Saturday, January 16, 2016

The first time is always the most difficult and scary, right?

I've been published since early in 2009.  My first publisher is still solvent, though there have been some changes in management.  But my second publisher was sold without any advance warning or input, and an impersonal group took over. My 4 books there were at the end of their contracts, so I asked for and got back the rights on all of them.

My third publisher was a dream to work with, but had a tendency to miss deadlines, making pre-paying for promotions difficult. Then the owner sold, but this time to a group of people who have a lot of energy, are mostly published authors themselves, and have experience with e-publishing.  There have been some delays as things get sorted out, but they're working hard and I'm eagerly looking forward to the re-release of the first of my four to be re-done.

Has anyone here re-published a book?  Any advice for me?

 I'm glad that I saved all of my reviews, so I can use the quotes on the books themselves, and certainly in promoting them.  And I truly love the new cover that has been designed.  I like the old one, but this one is really eye-catching, and evocative of the mood of the book.
What do you think?

Once I have the new publishing date, I'll be sure to keep everyone informed.  In fact, I'll be yelling it from the top of the formerly-named Sears Tower, to be sure no one misses it!  The second to be done will be the sequel to this one, and I'm working on writing a third one in that series.  Plus there are two stand-alone books waiting to be redone, to see the light of day again.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that since every book is new for someone, there will be readers  who missed my books before, but who will be intrigued enough to want to read them now.  I have high hopes...

Until next month,


Tina Donahue said...

Are you a member of the yahoo group for self published authors? They have tons of great info.

jean hart stewart said...

Great come-hither cover... Lot of luck in your new venture..

Harlie Williams said...

I will always read your books. You know that.