Tuesday, May 7, 2019

End of school by Harlie Williams

Is it almost over?  School, that is.  With only 17 1/2 more days of school for the boy and I'm working 12 of those days, I can't be more relieved.  The boy is finishing up the 8th grade and then it's off to high school. 

I don't get weepy with my son.  I'm not sure why but I do know, that we are extremely proud of him and what all he has accomplished.  He plays football and baseball.  He is a solid B student and we haven't experienced the angst that most parents have at this age.  Sure, he gets mouthy sometimes but overall, we just haven't had to deal with much.  Girls are still a big mystery to him but we have assured him that females, in general, are a mystery.

I've had my ups and downs this year at school, too.  Been just as busy as before but still don't see myself being hired by any school district.  I'm not Joe Bob's cousin that hasn't worked with children, so I'm not a candidate.  It seems that the good old boy system is alive and well in small school districts.  Even Administration can't figure out why I'm not a permanent employee. 

We still haven't seen Avengers Endgame.  We might be the only people that haven't seen it.  Of course, I'm only talking about the people that actually like the movies in the MCU.  Some people don't care about the movie at all. 

The blog is pretty quiet now.  With all the days that I work, it was getting too much to maintain on a daily basis.  Hopefully, I can figure out the blog/life/work balance again.  I'm still reading and reviewing so don't worry about that aspect of it.  Just not posting them on the blog and doing blog tours. 

I hope everyone has a splendid Mother's Day this weekend.  What are we doing?  Who knows.  My boys are slow to plan anything with my nudge and I'm not going to nudge this year.  At least, the cards have been bought.

Until next month,


Tina Donahue said...

I don't envy anyone with children these days. When I was in HS, drugs weren't a huge thing, nor were guns. Of course, I went to an all-girl private school. The worst was the bullying. Wouldn't want to go down that road again.

I haven't seen any Marvel Comic movies. Frankly, they don't interest me, except for maybe Aquaman. But that's only so I could ogle Jason Momoa. Gawd, he's hot.

Lately, I've been into foreign films. They are so adult and done so much better than the junk Hollywood puts out. If you're into action flicks, the Koreans and Chinese do them much better than Hollywood.

Harlie Williams said...

You must see Aquaman. Sure the man candy is great but overall, it is a great movie.

My husband watches foreign action films. He loves them. Me, I just want an escape for a few hours.