of flowering bring.
Full and rich to my heart,
all your rooting pray impart.
“Shining Spirit, come dance and sing,
With you, the magic of harmony bring.
Full and rich to my heart,
all your power pray impart.”
I spoke the words clearly, each in turn, and in order, East, South, West, North, and my center. I centered myself completely, drawing inward trying to ignore my heart's pull to Benjamin behind me, as I calmed my breathing.  Only a few breaths every minute, very slow as if I were sleeping. I turned my face to the ceiling, imagining that I could pull the moon's light down onto me. That I could pull it inside of me, feel its warmth spread through me, it's welcoming arms enveloping my body as if it were an old friend welcoming me back home.
I then reached for the long matches, lighting it on the flame of the center candle. Then I held the flame above me speaking,
“As she shines fully in the sky,
the Lady shines in my heart, and in my home.”
I then lit a dark earth colored candle, one I had chosen to be my focus for the ritual. It represented Vincent. 
“Mother Moon, welcome. 
Mother Moon come!
Your tides of power bring fulfillment,
and your beams bear the realization of change.” 
I then straightened and looked into the basin seeing the flame reflected there. 
“Tides that sway, and tides that flow.
As above, and so below. 
The moon once small, now fully seen,
in this basin, my future bring.”
The incantation brought magic forward in me, magic I had almost forgotten I truly possessed inside of me. The magic of my craft, as well as the magic of my being a witch.  The water in the bowl shifted back and forth; first clock wise, then counter, then seemed to boil as it rose on the outside and dipped on the inside. Turmoil. Then wax fell from the top of the candle in the center, it swirled against the water, forming shapes I would need to remember then interpret later on when I consulted my books.  A broom, A wheel, a bell, a triangle, and a cross.
I sat back on my heels meditating on the five shapes, trying to recall what each could mean.  A broom meant to sweep in change but there already was a change in my life.  Perhaps it meant that more change would be coming, unfortunately it never showed whether it would be good or ill. A wheel meant someone would be traveling, coming home, soon.  Vincent. It had to be Vincent coming home, but once again, just when was not discernible. A bell meant wedding, or a joining of lives. There would be no way both of my men would agree to “share” me. It would be one or the other from Vincent especially.  A triangle, strength, or it could be thought to be a mountain, which would mean that close friends would be there to lean on, to help me with my difficult time.  Well I had plenty of those, including my courageous sister.  And the cross, it meant protection.  Benjamin.  Benjamin was my protector, he'd shown that when he saved my life, and then swore to kill Vincent if he tried even a swipe again. It did not show me anything that would settle my mind, and truthfully I was rather surprised that I could clearly remember my interpretations.  I hadn't practiced them since high school.
I finally readied myself for the closing of my circle, and the closing of the ritual. First to the North, “Stellar Earth, your blossoms close,
but in my heart their fragrance grows.”
To the West; “Astral waters, your waves subside,
into my heart there to reside.” 
To the South; “Cosmic fires your sparks wane,
but in my heart they live again.”
To the East; “Celestial winds, your airs fade,
but carry the magic that I bade.”
Then I returned my gaze to the center candle.
“Shining spirit, your song still sings,
and with it now the magic brings.”
I sat for a moment longer before I rose to my feet once more, letting the candles stay lit, they would extinguish on their own as they were meant to. I smiled back to Benjamin. “Enjoy the show?”
He smiled that wonderful smile at me.  “Hardly a show, but I enjoyed watching you.”
“Don't treat me too good, you may spoil me.” I said softly, smiling back at him and blushing softly. How the hell could he make me blush so easily?
“What if I want to spoil you?” He asked, grinning.
I leaned up and pressed my lips to his cool cheek, “Don't do it too much, then.”
He smiled again, it was something I loved seeing.  Being with Ben in the last day was incredible, he was so silent, yet his presence undeniable.  He sat, and watched me eat lunch, and watched me cook the meal I was about to descend the stairs to enjoy.  He wrinkled his nose a little as he smelled the cod frying, which brought me to giggles, giggles which I hadn't let out in ages. He made me feel so free.  It was a freedom that Vincent wasn't able to give me, and yet what Vince gave me was the stability of a man that loved me because I dealt with his problems without blinking an eye. He loved me because I loved him. Benjamin loved me, (even though we hadn't spoken the words but I knew he did) as I loved him, unquestioningly, unconditionally.  He loved me for who I was, moon and all.
He sat beside me, watching me eat my meal of cod and a baked potato, smiling softly as I downed three glasses of milk. 
I fell asleep that night, nude in Benjamin's arms I knew he wouldn't sleep, but I needed the comfort of his arms around me. My mind stayed on Vincent. I was so worried about him, and I didn't know if he'd attacked himself out of shame, as he claimed to do so often in his school days before he's learned the control he had possessed until the last two weeks. I was worried about my sister, she hadn't contacted me since she'd left the afternoon before, and I was beginning to worry.  I hoped Deanna was safe, and prayed for her to contact me as soon as she possibly could. 

Also, Dirty Doms is still available, and is still bringing in rave reviews! Price is up to 2.99 instead of the 99 cents it was over the initial release, but well worth the read - and I'm not just saying that for myself. The other 9 ladies have some INCREDIBLE stories within the anthology as well. 

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My #TBR List and What I #amreading when I'm not #amwriting

The hardest part of being on a deadline is not being able to just devour every book that hits my Kindle. In fact, most of the time, I save them like these delicious sweet treats to serve as my carrots. You know, if I hit word count for a day, I get to read. Other times, I keep them to the side and use them for when I ride on my stationary bike. Again, it's a carrot--ride the bike and get to read. Not a bad plan, though I do miss the days when I could curl up in a chair and just read morning, noon, and night.

In the meanwhile, I have two books practically crying at me to read them, but they are my prizes when I finish the novella on my screen. Fingers crossed, I will be diving into these fantastic new reads tonight!

Grab your copy here!

Love Eve Langlais, and I will be sharing an excerpt from this in my #authorsreadingauthors on my Facebook author page and YouTube channel today or tomorrow! So don't miss it!

A new series from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Eve Langlais.

When urban fantasy meets outer space you get a galactic adventure with a sassy ship and aliens.

Earth: a space pirate's dream when it comes to booty, but not a good place to hide when bounty hunters come looking. Pulling up stakes means Rafe must leave his vintage trailer behind, but in the process, he acquires a passenger, a mouthy female who seems to think she's calling the shots. She'll soon learn who's the captain.

And it isn't Annabelle, his bossy ship.

Travel the galaxy with this gypsy pirate as he looks for treasure--and finds trouble instead. The universe might be out to get him, but he's not giving in without a fight.

Grab your copy here here!

I read the first book in this trilogy and ADORED it and I am dying to read book 2! 

There were rules for dating dragons. The most important of all? Don’t get burned.
Instead of the Jezibaba, in the last eight years she’s become the Jeziblahblah. Dating her sexy academic dragon should have keep her mentally sharp, not caused her to drop all caution just because he looked good naked. She was getting soft. There was no doubt about it. When a young troublemaking dragon named Thane starts causing problems for Carol and HIldy, she’s the only one concerned.

She wasn’t the mothering type—no argument—but she was still their protector. Her instincts were flashing warning signs about the young dragon and she was not going to ignore them no matter how innocent Damien believed he was. She no longer had the luxury of pretending she’d found a perfect love. Instead it was time to face reality. She’d dated a hot dragon and gotten burned for giving him her heart.

With Thane still free to cause trouble, and Damien still not believing he was, her loyalty the disloyal dragon might end up being the worst mistake she’s ever made in her life.

In the meanwhile, don't miss my next release on September 1 as we return to the world of the Boomers with Deadly Genesis! And before I forget, you can also grab a copy of Earth Witches Aren't Easy for free! Happy autumn is almost here!

Read the first two chapters right now!

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If You Can't Stand the Heat...

               Readers tend to love my wolves and supernatural paranormal creatures the best of all my characters. And, personally, I never really envisioned myself writing contemporaries. But two of the favorite stories I've written, HER CAPTAIN and IF YOU CAN'T STAND THE HEAT, were both contemporaries with new paranormal elements. 

               Oddly enough, both were written for a now defunct publisher gracious enough to give me back the rights to the stories when the publisher closed its doors, covers and all. Since I am still so computer challenged in just about every way, and couldn't contemplate the time, knowledge, skills and energy to go the self-publishing route, I immediately turned around and offered the books to my longtime publisher, Decadent Publishing. 

                   Decadent wanted new covers and new editing...so in my mind, it's almost as if the books were released for the first time. But I cannot tell a lie, pretty and freshened up as they are, they are re-releases.  HER CAPTAIN came out earlier this year. Now it's IF YOU CAN"T STAND THE HEAT's turn. 

                    IF YOU CAN'T STAND THE HEAT is a a hot and spicy foodie romance and it'll have you drooling. Not only is the hero, Derek Dunne, a total hunk of a book boyfriend, but the sublime culinary concoctions he cooks up are delicioso. It's not just the food that sizzles!

                       Releasing from Decadent on September 9!

Derek Dunne is a Cordon Bleu-trained food critic for the prestigious New York Monitor, whose scathing review of a popular Italian bistro has driven away all but the most loyal neighborhood patrons.

Lucrezia Serafina DiCicco is a clumsy business school drop-out, working as a chef and scrambling to keep her family's restaurant afloat, after her father develops diabetes and is banned from his kitchen for his own good.

Now, with The Monitor folding, Derek is searching for his next career path and longing to get back to his first love—cooking—while Lu is desperate for an influx of cash to save the struggling restaurant…even as her father puts his foot down about non-family employees.

Derek and Lu embark on a marriage of inconvenience to save the restaurant. But can Lu ever really trust the man who nearly destroyed her family, once noted her initials spelled “LSD,” and her food was like a “bad trip?”

Or will it be their hearts on the chopping block? 

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Stud for Hire by Sabrina York: New release and Giveaway

Stud for Hire by Sabrina York
Just south of Fort Worth, Texas, you’ll find a little ranch where the hot, toned cowboys are ready and eager to take it all off and make your naughtiest fantasies come true...

When her sister plans a wild bachelorette weekend at the Double S Ranch, Hanna Stevens is pretty sure she’ll just grin and bear it while the other women get their fill of hot cowboy strippers. After all, Hanna has never met a man who made her really want.

Zack, Hanna’s future husband, offered to marry her and save her family’s ranch from financial ruin, and while she accepted, it was never what you’d call a passionate affair. But when she locks eyes with Logan, Hanna is suddenly overwhelmed by the feeling she’s always craved and never experienced: Pure. Animal. Desire...
The first in a new series of Stripped Down Cowboys from New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, Sabrina York

"Sabrina York can write a sexy cowboy like no other!" Susan Stoker, New York Times bestselling author

Read an Excerpt

Logan’s heart stilled and then shot into a rapid tattoo. He dropped the heavy bale on the ground. It landed with a dull thud and a plume of dust. Slowly, he turned, trying to ignore the shivers running over his skin at that low, sultry voice.
And yeah. There she was, backlit by the sun in the yawning barn door, a tantalizing silhouette.
He tipped back his hat so he could see her better. Wiped the sweat from his brow. Damn, she was beautiful. Her red hair was down, flowing over her shoulders like a rippling stream, teased by the breeze. The buttons of her plaid shirt strained against the curves of her breasts. He loved the way her skinny jeans clung to her legs, disappearing in a pair of well-worn boots.
She wasn’t supposed to be here. The women were supposed to be settling in, dressing for the evening’s festivities. A Hunky Hoedown. Logan was supposed to be preparing for that too—but he’d decided to work off his simmering energy here, in the barn.
He hadn’t really expected her to take him up on his offer and find him here. Never dared hope.
But…here she was.
His knees went a little weak. He tightened his muscles and forced himself to remain where he was, watching her every move. Every breath.
Though he suspected why she’d come, he wasn’t sure. It would be wise to let her make the first move.
God help him.
Because he wanted to pounce.
“So…” She wandered deeper into the barn, pretending to study the tools hanging on the wall. Her fingers drifted over a harness; the sight made a shudder walk through him.  When Gotham poked out a head and sprayed her with a welcoming snort, she patted his snout, but not like a city girl. Not with a tentative pat as though she were afraid he’d bite.
Logan swallowed the pool of drool in his mouth. He’d like to take a bite. Of that.
“So…” she repeated. “Is this a working ranch, or only a weekend bordello?”
Logan stiffened. If he wasn’t mistaken, that was a flirtatious tone. She flicked a look at him, from beneath amber lashes and his gut clenched. Shit. It was.
His heart lurched. His cock swelled. Sudden sweat beaded his brow.
This was Hanna. His Hanna—well, the Hanna of his dreams. The woman he’d wanted forever, the woman who’d never seen him.
And she was flirting. With him.
Inexorably drawn to her, he stepped closer. “Oh. It’s a working ranch.” A low rumble, infused with meaning. Yeah. He’d like to work her. Work her over.
“I see.” She leaned against the wall and crossed her arms. It took every ounce of concentration in him to keep his gaze on her face. Oh, it was a fascinating face, but the cleavage her action created was even more mesmerizing.
His brain fizzled and popped at that hint of a shadow. He said the only thing that came to mind—the only thing fit to say, at least. “Cody has over two hundred head.”
“I see. Do you…” Her attention trickled over his bare chest. He was covered in sweat and bits of hay. She didn’t seem to mind. Her lips pursed. Then she licked them. “Do you work here?”
He snorted. “No.” His days working as a cowpoke for Cody were long gone…unless he lost a bet.
“Ah.” Her gaze flicked up to his. The muscle in her cheek tightened. “I didn’t think so.”
The words skimmed over him in a hot rush, her tone, low and woven with implication. His breath hitched at the look in her beautiful eyes.
And then it plunged to his toes.
Because he could tell, from every line of her face, from the way she held her body, from the way she looked at him. She didn’t recognize him.
She had no idea who he was. No idea they’d gone to high school together. No memory of what he’d done, how he’d risked everything for her. And nearly lost.
Nope. She thought he was just a random stripper. Manflesh brought in for the sole purpose of providing pleasure to the lady guests.
On the one hand, that pissed him off.
But on the other hand…hell, she thought he was a stripper.  Probably one willing to make himself available to Cody’s guests should the right offer arise.
A mix of annoyance, need and lust warred within him.
Lust won.
Hanna Stevens, the prim and proper princess of Snake Gully, thought he was a stud for hire. And she wanted him.
This could be fun.
He stepped closer to her, adopting a gait, an attitude he assumed a man of lesser morals might employ. “I’m just here for the weekend, ma’am. Just here to make sure you ladies have a…good time.”
“I-I see.”
“My name is Logan.”
Yeah. He knew. He knew her name.
She tipped up her head as he neared. Her eyes went wide. Pupils dilated. Lips parted. Damn, she was a tiny thing. Heat gathered low in his belly. He fought back the urge to yank her into his arms and kiss the shit out of her. “I…ah…and…” She glanced away and then slowly forced her gaze back. “And what would that good time entail…exactly?”
Everything in him stilled.
First, because hell, was she propositioning him?
And second because, hell! She was propositioning him.
“That’s…negotiable.” He hated that his voice cracked on the words. But he really couldn’t help it. It was all he could do to keep control of his raging emotions. Okay. His raging lust. His cock was hard. Tight in his jeans. Thudding with every beat of his heart. And his pulse thrummed like an out of control jackhammer. “W-what do you like?”
He was pretty sure gentlemen of the evening didn’t stutter, but he couldn’t help himself. He held his breath, waiting for her answer. God, he wanted to know. He’d always wanted to know. Ached to know.
She drew her finger along the leather harness dangling from the wall and his cock jerked in sympathetic reaction. “I don’t know. Something…improper.” The look she flicked at him set his soul on fire. A dark wind screamed through him like a violent summer storm on the range.
“I can do improper.” Could he.
She stepped closer. Her scent engulfed him, clouded his brain. Something feminine and light, like powder. She tipped her chin and met his gaze as she set her palm flat on his chest. He nearly winced at the touch. Their first real touch. His muscles bunched at the effort to hold back that involuntary reaction. Her hand was tiny. She was tiny. He wanted to scoop her up, find a nice soft pile of hay and roll her in it. Hard.
Her lashes flickered. “Something…very improper.”
He swallowed. “I can do very improper.”
“Something naughty.” A whisper. As though some deep part of her was not allowed to hear.
“I can do naughty,” he whispered back. “I’m very good at naughty.”
A sizzling energy passed between them. She licked her lips again and this time he saw it for what it was. An invitation.
To take.
What he wanted.
What he’d wanted for years.
And he did.
He kissed her.

Read more about the Stripped Down Cowboys!
Cowboy to Command by Sabrina York 10/18/2016
Spurred On by Sabrina York  01/17/2017 


Stripped Down Cowboys #Hot #ContemporaryRomance from @sabrina_york http://sabrinayork.com/books/

About Sabrina York
Her Royal Hotness, Sabrina York, is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of hot, humorous stories for smart and sexy readers. Her titles range from sweet & snarky to scorching romance.  Visit her webpage at www.sabrinayork.com to check out her books, excerpts and contests. Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/bj8tKb.

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How to work with a graphic artist and more importantly how to find one!

Branding your work is no easy task. It requires a lot of thought on your part before you ever talk to an artist. In fact, it requires you think about it in depth before you decide on one artist over another.

And in this marketplace, with new authors trying their wings daily, the market is filled with marvelous designers.
In fact, the list I am about to produce for you here shows the variety of their thoughts and tools, the marvelous talent and the dramatic differences among those designers.

First of all, let me tell you, I am an author. A communicator. I am not an artist. But I have worked with professional designers of everything from giant highway billboards to tiny, intriguing business cards for more than 36 years.

Secondly, why do I have this list?

Ah, my guilty secret is that I LOVE looking at the offerings of so many delightful artists and often after I sit down each morning to work (and yes, write!) I take myself on a magic carpet ride on the internet to gaze at the beauties they have offered up for our enjoyment. (I could go to amazon and surf, but trust me, that way, I am reading plot lines, not imbibing the skills of the artistry.)

Furthermore, if you look at these artists' works like I do, you become inspired by their imagination. I play a game with myself called, What Title Goes With This Cover?

Try it. You'll be smiling.  And like me, you may find yourself refreshed and ready to hit the keyboard. If you have problems tearing yourself away, then do hit the stop watch. You could spend the day doing this! (Yes. I have.)

Know too that not every artist is right for you and your work or even all of your work. Many are better at one particular kind of rendering, much like Rodin was better at sculptures of nudes and men in action or torment. But he probably would not have achieved fame for, say, painting like Delacroix. Nor could Chopin compose works that had the fell or drama of Beethoven. If you write Regency romance, an artist who does superb sci-fi romance covers might not be your best choice. But if you wrote about Mr. Darcy on Mars? Well, then! Give that artist a good go!

Each artist has different requirements of clients, different ways of working. Each tells you that, usually up front. If you have questions, ask. Note how each works and see if that set of principles works for you, your temperament and your ideas of professional relationships.

I have collected these sites for a long time because it suits my own artistic temperament. Looking at art (painting, sculpture, installations) opens up my own mind, makes me ask questions of myself that are vital to my existence and my growth as a writer. I hope you enjoy this list and use it to your prosperity and in the best of health. And if you know of an artist who is not on this list, please send it to me! I will make another list for all to use and enjoy!

A few things you must know about this list:

It is in no order.
It has no qualifiers, including pricing.
It represents, I am certain, only a smattering of those who offer up delicious work.
I do not say this list is complete, or the definitive list of those who can and should aid you.
I do not advocate for one more than the other.
I do not receive any compensation from any of them for this listing.
But I have employed some of them.
I would employ a lot more if I wrote faster and had more books!
In fact, I have in my computer, far more book covers by artists whom I have employed than works I have yet written! (Yes, I am that enamored of great art that I salivate to possess it. Kind of like a woman who must have a certain man she adores! But I digress.)

And so here is my list:





















The Lion by Cerise DeLand, Omega Team series
Amazon US | UK | Canada |











































And for my commercial, here I've added a few of my own covers (designed by two different artists) that I adore and you can readily see the difference in tone, treatment and, I do hope, genre!
Happy viewing!

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Love In Carson Falls by Paisleigh Aumack

Author Paisleigh Aumack
Love In Carson Falls

Arianna Morgan: 
She never thought life would beat her down. She never imagined the man she loved doing it either. Starting over in a small town was her only option. Once she arrives in Carson Falls, she realizes her life never really began until the locals, one specifically, proves that there are things that can mend your spirit.
River Bradshaw:
He never thought the mother of his child would walk away. He also never thought she would end up dead. Living in a small town his whole life, he knew what his life’s meaning was, or so he thought. Once a stranger from out of town starts teaching his daughter piano, she proves that life has much more in store for him.

This is a story about loss, love, and how music can teach us about ourselves.

Paisleigh Aumack was born in Red Bank, New Jersey. She grew up in a small barrier island town and has lived there all her life. She has always loved music, going as far as being a trained musician. Her tastes in music range all over the board, but currently, her heart belongs to country music. 

Paisleigh is engaged to the love of her life and lives a fairly quiet, peaceful existence. When she isn’t working, she is writing or she is reading. Or singing at the top of her lungs. Paisleigh began writing a short time ago because she had a story to tell.

FB Page

Author FB Page:



Goodreads Author Page:https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/15235944.Paisleigh_Aumack

Add Love in Carson Falls to your TBR here:https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/30117552-love-in-carson-falls

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Perilous Play and One Peril of Indie Publishing by Suz deMello (#indiepubbing #memoir #BDSM)

I've written about indie publishing before in this blog, and as many writers (and some readers) know, there's a steep learning curve in this enterprise. Republication offers opportunities to revise and re-edit. Sounds good, doesn't it? Gives the writer an opportunity to make a good book into a great one.

But there must be limits on our insanity. Some of us are too picky for our own good.

And when it comes to my memoir, Perilous Play: The Real Fifty Shades, I'm compulsively drawn to edit whenever something happens to affect the existing content.

Perilous Play is a memoir of some of my experiences with BDSM. One of the men in it, a user I call Trapper Hart, has called me out for oversharing. But I felt that this story needed to be told precisely because of sharks like Trapper. 

Plus, with the popularity of Fifty Shades, I was concerned about newbies venturing into the world of alternative sexual practices without knowledge of the pitfalls and yes, the perils. There's a difference between inflicting a pleasurable sort of pain and causing injury from sheer stupidity. For example, bondage is great but tying up a person wrong can really mess up his or her joints.

The first version of Perilous Play was written in late 2013, and I had inserted an invented scene to wrap up the book in a satisfactory way. I had also changed the location and time of significant events, and had marketed it as "based on a true story." As time went on, that bothered me more and more. I base my behavior on The Four Agreements, and the first one (see the graphic to your left) is all about honesty. I believe that honesty has to be tinctured with diplomacy and kindness, but the inventions in the first version of Perilous Play went beyond that. So this new version excises any inventions and corrects falsehoods, so I'm able to market it as a true story.

I also had the wonderful Dar Albert create a new cover, which I love.
This is, BTW, a pic of me ;)

Here's an excerpt to pique your interest.

Chapter NineA Brief Confession and a Better Ending

The time of this writing is July 2016, and I feel it’s time to tell the truth, especially since I have emphasized my commitment to honesty both in this book and my life.

The events I discussed in Chapter One did not take place in the Bay Area when I was a student—they took place in Sacramento in 2012, centering around a yoga studio. Trapper Hart was not a law student, but a local businessman who attended the same class I did.

2014 was a year of exploration and growth for me...

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Corporate Spin Explained for Authors @kayelleallen #humor #amwriting

Corporate spin -- the age old ability to make something wrong seem oh so right.

What is corporate spin?

It's the ability to use vague words in order to cover up a lack of actual facts, or to convey the idea that a bad thing has a good side that overrides objections. Take this line for example: "Moving forward, let's touch base about leveraging our chances at incentivising folks into purchasing these synergistically utilizable value-added, outside-the-box integrated solutions. They're low-hanging fruit, people! Let's put 110 percent into picking them while they're ripe." What does that mean? The person who wrote it has no idea either. Click the link for more hilarity on the subject.
The military has its own form of double speak, often using acronyms. When I was in the Navy, I found a book of slang terms and official Navy terms that included common acronyms. The book's name? NavAbrDic. o_O
Corporate spin may be as insidious as a butcher shop advertising that they're donating to an animal rights group. What's wrong with that? If we can't tell, perhaps we are too used to hearing this kind of speak.
I found a fun site when researching this subject. Here are two examples they provide of the "real meaning" behind some of the finest coporate spin.
Key Enabler
The person who will get all the credit for a project, no matter who else worked on it.
Outside the Box
Creativity. Those that do think outside the box are generally considered rabble-rousers and trouble-makers. While verbally encouraged, your reward for thinking outside the box may be a pink slip party.

And then there's Despair...

Have you ever been to http://despair.com and checked out some of their posters? They are a delight to read, with great lines that motivate through demotivational words.
Here's one called Consulting.
This is corporate speak used to change your mind about what is being said. The poster tells you that you are a loser, but makes you think twice about simply accepting that definition. It also makes you laugh. Check out their site for more terrific posters. Fair warning -- they're addictive!
How do we, as writers, avoid double speak and cliches? Sometimes it comes in handy. How's this:
At the end of the day, when all is said and done, it's simply a matter of not using the same old thing day in and day out, except in this case, it's meant in an entirely different way, and for a radically different purpose.
What do you think? Care to try some of your own? Leave a comment.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Bargain and More: First Chapter Box Sets

Booklovers are wild about genre Box Sets. Box Sets provide a lot of reading material so they satisfy bookworms who prefer to get more than a single novel at a time to binge read over the weekend or on a trip. They also ensure a bargain for the readers by bundling several books together for the price of one, and occasionally for an even lower price than most books sell for.  

First Chapter Box Sets give readers the opportunity to be introduced to a variety of new books and new authors in their favorite genre or a genre they want to check out. They are designed to offer readers an easy way to discover authors or books they enjoy the most and, what is more, they can just click on the links provided in the box set and get those ebooks immediately. As far as the value, First Chapter Box Sets happen to generally be free.

Here are some First Chapter Box Sets I've been fortunate enough to take part in:

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Monday, August 22, 2016

Contemporary Romance, Paranormal Fun

Do you read contemporary romance? Are you looking for something set in small town America with a paranormal twist? Give LIP SERVICE by Adele Downs a try.

"Adele Downs weaves together a magical love story." 5 Stars ~Girl With Pen

Some ghosts won’t take “yes” for an answer.

Jack Harris has loved Legs Anderson since they were kids. Now that he has her in his bed, he has no intention of letting her go. Aunt Ada has other ideas, even from the grave.

Orphaned at a young age, Legs Anderson owes her Aunt Ada everything. The stoic old lady raised her, and Ada’s warnings about men—and the Harris boys in particular—have stuck, even after her death. Of course, that could be because Ada stuck around, too.

Patience is not one of Jack Harris’s virtues, and he’s waited too long to start a life with the woman he’s loved since childhood instead of them just knocking boots. Now Ada is interfering from beyond the grave, haunting the old Victorian house she bequeathed to her niece and reinforcing Legs’s fears of commitment. But Jack won’t give up. No matter what trouble may follow, the house will be renovated, Ada will learn to let go, Legs will put her money where her mouth is…and then Jack’ll put his lips everywhere else.

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The roar of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle on Rachel’s block and the rev of a throttle in her driveway announced Jack’s arrival. Legs tried to appear nonchalant when he walked through the poolside gate, but the sight of his sun-streaked hair and tanned, muscular good looks nearly knocked her off her seat. She eased her sunglasses down the bridge of her nose to get a better look.

When he stepped into the pool area dressed in black jeans, black biker boots, and a white muscle shirt that framed his pumped-up shoulders and biceps, she caught her breath. Everyone in the group said “hey” and Rachel offered him a cold drink, but his focus had remained on her. He slid his sunglasses on top of his head and nodded in her direction.

Legs remembered his gaze meeting hers before his attention strayed to her gold and black bikini then savored every inch of her skin. An appreciative smirk curled his lips and desire flashed in his beautiful blue eyes. He took a long pull of the soft drink someone handed him and then set the can down on the patio table. He looked her way and said, “Want to go for a ride?”

The invitation came out like a dare. All eyes shifted to her, watching to see what she’d do. They all knew she wasn’t allowed to date Jack Harris. Taking a ride on his motorcycle might not have been the same thing, but there would be hell to pay if her aunt found out.

She stretched her arms over her head and offered a lazy smile. “I guess so.” Though she’d been as nervous and excited as a rabbit, she never let on. She stood and pulled on her shorts and shirt, slid her sandals over her feet, and made her way across the patio to him.

Her aunt’s spies might see her on the road, but she pushed that worry aside. Mere weeks remained before she’d move away to college and the subject would be moot. She’d be gone most of the next four years, and by the time she got back, Jack would probably be married with a couple of kids. Half the women in town had their eyes on him and his brothers.

The idea of Jack marrying someone else made her furious, and more determined than ever to enjoy this rare day alone with him.

His gaze tracked every step of her approach, as if memorizing the lines and planes of her face, learning the shape of her breasts, and tattooing the curves of her waist into his brain. When she reached his side, he smiled at her so intently she almost faltered. Her heartbeat raced when he took her hand. She barely heard her friends say good-bye as they exited the patio door.

His Harley was built in classic style—all black steel and leather with silver chrome, glinting majestically in the sunlight like a god. She ran her fingers over the warm plush seats.

“Ever been on a bike before?” he asked, watching her with eyes so blue she almost missed his question while she stared back.

She pulled an elastic band from her shorts pocket and tied her hair into a ponytail. “Uh. No.” Her hair swung with the shake of her head. He probably knew the answer, but she appreciated the benefit of his question. He hadn’t made her feel like a total geek.

He gave her a tutorial with simple instructions, including the demand that she hold on to him tight and not let go. No problem there. She resisted a fit of giggles, determined to act her age and accept responsibility for her own safety, as tenuous as that might be on the rear end of a motorcycle wearing shorts and sandals.

Yikes. Hormones really did rule the heart.

He slid his sunglasses into place and got on the bike, steadying it with his feet while she scooted in behind him. After shifting her weight to find her center of balance, she wrapped her arms tight around his chest. The solid feel of his body thrilled her beyond anything she’d imagined. He smelled fantastic too, like musk cologne, leather, and sweat tossed with August air and sunshine.

“Ready?” he asked.

Leaning closer for support, she pressed her torso against his back and stifled a gasp at the sensations the friction created. If he never started the engine, and they simply sat together like this, it would have been enough.

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