Sunday, March 10, 2019

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I have two dogs and both are pistols. I mean it. They're both quite...needy. I've had other dogs and they were needy, too, but it's kind of funny. The previous two dogs were super protective--the Heinz 57 was protective of DH and Tot and my first Bagel (Basset Beagle Mix) was super protective of me. This time around, the black lab is protective of the tot and the DH, but he's needy. I've said that a lot, right? He is, though. He needs to be the center of attention. We got him before our other two dogs passed and he used to push right into the middle of everything. He's much bigger than they are, so it wasn't hard to barrel through. But those two dogs have passed (God Bless them. I miss them every day), so the black lab has the run of the house. But then we got our most recent addition, another Bagel. Here's the thing: while the other dogs were older when we got the lab, this Bagel isn't old. She's only two. She's full of life, too. She pushes as much as he does.

So I've been trying to write with these two pushy butts being themselves. I was spoiled by the older dogs because they slept and cuddled while I wrote. These two need attention. Good for exercise, but horrible for writing. Lol.

But that doesn't mean I haven't gotten any writing done. I have. I wrote an entire series that's on-going, inspired by the dogs. The One I Want features a black lab looking for love in every place and two guys who never thought they'd fit together finding they might have more in common than they expected...all at the dog park. Check it out.

The One I Want 

Must Love Dogs, Book 1
M/M, Anal Sex
From Pride Publishing

Who knew love could be found at the dog park?
Cameron Johnson wants to fall in love. He’d also like the man he’s interested in to like dogs, too. Why? He considers his black Lab, Winston, to be family. If the dog and the guy don’t get along, the deal is off. Except there’s one man who’s caught Cameron’s attention…and he’s got a Collie.
Josh McDowell didn’t start visiting the dog park to find a date. He wanted to exercise his Collie, Dolly. His dog, though, has other ideas. Once she meets Winston, she’s smitten. His owner is rather easy on the eyes, too. Josh gathers his nerve and makes the first move. Cameron is his kind of man—sweet, quiet, smart and a dog person. Their connection is strong, but with Josh’s insecurities and Cameron’s fear of commitment, will it last?

“So…” Milo sat opposite Cameron in the place Josh had occupied. “He’s cute.”
“He is.” Cameron stroked Winston’s head. “He’s nice, too.”
“Just nice?”
“I just met him.” Jesus. “Are you going to put the moves on him?”
Milo shook his head. “He’s a little thin for me.” He crossed his legs and arms. When he tipped his head, the pink streak in his hair caught the light. “He seems like a good fit for you, but if he’s got a brother, send the brother my way.”
“Milo?” He narrowed his eyes. According to Milo’s words, he wasn’t making a move, but Cameron wasn’t convinced.
“I’m serious. He’s all yours, but if he’s got a brother, I want to meet that guy.” He leaned forward. “Oh, and he paid for the coffee. Even said he liked what you’d ordered. He’s so weird.”
“Because ordering coffee without a bunch of craziness is weird.” Cameron rolled his eyes.
“Hey, when I’m making drinks that barely seem like coffee…yeah.” Milo unfolded himself and stood. “Don’t be such a stranger. I miss talking to you.”
Cameron stretched his legs, then left the sofa. “You do?”
“Yeah, you’ve always been the compass I needed. Without you, I would’ve dated that sexy bear in college. He turned out to be a good time, but not forever like I wanted.” Milo scratched Winston behind the ears. “See you tomorrow?”
“I’ve got a date, so maybe Saturday morning,” Cameron said. Winston jumped off the cushion and yawned. He ruffled the dog’s short fur. “Or Sunday if things go well.”
“Deal.” Milo waved. “Later.”
Cameron headed through the coffee shop and waved before he left. For one of the few times in his life, he trusted Milo. He swiped through his phone and stopped on Josh’s number. Josh McDowell. He clutched the device to his chest and grinned. Was he on the edge of something fantastic? He wasn’t sure, but whatever was happening…it felt good.

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Tina Donahue said...

Aw, your furbabies sound adorable. My cat, Little Kitty Baby, or LKB for short, is more like a dog than a cat. When I leave the room, she follows me and always makes sure she's directly in my way when I turn around so I fall over her. :)