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Stories From A Crossroads Demon 1

A new M/M Erotic Romance Series from Amazon Bestselling Author Maggie Walsh

"Would you trade your soul for all your dreams to come true?"

Come and meet the sexiest demon in town, Dantalion.

Shane Malkin found himself walking down the dark, desolate street. The black sky was cloudless and he could see an infinite amount of stars. The moon shone bright, allowing him to see clearly. The only sounds to be heard this far out in the middle of nowhere were the chirping of the crickets and the rustling of the wheat stalks in the field surrounding him as the wind blew gently. The warm breeze caressed his face and was just the right temperature to keep him comfortable. His stomach churned and his heart pounded as he walked closer to his destination. He didn’t believe that this crazy idea could actually work, but he would do anything at this point. He was all alone in the world and really had nothing to lose from his little expedition, except for maybe his sanity.  Because there was no other way to explain what he was doing here, except that he had lost his freaking mind.
Shane was skeptical of everything he read, but he couldn’t let it go. So this morning he went to the graveyard and dug up some soil, placing it in a cigar box he found. Then he went over to old lady O’Brian’s house and dug up a few holes in her backyard until he found the remains of the black cat he had helped her bury four years ago. He grabbed up a few of the bones, filled in the holes, and got the hell out of there. Later,he headed over to the big supermarket out on the interstate, since it had one of those dollar photo booths.
So now here he stood at the Crossroad, in the dark, at almost midnight, all alone on this deserted road, with a box and a garden shovel in his hands. In his search on the Internet about crossroads he found the location of this one that Chuck and Willy had been talking about. When he saw that it was only seven miles from his apartment, he couldn’t believe it.
He moved to the center of the road and looked around, trying to gauge if he was as close to the center as possible. When he was satisfied that he was, he knelt down and began to dig a hole big enough to place the box inside. As he dug, he hit something. He uncovered the object and found a box. He opened it to find dirt and bones, but nothing else. He placed the box next to the hole and continued to dig. As he went down he found another box. He moved that off to the side, too, and placed his box into the hole. He then dug another hole next to the first and buried the other two boxes. He checked his watch and found that it was thirty seconds to midnight. Shane quickly placed his picture in the box and covered it up with the dirt. He straightened up and waited.
Shane checked his watch and the second hand moved past the twelve. He looked around in a complete circle but nothing happened. He sighed at his stupidity in thinking this old myth would actually work. He wondered if someone was playing a joke on him. He wouldn’t put it past his friends to pay Chuck and Willy to go into his bar and purposely say all that shit for him to overhear.
Shane’s shoulders dropped in defeat and he stepped away from the center. He took two steps when suddenly he heard a silky-smooth voice behind him. “Well hello.” God that voice was sexy. Shane swallowed and lifted his head. He noticed that the light breeze was gone and the crickets were silent. The world around him was eerily quiet. He slowly turned to face the voice. He wasn’t exactly sure what he was expecting, but what he found definitely wasn’t it.
The man standing before him was stunningly beautiful. He was so hot, that he could be on the cover of every magazine in the world. He was about six-five, about two hundred and twenty pounds , with nice broad shoulders, a wide muscled chest, high cheekbones, a strong jaw, sleek nose, plump, kissable lips, and deep emerald-green eyes that had long black lashes surrounding them. His hair was black as night, pin-straight, went down past his shoulders, and shown blue in the moonlight. The silky black button-down shirt he wore under his black wrinkle-free suit had three buttons open at the top and revealed nice olive skin with a light covering of black hair. Holy fucking hell this guy is every gay man’s wet dream. Shane thought to himself.  “Hi,” he managed to squeak out and then wanted to kick his own ass for how pathetic he sounded.
The gorgeous man gave him a bright smile full of straight, white teeth. “So what is a gorgeous creature like you doing out here all alone in the middle of the night?”
“I–I was l–looking for someone,” Shane whispered.
“All the way out here in the middle of nowhere?” The man opened his arms wide and made a sweeping motion to their surroundings.
“This is where I heard he could be found.”
“And who is it exactly that you are looking for? Girlfriend? Boooyfrieeend?” he stretched out the word as a knowing smirk crossed his lips.
“Are you him?” Shane asked nervously.
“Am I who?” The man smirked again as he stared at him. Shane felt like the man’s eyes were penetrating through him to his very soul.
“The dark man,” Shane whispered as if someone would hear him.
“I am Dantalion.”

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Dec. 23rd, 2015


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Tina Donahue said...

Loved the excerpt, Maggie. May you burn up the net with your sales. :)

jean hart stewart said...

Great excerpt. A vivid description of the hot guy...whoo-ee!