Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Year End Post - Sharita Lira

So I’m sitting here at the computer, looking back at 2015. I swear it just flew by with so many expectations and goals, and well, I didn’t achieve everything I hoped. Still, I’m not too down about it, I did get 5 books out this year; BLMorticia Wounded Hearts with Remmy Duchene (July DSP), BLMorticia Under the Gun re-release (July Booktrope), BLMorticia Living in Sin (December Self Pub), Michael Mandrake Mon Trois (Self Pub June), and Michael Mandrake On the Run PROTEKT series book 1 (PRIDE/Totally Bound October).

Compared to prior years, that isn’t a lot. *laughs* I just looked back at my first full year where I had over 20 acceptances! A lot of those books are back on my hardrive, waiting to see the light of day again, but ah well, that’s the beautiful thing about life, right? We always get those chances to fulfill those dreams later. I hope to actually do that in 2016.

Veronica is still waiting on that book, by the way. I haven’t forgotten, but it was pushed back because I worked very hard on rewrites as well as my co-author projects with Remmy Duchene. We have two series together, only one is published. Now were doing the revision on Book 2 of Wounded then finishing book 3. I’m also doing a project with another author for an f/f romance. We’ve started and I’m hoping to get that subbed next year as well.

As far as contracts go, I’ve got new ones I just signed last month with a new publisher, Thirteen Below Press. The stories are Time to Make the Donuts and Smooth Like Latte by Rawiya. I also have a contract with PRIDE publishing to do the PROTEKT series and I’m currently working on Book 2 Closely Guarded for Michael. BL is always the busy one. I’m doing the books with Remmy as well as the N’awlins Exotica series. Living in Sin will be out next month and Hell Hath No Fury, an MF, will be out February/March. Under the Gun 2 will be out sometime early next year also. So at least I can depend on those books to be released.

I always learn something every year in writing and I suppose the biggest lesson this year is perseverance. Every year is met with new challenges and when real life gives you a back slap, you have to continue on the journey to achieve your goals.

When I lost my dad to cancer this year, it definitely took a lot out of me. Many fellow authors and or friends as well as my lovely family were there to help with words of encouragement and assistance, After spending hours in the hospital or going over to his home for visits, I used writing as my escape. Everything that came to mind, all the anguish, frustration, and sadness, I poured out on that page. A lot of that might not be publishable, but at least I was able to get all my feelings out and give me a clear head.

Now, as I go into 2016, I plan on dedicating every book to him as well as my cousin Scottie who took his own life, now almost 4 years ago. Doing this gives my writing even more of a purpose. Spreading awareness about depression and suicide as well as finding a light at the end of the tunnel when dealing with grief.

A lot of what we do everyday has to do with just survival, but I plan to make it more about reflection. I think about how I could achieve my goals, enjoy what I write, as well as spend time with family and friends. So instead of saying I’m going for new contracts or writing a set amount words, how about making each book the best it can be and fully enjoy honing my skills?

Those are my goals for 2016.

Thanks for listening. Please share your thoughts!

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Tina Donahue said...

Sorry about your dad, hon. Always hard to move on from.

Congrats on your new publisher and contracts. May you burn up the net with your sales in 2016. :)

jean hart stewart said...

so glad you're carrying on,,it's the brave thing to do but so hard sometimes. I think your new resolution is the best!

Fiona McGier said...

I wrote my first book while in mourning for Dad, and taking care of Mom who had dementia. I read later that one of the stages of grief involves being creative in some way, kind of like a way to use your pain as the impetus to create beauty. Let's us all feel like there's still happiness somewhere. To me, that's why I write happy endings--I wanted to have one when things seemed so bleak.

Good luck with all of your books. As hard as you work, you certainly deserve it!

S.Lira said...

@Tina. Thanks so much. I( hope so. Still trying to make this writing thing work!

S.Lira said...

@Jean. Thanks so much for the comments as always. It is hard, but so much is going on outside of writing, I can't just worry about how much I'm doing anymore.

If I lock myself away in a room, I'll miss out on things!

S.Lira said...

@Fiona. Thanks so much.

I am sorry for what you've dealt with as well. Writing did help me out this past summer as well as last year when I lost my grandmother to cancer. It was so swift and I wasn't ready. When are we ever?