Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year!!!

Well... almost anyway, The kiddos and I are counting down the hours until the ball drop. The fiance and I are counting down hours until it's socially acceptable to start drinking!
Along with spending time with my family this New Years Eve, I've also got the girls from the Club Aries series screaming at me.

So I've spent the last week or so listening to them, and I've decided to let them come out and speak -- break the fourth wall as it were.

I've got Jamie Monroe (All The Difference), Natasha Franklin (Chivalry Isn't Dead), Katie Jacobs (Now or Never), Mallory Benson (Once in a Lifetime), Tiera Dupont (No More Games), Jenna Stark (upcoming Ready and Willing), and MaKenna Benson.

JA: Ladies, thanks for taking time away from your men to chat with me... hopefully not over each other this time.

Jenna: When in God's name are you getting around to my book?! You've stranded us in that church room for a year!

JA: Whoa! Jenna, calm down, I have been plotting your book, and fleshing out scenes!

Jamie: But you still haven't written my wedding!

Tiera: Last anyone got to see we were walking down the aisle before Jamie, That's cruel, you know.

JA: I am aware, ladies, and I'm doing my best with the five different hats I wear in a day. I was going to ask y'all what you had planned with your men tonight, or if you were having a family deal?

Jamie: *laughs* Of course it's going to be a huge family deal.

Katie: Travis is already on the four wheeler heading down the mountain.

Mallory: And he is not getting me on one of those this time.

JA: Still nervous?

Mallory: You try having a near death experience over the edge of a cliff!

JA: How is your arm healing, by the way?

Mallory: Well. I'm enjoying my time at Red Zone though.

MaKenna: Yeah getting up my ass!

Jamie: What're sister's for?

MaKenna: Being annoying pains in the ass?

JA: Mallory, do you think you'll be staying on with Jason, then?

Mallory: I think I'll be working there at night, yes. Actually, I'm about to be a certified doula...

Jamie: Right, so she can help me through my pregnancy and labor.

JA: Natasha, are you and Adrian going to have a little one soon too?

Natasha: *blush* We're more trying to focus on Feel the Beat. Diego's fitting in well there when he's not on the road.

JA: How often is he out on the road, Jamie?

Jamie: Not that often anymore. He won high placements in quite a few competitions, and the boys are looking into this new business venture that's starting to take off.

JA: What's that?

Jamie: *shakes her head and zips her lips shut* Can't tell.

JA: You will eventually. Tiera, how's Joey doing?

Tiera: Really well. He came out of rehab, and Jason's brought him on into the bar.

MaKenna: And I swear if he drops one more damned glass, I'll kill him.

JA: Are y'all gonna be able to see the fireworks from the city?

Jamie: Vaguely. We set our own off, Make a whole bunch of noise out in the country. Last year a bunch of us went to the Jack Daniels bash. it was just far too insane to want to go again.

JA: What do you mean?

Jamie: Too many people...

Natasha: Mallory got separated from Vincent...

Mallory: We had to stop him from pummeling a dude because he thought the woman the poor guy was kissing was me.

JA: So Vincent is protective, hmm?

Mallory: Ridiculously so. It's one of the main things we're fighting about. It's been the subject of far too many arguments.

Jamie: Not that Mal is really all that upset about it. She likes the make up sex.

MaKenna: Ugh, don't make me hear about my sister doing that!

JA: MaKenna, is there anyone catching your eye?

MaKenna: *raises an eyebrow* Hell no!

JA: *Laughs* Please, I know better. I'm the author.

Jamie: So when are you writing Jenna's book so I can finally get married?

JA: I'll be attempting focus after I finish my current work in progress ladies.

Jenna: You'd better, Ms Ashley! I want my story told!

Focus for Club Aries 6 will be the center of my focus around March 2016. It sucks that it's taken me so long to find the ability to write it, but it's coming.
My current WIP will be part of a BDSM anthology which shows a Dom teaching his new Sub to trust again by taking away her senses, and introducing her to pleasures she never knew existed.
While you're waiting for the Anthology, check out the Club Aries series, available on Bookstrand.com, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble now!

Have a great New Years Eve, drink some drinks and be naughty! I'll raise my glass in a toast to all of you, readers and the other Sweet N Sexy Divas!
See you in 2016!


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A really clever column. thanks...

Tina Donahue said...

Hope you have an awesome 2016 :)