Thursday, January 14, 2016

Writing Weather

Well, January is good for one thing, for me that is, writing. It's usually cold, or messy, or perhaps both. So I enjoy staying in, and keeping warm, snuggling and working on my books.

Being a die-hard Texan, I've never had to dig out the snow from my porch or sidewalk to go to work. I've never had to buy firewood because I've never had a fireplace of my own. So all those chores are just not part of my life. In Texas when it snows, it usually ices over first, then maybe some snow on top. So we chip ice from our windshields instead of snow most of the time. 

The problem with weather here in Texas is that one day it might be 70 degrees and the next 40. The temperature always drops suddenly when it changes from what little fall we have to full-blown winter. But it does it so drastically, we can't get used to it gradually. Actually, I don't want you to get the wrong idea, but we usually just have two seasons, hot and cold, or summer and winter. Spring and fall are rare here.

Although, this year has been an exception to that rule. This year we had a short spring and a fall. It was glorious.

So knowing all of this about January, I stay tucked inside most days, and I spend my time watching movies and writing books.

I've just released two books in the past two months, Heart of a Captive and Forever in Love, also, Dancing with the Preacher Man. The latter was another hard one to write, and the reason is simple, for the second time in my career I've chosen to write about a Preacher. For some reason I find it hard to do. I think handling a Preacher in a romance takes kid gloves. There are just certain no-no's that you have to adhere to. Dancing with the Preacher Man is the Second book of the Red River Valley Brides.

I pulled out all the stops for this one folks. She an ex-saloon girl wanting to become a mail-order bride, he's a Preacher. What puts a damper on things is that the Preacher doesn't know she's of age. Sarah Mills is a short, petite little thing, with an innocent look about her. Despite the implications, this book managed to remain somewhat of a sweet romance. But it was hard getting these two together let me tell you. I certainly hope you enjoy this one.

I present to you:   Dancing With The Preacher Man.


Tina Donahue said...

Dancing with the Preacher Man sounds wonderful, Rita. What a beautiful cover! I hear you about weather. I'm in Palm Springs. It's in the low forties in the morning now. For here, that's the deep freeze. I can't wait till it warms up.

Redameter said...

Yeah, me too hon. And winter has just begun this year. Wow!
Sheri McGathy does most of my covers.