Sunday, January 20, 2019

Something different...

Good morning everyone!

I hope you're all either staying extremely warm or you're safe and cozy after yesterday's crazy weather. For us, we had a few tornadoes in Alabama, one of them really bad. Wetumpka got hit hard. Today, the assessment team will be out to figure out just how bad it was. Keep them in your thoughts.

So, a couple of months ago, TEP put out a call for Valentine's stories about Cupid's Errors... well, I went for it because, hello, who doesn't like chaos?

I have two contributions to the set. Valentine's Surrender and The Vampire, The Werewolf and Cupid's Wish. The first is an MMF and the second is MM.

Today, I thought I would share a bit of The Vampire, The Werewolf and Cupid's Wish. I hope you enjoy it. Cupid's Errors will be releasing Jan. 30th 2019.

There’s a murderer on the loose and I, Thorne Comstock, have been assigned to find them. The task isn’t as easy as I’d hope it to be, and now the Werewolves have gotten involved.
Whisper Thieves is an arrogant man who doesn’t take no for an answer. He has my insides completely twisted with the things he can make my body do, but none of it can stop a killer.
With the dead piling up, both of us are forced to focus at the task at hand. We only have a few days before Valentine’s Day, and I have a feeling if we don’t catch the killer now, we never will.
Worse yet, I think a war is coming, and it’s all because of Cupid and his stupid arrows of love.

Our agencies knew the killer would begin again, and almost like clockwork, he had. The bastard had a pattern. He never deviated, and the holiday was fast approaching. If we couldn’t stop him this time, he might disappear into the shadows and gods forbid, never return. Our safety—Vampire and Lycan alike—depended on us capturing this man.
Whisper sat at the bar, his upper body hunched forward, the width of his powerful back on full display. His skin-tight T-shirt left nothing to the imagination. A whiff of arrogance floated off of him.
I instantly hated him.
I hadn’t even talked to him. Hadn’t heard his voice, but I already knew working with him would be a mistake. I also knew it would cost both of us our lives. Unfortunately, I had a job to do. I pushed aside my disdainful first impressions—the victims in these cases needed us. I should be repulsed by him. I should turn around and walk away. Find someone else to take my place and be tortured by this Alpha wolf, yet I didn’t. I continued putting one foot in front of the other. The closer I got to him, the more I was entranced by his presence. I felt compelled on some level, though wolves...werewolves, didn’t have the ability to do such.
I felt alive.
I felt warm.
Yet, I was empty.
Nonetheless, I digress...
I saddled up to the bar and laid the file on the polished teak.
Whisper glanced at me with cool, steely eyes. His full lips parted on a snarl which, I’m sure, would’ve caused lesser men to falter. Instead, my dick jerked in my pants. A byproduct, I assured myself, which came from celibacy—a mandate from the Consiliul Vampirilor. If we focused on our lusts, we never focused on justice, which was our job.
The agent had rugged features. A perpetual five o’clock shadow. He carried the bulk of a muscular Alpha and the temperament to boot. Everyone, including the most ancient of vampires, was a lower being to him; I could sense the attitude. Every human, more so. The egotistical lift of his chin while he looked down upon those around him made my blood boil.
Society had rules, and I had a feeling he broke them all.
We, supernaturals and paranormals, were at the top of the food chain. We were the superiors in this edification. Humans already understood it, and most gave over to those in charge. They didn’t need minute-by-minute reminders. This man... this wolf sitting beside me, infuriated me with his bombastic attitude and disregard for those around him. He’d demand their capitulation.   
I slid the folder across the bar top to Whisper as I took a seat beside him. “This is the information we’re willing to give the Lupin Potestas. We have dubbed him the Valentine Killer.”
He laughed. Or I believed he did. The rough sound of gravel grinding against glass filled his chest as he opened the file I’d given him. The photographs were on the top. The women’s bodies displayed. Some were stabbed through the heart and beheaded. Others were piles of ash and brittle bones. A red rose was the only calling card left behind.
A serial killer’s signature.
We knew how our kind could be killed. There’s no need in going over it. No need to discuss the decapitation or wooden stakes. We focused instead on the whys of it. If we could figure it out, then we could find the killer.
“I’m not working with you. I appreciate the information, though.” Whisper handed me three sheets of paper before grabbing the dossier I’d put together for him. “He’s paying my tab.” He hooked his thumb at me before he walked away.
I was left sitting there with a thirty-dollar tab, a hard-on, and a copy of some bullshit investigative material. Begrudgingly, I paid the tab, then sped off after Whisper. I could scent his arrogance a mile away, if not farther—not like he hid it. When I caught up to him, I pinned him to the wall of the building in the adjacent alley.
His surprise at me finding him was quickly covered by rage. He wrapped his meaty hands in my shirt in one second and, in the next, he threw me against the wall. The air left me in a rush. His face was inches from mine. I could smell the hops and barley on his breath mixing with the intoxicating aroma of his blood. The whoosh of his adrenaline-filled blood was a song I craved to hear as often as possible.
My mouth watered.
My fangs popped free, yearning for the decadence hidden below his skin, but I could not have it. Again, the Consiliul Vampirilor mandated we don’t feed from humans or supernaturals. Those who break the rule are killed at first sun.
“Let’s get one thing perfectly straight here. We’re not friends, and we’re sure as fuck not colleagues. I don’t need your help finding this human shit stain.”
I didn’t know what came over me. I bent my head forward and licked his top lip.
The next few moments were a blur of snarls, growls, and clashing teeth. His tongue sank into my mouth, and I moaned. If my superiors found out about this indiscretion, I would surely die by dawn.
Instead of those thoughts bringing me from my lust-imposed stupor, they fueled it. I rode the thick thigh between my legs, gasping at the sparks of pleasure spreading through my body. I’d never felt anything as exquisite as this. 

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That's a great idea for an antho and I LOVE the cover! :)