Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Looking Over 2015

Its that time of year again. The Christmas music is playing in stores, lights are strung all over the trees. There's only a few more weeks left in the year, and as 2015 starts to wind down, I can't help looking over what I've accomplished this year.

Personally and professionally this year I've experienced a lot of changes. And I haven't produced the volume of work I would like. But I have made positive moves, reached several new goals and accomplishments I never had before, even though I didn't meet every goal I wanted to.

Owned Forever, my July release, marked a few new accomplishments for me. To begin with, it is the first Nanowrimo novel I ever finished and pushed all the way to publication. I've won Nanowrimo five times (including this year, yay!) but I have never gotten one published before.

The first few years my Nanowrimo writing wasn't ready for publication, and even though I finished the stories, I never got around to revising them to a publishable state. I keep saying I'm going to go back and finish them, but other stories keep sneaking onto my plate in front of them. Of the few times I've won since I began my publishing career, I never seem to finish the book. It becomes December, I move onto something else, saying I'll go back some other time. But I don't. Something I am trying really hard not to let happen this year.

But neither of those things were true with Owned Forever. I managed to finish writing the book (in December of course), revise it and get it published.

Owned Forever also marks another milestone. Its the fastest I've ever written a sequel to a previous book. Usually I have more than six months between writing stories in the same series. In my Owned by the Farrell's series, I only had six months between publications. A huge record for me.

My March release, Second Chance at a Cheerleader, marked my longest published work. Another achievement that took more fortitude than I would have guessed, and marks another feather in my cap. And the begin of many more fifty thousand plus works.

But mostly this year has been about me working on me, improving myself in my real life and my writing. Which I know, in the long run, will lead to not only more books, better books, and most of all a better life. And I can't wait until 2016 comes around, and I can put all this in practice.

So how was your 2015? Any great accomplishments you want to scream about? Leave your own great accomplishments in the comments below and lets all celebrate this year, and all we accomplished, great or small, together.

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Tina Donahue said...

Good for you, Willa, for hitting so many milestones. :)

2015 was a very busy year for me. I wrote until my fingers just about fell off. Hoping to make 2016 even more productive. :)