Tuesday, July 16, 2019

The trials and tribulations of getting (and staying) published...plus a funny story.

So I've been shopping around my new manuscript, but as usual, getting mostly rejections. My husband says it's because I don't write to the trope of rich,powerful,alpha male is conquered by shy, mousy, virginal heroine's magical lady parts. He may be right.

 I prefer to write the kinds of books I like to read: independent, sexy, in-charge heroine busily living her own life, enjoying sampling men as she chooses, but not interested in settling down. Enter a sexy man who catches her eye. Said sexy man decides that this woman is the one he's been looking for, and devotes his time, energy, and considerable powers of sexy persuasion (along with his magical man parts) to convince her that they belong together...forever! Lots of hot sex ensues, and eventually, by the end of the book, there's a HEA. Usually then I start writing about some side character, who also wants me to give him or her a HEA. That's how I've written so many series's of 3 or more books involving the same characters and place. Sometimes there are paranormal aspects, like my 2-book Mayan vampires saga. Sometimes there are suspenseful elements, as others try to separate the lovers. But there are always lots of erotic moments, and always a HEA.

Maybe the world doesn't want another werewolf saga? I guess only time will tell, as I look for other publishers to submit to. I'm not leaning toward self-publishing yet, since summer means I have no money to pay for a cover, or to buy an ISBN #. Meanwhile, I just finished the second book, and am about to begin writing the third one. Plus I'm putting final touches on a couple more nearly-completed manuscripts in my laptop, while I have the time. Then I'll shop them around.

Also, I've been trying to get some of my formerly-published books into print again, but the one publisher who is interested is concerned that Amazon is still listing the books using their covers, albeit, with "limited availability" printed next to them. When I complained to Amazon, a flunkie got back to me, telling me that it's Amazon's policy to provide customer service, (and to hell with the authors) in that if a customer wants to resell their copy of one of my paperbacks, they can do so there. I guess that's why one of my books, which was printed back in 2011, and was unpublished 2 years later (when that publisher was sold and I got the rights back) is listed as having 1 paperback, used,  on sale for $100.00, by a Goodwill store somewhere in the USA. Um, nope? Not even if they give you a receipt for your charitable giving. Sorry, Goodwill. I'm not that well-known of an author!

Okay, enough business stuff. On to the funny. I get this monthly journal called Funny Times. They do a compendium of cartoons and funny essays from all kinds of sources. A while back, I cut out a tiny paragraph, and recently found it again when I was cleaning off my desk (What?!? Amazing what you can find that way!)
To paraphrase, the story involves police in a German town, Neustadt, who were called to a building by concerned neighbors who thought the screaming from an apartment indicated domestic violence. What they found was a couple who were receiving instructions in the Japanese art of Shibari erotic bondage from the tenant. This involves the beauty of tight bondage. Police later reported that the couple were both healthy and in a good mood, and that they even asked the officers to join them. Obviously, though sorely (ha!) tempted, they had to turn down the generous offer, since they were on duty. I wonder if that won the officers a Case Report of the Week award? Snicker.

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Tina Donahue said...

I hear you, Fiona, about wanting to write what you want to write. Frankly, I like PNR romcom the best for me. It's the easiest. It's the way I think. And I always have strong heroines. Who wants to read about a doormat? I wouldn't worry about what's hot and what's not. Years ago, everyone said cowboy stories were dead. Now they're hot again. It keeps going around and no one has the magic formula. It's all a guessing game.

Fiona McGier said...

You're right about tropes being popular, then they're not...until they are again. I remember Anne Rice saying years ago, that no one wanted to touch her "Interview With a Vampire," her first book, because they said that "no one wants to read about vampires anymore." Ahem. I guess they were really wrong there!

I keep writing new stuff, and hoping for homes for it. I feel guilty, though, about neglecting any of my "children" who are not getting read anymore, but who want to be. Maybe someday I'll have the time and money to do some self-publishing.

Yes, you do seem to write a lot of paranormal erotic romances! That's one way of avoiding someone criticizing you for not being a member of the group you're writing about. There are few vampires/demons/weres who are going to complain, since they aren't supposed to exist at all, right? LOL!

Tim Smith said...

Hang in there, Fiona. When you find something that's right for you and you're comfortable with it, stay the course. Trend followers are like lazy voters who just "go with the flow" even when it leads them over a waterfall. If it's good and feels right, you'll find a home for it. You are, after all, a good writer!

Fiona McGier said...

Thanks, Tim! As are you, since I've enjoyed reading your noir-style books also. And like you, I also prefer interracial romances. I find them more interesting, and more true to the America I want to live in.