Saturday, May 16, 2020

Some things I've learned during eight+ weeks of quarantine due to Co-Vid 19.

1-I really love to write!  I've been published for over 10 years, but I've never had this kind of time to write.  Or to edit.  Or to self-publish. I enjoy all facets of writing books, from the first ideas of the characters, to the actual writing of the scenes, to the editing that needs to be done, redone, and redone, trying to make the words flow in the readers' minds, the way they flow in mine.

2-There are many things you can learn to do by reading a book, but cutting hair is not one of them!  About 5 weeks into the lock-down, husband bought a pair of clippers, and asked me to give him a short buzz cut.  I did most of it, and he used his beard trimmers to do the sides to his liking.  I was growing out into a new, asymmetrical haircut that I decided I really didn't like.  So I took the scissors that came with the clippers and did the top hair, then husband buzzed some of the back, and trimmed the sides for me.  It's not bad, but it's certainly not something I want to post anywhere.  It's not in my eyes anymore, and that's something.

 3-My Jazzercise instructors are the best!  They're doing classes 2 or 3 times per day, 7 days a week, on Facebook. The space that I do it in is small, and I have to keep the sound low, because my  husband is working from  home right above me. I never realized how loud my feet slap against the floor when I dance around. But I'm still getting my heartbeat up and stretching my muscles.

4-I still love action/adventure movies and books!  We've been re-watching all of the James Bond movies--don't get me started on why Pierce Brosnan is the best, and Daniel Craig is not suave and sophisticated enough to melt anyone's panties!  Also the old TV shows: The Prisoner, and Mission Impossible--the reboot of the show from the 80's is SO much better than the movies! Go Jim Phelps!

But what always bothers me is that the female roles are so few and so paltry.  They are usually the reward for the successful spy, the damsel in distress who needs to be rescued, then bedded, or the femme fatale, who will stop being evil for long enough to have sex with the hero, then either she will be killed by her boss, or by him.  Not very substantial roles for me to identify with--I want to BE the one with the mad skills and abilities!  So I wrote two books with female spies as the heroines.

Secret Lover--Sheena has spent 12 years saving the world, one assignment at a time.  She works hard, so she also plays hard.  Whenever she gets time off in-between her jobs, she seeks out an attractive man to amuse herself with.  While in Berlin, staying at a local safe house apartment, she sees a famous Native American action movie star in the bar downstairs.  They both feel an instant connection, so she invites him up to the apartment.  They spend many days up there, both of them neglecting their jobs, as they explore each other.  When Sheena inevitably gets the call to her next job, she realizes, to her horror, that she's broken the first unwritten rule: Never get involved. She knows having feelings endangers both the object of her desire, and her.  But falling in love can be deadly--for both of them!
Buy link: https://books2read.com/u/4DydOD
Note: this book is available at many outlets, but if you order it directly from Smashwords before the end of May, it's on sale for only $1.20.  https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/1016428

Undercover Lovers--Ameena used to be a great agent.  But when a serial killer started hunting female agents, and killed her best friend, she insisted on being the bait to bring him down.  She was successful, but the time he had to torture her before the other agents got there, left scars on both her mind, and her body. She was allowed to get out of her contract early, and quit the agency, but not allowed to kill her torturer.  Now she's a choreographer for rock videos.   When her ex-handler contacts her, he brings two male agents with him.  He tells her The Executioner escaped, and they presume he'll be hunting her down to finish what he started. One agent will be with her all day, and one will watch over her all night.  Since she's allowed herself no time for romance, the sudden insertion of 2 hot, sexy men into her life confuses her.  Should she take on both of them?  Or choose one? And will she live long enough to pick?
Note: the cover reflects the scars on Ameena's body, from the whippings she endured.
Also note: This book has two parts.  In the second part, a team needs to be assembled, and it will include Sheena, who is now happily-married and has a baby with her sexy actor.
Buy link:  https://books2read.com/u/bpOLK6

If you've a mind to see how many books I've gotten self-published, and to admire the covers that my husband has been creating for me, head to my Smashwords author page.

I've been trying some new things with my website--if you have time to do some baking, there's a whole page there with homemade pie recipes referred to in my book, For the Love of His Life. https://www.fionamcgier.com
And I'm doing some publicity at a few sites during this week, to tell readers about my werewolf romance, When a Wolf Howls. Learn more at my blog--1st page of my website.


Tina Donahue said...

I hear you about having time during this pandemic you've never had before. That said, I'm actually getting tired of watching movies. Never thought I'd say that. Of course, not all are created equal. Watched 10 Cloverfield Lane last night on Crackle. Wow, Wow, WOW! Awesome movie. I wasn't sure what was really happening (Is he nuts? Is he correct about what he's said? Should she trust him? Should she kill him?) until the end. An amazing plot to keep in mind for my suspense books to keep my readers guessing. If you haven't seen it, I urge you to do so. It's free on Crackle.

Your books, Secret Lover and Undercover Lovers sound fascinating. I love unique 'kick-ass' heroines. Not the usual 'women in peril' ones.

Fiona McGier said...

Thanks, Tina. Husband teases me that I'm writing for myself, since few other women want to BE the powerful agent. They must all want to be the damsel in distress, since that sells so well. He tells me that's what I have to write. But that's not how the stories appear in my head!

For example, when I first wanted to write an MC-motorcycle club book, I didn't immediately picture some tiny, vulnerable woman being scared of, then seduced by, a big, hairy biker. I thought of my red-haired biker queen, who kicks butt, has sex with all of the men in her gang, and dares the ex-KGB agent who woos her, to make her give up other men for him. Luckily, he's up (ahem) for the challenge! That's the way my mind works.

Never seen that movie. Not sure if we can get Crackle. We've never paid for cable. We do get Netflix and A-prime. I'll look for it.

Tina Donahue said...

Fiona, you don't need cable to get Crackle. I haven't had cable since 2013. Haven't missed it. I watch everything online and for free. Crackle is totally free, you don't even have to sign up for it (like Vudu or Pluto TV). You just click on: https://www.crackle.com/ and the site comes up. Click on 'movies' at the top, then on the left hand side click on 'genres' - choose 'thrillers', then A-Z (for alphabetized titles). 10 Cloverfield Lane is the first movie. It is soooooo good. :)

As long as you have internet service, you can get Crackle.

Fiona McGier said...

Cool! Thanks, Tina. Will let the resident techy (husband) know.