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New from Bestselling M/M author Maggie Walsh

Book 3 of her bestselling series Clearnight Haven

Book Excerpt:

The large monitor over Kalen’s head that was mounted on the wall flicked on with a list of commands. A small arrow moved around the screen, clicking on a few things, then suddenly a shot of the club came into view but the club was empty.
“When is this?” Fabian asked.
“This is live. Hold on one minute while I get the surveillance feed from last night up. Okay, Memph, you said B.B. arrived around two?”
“Yeah, it was a few minutes after, maybe two-five,” the disembodied voice came over the speaker.
“Okay, I’m backing it to one fifty-nine and the VIP parking lot. Can you see it, Memph?”
As Memphis answered, the screen filled with a shot of their private parking lot. It was dark and only Saber’s motorcycle sat in the lot. As the minutes clicked away on a time clock at the bottom of the screen, they saw that at two-four bright car lights pulled into the main lot. They watched as Memphis directed Silas’s car into the private lot, then as he spoke with B.B. and showed him inside.
Silas’s heart clenched and pain engulfed him as his gaze fell on his sweet B.B. Gods his arms felt empty without his mate. The screen went fuzzy for a moment, then changed to view of the club in full swing. Bodies undulated together on the dance floor, men made out with other men, vampires bit willing humans as the fed in the darkened corners, and all while the lights flashed and the music played.
Silas sat forward and narrowed his eyes as he saw the door along the far wall leading to their offices, opened. The bright light of the hall flooding the outer area for a moment and his mate stood in the doorway. B.B. quickly moved into the club and closed the door, then made his way across the room to the bar. Once there he got the attention of one of the bartenders.
They watched as the two talked for a moment and the bartender shook his head as he pointed over his shoulder. B.B. nodded then moved around the bar and went to the other side where the other bartender worked getting orders for their patrons. B.B. waited patiently then slid onto a stool and smiled as the bartender came to stand in front of him on the opposite side of the bar.
B.B. placed an order and waited as his drink was made, his gaze focused solely on the bartender. A few guys approached him, lust clearly in their eyes and Silas growled low and dangerous. From his peripheral he saw his brothers shoot glances at him, but he didn’t give a shit, those men were trying to make the moves on what belonged to him.
Silas then smiled as he watched his baby decline and turn his back on the men. When the bartender brought over his drink, B.B. smiled bright and bat his eyelashes, causing Silas to growl again. What the fuck was his mate doing?
“Hold on a second, Kalen. Go back to when Cliff first saw B.B. It was a few seconds before B.B.sat on the stool,” Fabian said.
Kalen did as their brother asked and rewound the footage then hit play. They watched again how B.B. waited for his turn then Kalen froze the video again and zoomed in to Cliff, the bartenders face, then Kalen started the feed again.
Silas gasped along with Atty. “What the fuck? Did you all see that?” Silas asked as he jumped to his feet and moved closer to Kalen and the monitor.
“I sure did. Memphis, did you catch that?” Fabian asked.
“Yeah. Fucking bastard. I’ll ring his goddamn neck when I see him,” Memphis ground out and Silas knew the man had to be grounding his teeth.
“Look at his eyes when they land on B.B.,” Fabian said as he too moved closer.
They watched as Cliff’s gaze landed on B.B. and his eyes widened a fraction then a sinister smirk drew the side of his mouth up.
“Keep it only on Cliff, Kalen. I want to see his every move,” Fabian ordered.
Instead of seeing the full view of the club and B.B. talking with the two guys trying to pick him up, Kalen focused on Cliff. He took B.B.’s order then turned and made his way to the far side of the bar and pulled his cell phone from his pocket then tapped the screen a few times.
After he spoke for a few minutes, Cliff hung up and turned back then grabbed a glass and began to pour a drink. He slipped something that looked like a small vile from his front pocket and twisted the cap off. Cliff looked around over his shoulder both ways, then tipped the vile over the drink and poured the contents of the little vile into the drink and stirred it with a straw as he pocketed the vile. A moment later he turned and head back to B.B., a big friendly smile on his face and placed the drink down in front of B.B. then hurried away.
Silas watched as his mate took a drink from the glass, then made a strange face as he put the glass back down on the bar. B.B. kept his gaze fixated on Cliff as he moved around getting drinks but then B.B. swerved. He caught himself before he slipped off the stool, but it was apparent B.B. looked like he was totally drunk out of his mind.
“What the hell did Cliff put in that drink? B.B. looks like he’s blitz but he only took one drink,” Fabian demanded, his voice low and deadly. The sound made shivers run through even Silas’s body. When any of his brothers got mad, the world needed to run or get the hell out of the way, but when Fabian was pissed, there wasn’t anywhere you could hide. Silas was never more grateful for his brothers than he was right now.
“That’s the same bartender that helped me when I met Diego that night,” Atty said.
Silas looked at his brother-in-law and saw Atty shaking and Silas just want to ease the man's worries, but Fabian wrapped an arm around Atticus’s shoulder and pulled him close. “It’s okay, baby. He’ll never hurt you again,” Fabian said in a soft, soothing voice.
“Wait a minute, what’s this?” Kalen said, drawing their attention back to the screen.
“Motherfucker! I will gut him!” Memphis’s voice came out enraged.
Silas’s heart stopped beating as he watched one of the guys that worked at the club, named Brody, step up to B.B. then slide an arm around him and help B.B. from his seat. B.B. never fought back, only allowed Brody to direct him across the club to the rear door that lead out to an ally.
His fangs ripped from his gums and Silas’s vision turned red and he was immediately filled with blind rage like he had never felt before. He would find them all and rip them apart. He would start with Brody as Cliff watched then make the bastard eat Brody’s innards before he too would meet his maker.

To find out more about Maggie or what's coming next, please check out her website at: www.maggiewalshauthor.weebly.com

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