Monday, December 16, 2019

Is it really Happy Holidays time again?

There is a holiday scene in my first Reyes Romance, Never Too Old for the Game of Love. Tegan is  divorced mother-of-two, who owns a party-planning business with her also-divorced mother-of-two best friend Patti. Through their business, Tegan met a very demanding alpha male, who needed them to provide him with everything he needed to celebrate a prospective client's birthday...including a stripper. Tegan ended up doing the dancing herself. One thing led to another, and she's been having a torrid affair with Alejandro Reyes for months, only seeing him on the one weekend a month that her ex-husband has her kids.

They don't spend Christmas together, because she has the kids this year, and drives with them out to see her parents. But when she returns, once the kids are picked up by their father, he picks her up and drives her to his condo in downtown Chicago, with a great view of the bustling city, where they celebrate New Years as if it's Christmas. Now they are on their way to the resort with cabins in the woods, where he has rented them a place for the weekend.  

While he drives, she's reminiscing about the fun they had while in the city.

They were both quiet, enjoying the beauty of the fields covered in snow, as they drove out to their cabin in the woods on Friday.  Each was reliving in their minds their favorite moments of the past few days, with time spent merely enjoying each other’s company while talking, interspersed with passionate encounters that were off the Richter scale in making the earth move.  Alex had shown her the list he had made up, of all of the pieces of his furniture they had already used in their love-making, and they had purposed involved all of the rest, so that he could truthfully say they had screwed on every surface that he owned.  The futon by the fireplace, and the Jacuzzi were two of their favorites, as was the massive waterbed that Tegan had taken to referring to as “the gymnasium”, for the amount of positions he had taken her in while on it.
     On New Year’s Eve, they had exchanged gifts, and not surprisingly, most of them contributed to sexual enjoyment.  She had given him two pairs of silk boxers, since she said she wanted to lick him through them, and they were classier than the gym shorts he usually wore when he had to answer the door to pay for their food deliveries.  He had given her a silk peignoir set, this one in black, since he liked the contrast with her white skin so much.
     She had also given him two different scents of massage oil, and the massages that she gave him were part of the gift, she explained.  For his part, Alex had to admit to her that, as in strip clubs, he had always chafed at not being able to act on his erection when he was getting a massage.  She laughed and told him that as long as he got his massages from her, that wasn’t a problem!  And he had turned the tables on her then, and did such a thorough job relaxing her, that she fell asleep in the middle of the afternoon. 
     He had taken that opportunity to do a quick check of the messages on his answering machine, and unexpectedly, he was pleased that there wasn’t anything there that either couldn’t either be taken care of by someone else in his office, or couldn’t wait until the following Monday, when he would be back at work.  He had sat back in the chair in his office, feeling only a deep sense of contentment and happiness.  No constant urges to drive himself to achieve, just peace and relaxation.  And he shook his head in wonderment, then went to lie down next to the woman who was responsible for this welcome change in himself.
     They had also given each other books: she had given him some best-sellers involving international intrigue, since she thought an alpha-man like him might enjoy reading about men as driven as he was.  He gave her a book of erotic short stories that he insisted she read out-loud to him, while he made their breakfast the next morning.  They had both gotten so excited, that he burned the toast and the bacon was crunchy, but it didn’t matter.  Nothing bothered either one of them, as long as they were together.
     New Year’s Eve had been a wonderful night, even more so than usual.  They had both worn their new silk lingerie, and sipped champagne and danced to many different kinds of music while they waited for their dinner to be delivered.  Then after they ate, they enjoyed some coffee, and Alex fulfilled his fantasy of stripping Tegan naked and smearing the cream puff’s whipped cream all over her, so he could lick it off.  Not to be outdone, she did the same to his most sensitive body part, and they had almost missed the fireworks, they were so involved with making explosions of their own. 
     Watching the city’s celebration from his balcony, Tegan sighed with pleasure.  “I can’t remember the last time that I was this happy.  You really are spoiling me, you know.  No other man will ever be able to match up to you.  I guess when you get tired of me, I’ll have to run away and join a nunnery.”
     Alexander had moved closer to her, from behind, and covered her with his body, running his hands down her arms, then leaning against her, feeling her warmth set him on fire again.  “I don’t think it’s possible for me to get tired of you, Tegan, honey.  The more I have you, the more I want you.  It just gets better and better for us.  So don’t go filling out any applications for nunneries just yet, okay?  Let’s just see where this can take us.”
     She turned to face him then, looking up into his dark eyes, saying, “It can’t take us anywhere, remember.  There are limits to it, and as hard as it is, we have to stick to them.  I’m protecting my children.  That’s more important to me, than even the time I spend with you.”
     He lowered his head to snuggle her, sighing into her hair, “As you wish, Mistress.  But let me know if you ever change your mind about that.”
      Then he had claimed her lips once more, and they had moved back onto the futon to get out of the cold, and to once again, make fireworks of their own.

Yes, I know. I wrote it in past participle tense, which is a very definite no-no today. Editors have been very stern with letting me know that "today's readers want a more immediate experience, they want to feel they are part of the action."  "This kind of writing used to be be conventional in romance writing, but not anymore." Sigh. I feel like a dinosaur, sometimes.

But this book is still published, and I can't change it now...nor do I want to. It was my first published book, back ten years ago, when my dream of becoming a published writer finally came true! The rest of the series was easy to write, since I liked the characters so much that their stories just flowed out of my fingertips. 

I'm still writing, but not much during the school year. Too busy working multiple jobs. And the two-week holiday coming up will be mostly spent with my family and friends, who never get to see me when I'm so busy. 

I've got 5 kinds of cookies already in my freezer, ready to give as gifts to those who are kind to me year-round...and to share with my family. I've got gifts all over the house for my family, none of them wrapped yet, so that's my next project...in addition to Christmas cards, since I'm old-fashioned enough to enjoy them. The tree is up and decorated, and makes our house smell good...along with all of the cookie-baking smells, of course. I hope all of you are looking forward to taking a breather during this busy holiday season, finding someplace quiet to relax and enjoy traditions. After all, it's traditions that bind us together in memories of Christmases long past, and people we used to celebrate with, who are no longer with us. We'll watch A Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve, around midnight, like we always do. Then Mr. and Mrs. Claus will head to bed, to enjoy a much-deserved rest. 

Merry Christmas, everyone! And to all, a good night.
See you in 2020!



Tina Donahue said...

Never Too Old for the Game of Love sounds like a delightful romance, Fiona.

A few years back one of my editors suggested I write deep POV, which I think you're referring to. At the time, I wondered how I could have gotten writing so wrong not to have done it already. Then I reread recent books I'd enjoyed (bestsellers) and those authors didn't employ deep POV either. I was writing exactly as they were.

That said, I did as my editor asked and wow, the change was amazing and so much better. Letting a reader feel they're in the action, rather than simply reading it was a revelation. It's simply a matter of cutting out words like 'saw', 'watched', 'heard', etc. in the POV character. Just write what they saw, watched, or heard. Not necessary to relate the action. It tightens the writing and makes it more immediate. :)

Tim Smith said...

Wonderful excerpt, Fiona. Very atmospheric with a you-are-there feel. I hope your holidays will be merry and bright.