Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Some Early Valentines

Ah, February, the month devoted to all things amour. Valentine’s Day isn’t until next week, but I’m passing out my greetings early. As anyone who has read my stories knows, I love to inject humor and laughs where I can. That includes some of the flirting and love scenes. Here are a few examples.

From “Lido Key” (Vic Fallon #2):

Ariel pulled back from her lingering kiss and peered into Vic’s eyes. “Still sorry I got you down here?”

“Not really, but the next time you arrange to have me kidnapped, how about I wake up in Key Largo instead of Siesta Key?”

“Mmm, very romantic. I haven’t been there in a while. We could role play. I’ll be Bacall, and you can be my personal Bogart.”

“Great actor, not that convincing as a lover. Pick someone else.”

“Who would you pick?”

Vic thought for a moment. “Alan Ladd.”

“Alan Ladd?” she incredulously repeated. “He was only five-foot-four and had to stand on a box to kiss his leading ladies. Why Ladd?”

“Because he was tough but cool, with a certain quirky charm.”

Ariel shook her head. “You’re a strange guy, Vic.”

“Thanks. I hear that a lot.”

From “The Sweet Distraction”:

George and Cookie looked over the menu at the ice cream stand.

“I don’t see spumoni, but we can ask if they have it,” he said.

Cookie exhaled in exasperation. “There you go with the stereotyping again, just because I’m Italian. I can play that game too, you know.”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re Irish, right?”


“You guys really love your booze and your broads.”

He nodded slowly. “Right so far. What else you got?”

“You’ve probably got the first nickel you ever made.”

“No, I could never hang onto money. Keep going. You’re on a roll.”

“Okay, smart-ass. What would you say if I said corned beef and cabbage is your favorite dish?”

“Nothing. I hate corned beef and cabbage. Does that seem funny to you?”

Cookie’s face broke into a smile and she laughed.

“Okay, no more typecasting,” George said. “I forgot how sensitive you people are.”

She groaned and slapped his arm. “You’re impossible.”

From “Warning Shot” (Nick Seven #3):

Nick brought Felicia’s hand to his mouth then kissed it. “This is one of the reasons I’m glad I have you around. You always keep me grounded.”

“Is that the only reason you’re glad I’m around?”

“No, but it’s a long list.”

She moved to Nick’s lap then kissed him while running her fingers through his hair. “I’ve got nothin’ but time, Tough Guy.”

He caressed her cheek. “You’re resourceful, self-confident and independent.”

“You just described a Boy Scout. Can’t you do better than that?”

“You’re incredibly hot, passionate about everything and waking up next to you makes all my teenaged dreams come true.” He paused. “Plus you make a mean stir-fried shrimp.”

Felicia laughed and lightly smacked his arm. “Is that the best you’ve got? You were always better at foreplay.”

From “The Bundle” (Vic Fallon #1):

“Has the suite been secured?” Pasta demanded.

Vic nodded. “I did a thorough check of all the rooms. No hidden cameras or microphones, and no reporters hiding under the beds.”

Kimberly laughed. It was the first sound Vic had heard from her since he picked them up at the airport.

“I don’t believe I care for your attitude, MISTER Fallon,” Pasta reprimanded.

“Yeah, I get a lot of complaints about that. I don’t much care for it myself. I sit up and worry about it on nights when I can’t sleep.”

Kimberly laughed harder. “Pasta, don’t be such a bitch. Fix Mr. Fallon a drink.”

“Thanks, but I can pour my own,” Vic said. “May I get you something while I’m at it?”

“I’d kill for a Wild Turkey on the rocks,” Kimberly said.

As a bonus, here’s a true-life anecdote that’s pertinent to the upcoming Hallmark Holiday. One Valentine’s Day, I bought flowers for my sig other and before I gave them to her, I removed the bar code label from the wrapping. I noticed that it was labeled “Happy V.D. Bouquet.”

You have to admit—nothing says “I love you” like V.D.

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