Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Romantic comedy with whisper of mystery! Why won't the governess marry him? Book 2 in series!

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 Book 2 in Delightful Doings in Dudley Crescent where the lords and ladies find enchantment with (gasp!) servants! 

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At No.18, Baldwin Summers, the Earl of Cartwell, deals with innumerable problems. At thirty-six, he’s changed. He is no longer known so much as ‘Win’ that hero of Waterloo but now he’s hailed as his profligate brother’s heir. He’s pensioned off his two mistresses. He’s tired of gambling. Meanwhile, his mother presses him to marry—and he’s discovered no young lady with more than half a brain.

Now too, he’s had thrust upon him suddenly his friend’s eight-year-old daughter. Though she tickles him with her humor…and her exotic pets, the child needs a firm hand. With no idea how to mold her into a socially acceptable creature, he hires a governess.
However, that woman presents his most pressing problem. She enchants his ward. But she’s beguiling him as well. And it’s a wonder because she is so very...odd. She is quite educated, defeats him every time at chess—and dances. Nightly. In his upstairs hall. 

He cannot ignore her. He cannot control her. Worse, he cannot quell his mad desire to kiss her.

But can he take on the ton and do what he really wants?

Can make her more than his governess?

But why won't this darling deign to become his countess?

Book 1 available now!
Be sure to read the first in this series. 

"Not your ho-hum Regency!" says one reviewer!

Copyright 2019, Jo-Ann Power writing as Cerise DeLand. All rights reserved. 

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Tina Donahue said...

I love romances like this! Congrats on your newest release, Cerise. Can't wait to read. :)