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New Release Day... Check out Lucky Between the Sheets - Famished Love

Good Morning everyone! Michele and I have been working on tons of stuff, hence why this post is a little late this morning. lol

Right now, we'd like to introduce you to our newest adventure, Omega Corp. Famished Love is set in London during St. Patrick's day and the week(s) leading up to it. I don't want to say too much about it, just for the simple fact, it's pretty awesome and I want you guys to be surprised.

Anyway, I--we hope you had an amazing St. Patrick's day. We have been tirelessly working on Rapier and I can tell you, we only have two chapters to go. Hopefully, it'll be out by the beginning of summer or sooner...maybe?

Until then, enjoy Famished Love.

TL and Michele


By nightfall, less than twenty-four hours since Miss Reeve raised Azrael, we gathered in the main space of our new headquarters. The four caskets—crates—whatever they were, lay on the floor still. Miss Reeve had placed a circle of salt around them for our protection and, she stated, theirs. She’d begin awakening the rest of our team shortly. There was a hint of something in her voice that put me on edge too.
I couldn’t place it exactly, only, it reminded me of when Elizabeth didn’t tell the full truth after a bad day at school when she was younger.
The building wasn't quite so empty now either. Considering we'd been here almost a year; the place had been a blank slate for the most part. Now, desks and equipment filled the area, giving it a more lived-in feel. Jack and I were given a stack of files for certain scientists that were nominated for positions within Omega Corp.
I’d yet to go through them.
How could I keep them safe, if I didn't know if I was safe? As it was, I sent Elizabeth away to a boarding school to keep her sheltered from this... Whatever we were going to call it. She meant more to me than life itself and I couldn't risk her. Not after everything, we'd both lost. Not after I'd dragged her away from her home, school, and friends. I'd brought her to a foreign country in hopes of making a difference. I'd done nothing yet, except spend less time with my daughter.
I stared at the black boxes and frowned. Last night, Azrael joined us. He didn’t speak much. I showed him to his quarters. Brought him a few books to catch up on history. Azrael laughed. Though he hadn’t taken a human form in over two thousand years, he’d still been connected to his brethren. I stood there with him for a moment not knowing what to say.
Azrael dismissed me shortly thereafter.
Tonight, I'd be doing the same thing with beings I had no idea existed until a few months ago. Correction had I not been present when Miss Reeve conjured up the reaper, I still wouldn't believe it. Now, I couldn't deny it. Monsters were real. The grim reapers were real. Whatever killed those people in the countryside and in those local restaurants, wasn't human.
I had to stop thinking in absolutes and start thinking outside the box.
“You’re early,” Jack said.
I couldn't say what attracted me to him. He was an inch shorter than me. Had shoulder length brown hair that he kept tied back at his nape. He had a perpetual five o'clock shadow that only enhanced his hazel eyes. He had an easy smile and the body of a god. All hard planes and muscular edges.
According to Elizabeth, I had a dad bod. What Jack saw in me, I had no idea. I didn't have muscles. I didn't have abs. I liked my khaki pants and sweater vests. My daughter's friends called me Mr. Sawyer. When Elizabeth announced she was grossed out by one of her friend's calling me handsome, I hadn't realized anyone paid attention—not that I'd ever acknowledged it. They were teens for goodness sake. "I couldn't sleep."
“Neither could I. Not after last night.”
I nodded. “Who do you think are in the boxes?”
“I’m not sure I want to know.” Jack placed his hand against the small of my back as he leaned in. The warmth traveled up my spine and pooled in my stomach. “I missed you this morning.”
I let out a shuddered breath. “Jack, I—”
“I understand,” he said. “You’re nervous and scared.”
I gave a huffed chuckle. “I also had a wife. Never saw me in this position.”
“Never say never.”
“Are we ready?” Anne joined us along with another man who wore a black cowl.
“Ready as we’ll ever be,” I replied. “What do we need to do and who is this?”
“This is Cekar Haggard. I invited him to join our team. We need him,” she said. “He’s a necromancer.”
I laughed. Didn’t mean to. “Are you serious?” I turned to Jack. “Is she serious?”
A frown formed between Jack’s brows. “I’ve heard of necromancers, but everything I’ve read about them tends to lean to the fictional side of their existence.”
“I assure you, I am not a figment of your imagination,” Cekar said. “Anne and I are old friends. When she said she needed help, I obliged.”
I blew out a breath. “We’re not going to talk about this later, either, are we?”
Anne laughed. "Oh, Nathan."
The way she said my name on a soft sigh, turned me inside out. She stirred all kinds of shit within me. Mostly lust and desire. Affection. But, she could also raise a bit of madness as well. Like, I had too simple of thoughts. Or I was somehow beneath her when it came to all of this. “Don’t, Anne. Please don’t treat me as though you have to wear kid gloves around me.”
She pursed her lips. “As you wish.” Anne straightened her shoulders and lifted her chin a bit, showing off the long, delicate line of her neck. “Then you’re about to get a crash course in all things paranormal.”
I thought I had been since I arrived? I didn’t say anything.
“It’s all true, Nathan. I will prove it.” When she didn’t expand on her statement, I didn’t ask questions either.
Last night opened my eyes to something I couldn't deny anymore. Seeing those bodies first hand, not through photographs, shifted something within my psyche. They were human. They were devoid of all liquid. It should have been impossible. The human body was made up of 70% water to deplete it to the point it was... No, I had to open my mind.
Anne opened the casket closest to me. Dirt? I glanced up at her. The smell of decay hit me almost immediately. Earthworms wiggled free and my stomach rolled and pitched.
“Don’t worry.” Anne gave me a small smile. “He’s not dead. He’s been asleep for a little more than two hundred years.” She dug her fingers into the soil along with Cekar and both began to chant.
“Caducas Ex Animas
Vita Ethos Anima...”
Their hands dug into the dirt, churning it with each word. Again, like the night before the air grew oppressive. Thunder rolled. Lightning struck. Where the storm came from, I didn’t know, but it moved in, gathering strength with each recitation of the spell. The cowl covering Cekar’s head fell back exposing his face to us.
Cekar bald head was covered in small ruins. Some I knew from studying the books Jack gave me to read. Some were Sumerian words I couldn't pronounce. His visage shocked me. He had startling obsidian eyes, pale flesh, and an aquiline nose. Beneath his cloak, I couldn't determine his size or shape. I didn't think I had to, just his voice alone carried the power of at least a hundred men. I wasn't exaggerating that part either. Every time Anne's voice raised, so did Cekar's.
The floor of the building shook. The windows rattled. My breath left me on a whoosh, seconds before everything quieted, going back to normal—or as close to it after something so dramatic. Anne lifted her hands from the soil then Cekar. Both continued to chant quietly while the dirt trembled.
Movies and television shows did nothing to prepare me for what happened next. A man—a beautiful man sat up. His long, wavy black hair curled around his square jaw. His paper-thin, translucent skin, covered in dirt, shocked me. My gaze followed the dark blue of a vein in the middle of his chest down into the dirt. I swallowed hard. What the fuck was wrong with me? I didn’t openly ogle men, especially undead men. His grey eyes locked with mine and I took an involuntary step towards him.
“Nathan?” Jack placed his hand on my arm, stilling me.
“Yes?” I couldn’t look away from the beautiful man staring straight through me and at me at the same time.
“Look at me,” Jack demanded.
I blinked then glanced at the man beside me. A wave of relief washed over me as whatever held me in its grasp let go. “What?”
Jack smirked. “Vampire.”

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