Thursday, March 7, 2019

Harlie's Thoughts on Romance Land by Harlie Williams

So Romance Land has decided to lose their minds again.  Plagiarism, pirate sites, etc.  All I can do is shake my head and just wonder what in the heck is wrong with these people?  Laziness?  Stupidity?  Out for a quick buck?

Oh, I've read the tweets, blog posts, FB posts and it just sickens me that people would do this.  To outright steal from a person, let alone an author is just wrong.  Did you NOT learn this when you were younger?  Basic common sense and decency are just two things that we still need to learn.

As a reader, I'm not sure what to do.  After reading all the posts and stuff, I realized that I subscribed to some of the scammers, book stuffers, not really authors newsletters.  Not anymore.  Nothing more satisfying than to unsubscribe to those idiots.  What saddens me is that my blog has actually had them on it.  Yep, hit the delete button on those posts.  Unfortunately, I don't have a photogenic memory when it comes to what I read.  I couldn't tell you who wrote what in that book.  I read a book to lose myself in it, not to edit it or put it side by side to another.  I don't look for things like that nor do I have the patience.  I agree that Amazon needs to better police the plagiarism that goes on.  We wouldn't be here talking about this if Amazon did their job.  Isn't that what the KDP program is about to authors?  To ward off crap like that.

Which leads me to Amazon itself.  Personally, they are a necessary evil like Walmart and I still prefer Barnes & Noble.  Do I miss out on books by authors that I have read before?  In some cases, yes but some authors like Cherry Adair, have put their older books on KU, so that's a win for me.  My paperbacks of hers are sacred and stored away.  And yes, I do have a KU subscription now, just for that purpose.  Some other authors that I have read from either traditional or e-publishers have gotten their rights back and have started putting their older books on KU.  I have enjoyed going back and re-reading them.  But now all this crap has happened and I'm not sure if I will keep it up.  Is that fair to the honest authors out there in Romane Land?  No, it isn't and so, I'm torn.

First, we had Cocky Gate.  Second, which is ongoing, book piracy which includes bloggers that read an ARC and then give if to one of those sites and now, CopyPasteCris.  When is the madness going to stop?  Why can't we all get along, work hard, write our own words, and quit stealing from one another?  Didn't you learn the play nice with other people?  Learn that honesty is the best policy and generally do not become an asshole?

Sorry for the rant and the rambling thoughts today.  Spring Break starts on the 8th at 3:15 pm.  Yes, we are counting and need the break.  Unfortunately, we are not going on a cruise this year but we are leaving town. 

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Tina Donahue said...

Great post, Harlie.

As an author, I consider plagiarism as grave as murder. How dare anyone steal an author's work.

However, when you consider what's running this government and the blatant disregard for propriety and decency in this country, it's no surprise that it's trickled down to everything else, including stealing authors' works.

Cruelty, greed, and criminality used to be outliers in the populace. Now, they're the norm and sadly celebrated by some.

Harlie Williams said...


It just kills me that we are talking about this today. I realize that it may never stop, but if Amazon would do its job and bloggers/reviewers wouldn't give away the ARC's, it might, at least, so down a bit.