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Wild Wicked Wolf


So sorry I'm late!

I was out in rootin' tootin' ridin' ropin' Texas, having a wonderfully Wild Wicked Weekend (almost a whole week, actually) at the spooky Menger Hotel across the street from the Alamo, with awesome authors, readers, bloggers, HOT men and the fabulous Belle Femmes who sponsor the whole thing, Brenna Zinn, Sweet n Sexy Divas Cerise DeLand and Desiree Holt, Dalton Diaz and Samantha Cayto.

 Yep. That's me with my mouth open.
At the book signing on Saturday.

And me winning a basket donated by the lovely Landra Graf, a sister Decadent Publishing author.

Aside from Landra's wonderful book and related swag, she tucked a bottle of cinnamon Fireball into the basket...which TSA promptly confiscated at the airport gate in San Antone.

                                                    So....didn't prepare anything for today.

  But I do have a new release out...ANOTHER CHANCE, my second contribution to Decadent's wildly popular Black Hills Wolves sexy shifter line. (WOLF'S SONG was my first.) The heroes are brothers, Brick Northridge (WOLF'S SONG) and his long lost brother, Chance. If you like the boys...stay tuned for their long lost sister Amber's story, AMBER'S ACE, coming this year.

Chance Northridge left Los Lobos more than ten years ago, deserting his family and his young, unclaimed mate. Now he's back, upsetting their world.

But those he left behind don’t understand that the pack’s former insane Alpha threatened everything Chance cared about in the world. Still, he’s got some big-time groveling ahead of him.

Julie Pembroke has struggled hard to forget her disloyal mate’s desertion and to gain acceptance in the pack as a woman on her own, and making a new life for herself.

When disaster strikes his family and endangers Julie’s life, can Chance prove himself worthy of a place in the pack and in his mate’s heart?


He sniffed the air. The scent of cinnamon and vanilla filled his nose and shot straight to his brain—and points south. A fragrance he knew well. Would never forget. The scent pressed all his buttons, triggered every wolfy response. Mate. A scent now tinged by the iron whiff of blood…and the heavy acrid sting of fear. Find. Protect.

“Julie’s in trouble,” he growled. “She needs me.”

Pulse pounding and heart in his mouth, he shifted instantly and bounded off into the dark woods.


A large figure blotted out the sun and crouched above her, growling. Another wolf, then. She could only hope someone from Los Lobos had chanced upon her, and not a feral wolf or some other predator. She wished she could see better, discern the animal’s color and markings. A thick muzzle nudged her side. It released a series of guttural growls and grunts, as if the beast tried to speak to her.

Huge jaws opened and clamped around her belt. She held her breath. The beast’s long, sharp canines didn’t tear her to shreds. Instead, the other tugged on her belt, dragging, pulling, and lifting her out of the ravine. She screamed with excruciating pain. Nausea overwhelmed her. Gulping another breath of fresh air, she steeled herself to keep from blacking out.

Suddenly the other wolf’s scent enveloped and overwhelmed her, awareness jackknifing through her. Not the least foreign. Totally familiar. Playing through all her memories and dreams. No, no. It couldn’t be. She squeezed her eyes closed. Smoke and white sage, pure masculine sex appeal. She’d know his scent anywhere. Her whole body awoke. Shook. Bringing with it a renewed surge of agony. A different kind of tension also took hold. In the midst of all her pain and horror…lust. The recognition stunned her.

A ripple of silver-white energy shimmered in the air and a megawatt bolt of power surged into her. A hand appeared on her shoulder where the paw had been. She couldn’t deny her rescuer’s identity. Darkness began to claim her.

“Damn it, stay with me, Jules. Don’t you fuckin’ leave me now.”


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Hot Rod by Sabrina York A scorching new Omega Team Adventure! #giveaway

Meet a new kind of hero! Men who value honor over ego!
Hot Rod by Sabrina York hot-rod-e-reader
A standard witness protection mission goes wrong, thrusting Matt Savage and his target, a wise-cracking hooker named Vixen LaFleur, into a fight for their lives. But flying bullets and lurking villains are not nearly as dangerous as risking the heart. Against his will, Matt is attracted to the dauntless, exasperating woman he’s supposed to be protecting, but she is harboring a secret. One that could heal his wounded soul, or crush it.
He and Vixen arrived at the cabin first, which was annoying because Ace and Coop were supposed to have arrived first to clear the area, and also because he was damn tired of being alone with her—gum popping and all. So, after he cleared the interior of the cabin and before he carried her luggage and the groceries into the place, he told her to sit tight while he did a perimeter check.
To his annoyance, when he glanced back at the cabin, she was watching him through the window. Clearly visible. Hell, her shiny blonde curls were like a beacon in the gloom.
She might as well be wearing a target and singing an aria.
He stormed back onto the porch, threw open the door and bellowed, “Are you crazy?”
For some reason, his totally logical question seemed to surprise her. Those doe-like eyes widened and her lips parted. It took some effort, but he ignored all that and focused on her response. “What?”
“Jesus Christ, woman.” He stomped over to the window and yanked the curtains closed. “You know someone wants to kill you. You know the area hasn’t been checked. Why on earth would you stand there in full view?”
For some reason, his fury lit the fuse on hers. Her eyes narrowed and her fingers closed into fists. “How dare you yell at me for that?”
“I’m not yelling.” More like a howl.
She marched over to him and confronted him, toe to toe, nose to nose. Or nose to chest. She was short, after all. “It’s your fucking job to keep me safe. If you need me to do or not do something, you have to tell me. I’m not a fucking psychic.”
“Okay, missy. How’s this for clear direction? Keep the fuck out of sight. At least until we are sure the area is safe. And hell, even then. In fact, just go to your room and stay there.”
“Fuck you, Jarhead.”
“I already fucking told you, I was not a fucking Marine.” He didn’t know why he was letting her get the better of him. He never lost his temper, and he never spewed profanities like this…but her attitude was fucking pissing him off.
He wanted to turn her over his knee and wallop her bottom—
Oh. Fuck.
It scalded him, the sudden lust that blazed through his veins.
And suddenly, he lost the reins.
Though he knew better, though he knew he shouldn’t, though he knew it was insane, he grabbed her shoulders, yanked her against him and kissed her.
It was savage and harsh. A punishment, really, and while one part of him was mortified at this effort to dominate her in a physical way, to show her, once and for all who was boss, another part of him liked it. Loved it. Squirmed in delight.
She tasted sweet. Her mouth was soft, velvety. Her lips were lush pillows. Her body, sealed to his, was like an armful of heaven. It was a scalding moment of exquisite pleasure, especially when she softened, and kissed him back.
But then, he should have known. He should have suspected she was hardly the kind of woman who allowed such liberties without her pound of flesh.
Her knee—and a particularly bony one as it happened—came up quick and hard, connecting with his tender bits.
The air whooshed from his lungs and painful shards of light blinded him as agony raked him. He tightened his hold on her, but only to keep himself from falling to the floor in a writhing lump of misery. He held her and shook as he recovered himself. And then, he released her. Stepped back and gave her some space. Gave himself some as well.
Hell, he deserved that.
He forced himself to meet her eyes. “I apologize,” he said. Nearly a croak.
To his annoyance, she smirked. “No need to apologize,” she said. “Just be aware that if you ever touch me again, next time, when I unman you, it’ll be with a knife.”
Funny thing, he totally believed her.
And he vowed to himself never to touch her again.
Oh, not because of her utterly un-veiled threat. But because he’d enjoyed that kiss—that fraction of a second when she’d kissed him back—way more than he should have.
No doubt about it. She was a dangerous woman.
If he wanted to emerge from this mission unscathed, he needed to keep his hands, and his lips, to himself.
GET IT NOW: http://www.amazon.com/Omega-Team-Kindle-Worlds-Novella-ebook/dp/B01BW6442U/
Sexy lovers foreplay at luxury flat sensual milf foreplay with young man
Sexy lovers foreplay at luxury flat sensual milf foreplay with young man
The Other Stories In the Omega Team World  
The Lion - Cerise DeLand http://amzn.to/1oLezs2
The Soviet Connection - Kate Richards http://amzn.to/1TrxeWr
Texas Stand-Off - Sable Hunter http://amzn.to/1Kr7sim
Hot Rod - Sabrina York http://amzn.to/1oLeHHP
Keeping Karen - Heather Long http://amzn.to/1oLeIvm
Hot Target - Jordan Dane http://amzn.to/1oLeLY5
Buffalo Undercover - N Kuhn http://amzn.to/1mIC57d
Assisting Aimee - Susan Stoker http://amzn.to/1oLeLHz
Precious Cargo - Brenna Zinn http://amzn.to/1mIC6Is


HOT ROD Scorching Action Adventure from @Sabrina_yorkhttp://www.amazon.com/Omega-Team-Kindle-Worlds-Novella-ebook/dp/B01BW6442U/
She’s not who he thinks she is. Hot Rod @Sabrina_York HOT ROD Scorching Action Adventure from @Sabrina_york http://www.amazon.com/Omega-Team-Kindle-Worlds-Novella-ebook/dp/B01BW6442U/
Hot Rod by Sabrina York
A standard witness protection mission goes wrong, thrusting Matt Savage and his target, a wise-cracking hooker named Vixen LaFleur, into a fight for their lives. But flying bullets and lurking villains are not nearly as dangerous as risking the heart. Against his will, Matt is attracted to the dauntless, exasperating woman he’s supposed to be protecting, but she is harboring a secret. One that could heal his wounded soul, or crush it.
GET IT NOW! http://www.amazon.com/Omega-Team-Kindle-Worlds-Novella-ebook/dp/B01BW6442U/
Sabrina_head_logoABOUT THE AUTHOR
Her Royal Hotness, Sabrina York, is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of hot, humorous stories for smart and sexy readers. Her titles range from sweet & sexy to scorching romance. Visit her webpage at www.sabrinayork.com to check out her books, excerpts and contests.
Get exclusive reads, enter subscriber only contests and be the first to know about coming books!

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Cerise DeLand gives you a wounded SEAL gone civilian to save the woman he always left behind! THE LION

Focused, driven, SEAL Mike Lyons put duty first…until an IED changed all that. Rebecca Tierney was the woman he always left behind…until he had to protect her from creeps who threatened to kill her.

THE LION, OMEGA TEAM, Crossover to Scorpian, SEALed Securities, Inc.
Former SEAL Mike Lyons goes to work locking down bad dudes, State-side, for the Omega Team. His PTSD is his biggest enemy but he’s doing an A1 job….
Until Grey Holden of Omega assigns him to protect the woman Mike has always left behind.  Mike’s on point for the mission but questions if Rebecca Tierney will give him a crack at a happily-ever-after.
Becka nixed hope for any long-term relationship with Mike long ago. Too bad she’s never been able to nix her love for him. When he shows up and carries her away Tarzan-style, she’s determined to chill.
But old habits die hard.
Even though mixing business with pleasure would be the worst thing they could do.

Copyright 2016, Cerise DeLand. All rights reserved.
The shop door snapped open. The bells above the frame rang in an awful clatter.
And in walked Mikael Lyons.
Becka laughed. Am I dreaming?
But she wasn’t.
Mike stood, surveying the art gallery like a man with a mission. Focused, pointed, his gaze swept the large display floor jammed with furniture and paintings, sculpture and china, ancient, modern, all of it fit only for the upper one-percent’s purchase.
She shot from her chair. What was he doing here?
She hadn’t seen him since they’d argued and parted last summer after that summary meeting in the State Department. Days after the end of their Paris job. The end of our two-month affair.
She sucked in a breath, wrestling with her memories of how scrumptious The Lion had been as her lover. Instead, she zeroed in on what had happened to him after he’d left her on the sidewalk last summer holding pieces of her heart in her hands. His grandmother had notified her the day she’d gotten word of his injuries in Afghanistan. The elderly lady had faithfully kept her up-to-date about his wounds, his hospitalizations, his PTSD. Oh, but he looked so good now. The shock of sun-kissed hair, streaked with bronze and gold. The enormous shoulders tucked into a steel gray suit that fit his broad chest and powerful arms like a well-tailored glove. The height, six-four or more. Comforting to stand next to. Maddening beautiful. A little thinner than when they’d rolled around in bed together last July before they returned Stateside and he’d left for the mission that changed his life.
His neon blue gaze locked on hers. A ghost of a smile crossed his chiseled lips. And then he moved. Like quicksilver, he wove through the maze of furniture. His stride was long. His goal clear. He’d come for her.
Why now?
Panicked, she remembered the flash drive. The green bar on the screen moved an iota more. Almost done.
Mike rounded the doorway to her office. Up close he looked pained. But furious. At her? Really? What had she done?
“Come with me,” he said in that bass voice that reverberated inside her like the roar of the huge male lion at the Washington zoo. He could say her name and her insides got all mushy. With that voice torrid in her ear, he could tell her fairy tales and she’d believe in Hansel and Gretel and reindeer that flew because stars always exploded when he was near.
“What are you doing here?” she asked him, confused. He’d stormed away from her last summer, warning her yet again that he might not return. And he’d been prophetic, coming home from the mission to Kandahar badly wounded.
“I’ll tell you. But you have to come with me now.”
“Where? Why?” She shot a glance at her drive. Done! She grasped it and yanked it from the computer. Then she dropped it in her skirt pocket.
“Can’t explain. Need you to walk out with me.”
“No.” If she did that, if she stayed with him for more than five minutes, she’d hop into bed for a damn luscious lay—and then he’d be gone again. Messing up her life. Always. “Never.”
He winced, bared his teeth and shook his head. “Either you come quietly or I take you.”
She seethed. “Who the hell do you think you are?”
“Right now? I’m the guy who’s saving your pretty ass. So come quietly or you won’t like what happens.”
“No?” She folded her arms and glared at him. “Well, now hear this—“
“No time.” He stepped forward, hauled her into his massive arms and anchored her head with one meaty hand. “Kiss me, baby. Like there’s no tomorrow.”
There never has been. “You’re crazy if—“
“Crazy is my forte,” he crooned, turning her so her back was to the shop floor. And then he crushed his mouth to hers.
She was gone to heaven. His lips were hot as August, his demand heavy and urgent. She loved him rough and ready. She loved him tender and teasing. She loved him and part of her wanted to linger here, kiss him back, forget why he came and destroyed her. Again.
She pushed at his chest.
Why bother? With a man this freaking size, what woman had a chance? Not me. Never me with this man.
He pressed his thumb over her swollen lips. “Look like you want me. Hate me, but want me.”
Like that wasn’t the truth.
“Listen to me, Becka. Fast. You have documents?”
“Huh. What?”
“Documents? Sensitive?”
“Y-yes. How do you know?
“Tell you later. I’m assigned to help you.”
“Like we did in Paris?”
“Exactly like.”
“I have them.” She sidled closer to him, whispering, “On me. But I’m not going with you, Mike. Every time I do, I get myself in a helluva bind. I won’t do it again.”
He took her by her upper arms and gave her a little shake. “I have no time to argue with you. There’s a gunman out there. Maybe headed this way.”
Her jaw dropped. But her old Langley training kicked in. “What’s going on?”
“Okay then.” He picked her right up off her feet and hauled her over his shoulder. “We’ll do this my way.”
 One hand to her ass, he pivoted and threaded his graceful way double-time through the tables and chaises, the mirrors and marbles.
As he passed Vince, her boss, and the senator, he said, “Thanks, got what I came for.”
“Rebecca?” Vince followed behind Mike.
She glimpsed his feet tracking her. She tried to raise her head, but all she could do was watch the beautiful muscular play of Mikael Lyons’ fabulous glutes. She suppressed the urge to laugh and indulged the need to bitch. “I’m fine, Vince. I know Superman, here. He’s harmless as a pussy cat.”
“For that,” Mike growled when they were on the sidewalk and he ran up Wisconsin Avenue with her ingloriously over his shoulder, “you will pay.”

Who is Cerise?
Cerise DeLand loves to cook, hates to dust, lives to travel—and write! Publishing award-winning historical and contemporary romances for more than 3 decades, she is #1 Bestselling Regency Author of spicy romances starring dashing heroes and sassy women.

Find Cerise:
Goodreads: Cerise DeLand
Follow her on Twitter: @cerisedeland

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Antonello Brothers - looking for freedom, finding love #romance @kayelleallen

Antonello Brothers boxed set by Kayelle Allen
I have a new book to share! The Antonello Brothers scifi romance boxed set contains the Thieves' Guild Handbook, plus full versions of At the Mercy of Her Pleasure, and For Women Only. These are sweet love stories with a kick.
In At the Mercy of Her Pleasure, professional thief Senth Antonello must retrieve a device stolen by the Imperial Armada, but his brother is kidnapped to force Senth to surrender it. His new partner, NarrAy Jorlan, is a genetically altered woman who could enhance the mission, or crumble it into dust with a single siren kiss. He's a fun-loving thief. She's a by-the-book soldier. Do opposites attract? Oh, mercy!
In For Women Only, Ambassador Mehfawni Ruh discovers the secret Khyff hides. What he knows could destroy her people and prevent her from leading them. She should shun the human, but how can she leave Khyff to suffer in the darkness that binds his heart? His secret truth is her people's darkest lie.
Meet Senth and his big brother Khyff, and round out the fun with secrets of the shadowy Thieves' Guild (of which Senth is a premier member).

Join two tough brothers as they work for freedom, and find their true loves.

Buy the Book

About the Author

Kayelle Allen is a best selling American author. Her unstoppable heroes and heroines include contemporary every day folk, role-playing immortal gamers, futuristic covert agents, and warriors who purr.
Homeworld https://kayelleallen.com
Twitter https://twitter.com/kayelleallen
Facebook https://facebook.com/kayelleallen.author
Pinterest https://pinterest.com/kayelleallen/
G+ https://plus.google.com/+KayelleAllen/
Romance Lives Forever Reader Group https://kayelleallen.com/bro

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Scandalously Yours

Do you love a good scandal?
Do you like a sizzling period romance?
Here are
Eight Scandalous Tales of Love and Seduction.

Walk on the Wild Side of History from the Celtic Iron Age to medieval Cornwall, from Regency and Victorian England to the American West. 

 Through the ages, where there has been society there have always been norms and, conversely, scandals when love gets in the way of propriety, and love prevails over social mores of the times.  Scandalously Yours is eight stories by multi-published, bestselling authors exploring the triumphs of love between a man and a woman—even scandalous love—over what’s considered “proper” in the time period the romances are set in. 

My tale is Timeless Voyage. 
Is love even better...the second lifetime around. 
As the pirate Anwen, presses her dagger against the throat of, Kaeso, her Roman captive, he s captivated by dreams of a woman he loved in a previous life, the mirror image of Anwen. Can Anwen and Kaeso steer their timeless voyage to a happy destiny or will they be robbed of love again? 

There is also a Maeve Alpin story in Scandalously Yours. Set in the Victorian era.                      
The Brass Octopus
Can a prim librarian make a rogue smile...Can a lovable rogue make a librarian wild? Spinster Librarian Piety Plunkett is happy alone with her books, until her sister transforms her with a brass octopus beautifying machine. With her new look, the librarian catches the lusty attentions of a notorious rogue. Blake Blackmore enjoys the favors of beautiful women from the brothels of London to high society's most fashionable debutantes but only the spinster librarian consumes his mind night and day. Piety insists she will not wed but devote her life to her position as head librarian. 

Blake takes matters into his own hands, and in three passion filled lessons, he tutors her in carnal pleasure. Now that she is sharing her body, instead of just her books, Piety is shocked yet pleased at how naughty she can be. But if anyone finds out about what goes on in the library after closing time her reputation would be ruined. Is that Blake' ultimate plan?

Firefighters Kick Ash!

INTO THE FLAMES:  Firefighter Multi-Author Boxed Set Anthology
Fall in love with a firefighter...
ISBN: 9781626228832  (Seaside Publications)
Seven smoldering stories. One great price.
An All Romance eBooks Bestseller!
Firefighters. The word ignites bold images of heroes in dust covered helmets and ash stained turnouts who defy the odds and press on in the presence of danger.
Men and Women of Valor. A dedicated brotherhood of first responders whose honor, strength, and courage overcome obstacles to save lives.
Into The Flames. Seven NYT, USA Today, bestselling and award-winning authors offer romantic suspense, contemporary, historical, and paranormal tales of tough, iconic heroes who risk it all for their communities—but at the end of the day, seek the tender embrace of the one they love.


Rescue Me by N.J. Walters
When firefighter Frank Ellis rescues an old flame from a burning building, sparks ignite. He’ll do anything to protect her, even if it means she discovers he’s a mythical phoenix.
Flashpoint by Desiree Holt
...When everything explodes

Where There's Smoke by Cindy Spencer Pape
Firefighting in the 1920's is dangerous business, but so is falling in love.
FireBrew by Liz Crowe
Fate throws them together. But the horrific memory of a fiery disaster could tear them apart. 

Hook Me Up by Adele Downs
Firemen don't free cats from trees anymore—until a pretty schoolteacher gets trapped on a limb with her kitten and the county's hottest firefighter comes to their rescue. (Also sold separately for .99)
Slow Burner by Sam Cheever

A love that burns slowly burns longest, creating the greatest heat.

Uncontrolled Burn: A RISEN Team Novel by Nina Pierce
A woman forced to live a life she didn’t choose. A vampire bound by honor to protect humans. A deadly game of revenge that threatens both their lives …
 About The Authors:

N.J. Walters is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author who’s always been a voracious reader, and now she spends her days writing novels of her own. Vampires, werewolves, dragons, time-travelers, seductive handymen, and next-door neighbors with smoldering good looks—all vie for her attention. It’s a tough life, but someone’s got to live it.

Desiree Holt is an award-winning author known the world over as The Oldest Living Erotic Romance Author. She has won an EPIC E-Book Award, the Holt Medallion and many other awards. She has been featured on CBS Sunday Morning and in The Village Voice, The Daily Beast, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The London Daily Mail and numerous other national and international publications.

Cindy Spencer Pape is an award-winning author of 19 novels and more than 40 shorter works. She lives in southeast Michigan. When not hard at work writing she can be found dressing up for steampunk parties and Renaissance fairs, or with her nose buried in a book.

Liz Crowe is an Amazon best-selling author of 27 books, mom of three, Realtor, beer blogger, brewery marketing expert, and sports fan. She is a Kentucky native and graduate of the University of Louisville currently living in Ann Arbor. She has decades of experience in sales and fund raising, plus an eight-year stint as a three-continent, ex-pat trailing spouse. Her early forays into the publishing world led to a groundbreaking fiction hybrid, “Unconventional Romance. Worth the Risk,” which has gained thousands of fans and followers interested less in the “HEA” and more in the “WHA” (“What Happens After?”).

Adele Downs is the best-selling, award-winning author of more than 20 romance titles, including those written under another pen name, and is a former journalist with hundreds of articles to her credit. When not writing in her home office in rural Pennsylvania, she can be found reading a book on the nearest beach, taking photographs, or riding in her convertible.

Sam Cheever is a USA Today Bestselling author who writes romantic paranormal/fantasy and mystery/suspense, creating stories that celebrate the joy of love in all its forms. Known for writing great characters, snappy dialogue, and unique and exhilarating stories, Sam is the award-winning author of 50+ books and has been writing for over a decade under several noms de plume.

Nina Pierce is a USA Today Bestselling author who spends her days at the keyboard writing stories of fated loves and soul mates, blissfully creating chaos for her characters by throwing in a villain or two, a little murder and a whole lot of mayhem as they struggle toward their happy-ever-afters. When she’s not writing, Nina enjoys spending time with her soul mate of nearly 40 years, their three adult children, one love-sick son-in-law and two precious grandsons.

For more information visit Adele Downs at http://adeledowns.com   

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The next installment of the Wild Hunt is live! #pnr #wildhunt

The Wild Hunt rides again!!

It's Ian and Tegan's turn to play the next round of the Triad's game. Step into their story and get ready for danger, love, intrigue, and sexual tension that's off the charts. Tegan has a lesson to learn, and I hope Arawn's listening. His world is about to get rocked!

In other news... Did you hear that the next Hunter book has been contracted? Hunter Mourned will be out this fall! I won't tell you who the next set of players are, but I'm sure you'll be able to guess after reading Hunter Forsaken.

Wishing you love, health, happiness, and plenty of time to read,
Hunter Deceived ~ Wild Hunt, Book 1


Hunter Forsaken

Wild Hunt, book 2

A vow to the dead...the mark of the Hunt...a love with one chance to survive.

In the slice of a moment, Ian Callahan lost everything he cared about--a deed done by his own hand. He awakens on the edge of sanity, chained in his own personal hell. He is to be the newest rider in the Wild Hunt, if he can learn to control the rage and guilt that consume him.

Then...a whiff of vanilla. The face of a lover he's seen only in his dreams. He doesn't know her name, only that she stirs the hungry beast within him.

For a millennium, Tegan and her sibling riders of the Wild Hunt were imprisoned, suffering under a curse meant for the Unseelie Court. Though her body is free, she carries the curse with her—and the additional burden of finally knowing the name of her destined mate. A human named Ian Callahan.

He's her Trojan horse, the only one who can heal her heart. Just one last challenge stands in the way of claiming each other, once and for all. Failure means facing eternity the incomplete halves of a whole.

Warning: Contains a hero who's more than just the total...package. And a daughter of the Underworld who thought she knew what Hell was...until she fell in love. Boundaries of monogamy pushed, pulled, stretched—but never broken.

Praise for the Wild Hunt series…
RT Book Reviews on Hunter Forsaken —“With underworld intrigue, a daring rescue of innocents from the fairy realm and a demon-fueled plot twist, there’s a lot of action, but at its heart, this is a story about the redemptive power of love.”
The Library Journal on the Wild Hunt series – “...intriguing and original... Recommended for those whose traditional sexual values just need a little boost.”


AMAZON: http://amzn.to/1K93NyC


ARE YOU NEW TO THE WILD HUNT? Start your journey for FREE.
Download Hunter Sacrificed from Amazon: http://amzn.to/1KlRZvK
For other links, visit Nancy's website: http://www.nancycorriganauthor.com/hunter-sacrificed.html



“You’re Calan’s sister?”

She slid her fingers to the column of his neck. “Half sister, yes. All the riders of the Hunt were fathered by Arawn.” She grinned, showing off straight white teeth. “Besides you, of course.”

He swallowed hard. The mention of the Lord of the Underworld put a whole new spin on Tegan’s heritage. “You’re a demigod.”

Not just any lesser god either. She’d been fathered by the black-skinned, winged creature he’d seen when he joined the Hunt. Arawn’s image had appeared inside his head, much like Tegan’s had over the years they’d visited each other. The sight of him hadn’t bothered Ian. Knowing his dream lover carried Arawn’s genes did.

“Yes, I—”

“You knew me before I joined the Hunt, didn’t you?” He had to be sure she’d participated in his dreams, that it wasn’t only his imagination.

Her nostrils flared. “I don’t—”

“Yes or no, Tegan. Have you invaded my dreams for the past three years?” Making me yearn for you?

She leaned over him. Inches from his face, she leveled a hard glare at him. “Yes. We shared the same dream, but don’t interrupt me. Ever. I don’t like it.”

He filed the information away and dropped his attention from her irritated eyes to her lips. He licked his. No matter what other form she could take or who her parents were, she was still the woman who’d made him question everything. He wanted to know why she’d connected with him. Beyond that, he wasn’t sure how he felt about knowing she was actually alive. He wavered between wanting to fuck her and punishing her for messing with his life.

“I know how you like to be touched. Loved.” He glanced into her eyes. The same look of smoldering desire she’d worn for him whenever he’d connected with her darkened them. More black than brown, they captivated him. They had from the first moment he’d peered into them. “Don’t I?”

“You don’t know anything about me, Ian.”

The animosity in her voice didn’t match the scent of her arousal or her quickened heartbeat. He didn’t understand where her anger was coming from.

“But I want to. I want to know every detail.” Then and only then would he decide what to do about her. “Kiss me.”

She bent closer but remained out of reach. Her breath heated his lips. Vanilla, the tempting and addicting scent he’d craved as much as the woman, invaded his lungs. He strained to close the slight distance. She remained out of reach.

He growled.

She pulled back with a grin plastered on her sultry mouth. “Is that my warning?”

Although still mainly human, the acceptance of the Huntsman’s mark had altered certain aspects of his body. He acted more animal than man at times. The low rumbling deep in his chest proved it.

“Yes.” He allowed another growl to trickle from his lips. “Kiss. Me. Now.”

She skimmed her parted lips across his cheek. The simple touch rocked him. He froze. At his ear, she caught his earlobe between her teeth and tugged, tearing a rough sound from him.

“We’re going to have to work on your obedience, Hunter Ian. You don’t order me around. That’s my job.”

Her sultry voice tightened his balls. Her words, though, pissed him the fuck off. “Between us, the only power you have over me is what I give you.”

She chuckled. “Is that so?”


She straightened and skimmed her heated gaze over him. His skin tingled under her focused perusal. With a single finger, she traced the length of his arm from shoulder to wrist.

She tapped the cuff locking him to the bed. “These turn the tables, don’t you think?”

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