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New Series from International Bestselling M/M author Maggie Walsh

                    Their love is a different kind of love but no less loving than any other.

                                                     "Step: One"
                                       Daddy Series Book 1
Ryker is a Daddy Dom with a deep need to take care of others, especially a boy he can call his own. He had a boy once, years ago, with his first love, his step-brother Quinn, but life and family obligations pulled them apart. Now they are brought back together in a shocking twist that could force them to walk away from one another forever.
When a gorgeous stranger enters their lives, Quinn finds himself drawn to the young man, who he finds out to be his new step-son Mason. Quinn hasn’t felt this deep attraction to another man for many years, not since…Ryker, his step-brother and former Daddy. Yet Quinn knows he cannot act upon his desires, because if he did, he risks losing everything.
But Ryker is a single man without the constraints that Quinn finds himself in and he has no problem going after what he wants, and what he wants is Mason, the beautiful young man who Ryker is positive would be the perfect boy.
Old emotions and desires come crashing back and get confused with new jealousies as the lives of these three begin to intertwine. In the end, who will win Daddy’s heart?

EXCERPT: “So, tell me, what is a stunning boy like you doing here all by yourself without your Daddy to watch over you?”

“I-I d-don’t have a Daddy, Sir,” the sexy boy replied softly, keeping his eyes downcast.

Damn, this man was a natural submissive. Why the hell had no man come along and snatched this boy up already?

“Well, that’s just a damn crime,” he said, then took a chance, leaned in and brushed his lips against the boy’s soft mouth.

“Tell me your name, boy,” he commanded gently, not wanting to scare the boy away.

“It’s Mason, Sir.”

“Mmm, Mason. What a beautiful name for a beautiful boy.” He wanted to ask Mason more, but before he could, Ryker heard a throat being cleared and turned his head to find Quinn and his bride standing there looking at the two of them. Quinn’s gaze was hard, like he was trying to control himself, but the woman's eyes were cold and full of disgust. Ryker wondered if she knew about their past relationship and was threatened by him being there.

“I didn’t realize you two knew each other,” Quinn said, his gaze flicking between him and Mason. Was that jealousy he saw flash across Quinn’s eyes?

Ryker smiled as he looked at Mason then Quinn. “We don’t. Mason and I have only just now met and have found that we have a few things in common.”

He looked back to Mason and was disturbed by the fear he saw in the boy’s wide eyes as Mason looked back at him, then looked at the woman. His leg was pressed against Mason’s and he felt a shiver race through him, but this time Ryker knew it was from that fear and had nothing to do with Mason’s desire. Interesting.

“Really? What would that be?” Quinn asked through clenched teeth, and Ryker noticed anger flash through Quinn’s gaze. No, not anger, jealousy. Now that was even more interesting.

Ryker gave him his sexiest smirk, the one he knew made Quinn’s knees weak and replied, “Well there is the two of you to start.”

“Oh really, and how is that, because I have no idea who you are,” the female sneered at him.

Quinn quickly straightened and slid an arm around the woman’s waist, pulling her against his side as he replied, “Connie, darling, I’m sorry. Where are my manners? May I introduce you to Ryker Sullivan... my brother.”

Ryker could see how hard those words were for Quinn to say and it gave him a twisted thrill. As far as he knew Quinn had never said them before. When they had been together and people asked them how they met, Ryker was always the one who would tease and say they were brothers just to get a rise out of people, but Quinn was never happy when he had done that.

He felt Mason tense up beside him and suddenly he wasn’t amused anymore. He turned his smile to Connie, and held out his hand. “Stepbrother actually. It is a pleasure to meet you, Connie. Or should I now call you, sis?” Ryker asked with a chuckle.

Her eyes lit up like he had asked her out and told her he would give her the world as she smiled warmly at him, and held out her hand. “It’s nice to meet you also, Ryker and please call me Connie. I’m not sure I want people to think we are brother and sister with you being so handsome and all,” she said, then giggled.

She actually giggled like a teenage girl and Ryker found it very disturbing. Connie had to be at least in her early forties, and to hear the giggles coming from her lips was just... wrong. It was childish and immature. Not that an older woman giggling was immature, because some older women were so carefree and confident in themselves that the giggle was just part of them and sounded lovely, but with Connie it sounded forced, like she was trying hard, too hard, to appear to be young.

“Thank you, you’re very stunning yourself,” Ryker replied, and took her hand, but didn’t shake it, instead he leaned in and kissed the back of it, making her giggle again.

“Your brother is very gallant, Quinlan,” Connie said with a bright smile, and batted her eyelashes at him.

Quinn’s jaw clenched as he looked at Ryker with narrowed eyes. “Yes, he is that. All his boyfriends think he is at least.”

Connie gasped as her eyes went wide, but after a minute the heat and interest he saw in those dull gray orbs changed, and became cold and filled with disgust. She flicked her gaze to Mason with the same disdain, and the young man quickly looked down at his lap, shame apparent on his face.

She covered up the look and gave him a forced smile as she looked back at him, but he could see the hatred now in her gaze, and the realization of Quinn’s words dawned on him. Connie was a homophobe. Did she also know that Mason was gay as well and that was why she was so cold to him too?

“Boyfriends, well... I see. You never told me you had a gay brother, darling,” Connie said tightly.

“Stepbrother, sweetness, remember?” Quinn replied, then kissed her head again.

His words seemed to relieve her somewhat and Connie’s shoulders relaxed a bit. Quinn looked back to him and smiled mischievously, almost victorious. “I guess that makes you Mason’s uncle now.”

Step-uncle,” Connie corrected and shot them both a look, like she was warning them to stay away from one another.

Anger was beginning to rise inside him from not only Connie’s bigotry, or the way he could see that she was affecting Mason, but from Quinn’s blatant jealousy. How dare Quinn be jealous of him talking with another man when they were all standing here right now because Quinn had just married a woman. Quinn had no room or right to be jealous. But then when Ryker saw Quinn’s gaze flick to Mason and noticed longing in Quinn’s eyes, he realized Quinn was not only jealous of Ryker talking to Mason, but of Mason talking to him. Hmm, interesting. Maybe his little stepbrother wasn’t as able to control his true desires or who he really was, as much as he thought he could.

Putting on his best act and pushing his anger down, Ryker happily said, “Step-uncle? So does that mean that you’re Connie’s son, Mason?”

The young man looked up at him shyly and gave him a weak smile as he nodded.

“Wow, what a small world. You must have had Mason when you were very young, Connie. What were you, ten, twelve, when he was born?” He knew flattering her would work and take her attention off Mason, who happened to be her son. Holy shit. And with Connie’s apparent hatred of gays, it was no wonder Mason had been standing by himself far away from everyone and all the festivities.

Connie suddenly smiled a genuine smile as her eyes twinkled. “Yes, I was a very young mother, but Mason isn’t as old as he looks.”

Would bitch slapping the bride on her wedding day be considered bad form? Ryker thought, but kept the words to himself. If anyone between the two was trying to look a different age than they truly were, it was Connie. Mason was a very stunning young man and appeared to be around twenty-three or twenty-four, and Connie, with all that caked-on makeup she wore, looked like she was trying very hard to make people believe she was in her thirties, but he could see the wrinkles around her eyes and thought she was somewhere around forty-five, maybe more.

Damn, why the hell would Quinn want someone like this? Not that her age made a difference, because to him once people became adults, age shouldn’t be an issue, but this woman was clearly a hater and a gold digger. Was that what their marriage was all about? Had the old fuck, Quinn’s father and Ryker’s stepfather, arranged and insisted on this coupling? Ryker wouldn’t put it past Wallace Howard, or Quinn allowing his father to control this too.

Ryker smiled in amusement as he turned his attention to Mason, and teased, “So does this now mean that me being your uncle and all that I get to spoil my new nephew rotten? Maybe a playdate? Oh, I know, we could go to the zoo or the circus. What do you prefer, Mason, red butted baboons or silly clowns who wear far too much makeup and pretend to be what they aren’t?” Ryker wiggled his brows as he spoke and saw the gleam in Mason’s eyes. He could tell the young man had gotten his meaning and wanted to laugh, but Mason held it in and only chuckled lightly as he gave Ryker a pretty smile.

“Mason is far too old to do such childish things as those, and I am sure you’re way too busy for things like that. Seeing as you are not actually his uncle, you don’t have to worry about such things, Ryker,” Connie declared tightly.

“He was only teasing, darling,” Quinn said, also in a tight but calm voice as he flashed a look at Ryker that said, ‘knock it off’.

Ryker chuckled. “I don’t know, I never had a nephew before and I’ll probably never have any children of my own, so this may be my only chance. How about we discuss what you like to do, Mason and we’ll do it. My treat. I would love to have a boy to spoil.”

Mason did laugh at that as he put a hand over his mouth and looked at him, Mason’s cheeks now pink. Ryker loved how musical and joyful Mason’s laugh sounded, and wanted to make the gorgeous boy do it again.

“Connie, Quinlan, it’s time to start saying your goodbyes. The limo is here to take you to the airport,” a woman announced as she joined them.

WARNING: This book has heavy BDSM scenes that may cause triggers for some readers. This book also ends in a cliff hanger.

Book two: STEP: TWO will be out within the week and picks up right where this book leaves off.

To find out more about this book and others from Maggie Walsh, please visit her website at: www.maggiewalshauthor.weebly.com

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