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Vicki Batman - Any Traveling Tips for Writers? #travelingtips #cooltechiething #MFRWauthor

I just returned from a three week trip to Europe. Oh, boy, the packing. The extra stuff. And the writer biggie-should I take my laptop? My laptop wasn't light.

In addition to three weeks’ worth of clothing, etc., I didn’t want to carry extra poundage if I didn’t have to. I wrangled a very large suitcase which weighed in at 38 pounds (a little light so I could buy, well, mostly handbags. LOL.). And a rolling backpack thing—you know the kind--which held my book, extra undie, magazines, a small needlepoint project, some snacks (and had plenty of room for anything I might buy-priority!!) After all these years, I may have packing down to a science.

Add one new item--a Bluetooth keyboard for my iPhone.

Intrigued? Seriously, who carried just a keyboard. I deliberated over the laptop. And ultimately, rejected because of the weight. Handsome said I could use his iPad, which was the size of a laptop. Eh. I considered, should I buy a smaller iPad of my own? I went for no because of the expense and because a vacation was supposed to be about unplugging and de-stressing--right?
The primary reason I wanted a device was to record my thoughts and adventures in a daily journal. As a writer, I knew many ideas spring from travels. Or if I needed to remember an emotion, it might be in the journal. Besides, I was in the habit of writing something nearly every day. To not be able to contribute to it would nag me.

So, I had a brilliant idea. What about a Bluetooth keyboard? I had been spoiled many years ago with my Palm and had bought a folding keyboard for it. The Palm and keyboard were the size of a wallet, which meant they didn’t weigh much nor were very large. At conferences and meetings, I took many notes using this set-up and was happy-ever-after, that was until the Palm no longer worked and the company ceased.

I had looked for a keyboard for my cellphone before at my local office supply store. But nada. Zip. My search went to the virtual big store, and I did find a keyboard, 5” x 11” in size. The price was perfect, and reviewers liked it. Bing! Bought.
It was so easy to operate. Inserted two AAA batteries and turned on the device. Used the Bluetooth feature in my phone’s settings. Tapped on notes app and typed. The keyboard had a fabulous touch. I became a typing genius.

After I returned home, I uploaded the docs to my laptop and then cut and pasted them to my journal. I was happy all worked perfectly and shall be using my devices in my future travels.

What is a traveling tip you use?
Sommerville days, a collection, has two stories involving traveling-one to San Diego and the second, to Galveston. Add to your vacation these heartwarming tales with fun and forever possibilities at:
Amazon or KU .

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Boxed Set of Eden books has released!

Welcome to Eden
Lexi Post

Welcome to Eden, the first three books in my social sci-fi menage romance series are now available in a boxed set!

Welcome to Eden. The men here are strong in mind, body, and heart. They will love you unconditionally, protect you with their lives, and seek to please you. Be patient with them. No matter how it appears, they are not perfect.

Cruise into Eden via an Earthly nude cruise as Erin meets the two Edenists who’ve been watching her for years, hoping she’ll be their beloved despite them having been exiled from the gold and white city of Naralina. You’ll learn all you need to know to enter the planet Eden where only males are born, each with his own paranormal “kindred” ability, clothing is nonexistent, and their goal in life is to cherish their women.

Don’t be surprised to find an Unexpected Eden as you are whisked away in the nick of time with Serena as three handsome, naked hunks save her and her friend from certain death on Earth. But not everyone escapes unscathed, and the ramifications, despite living in the beautiful trees of Loraleaf, are far-reaching.

When you join Jaelene as she follows her sister through what can only be described as a portal, you’ll find yourself lost in this Eden Discovered. Luckily, one naked Edenist saves Jaelene from another with bad intentions. But one Edenist is never enough on planet Edenas you’ll soon discover.

Buy Links:

If you enjoy these, there are more centered around the city of Naralina:

And the first centered around the city of Tolba came out earlier this year.

I hope you enjoy them all 😊

Always, Lexi

About Lexi:
Lexi Post is a New York Times and USA Today best-selling author of romance inspired by the classics. She spent years in higher education taking and teaching courses about the classical literature she loved. From Edgar Allan Poe's short story “The Masque of the Red Death” to Tolstoy’s "War and Peace," she's read, studied, and taught wonderful classics.

But Lexi's first love is romance novels so she married her two first loves, romance and the classics. From hot paranormals to sizzling cowboys to hunks from out of this world, Lexi provides a sensuous experience with a “whole lotta story.”

Lexi is living her own happily ever after with her husband and her cat in Florida. She makes her own ice cream every weekend, loves bright colors, and you will never see her without a hat.

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New Beginnings

Hello! I'm Tricia Schneider. I'm a new Diva! Thank you to Tina for inviting me to join Sweet 'N Sexy Divas! I thought I'd start with introducing myself and letting you know some things about me.

I write paranormal and historical romances. Sometimes a blend of both. From novels to short stories and varying degrees of heat levels. I firmly believe there is a book for everyone. I write mostly about witches, vampires, werewolves, ghosts and the occassional pirate finding their happily-ever-afters.

I worked at Waldenbooks for over a decade. I was a bookseller and Assistant Manager and quite content to climb the corporate ladder until the company went bankrupt and the store closed in 2010. The same year as my 3rd baby (a girl this time!) was born and my first book, The Witch and the Wolf, was published.

I took this as a sign of new beginnings.

For the next several years, I focused on raising my four children and writing in between diaper changes and baseball games. I've juggled and balanced more than I ever thought I could manage and I've gone without sleep for more nights than I thought humanly possible. It's been a journey that is both daunting and rewarding in equal measure.

As a writer, I normally have several projects going at a time. I'll write one story, edit another and work on outlining something else all in one week. Whenever I need to, I'll bounce from one story to the next and back again. This might be a product of too much caffeine and a lack of attention span. Most likely due to constant interruptions from my children. I used to write during nap times, but they quite rudely stopped taking naps as they got older.

My other hobbies include too much television and not enough yarn. I knit and crochet anything I can find on Pinterest while watching my fandom addictions. My typical TV binge line-up includes SupernaturalDoctor WhoThe Walking DeadSherlockDark ShadowsFirefly and Farscape. Currently, my kids and I are alternating between Arrow and The Flash. I've been advised that Stranger Things needs to be added to my growing list.

Although I write strictly romance at the moment, I'm an avid reader of nearly anything with words. My favorite authors include Ash Krafton, Kelley Armstrong, Laurell K. Hamilton, Janet Evanovich, Gayle Wilson, Elizabeth Thornton, Deborah Cooke, Deborah Simmons, Kim Harrison, Charlaine Harris, Georgette Heyer, Jane Austen, Oscar Wilde, Charlotte Bronte, Victoria Holt and Daphne du Maurier. I'm know I'm leaving plenty out. I have too many favorites to name. I love a good story!

What else do you need to know about me? Well, I'm an introvert who loves to talk. My favorite color is blue. I'm a Pisces. I love butterflies and my favorite animal is a wolf. I love to travel. I've been to Canada and Germany as well as nearly half of the states in the USA. I'm interested in many different time periods in history, mostly Regency England and Colonial America. I've traced my family tree back to the 15th century Germany. I also volunteer as a graveyard photographer.

I'm avidly interested in the supernatural. I grew up living in my grandmother's haunted house. My family and I had several unexplainable experiences from hearing voices to seeing things that shouldn't be there. I continued experiencing strange events throughout my life, while living with my mother-in-law, and even at my current home. When she was 2, my daughter asked me one day who the man was standing in our kitchen. Being that my daughter and I were alone in the house at the time, that was a difficult question for me to answer, but I'm the friendly type and I asked her to tell the man that he was welcome to join us for breakfast. She also had an imaginary friend named Anna who I suspected was more than imaginary. Sadly, Anna disappeared after my daughter began preschool. However, the remote control for my TV has gone missing recently. My kids blame the ghost. I do have my doubts and if you've seen the state of my kid's bedrooms, you'd understand, but I really can't say for sure.

That's it about me! If you want to know more about me, you can check out my website or my blog. I'm thrilled to join Sweet 'N Sexy Divas and look forward to chatting about books with you! If you're interested, you can check out my new release, Ice Princess, that will be included in Fire & Ice, a collection of supernatural, paranormal and fantasy romances coming this October.

Until next time! Happy Reading!

Fire and Ice... they are two of the most powerful elements known to man.

From the tiniest of sparks to a blazing inferno, fire is an intense energy that can consume anything in its path.

Ice is it's unrelenting and frigid counterpart that can startle your senses and make you shiver. When put together, you'll find a force that is stronger than anything you'll ever encounter.

If you love the paranormal and can't get enough of romance, then this set is exactly what you need in your library.

With mythical creatures, vampires, shapeshifters, and supernatural of all kinds, you're sure to find something that will awaken your senses and set your soul on fire as you tremble with delight.

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Like videos to learn about new authors, books, fun? Enjoy this, THOSE NOTORIOUS AMERICANS by Cerise DeLand!

   Promoting all the novels in my family saga Those Notorious Americans of the Gilded Age, this video is a wonderful composition of concept, covers, stills and video clips.
   Where did they come from?
  • I wrote the script.
  • I purchased the video clips from wonderful PERIOD IMAGES!
  • I bought the stills from a stock art company.
  • And sent them all to my producer!
   I hope you will now want to read all the books in this series! Available on AmazonKOBONOOK and iTunes, this series begins with the first generation of robber baron Killian Hanniford's family.
   Each story is different, each incorporates historical detail pertinent to the romances. The theme—money can buy anything—works in all the plots but in different ways.
   WILD LILY stars Killian's oldest daughter who sails to Europe with him for the fun of it, definitely not for a husband.
   DARING WIDOW features Killian's niece. A widow who wishes never to tie herself to any man, Marianne is a talented artist. When she meets a famous sculptor (think Rodin!), she is tempted to love him and leave him. But can she?
   SWEET SIREN features Killian himself. Older than your average romance hero, he is nonetheless a charming character. Too bad he cannot seem to charm one woman who enchants him anyway!
   SCANDALOUS HEIRESS stars Killian's youngest daughter. Ada finds herself in love with a widower who needs no wife and no complications in his life. When he falls in love with her anyway, he must choose to save her...or himself. Can he find happiness? And can she love a man whom she ruins?
   RAVISHING CAMILLE, to come out this winter, is the last of the first generation to find happiness. She's a wild child, forever in love with one man who tells himself he needs no entanglements to any woman, least of all to the one who has enchanted him for years.
   Nothing like putting all those years in undergrad and graduate school history classes to use and let others enjoy the past!

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By Nora Nolan
Released August 13, 2019 

Independent Evie Goodacre has run away from her isolated mountain home to escape her abusive father and brothers. The only good thing they ever did was teach her how to hunt, trap, fish, and shoot as well as any man. She'd lived with their criminal ways for the eight years since her beloved mother died, but now that they insisted on giving her to one of their despicable criminal cohorts, she knew she had to escape.

All Deputy Aaron Glover wanted was to get away for a few days and relax at his family's old cabin. He never dreamed this getaway would lead him into the adventure of his life, much less lead him to a woman who might satisfy his particular desires. If only she'd learn she has to mind him!

Purchase links:

                        Book Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kf14rB9_a2E
Excerpt 1, first two paragraphs, PG-rated

Evie was tired, wretchedly so. She’d been walking for days, managing to stay away from any signs of people. Her pack was heavy on her back even though she traveled as light as she dared. She needed some supplies for survival. Her heaviest items were a Colt Navy pistol and Winchester rifle and bullets for each, but she had to have those. Her water canteen was heavy, but it was vital even though she tried not get too far from water. Rivers and streams seemed plentiful here. The trouble was that she didn’t know exactly where here was. She knew she was keeping an easterly course but she had no idea how far she’d come, or how close to a settlement or town she might be. She wasn’t even sure how many days she’d walked. She thought it was between two or three weeks, and she wished she had kept better track of time. She hoped to get far enough away to a place where nobody ever heard of the Goodacre family. Until she was that far away, she didn’t want to see another soul.

She decided to sit and rest for a few minutes on the trunk of a fallen tree. She considered setting a snare trap nearby to catch some small game, then decided to move on since there was plenty of daylight left. If she didn’t catch anything soon it would just be wasted time. When she felt rested enough she stood up from the tree trunk, took a deep breath, and heaved the pack over her shoulder. She picked up the rifle and headed east again.

Excerpt 2, just talking before going to sleep, PG-rated

Aaron watched her get into the bed, thinking again how lucky that shirt was that she was sleeping in it. He took off his boots and turned out the lamp. He removed his britches and shirt and lay down on the pallet she’d made.
“Good night, Aaron. And thank you.”
“Good night. And you’re welcome.”
“Aaron? I wish I could be a lady. I really would like to be one.”
He smiled into the darkness. “I can help with that. You’ll have to mind me, though.”
She sighed. “I have a feeling I don’t mind well. Don’t have much experience doing that, you know.”
 "I can help with that, too.” He drifted off to sleep imagining her sweet and shapely bare backside turning red under his touch. Sweet dreams.

Excerpt 3, discussion and a game with him turning her into a lady, PG-rated

“What exactly makes a lady a lady? I mean, what do you look for in a lady?”
“You mean, what would I look for in a wife? Or just what I think makes someone a lady?”
“There’s a difference?”
“Hmm. That’s kind of hard to answer, now that I think of it. When I think of the ladies I’ve met in my life, some common things stand out. They’ve been gracious. They make other people at ease, so the people they’re with are comfortable in their company.”
“How do they do that? How are they gracious?”
“Well, a smile goes a long way. Mainly I think they act like they’re glad to be in your company. Some have a way with words and know just what to say. Others just have a manner about them.”
“Dammit. Maybe it is hopeless for me. I’d never know the right thing to say.”
Aaron got a wicked grin on his face and pulled out his pocket watch from his britches. “Oh no. Your trial hour with no swearing is over. That means in this phase of the game, you have to suffer the consequences.” He stood up and took the stick and knife from her hand and pulled her to her feet. Then he sat down and pulled her over his lap before she registered what he was doing.

Nora Nolan is my pen name.  It’s nice to meet you!  I came to writing a bit late in life but have always wanted to do it.  I’d find myself reading a book and think to myself, “Wow, that passage was great, but I wish it had {fill in the blank}.”   Then one day I was challenged by a book on time and life management to write down a goal I wanted to achieve within 12 months.  I buckled down and followed the book’s instructions, and my first three manuscripts were completed within five months.   And that five months included having a demanding day job for three months and time out for major surgery!
I love to read novels – all kinds. What’s better than sinking into a good mystery while you’re curled up with a nice cup of Lady Grey tea in front of the fireplace? Maybe a romance? Maybe a romance with a little fire? Oh, yeah. You know what I mean. So, I like to write those things, too. My stories usually have fairly normal, sexy, fun, or slightly kinky relationships between loveable women and hot alpha males. So if you like age play, strong D/s lifestyles, bondage, violence, or women who beg to be chained, you might want to look for other authors. I’m not there yet!
I live in the southern central part of the US.  My happier days find me with our grandchildren (yes, with their parents, too, but you know how it is about grandkids), spending time with my wonderful alpha husband (of course!), and family.
My newest joy, though, is sitting at the keyboard, letting the characters in my head write their stories.  They often lead me in directions that surprise me.  I never know when I start out what direction they’ll take or where they’ll end up!

Email Nora directly at NoraNolan.books@gmail.com

FB Group, Nora’s Novel Nest - https://bit.ly/2LPqd4X


I have to say that I laughed so hard reading some of the scenes in this story that my husband came to see what was happening.  I ended up reading them to him and he was laughing and asking me who the author was and said he was going to have to read Nora Nolan's books.  

August 14, 2019
Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

While this is the third story in the Big Rock Romance series, it could read well as a stand-alone.  It will have several beloved characters from the first two books, Marriage by Mail and A Badge in Big Rock, but is well written to read on its own.  The story will have Deputy Aaron Glover going a couple of days ride away from Big Rock to his ancestral home where he normally meets his brother—but this year, Matthew can't come, so it will be Aaron alone—or will it?

Evelina ‘Evie’ Goodacre, twenty, has run away from home, away from her criminal father and five older brothers.  Since the death of her mother eight years prior, her life has been in seclusion catering to their whims and dealing with their abuse.  Now, they have plans to give her to John Walters as payment.  She has escaped him once, but he has warned her he was coming for her, and the next time he would have her.  For the last eight years, all Evie has had to wear was her brother’s hand-me-down clothes, so she only wears men’s britches.

“I never ever had another dress after Ma died.  Just my brother’s hand-me-downs.”

The plot will have Evie walking for weeks, and with a storm approaching, she will come upon a vacant cabin and decide it will give her a safe place for a night or two before she continues on her journey.  She will set her snares to catch dinner, clean the cabin, start a fire, and go to the stream to clean her clothes and herself.  What a shock when Aaron arrives and discovers someone in the cabin—but even a bigger shock when it is a naked woman.

When it is decided that neither is a threat, they share dinner and talk, and in the conversations, Aaron learns bits and pieces that he knows could be detrimental and that they need to return to Big Rock to keep her safe and maybe to prevent a crime. While they are both attracted to each other, nothing more than kissing and cuddling takes place, although the thoughts are there for Aaron, he knows she is an innocent. 

OMG, I will admit that Evie’s naïveté had me laughing out loud so hard, my husband came to see what was the matter, and reading him several pages had him laughing too, especially when they arrived at friend’s house for dinner, and for her to borrow a dress from Molly.  Then the conversation was a nail in the coffin for them both.  It leads to a ‘shotgun’ style wedding, but not something that either one was completely opposed to, just not how anyone would plan things.  I could just envision the looks on the faces of those in attendance, especially the Reverend and his wife.

“I wish you both joy in a long and happy life together.  Know how blessed you are to have found a companion, friend, lover, and helpmate in each other as you travel through life.  Here’s to a new life together.”  --Amy

The story has the good, the bad, and the ugly, along with mystery, suspense, and surprises.  The chemistry between Aaron and Evie sizzles, and even when he disciplines her, she embraces the difference between the abuse from her brothers and his loving discipline. The story also has a sweet romance with a feisty heroine, mildly explicit sex scenes and several spankings.  It also has a few surprises with some of the characters in the story.

If you would like to follow me on Facebook, Goodreads, etc. Please see links below. 

I want to encourage you to READ and WRITE REVIEWS.
Twitter: @heare2watts   https://twitter.com/heare2watts

Kathy Heare Watts, aka Redrabbitt.  I am a Top 1000 Reviewer at Amazon and the Top #43 Reviewer (all time) at Goodreads for the USA and #56 Global.  I have over 3370 reviews listed on Amazon and over 4000 on Goodreads.

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ANTHOLOGY AUGUST: All of Suz deMello's anthos and collections are discounted or on KU! (@suzdemello #romance #anthology #shortstories #Free #KU #sale)

This month I'm celebrating anthologies and collections by putting all of mine into KU and discounting one as well.

In KU and on sale for 99 cents 8/26-31!

But what's it about, you ask?

A Fortune to Win: A Romance Miniseries

Drug addicts Harvey, Lord Darlingside, and his supermodel wife, Mara, died by drowning in the Trevi Fountain while on a heroin binge. In a previous rare moment of sobriety, Harvey created a trust for their three children with a peculiar stipulation designed to ensure none would go his way: each must demonstrate maturity by making a substantial non-monetary contribution to others.

A Fortune To Win is the story of the Darlingside heirs' journey to love and their legacies.

Alice's Sheikh

Genre: contemporary romance
Setting: an island in the Red Sea

A virginal English noblewoman finds herself under
the complete control of an autocratic sheikh—
an unexpectedly sexy one 
who will do whatever he must to have her.
(includes light bondage)

Saving Sophia
Genre: contemporary romantic suspense
Setting: London, UK

“It doesn’t matter” is cynical Sophie Fortune’s motto.
Then her best friend is killed and Sophie herself is attacked.

Can Detective Inspector Nick Wendell 
keep her safe and heal her heart?

Peter's Story
Genre: contemporary romance
Setting: London, UK

Peter Fortune, Earl Darlingside, awakens beside a corpse. Accused of homicide, he must change his dissolute ways or face life in prison. Barrister Roxanne Fox, called Foxy Roxy, is charged with his defense. Will desire derail Peter’s case?


The Cowboy, His Countess,
and Her Companion
Genre: historical erotic romance
Setting: England, 1870

The Honorable Amelia Haddon must marry, or lose the income that supports her and her "companion." 
 Averse to men, she is desperate until 
an American cowboy proves to be her unlikely rescuer.

But will judgmental society
drag this happy trio apart?
(f/f; ménage sex)

What Amazon readers thought:


"Light and fast-paced..."




In KU this month are two of Suz's sexiest anthologies chock-full of the romantic, steamy fun and games you've come to expect from this sizzling storyteller:

Available only on Amazon!

Six sizzling short stories by award-winning, best-selling author Suz deMello, including contemporary, multicultural, New Adult, historical, paranormal, shapeshifter, medieval Scottish,
vampire, and power exchange. 

What readers have said about these stories: 

Five stars! Sizzling hot! 

--Kathy Heare Watts, Goodreads reviewer 

hot and steamy! 

--Tina Williams, Goodreads 

Five Stars! sizzling hot. 

--Redrabbitt on Amazon.com 


Free with KU!
Buy it only on Amazon

With something for every reader: vampire, romantic suspense, BDSM, contemporary, witch, futuristic, holiday, kink...


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Preorder: Excerpt from "A Darker Shade of Evil - A Devils and Demons Anthology"

Deadly demons, diabolical devils and other creatures of the night will hold you spellbound in this one-of-a-kind anthology. In a world of dark delights, they trifle in forbidden passion, suspense, and kick-ass battles. It’s all right here for you in this captivating urban fantasy and paranormal romance anthology!

Brought to you by USA Today and International Bestselling Authors, these stories of sexy alpha heroes and heroines will keep you turning the pages. Devils, demons and their lethal hunters will draw you into their conquests, twisted deceptions, scorching heat, and yes, even love.

Don’t miss A Darker Shade of Evil! One-click now will claim your copy!
* Heat Rating: Spicy to Erotic Romance
* No Cliffhangers
* Happily-Ever-After or Happy-For-Now

Excerpt - "The Devil Upstairs" by Dariel Raye

Lu suddenly sat up in bed and looked around, frantic. Someone or something was in her room. She felt the presence before she could see anything. Complete darkness closed in and the sensation of something trickling down her spine was unmistakable. It was happening again. Hellfire surrounded her bed. An unseen force clutched her chest and despite her training, her mind raced and her heartrate accelerated as each breath required more effort than the last until she felt herself sinking.

No. Not this time. Panting exactly like her mother had taught her, she bent from the waist, digging her nails into the mattress to ground herself while squeezing her eyes shut. Heat from the fire singed her skin, but when she blinked, gray smoke and the pungent smell of sulfur were the only remaining evidence of her vision…except the angry red welts on her arms and legs.

Therapist after therapist had told her none of this was real, the darkness only existed in her head, and that if any of the creatures she saw really existed, certainly one of them would have done something by now, harmed her in some way. There was also the problem of no one else being able to see her tangible nightmares. Still, she was not convinced. They were real. Everything she saw and felt was real, and the string of therapists she had seen since childhood, some even frequenting her home, well, most of them were clueless.

A handful were at least gracious enough to inform her adoptive parents that they did not feel qualified to help her. They were the honest ones and perhaps the smartest ones, but watching them sprint towards their vehicles, looking over their shoulders as if hell’s hounds were after them and she was somehow connected to them still stung. She had cried a lot at first, but eventually they just pissed her off.

What none of the ones arrogant enough to stay understood was that it wasn’t the fear of something or someone hurting her that plagued her dreams day and night. It was the enticing pull of darkness, the constant battle raging inside that constantly gripped and played tug-of-war with the values her mother had tried to teach her.

Leaning towards her nightstand, Lu turned on the small lamp. She had always felt it in her bones, and now she sat, staring at physical proof. She grabbed her cellphone from its spot on top of the book where she’d left it before dozing off, then snapped pictures of the welts on her arms and legs before falling back on her pillow. She needed sleep. As if a scheduled introduction to her new boss wasn’t enough, the annual staff party was being held tonight. From everything she had been told about the event, dark circles and mahogany brown paper bags under her eyes simply would not do.

An hour later, Lu glanced at the alarm clock next to her bed. Three-thirty a.m. Deafening silence closed in on her, mocking her attempts to sleep until she finally gave in. She jumped up, tossed the covers aside, and padded to the bathroom.
Flicking on the light switch, she glanced down at her arms, then her legs.

No surprises there.

The welts were gone.

They had completely disappeared as if they’d never existed.

Release Date September 24th, 2019