Tuesday, December 3, 2019

All the Joy of the Season to Everyone!

Good Morning World!

Aww, the best month of the year has arrived. December, the month of holiday celebrations and time with friends and family!

I LOVE this time of year: the fragrances of Christmas baking, cinnamon, nutmeg, and pumpkin pie spices, the wintery scenes outside our kitchen window with birds gathering on the feeder, lots of hot chocolate to keep us warm, all the wonderful romantic Hallmark movies, and best of all, the goodwill expressed by others.❤

I have another book coming out in January 7th, that I would like to share an excerpt with everyone, if you can find the time to read it! I know how busy everyone is. But if not, my heartfelt wishes for a great holiday season for you and your family!

Hugs, January


Alysia Rossini peered through the windshield of her Dodge RAM at the weather, which was growing fouler by the second. Her hands were clamped so tight to the steering wheel that her knuckles ached. The painted lines delineating the watery pavement had long vanished. Desperate to keep the vehicle on the road, she leaned in closer to the dash, her clothes damp and clammy from the perspiration that trickled down her spine. She had the wipers cranked to their highest setting, yet they were unable to keep up with the deluge of sleeting rain lashing the thick glass in heavy gusts. Her stomach churned with worry and the terrible sense of foreboding disquiet that had crept in during the hour-long journey, fueled by her intense isolation.

The hazy, gray, uncaring Cascade Mountains stretched out for hundreds of kilometers in all directions, looking like a distant planet. Driving home alone made Alysia hesitant to pull over. It was just as easy to get rear-ended on this treacherous highway as not. And that vehicle following behind was stalking too damn close. The driver needed their fucking head examined.

A few more tense kilometers inched by, Alysia clenching her hands tight to the wheel and flicking her glance at the rear-view mirror every few seconds. Her reduced speed kept her from hydroplaning the four-wheel-drive truck but increased the length of time with the idiot on her tail.

Finally, the squall began to ease, the lights of the vehicle behind her becoming more than just two white eyes glaring through the mist. Rolling her head from side to side, she worked to loosen the tenseness of her shoulders. The harsh reality of her twenty-four-hour work day followed by a visit with her friend Kate flashed through her mind, bringing with it added sadness and desperation—and an even more acute sense of isolation.

She shook her head, trying to shake the memories free. Reliving a nightmare loop never solved a damn thing. What she needed most was a drink. Ease from the pain of the job and Kate’s devastating illness. Thank goodness it wasn’t far to the gas station. She sped up, pressing her foot down on the pedal. The lights of the forecourt beckoned just ahead, sanctuary in a storm.

Oh, God no. The SUV following too damn close fishtailed in her rear-view mirror. It swayed side to side in a macabre dance, jerking back and forth like an artful pickpocket escaping the hands of justice. In slow motion, Alysia took in the horror of the vehicle beginning its death roll. It spun out of control, end over end, then came to rest on the side of the highway, belching billows of smoke.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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Tina Donahue said...

Happy Holidays! Congrats on your upcoming release. :)